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Japanese Restaurant
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    RatingAvg. Dinner Entrée
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    $$$$$18.01 - $25
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    $$$7.01 - $12
    $Less than $7
  • Japanese, Sushi
  • 20355 Biscayne Blvd, Miami FL33180 25.956357 -80.140722
  • (At NE 203rd St)
  • (305) 682-9331
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1. Green Salad fresh garden greens with house dressing   3.50
2. Asaka's Garden Salad variety of crisp vegetables with house dressing   7.75
3. Tofu Yakko Salad fresh bean curd with vegetables   5.00
4. Soba Noodle Salad chilled buckwheat noodles with shiitake mushrooms and vegetables in special sauce   6.75
5. Harusame Salad yam noodles, crab stick and vegetables with sesame dressing   6.75

Seafood Salads

From Sushi Bar

6. Hiyashi Wakame Salad assorted seaweed with sesame   4.50
7. Kani Crab-Su crabmeat and cucumber sliced paper thin, served with "tosa" rice vinegar dressing   6.99
8. Shrimp Avocado Salad shrimp, avocado and vegetables with miso vinegar dressing   7.99
9. Snow Crab Sunomono snow crab, cucumber and wakame seaweed tossed with "tosa" rice vinegar dressing   8.99
10. No Rice Roll salmon, crab, cream cheese, shrimp, avocado and masago rolled with thin cucumber and spicy vinegar dressing   8.99
11. Spicy Conch Salad fresh conch and thin-sliced cucumber with spicy dressing   8.75
12. Tako Octopus-Su sliced broiled octopus topped with "tosa" vinegar dressing   8.99
13. Tuna Sashimi Salad crisp garden vegetables topped with tuna with special dressing   9.50
14. Pirates Salad seaweed and vegetables topped with seafood combination of tuna, shrimp, conch, ika and salmon with special dressing   16.99


15. Miso Soup soy bean paste soup with tofu   2.50
16. Yasai Soup bean sprouts, nappa and sliced vegetables in clear soup   4.50
17. Clam Miso Soup clams and wakame seaweed in miso soup   6.75
18. Chicken Soup chicken vegetables soup   5.50
19. Fish Miso Soup fish vegetable soup   5.50
20. Udon Noodle Soup white wheat noodles with fried bean curd in oashi soup   6.75
21. Soba Noodle Soup buckwheat noodles, green onion and fish cake in katsu-dashi soup   6.75

Appetizers From Sushi Bar

22. Sashimi raw fish properly prepared and cut to perfection   12.99
23. Tataki (Your Fish Choice) grilled thin-sliced rare fish with ponzu sauce tuna   13.99
salmon, white tuna, wahoo   12.99
24. Usuzukuri (Snapper) paper-in slices of raw fish served with ponzu sauce   11.99
25. Ikura Oroshi (Caviar) salmon roe topped with grated "daikon" radish   7.99
26. Baby Octopus cooked and marinated little octopus   6.99
27. Cooked Dynamite crab, shrimp, conch, masago and white fish with creamy sauce, volcano style   9.50
28. Spicy Row Fish With Avocado And Cucumber tuna   9.50
salmon   8.99
29. Ceviche "Asaka Style" marinated fresh wahoo, snapper   8.50

Vegetables Appetizers

30. Oshitashi (Spinach) boiled fresh spinach in sesame soy sauce   4.99
31. Goma-Ac (Spinach & Sprouts) boiled bean sprouts and spinach in sesame soy sauce   4.99
32. Yakimatsu (Mushrooms & Zucchini) grilled shiitake mushrooms, zucchini, onion and mushrooms   5.99
33. Edamame (Soy Bean) boiled young soy beans   3.99
34. Hijiki (Black Seaweed) cooked seaweed with bean curd and vegetables   4.99
35. Yu-Tofu (Bean Curd) tofu and vegetables in hot pot served with ponzu sauce   6.50
36. Age-Tofu fried tofu topped with grated "daikon" radish in special sauce   5.50
37. Tofu Or Nasu-Dengaku (tofu or eggplant) grilled tofu with soy bean paste sauce   5.99
38. Yasai Itame sauteed mixed vegetables with soy sauce and sesame oil   6.50
39. Yaki-Soba Or Udon (Noodles) sauteed soba noodles or udon noodles flavored with soy sauce and sesame oil   6.99
40. Steamed Yasai (Vegetables) steamed assorted vegetables served with ponzu sauce   6.99
41. Kakiage Tempura shredded vegetables together in tempura mix and fried crispy   5.50
42. Yasai Tempura assorted vegetables battered fried and served with tempura dipping sauce   5.99
43. Tsukemono Or Namuru assorted japanese pickled vegetables   5.50
44. Zousui (Hot Pot) assorted vegetables and rice in vegetable broth with boiled egg   6.75
45. Tofu Steak grilled tofu and vegetables   6.99

Seafood & Meat Appetizer

46. Chicken Katsu    6.50
47. Beef Shogayaki    6.50
48. Grilled Salmon Teriyaki    6.50
49. Fish Misoyaki local fish tenderized in soy bean paste and grilled to perfection   6.50
50. Salmon Iso-Age (Crunch Salmon) tempura salmon rolled in seaweed and vegetables   6.75
51. Ebi Fry (Breaded Shrimp) crispy large fried shrimp   6.99
52. Hotate (Scallops) japanese whole scallops and mushrooms sauteed with "yuzu" lemon   6.50
53. Green Mussels steamed green mussels served japanese-style cocktail   7.99
54. Grilled Shrimp And Scallops shrimp and scallops on bamboo skewers grilled with yakitori sauce   6.75
55. Yakitori (Chicken) charcoal broiled chicken on skewers with yakitori sauce   4.99
56. Beef Negimaki (N.Y. Sirloin) grilled rolls of beef and scallions   6.50
57. Kara-Age (Chicken) japanese style crispy fried chicken   5.99
58. Yukke (Filet Mignon) fresh sliced raw beef mixed with spicy sauce   6.75
59. Soft Shell Crab deep-fried soft shell crab   9.50
60. Gyoza pan-fried or steamed dumplings served with gyoza sauce   5.50
61. Shrimp Or Pork Dumpling    5.50
62. Shrimp Tempura batter-fried shrimp and vegetables served with tempura dipping sauce   6.99
63. Stuffed Fish Cake tempura fish cake stuffed with asparagus   5.99
64. Yakiika grilled whole squid   7.75
65. Spring Roll vegetables   5.99

Sushi & Sashimi

Served With Soup Or Salad.

66. Sushi Moriawase a combination of nigiri sushi with a california roll   16.99
67. Sushi Mori Deluxe nigiri sushi combination with prime tuna and scallop   19.99
68. Sashimi Moriawase a combination of fresh sashimi with chirashi rice   19.99
69. Sashimi Mori Deluxe a combination of our finest-cut sashimi with chirashi rice   24.99
70. Sushi And Sashimi Combo chef's choice of the finest-cut sashimi together with nigiri sushi and a roll   25.98
71. Chirashizushi assorted sashimi, thinly sliced egg omelette, shiitake mushrooms and kampyo on chirashi rice   18.99
72. Tekka Don thin-sliced tuna sashimi on a bed of chirashi rice   18.99
73. Makizushi Combo california roll, takka roll and futomaki   14.99
74. Salad Maki Combo all vegetable rolls. a vegetarian's delight   13.99
75. Asaka Special - Sushi & Sashimi Combo order a boat for two or a boat for three  46.00 69.00

Tempura Dishes

Served With Steamed Rice, Soup Or Salad And Tempura Dipping Sauce

76. Shrimp Tempura shrimp and vegetable tempura   14.99
77. Vegetable Tempura assorted vegetable tempura include sweet potato and kakiage   12.99
78. Seafood Tempura combination of lobster, shrimp, scallops and vegetable tempura   23.99

Grilled Dishes

Served With Steamed Rice, Soup Or Salad

79. Chicken Teriyaki common teriyaki dish in north america   12.99
80. Chicken And Shrimp Stir Fry combination of chicken and shrimp, grilled in ginger teriyaki sauce   14.99
81. Hamachi Teriyaki (japanese yellowtail) the most popular teriyaki in japan called "burt"   16.99
82. Fish (Catch Of The Day) Teriyaki fresh local fish teriyaki   14.99
83. Seabass Teriyaki grilled seabass teriyaki   18.99
84. Grilled Tuna Teriyaki the best quality tuna cooked the way you like with teriyaki sauce   17.99
85. Grilled Salmon Teriyaki grilled boneless atlantic salmon steak   15.99
86. Fish Misoyaki tenderized and grilled fillet of fresh fish in soy bean paste sauce   14.99
87. Seafood Kashiyaki shrimp, scallops, hamachi and tuna on a skewer basted lightly with soy sauce   18.99
88. Seafood Teriyaki Combo combination of lobster, shrimp and scallops teriyaki   23.99
89. N.Y Steak Teriyaki grilled tender sirloin in teriyaki   16.99
90. Rib Eye Steak tender sliced steak, grilled with homemade teriyaki sauce   21.99

Katsu Dishes

Breaded And Fried. Served With Steamed Rice And Soup Or Salad And Tonkatsu Sauce

91.Chicken Katsu fried breaded boneless chicken filet   13.99
92. Ton Katsu (Pork) common, japanese dish, breaded fried pork tenderloin   13.99
93. Fish Katsu fresh fish of the day breaded and fried crispy   14.99
94. Shrimp Katsu breaded jumbo shrimp and vegetables   14.99

Sauteed Dishes

Served With Steamed Rice And Soup Or Salad

96. Chicken & Vegetables Stir Fry    12.99
97. Beef Shogayaki slices of ny sirloin sauteed in ginger soy sauce   14.88
98. Shrimp & Scallops Stir Fry shrimp and scallops stir-fried with mushrooms in garlic sauce   15.99
99. Pork Shogayaki slices of pork sauteed in ginger soy sauce   14.99
100. Beef Yakiniku slices of tenderloin sauteed in garlic soy sauce   14.99

Fried Rice

105. Vegetable    9.99
106. Chicken    11.99
107. Beef    12.99
108. Shrimp    13.99


Ice Cream red bean, green tea or vanilla   3.75
Ice Cream Vanilla Tempura    5.99
Fried Banana    5.99
Cheesecake Tempura    5.99
Mochi Ice Cream    6.00

Side Orders

Steamed White Rice    1.25
Brown Rice    1.50
Chirashi    2.00
Bowl Of Vegetable Fried Rice    2.50

Sushi Rolls

A. Kappa Maki cucumber roll   3.50
B. Salmon Roll    5.00
C. Tekka Maki tuna roll   5.25
D. California Roll    5.00
E. Dynamite California Roll    7.50
F. Rainbow Roll california roll wrapped in a variety of fish with different colors   9.99
G. Eel Roll    5.50
H. Salmon Skin Roll with salmon, the skin and scallions   5.50
I. Florida Roll with lobster, masago, lettuce, avocado and mayo   7.99
K. Salad Roll with assorted vegetables including tomato and lettuce   5.25
L. Boston Roll with crab, lettuce, avocado and mayo   5.25
M. California Eel Roll eel on top of california roll   10.99
N. Asaka Maki Roll salmon and vegetable tempura roll   7.50
O. Spicy Salmon Or Tuna Roll with salmon or tuna and scallions   5.25
P. Spider Roll with soft shell crab, asparagus, avocado, scallions, roe and mayo   7.99
Q. Futomaki with crab stick, masago, kampyo, tamago, avocado, cucumber and spinach   6.25
R. Shrimp Tempura Roll with shrimp tempura, masago, vegetables and mayo   6.50
S. Crazy Roll with eel, salmon skin, asparagus, avocado and roe, inside out   6.75
T. Dynamite Roll shrimp, crab stick, roe and mayo   6.75
U. Tropical Roll tuna, salmon, yellowtail, avocado, scallions, asparagus and roe   6.99
V. Popeye Roll spicy spinach   4.25
W. Snow Crab california roll   7.59
X. Dragon Roll shrimp tempura, cream cheese and scallions inside out with avocado on top   8.99

Sushi A La Carte

Kani crab stick   1.50
Tamago omelets   1.50
Inari bean curd   1.50
Ebi shrimp   1.79
Conch    2.50
Saba mackerel   1.79
White Tuna escolar   1.79
Salmon    1.79
Ika squid   2.00
Snapper    1.79
Masago    1.79
Tuna    2.00
Tako octopus   2.50
Hamachi pacific yellowtail   2.50
Unagi eel   2.50
Hokki clam   2.00
Toro prime tuna   3.00
Scallop    3.00
Amaebi sweet shrimp   3.00
Ikura salmon roe   3.00
Snow Crab    3.00
Uni sea urchin   3.99

Asaka's Special Roll

Pacific Roll tuna, scallion, avocado inside out salmon, avocado on top   10.99
Spicy Tuna Sandwich tuna, scallion, tempura flakes, spicy mayo sandwich masago outside   8.59
Ogi Roll tuna, escolar tuna, salmon, scallion, avocado, spicy mayo inside out masago   7.99
O.J. Roll cooked salmon, spicy spinach, avocado inside out   7.59
Snowcrab California Roll snowcrab, avocado, cucumber inside out sesame seeds   7.59
Chicken Katsu Roll chicken breaded, lettuce, mayo inside out   6.99
Fish Katsu Roll fish breaded, lettuce, mayo inside out   6.99
Biscaya Roll tuna, yellow tail, scallion tempura with spicy mayo and sauce on top   7.99
Ninja Roll salmon skin, cream cheese, scallions topped with eel   9.99
Volcano Roll crab, cream cheese, asparagus, avocado, topped with cooked dynamite   10.99
Alaskan Roll cooked salmon, lettuce, scallion and mayo   6.50
Caribbean Roll spicy conch, spinach, cucumber inside out   7.99
Kakiage Roll shredded mix vegetables tempura   5.99
Atlantic Roll california roll topped with salmon and lemon   8.98
Tempura Bagel Roll salmon, cream cheese and scallion tempura   6.99

Hand Roll A La Carte

Salad lettuce, carrots, avocado and asparagus   4.25
Boston crab stick, lettuce, avocado and mayo   4.25
Shrimp And Avocado    4.25
Popeye spicy spinach   4.25
Dynamite    4.25
Alaskan grilled salmon, lettuce and mayo   4.25
California    4.25
Salmon Skin    4.25
Hamachi & Scallions    4.75
Toro And Scallions    4.75
Spicy Tuna    4.75
Bagel salmon or cream cheese   4.75
Eel Cucumber    4.75
Ikura & Cucumber    5.75
Uni & Cucumber    5.75
Florida lobster, lettuce, avocado and mayo   5.75
Scallops Dynamite    5.75

Lunch Specials


Lunch Box Special salad, california roll and a choice of #1 to #11   9.50
Sushi Grilled Lunch salad, 3 pieces of sushi, a california roll and choice of #1 to #11   12.99
Light Lunch Special salad, rice and choice of choice of #1 to #11   7.89
Sushi Lunch Special served with a salad   
1. Chicken Teriyaki grilled chicken in teriyaki sauce   
2. Chicken Karaage fried chicken nugget   
3. Chicken Katsu breaded and crispy tried chicken   
4. Grilled Salmon Teriyaki grilled salmon fillet in teriyaki sauce   
5. Sawara Misoyaki grilled mackerel in miso paste   
6. Fish Catch Of The Day Teriyaki fish catch of the day filled in teriyaki sauce   
7. Fish Katsu white local fish breaded and crispy fried   
8. Beef Shogayaki sliced sirloin beef sauteed with vegetable   
9. Beef Negimaki sirloin with scallops grilled in teriyaki   
10. Shrimp Tempura large shrimp and vegetable battered and fried   
11. Ebi Fry large shrimp and vegetable breaded and fried   
12. Sushi Mori Lunch 8 pieces sushi and a california roll   11.50
13. Sashimi Mori Lunch 9 pieces sashimi and a bowl of rice   13.50
14. Sushi & Sashimi Lunch 3 pieces sushi and 8 pieces sashimi and a california roll   15.50

Yakisoba Or Udon

Sauteed Buck Wheat Or White Noodle with vegetable   6.99
Chicken & Vegetable    7.99
Beef & Vegetable    8.99
Shrimp & Vegetable    8.99
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