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Aromas del Peru

  • $$$
  • Peruvian, South American
  • 13823 SW 88th St, Miami 33186 25.685363 -80.418616
  • (At SW 137th Ct)
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  • (305) 408-5554
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Desayuno Lurín lurín style breakfast peruvian tamale, fried chunks of pork, fried sweet potato, peruvian salsa criolla, bread, coffee.    8.50
Huevos Revueltos O Fritos american breakfast scrambled or fried eggs with bacon, ham or sausage, served with french fries.    3.95
Bistec Montado palomilla steak with fried eggs    8.25
Lomo O Pollo O Al Jugo juicy beef strips sauteed with onions and tomatoes.    10.95


Pescado     14.95
Mixto     15.95
Pescado Y Camarones     15.95
Conchas Negras     26.95
Pulpo     18.95
Mariscos     17.95
Camarones     15.95
Tiradito Criollo     13.95
Leche De Tigre     5.99
Vuelve A La Vida     14.95
Tiradito Acevichado     15.95
Aromas Cebiche Tres Ajíes three flavors in one dish, our most representatives ajies (ají limo, ají amarillo and rocoto) in a spectacular cebiche    21.00
Aromas Tiradito Tasting peruvian version of sashimi in 3 sauces (ají amarillo, rocoto, botija olive sauce) specially created for you    21.00


Causas the perfect appetizer! yellow peruvian potato dough cake, seasoned with ají amarillo cream and fresh lime juice  
Causas chicken / tuna    6.00
Causas shrimp or crab    10.00
Causas vegetables    8.00
Ocopa potato slices covered in a creamy sauce with white cheese, peruvian ají amarillo and a hint of black mint.    5.95
Papa O Yuca A La Huancaína potato slices / fried yuca in a delicate creamy sauce with white cheese and peruvian aji amarillo.    5.95
Choros A La Chalaca mussels with onions and tomatoes, marinated in fresh lime juice.    9.25
Almejas A La Chalaca clams with onions and tomatoes, marinated in fresh lime juice.    9.95
Conchitas A La Parmesana crispy fish, calamari or chicken served w/peruvian salsa criolla.    15.95
Chicharrón De Pescado, Calamar O Pollo calamar o pollo crispy fish, calamari or chicken served w/peruvian salsa criolla.    9.95
Chicharrón De Camarones crispy shrimp served with french fries.    12.95
Tamal De Pollo O Cerdo seasoned mashed peruvian corn wrapped in banana leaves stuffed with pork or chicken.    4.95
Anticuchos grilled skewers of beef heart marinated in our traditional ají panca, served with potatoes and peruvian corn.     10.95
Cocktail De Camarones shrimp cocktail with special peruvian golf sauce.    9.95
Choclo Peruano white peruvian corn.    4.75
Pulpo Al Olivo octopus in a soft peruvian botija olive sauce.    15.95
Aromas Appetizer five spectacular appetizers in one (cebiche, chalaca mussels, papa a la huancaina, ocopa, shirmp cocktail)    22.00


Ensalada fresh mix salad    3.50
Ensalada with grilled chicken    7.95
Ensalada Con Camarones fresh mix salad with shrimp.    9.95
Ensalada De Mariscos fresh mix salad with seafood.    14.95

Pescados Y Mariscos

Picantes seafood in a mild peruvian style spicy sauce served w/rice.  
Picante De Mariscos     17.95
Picante De Camarones     18.95
Picante De Pulpo     17.95
Filete De Pescado A La Plancha grilled or fried fish fillet    11.95
Filete De Pescado Encebollado fried fish fillet with sautéed tomatoes and onions.    13.95
Filete A Lo Macho crispy fish in a spectacular seafood sauce and a touch of ají panca infused with pisco.    16.95
Filete De Pescado Al Broiled broiled fish fillet    13.95
Filete En Salsa De Mariscos fish fillet with a delicate creamy seafood sauce.    18.95
Sudado De Pescado poached fish fillet in broth, white wine, onions and tomatoes.    13.95
Camarones Al Ajo sautéed shrimp in a creamy garlic sauce    17.95
Camarones Al Ajillo sautéed shrimp in a garlic sauce with a hint of ají panca infused with pisco    17.95
Cau Cau De Mariscos traditional peruvian seafood stew, with potato, a hint of peruvian ají amarillo and mint.    17.95
Pargo Frito red snapper (whole fried fish)    17.95
Jalea Mixta (Personal) crispy seafood mix; served with fried yuca and peruvian salsa criolla.    14.95
Jalea Mixta (Personal) to share    21.00


Sopa De Choros delicious mussels soup with noodles, white wine and ají panca.    8.25
Chupe De Camarones shrimp soup with overcooked rice, corn, egg and fresh cheese finished with a hint of milk and black mint. highly recommended.    14.95
Parihuela De Mariscos aphrodisiac seafood soup; made with peruvian ají panca, white wine and base of homemade tomate sauce.     14.95
Aguadito De Mariscos seafood soup with rice, peruvian corn in a cilantro base.    14.95
Sopa A La Criolla creole soup with meat and noodles, egg and a hint of ají panca, finished with a touch of milk.    8.95

A La Parrilla

Churrasco skirt steak    13.95
Churrasco A Lo Pobre grilled steak, served w/rice, fries, sweet plantains and eggs.    16.99
Pechuga De Pollo chicken breast    11.95
Pulpo A La Parrilla whole small octopus on the grill served with two sides orders of your choice    18.95

Carne Y Pollo

Tacu Tacu delicious crispy blend of peruvian white beans and rice served in a shape of a tortilla.  
Tacu Tacu tacu tacu con churrasco    17.95
Tacu Tacu tacu tacu con seco    14.95
Tacu Tacu tacu tacu con lomo saltado    15.95
Tacu Tacu tacu tacu con pechuga de pollo    15.95
Tacu Tacu tacu tacu con picante de camarones    20.95
Aromas Fiesta Criolla delish the most popular dishes (aji de gallina, seco de res, cau cau).    32.00
Ají De Gallina shredded chicken in a creamy peruvian aji amarillo sauce with a hint of parmesan cheese.    10.95
Seco De Res beef stew, slowly cooked with vegetables, beer in a cilantro base sauce.    10.95
Cau Cau traditional peruvian stew made with veal tripe, potato and a hint of ají amarillo and mint.    9.95
Tallarín Verde Con Churrasco pasta with a peruvian style creamy pesto, served with grilled skirt steak. can be served with chicken breast.    17.99
Milanesa De Pollo lightly breaded chicken breast    12.99
Seco De Cabrito goat stew slowly cooked with peruvian chicha de jora, aji panca, and ají amarillo finished with minced cilantro.    19.95
Arroz Con Pato duck with rice in a cilantro base sauce served with peruvian salsa criolla.    17.00

Peruvian Wok

Peruvian Style Stirfry the perfect fusion peruvian/cantones, wok stirfry beef, chicken, fish or seafood sautéed with onions, tomatoes, cilantro and soy sauce served with peruvian yellow potato fries and white rice.  
Peruvian Style Stirfry lomo saltado    13.95
Peruvian Style Stirfry pollo saltado    12.95
Peruvian Style Stirfry pescado saltado    16.95
Peruvian Style Stirfry mariscos saltados   (to share) 21.00  15.95
Tallarin Saltado wok sautéed noodles, beef, chicken, fish, seafood or shrimp with onions, tomatoes and oriental sauces, peruvian/cantonese style.  
Tallarin Saltado tallarin saltado de carne    12.95
Tallarin Saltado tallarin saltado de pollo    11.95
Tallarin Saltado tallarin saltado de camarones    17.95
Tallarin Saltado tallarin saltado de mariscos   (to share) 20.00  14.95
Los Chaufas wok fried rice with oriental sauces peruvian/cantones style.  
Los Chaufas chaufa de carne    12.95
Los Chaufas chaufa de pollo    11.95
Los Chaufas chaufa de pescado    15.95
Los Chaufas chaufa de mariscos   (to share) 20.00  14.95

Menú De Niños $5

Chicharrón De Pollo chicken nuggets served with french fries or fried yuca.  
Pescado Empanizado fish nuggets served with french fries or fried yucca.  
Macarroni Y Queso mac & cheese  

Guarniciones $2.75

Arroz white rice  
Papas Fritas french fries  
Frejoles Negros black beans  
Frejoles Blancos white beans  
Yuca Frita fried yuca  
Tostones fried green plantains  
Platano Maduro sweet plantains  
Cancha toasted peruvian corn  
Salsa Criolla peruvian salsa criolla  
Huevos fried eggs  


Festival De Chocolate Al Pisco the perfect combination, three layers of moist chocolate cake, pisco chocolate truffles and a light chocolate mousse    5.00
Flan De Coco coconut flan    4.99
Mousse De Lúcuma lucuma mousse: made of our delicious peruvian lucuma.    5.50
Suspiro Limeño classic peruvian dessert, made of dulce de leche lightly beaten with eggyolks and port wine, topped with italian meringue with port syrup and a touch of cinnamon.    4.99
Cuatro Leches moist angel cake with four kinds of milk (condensed milk, evaporeted milk, cream and dulce de leche) and port wine topped with whipped cream and dulce de leche    4.99
Crema Volteada vanilla custard known as flan    4.99
Combinado the perfect duo, our classic rice pudding and our traditional purple corn pudding.    4.99
Torta De Chocolate moist chocolate cake filled with dulce the leche and covered with chocolate fudge.    4.99
Bavarois De Guindones O Maracuyá light eggwhite foam with plums or passion fruit and syrup covered in creme anglaise.    6.50
Picarones classic peruvian dessert, in a shape of rings, made of pumpkin, sweet potato flavored with spices covered with a delicious homemade fruit syrup    5.99
Alfajor one alfajor filled with dulce de leche covered in powered sugar    2.00
Tejas candy made of lemon, figs, orange, pecans or chestnuts, stuffed with dulce de leche covered with sugar or chocolate glace.    2.50


Chicha Morada delicious beverage made of peruvian purple corn, cinnamon cloves, fresh lime juice and sugar.    2.50
Maracuyá passion fruit    2.50
Soft Drinks batidos en agua, batidos en leche, jugo de naranja, agua con/sin gas shakes, milk shakes, orange juice, water   
Sangria domestic beer, foreign and peruvian beer, wines (ask your server for the selection)  


Aromas del Peru
13823 SW 88th St
At SW 137th Ct
(305) 408-5554
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