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Aijo Sushi Express (CLOSED)

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    RatingAvg. Dinner Entrée
    $$$$$Greater than $25
    $$$$$18.01 - $25
    $$$$12.01 - $18
    $$$7.01 - $12
    $Less than $7
  • Japanese, Sushi
  • 10041 Sunset Strip, Sunrise FL33322 26.1527677 -80.2839202
  • (At N Nob Hill Rd)
  • (954) 746-4476
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F4. Chicken Gyoza chicken dumplings  (6pcs) 5.25
F5. Croquette corn & cream  (3pcs) 4.00
F6. Tofu Steak with garlic teriyaki sauce  (2pcs) 5.75
F7. Egg Roll choice from vegetable or pork  (2pcs) 4.75
F8. Shumai seafood dumplings  (6pcs) 5.25
F9. Edamame steamed soybeans   4.50
F10. Spinach & Shittake mushrooms & sauteed with garlic   6.25
F11. Yasai Itame stir-fried mixed vegetables   5.75
F12. Wings spicy chicken wings  (9pcs) 8.25
F13. Rock Shrimp tempura shrimp with spicy mayo  (2pcs) 8.25
F14. Yakitori Chicken grilled on a skewer  (2pcs) 4.25
F15. Yakitori Shrimp grilled on a skewer  (2pcs) 4.50

Lunch & Dinner

G1. Chicken Teriyaki Box white chicken, mushrooms, vegetables, pilaf & small dessert   12.50
G2. Sukiyaki Steak Box sliced beef, mushrooms, vegetables, pilaf & small dessert   12.75
G3. Tempura Box shrimp tempura, vegetables, pilaf & small dessert   13.00
G4. Salmon Teriyaki Box salmon filet, vegetable, pilaf & small dessert   14.50
G5. Shrimp Teriyaki Box shrimp, mushrooms, vegetable, pilaf & small dessert   14.50
G6. Gyu Don sauteed beef with onions over rice   9.50
G7. Unagi Don barbecue eel over rice   14.75
G8. Tempura Don shrimp & vegetable tempura over rice   12.00
G9. Oyako Don chicken & vegetable omelet over rice   9.50
G10. Vegetable Don vegetable omelet, over rice   9.25
G11. Chicken Tari Don dark meat chicken and mushrooms over rice   11.00
G12. Shrimp Teri Don shrimp and mushrooms over rice   11.50
G13. Tekka Don tuna sashimi over sushi rice   11.50
G14. Salmon Don salmon sashimi over sushi rice   11.50
G15. Veggie Yaki Udon    8.50
G16. Chicken Yaki Udon    9.50
G17. Shrimp Yaki Udon    9.75
G18. Spicy Tuna Don spicy tuna sashimi over sushi rice   12.00
G19. Veggie Fried Rice    8.25
G20. Chicken Fried Rice    9.00
G21. Shrimp Fried Rice    9.25

Hand Rolls Or Hosomaki

6pcs Per Order Or 1 Hand Roll

C1. Tekka tuna   5.50
C2. Kappa cucumber   4.25
C3. Unagi eel & cucumber   5.75
C4. Dynamite scallop, masago & mayo   5.75
C5. Shrimp Asparagus    5.50
C6. Crab Salad crab, masago, lettuce, avocado & mayo   5.50
C7. Salmon    5.50
C8. Negi Hama chopped escolar & scallion   5.75
C9. Spicy Tuna with scallions   5.75
C10. Salmon Skin with scallions   5.50
C11. Tuna Salad cooked tuna, onions, lettuce & mayo   5.50

Nigiri Combo

A1. Red Ocean tuna over sushi rice  (6pcs) 9.50
A2. Salmon Passion salmon over, sushi rice  (6pcs) 9.50
A3. River & Sea tuna & salmon over sushi rice  (6pcs) 9.50
A4. Fish Fan salmon & escolar over sushi rice  (6pcs) 9.75
A5. The Shell shrimp & krab over sushi rice  (6pcs) 9.50
A6. Three Sons salmon, tuna & shrimp over sushi rice  (6pcs) 10.50
A7. Seventh Heaven krab, eel & shrimp over sushi rice  (6pcs) 10.50
A8. All For One salmon, eel, white fish, masago, krab, escolar, shrimp & tuna over sushi rice  (8pcs) 11.50
A9. South Island tuna & salmon over sushi rice (4pcs) & california roll (4pcs)   9.75
A10. Broward eel & shrimp over sushi rice (4pcs) & california roll (4pcs)   10.75
A11. Pier shrimp & krab over sushi rice (4pcs) & california roll (4pcs)   9.75
A12. Interstate california roll (8pcs) & steamed edamame   10.25
A13. Samurai salmon, tuna, white fish, krab, shrimp & escolar (1pcs / ea) tuna roll (3pcs) & california roll (4pcs)   8.25


D1. Avocado    2.00
D2. Asparagus    2.00
D3. Tamago    2.50
D4. Salmon    2.50
D5. Squid    3.00
D6. Krab    2.25
D7. Inari    2.50
D8. Tuna    2.50
D9. Shrimp    2.50
D10. Escolar    2.50
D11. Dynamite    2.75
D12. Masago    2.75
D13. Izumidai    2.50
D14. Octopus    2.75
D15. Hamachi    3.50
D16. Eel    3.00
D17. Ikura    3.75

Aijo's Favorite Rolls

E1. California krab, cucumber, avocado, masago & sesame  (8pcs) 6.25
E2. Salmon California salmon, cucumber, avocado & sesame  (8pcs) 6.75
E11. Tuna California tuna, cucumber, avocado & sesame  (8pcs) 7.00
E3. J.B. Roll salmon, cream cheese & scallions  (8pcs) 6.75
E4. Dancing Eel california roll with eel  (8pcs) 10.50
E5. J.B. Tempura salmon, cream cheese & asparagus  (8pcs) 7.50
E6. Shrimp Tempura fried shrimp, lettuce, avocado, mayo, masago & sesame  (6pcs) 7.50
E7. Rainbow krab, masago, avocado, tuna, salmon, shrimp & white fish  (8pcs) 10.75
E8. Futomaki eggs, cucumber, spinach, kanpyo, avocado & krab  (5pcs) 7.75
E9. Veggie Roll kanpyo, cucumber, spinach, avocado, asparagus, carrots & sesame  (5pcs) 7.50
E10. Spider Roll fried soft shell crab, lettuce, avocado, mayo, masago & sesame  (5pcs) 10.75
E13. Tuna Salad scallions, mayo, lettuce, & cooked tuna  (8pcs) 4.50
E14. Caliente salmon & krab topped with avocado crunch and spicy hot sauce  (8pcs) 10.75
E15. Fillet-O-Fish fried white fish, cream cheese with mayo & lettuce  (8pcs) 8.25
E16. Dragon Roll 2 tempura shrimps, cream cheese with avocado & eel sauce on top  (8pcs) 11.75
E17. Volcano Roll krab, cream cheese topped with avocado & hot scallop sauce  (8pcs) 12.75
E18. Sweet Sensation fried banana, cream cheese & eel on top  (8pcs) 10.50
E19. Spicy Tuna Harumaki spicy tuna, lettuce & tempura flakes wrapped in rice paper  (6pcs) 8.75

Specialty Rolls

E20. Coqui Roll avocado & c.c wrapped in sliced salmon overlayed with bread crumbs & fried topped with eel sauce  (4pcs) 13.75
E21. Rene Boy sushi rice wrapped in sliced salmon topped with crushed walnuts & eel with eel sauce  (8pcs) 12.50
E22. Ale Roll cooked salmon, c.c. scallions, and tempura shrimp topped with shrimp, avocado & krab  (8pcs) 14.50
E23. Chichi Roll tempura shrimp, tempura eel, c.c. scallions, and dynamite topped with tuna avocado & eel sauce  (8pcs) 14.50
E24. Tropical Roll salmon, mango & c.c roll, topped with kiwi  (8pcs) 11.75
E25. Platano Roll tempura katsuramuki sliced plantain rolled over c.c salmon & avocado  (8pcs) 12.50


F16. Tuna Tartar tuna & avocado layers with scallions and aijo sauce   8.50
F17. Tuna Tataki served with scallions, garlic & ponzu sauce   9.50
F1. Sashimi Salad tuna, salmon & avocado, with ginger dressing   9.50
F2. Seafood Salad shrimp, krab & avocado, with ginger dressing   9.50
F3. Seaweed Salad assorted seaweed topped with sesame seeds   7.50
F4. Neptune Salad escolar, white fish, salmon, & tuna, with spicy mayo & eel sauce   9.25

Party Plates

H1. Anniversary tuna, white fish, salmon, shrimp, crab, eel, masago & escolar sushi (2 of each) takka (6pcs) & california (8pcs)  (for 2) 44.50
H2. All The Way tuna, salmon, shrimp, crab, eel & escolar sushi (3 of each), shrimp tempura (6pcs) jb roll (8pcs) & california (8pcs)  (for 2) 58.50
H3. Sushi Deluxe tuna, salmon, shrimp, eel sushi (4 of each), white fish, masago, dynamite, california roll, escolar (2 of each), salmon roll (6pcs), shrimp tempura roll (5pcs) & rainbow roll (8pcs)   85.00
H4. Six Pack california (8pcs), tekka (6pcs), dancing eel (8pcs), kappa (6pcs), jb roll (8pcs), shrimp tempura roll (5pcs)  (6rolls) 38.50
H5. Aijo Plate futomaki (5pcs), caliente (8pcs), california (8pcs) tekka (6pcs), rainbow (8pcs), salmon (6pcs), salmon california (8pcs), kappa (6pcs) & jb tempura roll (8pcs)   65.50
H6. Party Sample gyoza (6pcs), spicy wings (10pcs), edamame, egg roll (2pcs), chicken yakitori (3) & shrimp yakitori (3pcs)   42.75

Rolls Combo Plates

B1. Sunrise california (8pcs) & salmon california (8pcs)   12.50
B2. Sacramento california (8pcs) & tekka (6pcs)   11.25
B3. Duet california (8pcs), jb roll (8pcs)   12.50
B4. Gardenville avocado, asparagus & inari, sushi, kappa (8pcs) & vegetable roll (5pcs)   17.00
B5. Full House california (8pcs), jb roll (8pcs) & shrimp tempura (5pcs)   19.50
B6. Lady Fingers 3 hand rolls of your choice   15.00


S1. Cheese Cake Roll    6.75
S2. Banana Tempura with ice cream   6.25

Beverages & Side Orders

Miso Soup    3.25
Salad    4.25
Soda   can 1.50
Bottled Water    2.00
Green Tea    2.00
Japanese Tea    2.00
Extra Ginger    .75
Extra Wasabi    .75
Extra Eel Sauce    .50
Extra Dressing    .50
Extra Spicy Mayo    .50
Extra Dressing    .50
Aijo Sushi Express
10041 Sunset Strip
At N Nob Hill Rd
(954) 746-4476
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