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Achla Bon Ami

  • $$$
  • Kosher, Middle Eastern, Sushi
  • 5650 Stirling Rd, Hollywood 33021 26.04623 -80.202194
  • (Btwn N 56th & N 58th Ave)
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  • (954) 962-2070
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Achla Morning

Achla Morning our delicious breakfast omelets are made with 3 eggs and served with israeli salad, cottage cheese and bread. your choice of vegetarian/feta/scallion and tomato/mediterranean/mozzarella    7.95
Shakshooka 3 eggs cooked in a fresh made tomato souse with green peppers, red peppers and spices. your choice of hot or mild    9.95
Shakshooka shakshooka in bread bowl    12.95


Toasting slices of fresh baked baguette toasted and topped with our home-made tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and your choice of sauteed mushrooms or eggplants    4.95
Small Tehina Plate a delicious sesame dip served with warm pita bread and sliced israeli pickles    4.95
Small Hummus Plate mashed chick peas made with garlic and lemon, seasoned with spices and drizzled with olive oil. served with warm pita bread and sliced israeli pickles    4.95
Our Soup Of The Day please ask your server    5.95
Hummus Lovers a generous serving of our delicious hummus made fresh daily with your choice of toppings: fava beans and hard-boil egg, whole chickpeas and sauteed onion, sauteed mushrooms and onion with achla's secret seasoning blend    8.95

From Our Bakery

Our Pastries Are Hand-Made And Baked To Order

Mallawach Classic served with seasoned pureed tomatoes and hard boil egg    8.95
Mallawach Special topped with vine-ripe sliced tomatoes, home-made pesto, olives, baby greens and melted mozzarella cheese    9.95
Cheese Mallawach served with melted mozzarella or feta cheese    9.95
Ziva flakey puffed pastry filled with cheese or potato served with hard boil egg, seasoned pureed tomatoes and sliced israeli pickles    9.95
Jerusalem Abulafia iraqi pita with feta and emek cheese, black olives, eggplant and tomato sauce    10.95

Open Toasts $9.95

Prepared With Your Choice Of Freshly Baked Baguette, Focaccia Bread Or Israeli Sesame Bagel. Served With A Side Of Tomato, Cucumber And Sliced Israeli Pickles

Spicy Italian Bagel fresh made spicy tomato sauce, vine-ripe tomato slices, black olives topped with melted mozzarella and feta cheese  
Eggplant Bagel fried eggplant, tomato, sauce, onion, melted mozzarella and feta cheese  
Italian Baguette sauteed mushrooms, green peppers and onion, diced vine-ripe tomato topped with melted mozzarella  
Greek Pita fresh tomato, black olives, sunnyside up egg and crumbled feta cheese  

Toasts $9.95

Achla Toast fried eggplants, fresh vine-ripe tomato, hard boil egg, topped with melted mozzarella and black olives on a baguette  
Mefuneket Special vine-ripe tomato and herbs topped with a sunny side up egg and melted mozzarella on a baguette  
Tuna Toast tuna fish, vine-ripe tomatoes and olives on bagel  
Luna Tuna tuna fish mixed with our special home-made sauce and topped with melted mozzarella on bagel  
Feta Toast fresh vine-ripe tomatoes and olives topped with crumbled feta cheese and toasted to perfection on bagel  


Israeli Salad finely diced garden fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and onions dressed with lemon and olive oil and herbs    8.95
Greek Salad lettuce, vine-ripe tomatoes, cucumbers, black olives, red onion and feta cheese dressed with our home-made greek dressing sprinkled with zaatar and sesame seeds    11.95
Greek Sald On Israeli Salad a delicious combination of both    11.95
Achla Salad lettuce, mixed greens, celery, cucumbers, julienned carrots, vine-ripe tomatoes, avocado, red onion garnished with lemon peel served with our house dressing    12.95
Tuna Salad our delicious, fresh made tuna salad on a bed of garden fresh vegetables and greens. spicy or not    11.95
Fresh Avocado Salad mixed greens, vine-ripe tomatoes, cucumbers and sliced avocado    11.95
A Different Salad fresh garden vegetables and greens topped with feta cheese and mushrooms sauteed in white wine, garlic and butter sauce    11.95
Stir Fried Mushrooms Salad lettuce, vine-ripe tomatoes, cucumbers and stir fried mushrooms in marcella sauce    11.95
Nicoise Salad israeli salad, corn, tuna, egg and black olives    11.95
Stir Fried Fish Salad a large serving of mixed greens and garden fresh vegetables with your choice of salmon or tilapia filet morsels, pan seared to perfection and prepared with your choice of our special teriyaki or dijon mustard sauce and topped with sesame seeds    17.95
Teriyaki Fish Brochette stir fried chunks of tilapia fish on green salad    17.95

Achla Sandwiches

Our Baguettes Are Baked Fresh Daily

Egg Salad Baguette homemade egg salad and mayo on our freshly baked baguette    8.95
Cream Cheese & Lox our freshly baked baguette topped with cream cheese, lox and sliced vine-ripe tomatoes    8.95
Omelet your choice of any of our 2 egg omelets prepared to order and served on our delicious fresh baked baguette with feta/mozzarella and vegetables    8.95
Sabich our delicious home-made hummus topped with slices of fried eggplant, hard-boiled egg, diced cucumbers, tomatoes and scallions on our fresh baked baguette or pita    8.95
Shakshuka delicious home-made shakshuka on our freshly baked baguette    8.95
Tuna delicious home-made tuna salad on our freshly baked baguette. can come spicy    8.95
Avocado creamy avocado spread on our delicious baguette topped with crumbled feta cheese, sliced hard-boiled egg, vine-ripe tomatoes and lettuce, drizzled with olive oil    8.95
Tunisian tuna, sliced hard-boiled egg, potatoes, black olives, home-made lemon preserve, israeli salad on our freshly baked baguette    8.95
Avocado Club 3 slices of whole-wheat bread with creamy avocado spread, tomato, lettuce and thinly sliced red onion    9.95
Tuna Club 3 slices of whole wheat bread with spicy tuna salad, vine-ripe tomato, lettuce and thinly sliced red onion    9.95

From The Ocean

Served With Your Choice Of Our Special Home-Made Herbed Rice, White Rice, Or Potato And Israeli Salad

Grilled Salmon Fillet a center cut fillet or norwegian salmon grilled to perfection and served with a trip of sauces - teriyaki, garlic dill and dijon    18.95
Grilled Tilapia Mediterranean a fresh tilapia filet, grilled to perfection and topped with a classic mediterranean garlic and lemon sauce    17.95
Tilapia Garlic Lemon fillet of tilapia pan seared in our classic garlic and lemon sauce    17.95
Moroccan Fish tilapia fillets deliciously prepared in a traditional moroccan style sauce made with red and green bell peppers, golden potatoes, garlic and spices. your choice of hot or mild    12.95
Fish Balls 3 tilapia fish balls served with rice and israeli salad    12.95
Special - Whole Fish served with your choice of rice, potato and israeli salad    24.95


Spaghetti, Fettuccini & Penne freshly cooked pasta prepared to order with your choice of sauce: fresh tomato basil/stir-fried mushrooms with tomato sauce/ fresh tomato with melted mozzarella / feta cheese/eggplant with feta cheese    10.95
Spaghetti, Fettuccini, Penne & Cheese Ravioli classic alfredo cream sauce with your choice of mushrooms or chunks of sauteed salmon    12.95


Pizza    (12") 10.95 (16") 12.95


Fries     5.95


Cakes     5.95

Kids $4.50

Kids Abulafia iraqi pita with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese  
Kids Pita Toast pita bread filled with mozzarella cheese  
Kids Breakfast scrambled egg, cucumber, tomato and cottage cheese  
Grilled Cheese Sandwich on white/whole sliced bread  
Kids Pasta spaghetti/penne with tomato/butter or melted cheese  


Juice & Fruite     4.95


A1. Edamame steamed soy beans    5.95
A2. Sushi Appetizer 7 pieces of sushi    12.95
A3. Sashimi Appetizer 7 pieces assorted fresh fish    12.95
A4. Tuna Tower tuna mixed with special sauce & masago    12.95

Ala Carte Sushi

A5. Mock Crab, Avocado, Cucumber, Alfalfa Sprouts     1.50
A6. Salmon, Tuna, Yellowtail, Masago (Orange Caviar)     2.50

Sushi Hand Roll

H1. Vegetable Hand Roll assorted fresh vegetables    3.95
H2. California Hand Roll mock crab, cucumber, avocado    3.95
H3. Tuna With Avocado hand roll    4.95
H4. Spicy Tuna Hand Roll tuna, scallions, cucumber & spicy sauce    4.95
H5. JB Hand Roll salmon, scallions, cream cheese    4.95

Bon-Ami Roll

R1. California Roll mock crab, cucumber, avocado, i/o    5.95
R2. Tuna California Roll tuna, scallions, cucumber, avocado, i/o    6.95
R3. Salmon California Roll salmon, cucumber, avocado, i/o    6.95
R4. Spicy Tuna Roll tuna, scallions, spicy sauce, i/o    8.95
R5. JB Roll salmon, scallions, cream cheese,i/o    7.95
R6. Philedelphia Roll salmon, scallions, avocado, cream cheese, i/o    8.95
R7. Avocado Roll avocado, i/o    5.95
R8 Cucumber Roll cucumber, i/o    5.95
R9. Vegetable Roll mixed vegetable, seaweed outside    7.95
R10. Red Dragon Roll tuna, avocado, scallions, cucumber, topped with tuna, i/o    12.95
R11. Yellow Dragon Roll salmon, avocado, scallions, cucumber, salmon on top, i/o    12.95
R12. Green Dragon Roll tuna, salmon, scallions, cucumber, topped with avocado, i/o    12.95
R13. Volcano Roll mock crab, cucumber, avocado inside, with dynamite, cooked fish on top, i/o    12.95
R14. Geisha Roll tuna, avocado, and scallions wrapped with cucumber, chopped spicy tuna on top    12.95
R15. Samurai Roll tuna, salmon, scallions, avocado wrapped with cucumber and special sauce    11.95
R16. Day Dream Roll mock crab, avocado, cucumber & sesame seeds, wrapped with sushi rice without seaweed    7.95
R17. Bon' Ami Roll vegetable roll topped with mock crab, cheese, black olives, and special sauce    12.95
R18. Rainbow Roll california roll with cream cheese, topped with fresh fish    11.95

Dinner Combinations

D1 Zen (Boat For One) 1 california roll, 12 sashimi, 6 sushi (chef choices)    24.95
D2. You And Me 1 california roll, 1 spicy tuna roll, jb roll, 12 sushi and 18 sashimi    49.95
D3. Sashimi Dinner 14 pieces assorted fresh fish    23.95
D4. Sushi Dinner 12 pieces assorted fresh fish    20.95
D5 Lady Finger rainbow roll & 5 pieces of sushi    18.95

Sushi Additional Items

I/O - Rice On The Outside     1.00
Masago     0.50
Cream Cheese     0.50
Cooked Fish     1.00


Achla Bon Ami
5650 Stirling Rd
Btwn N 56th & N 58th Ave
(954) 962-2070
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