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Bagel Cove

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    $Less than $7
  • Bagels, Delis, Sandwiches
  • 19003 Biscayne Blvd, Miami FL33180 25.951241 -80.146518
  • (At NE 191st St)
  • (305) 935-4029
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Breakfast Specials

Served Mon-Fri: 6.30am-11am, Sat-Sun & Holidays 6.30am-10am. All Breakfast Specials Include Complimentary Pastry.

1. Two Eggs any style including egg white or egg beaters with coffee   4.99
2. Egg White Vegetable Omelette    8.29
3. 2 + 2 + 2 eggs, bacon or sausage, pancakes or french toast   7.59
4. Oatmeal, Or Grits with bagel   4.89
coffee extra   .65
5. Corned Beef Hash & Eggs    7.95
5. Smoked Kippers & Eggs    8.99
6. Nova Or Lox, Eggs & Onions    9.29
7. Short Stack with coffee   5.49
8. Mini French Toast with coffee   5.99
8. Mini Corn Flake with coffee   6.29
9. Cold Cereal with bagel & coffee   4.89
with banana   5.89
10. Nova Appetizer with cream cheese, tomato & onion   10.99
#'s 1, 2, 5 & 6 Served With Home Fries, Or Grits, Or Oatmeal Or Tomato And Bagel, Bialy Or Toast And Cream Cheese (On Request), Extra Slices Of Tomato Or Souffle Cream Cheese $0.50 Each. Sharing Charge $2, No Substitutions Permitted. No Sharings Of Breakfast Specials.

Lunch Specials

In Restaurant Only Until 4pm. No Sharing Of Specials. 6 Mini Bagels Free With Lunch Specials.


Baked Salmon Salad    9.89
Tuna Salad    8.99
Knock Wurst Or (2) Franks with sauerkraut french fries or beans   7.79


Whitefish Salad    9.89
Pastrami Sandwich with potato salad or cole slaw   9.99


Turkey Salad    8.89
Whitefish Salad    9.89
Corned Beef Sandwich with potato salad or cole slaw   9.99


Tuna Salad    8.99
Fresh Baked Turkey Sandwich    9.99


Seafood Shrimp Salad    9.99
Tuna Salad    8.99


1/2 Sandwich With A Cup Of Soup corned beef, pastrami, turkey, roast beef or salami   9.89


Soups Du Jour

Cup $3.99 / Bowl $5.19. To Go: Pint $4.69 / Quart $7.39. All Soup Are Served With Bread Or Crackers.

"French Onion Soup" served in a crock with croutons covered with melted mozzarella cheese   6.29
Daily matzoh ball, consomme, chicken vegetable   
Monday split pea   
Tuesday mushroom barley   
Wednesday lentil   
Thursday vegetable   
Friday cabbage   


Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice  gl 2.69lg 3.59
Pint Of OJ   lg 3.59
Grapefruit Juice  gl 2.69lg 3.59
Pint Of Grapefruit Juice   lg 3.65
Ind. Tomato Juice   lg 2.59
Ind. Prune Juice   lg 2.59
Ind. V-8 Juice   lg 2.59
Martinelli Apple Juice   lg 2.99


Fresh Fruit Cup    4.29
Fresh Fruit Salad Plate    9.29
Honey Dew    4.19
Half Grapefruit    3.45
Half Cantaloupe    4.19
Diet Baked Apple    4.69
Strawberry Cup    4.80

Hot Cereals

Oatmeal Or Grits  cup 2.89bowl 3.99

Cold Cereals

Assorted with milk   3.99
With Banana Or Raisins    4.29
With Strawberries Or Fresh Fruit    5.29

Eggs & Omelettes

Eggs fried or scrambled (2) 5.29(3) 6.29
with bacon, ham or sausage  (2) 7.79
Egg Whites Scrambled Or Omelette    6.99
Plain Omelette    5.99
Onion Omelette    7.49
Tomato Omelette    8.39
with cheese   9.49
Spinach Omelette    9.09
Broccoli Omelette    9.09
Cheese Omelette choice of american, muenster, cheddar, swiss, munchee, farmer or fries   9.19
Mushroom Omelette    9.29
Western Omelette ham, onion and green peppers   9.29
Eastern Omelette onion and green peppers   9.29
Spanish Omelette    9.29
Low-Fat Cheese Omelette cottage cheese, alpine lace or farmer's cheese   9.29
Ham, Bacon Or Sausage Omelette    9.49
Nova, Eggs And Onions    10.29
Lox, Eggs And Onions    10.29
Canadian Bacon & Eggs    8.29
2 + 2 + 2 2 eggs, 2 strips of bacon or sausage 2 pancakes or (1) french toast   8.99
Steak And Eggs    11.29
Corned Beef Hash & Eggs    8.99
Side Or Corned Beef Hash    5.99
Vegetable Omelette onions, green peppers, broccoli, spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes.   9.15
with eggs beaters or egg whites add   .80
Ham Steak & Eggs    9.59
Hammy Miami grilled cheese with ham, eggs and french fries   8.45
Deli Omelette choice of corned beef, pastrami, kosher salami or turkey   10.69
Smoked Kippers, Eggs & Onions    10.19
Kippers And Onions    7.89
Sliced Nova Or Lox & Eggs    11.99
Cream Cheese & Chive Omelette Or Scrambled    9.29
Side Of Vegetable Or Chive Or Plain Cream Cheese With Nova Or Lox Omelettes Only $1. All Above Served With Home Fries Or Tomato Or Grits Or Oatmeal And Bagel Or Toast. Except The 2+2+2 And Side Of Corned Beef Hash. Egg Whites $0.80 Extra, Egg Beaters $0.80 Extra. On Request : Eggs Or Omeletes Made With Pam

Challah French Toast

Served With Maple Syrup And Cinnamon Or Powdered Sugar.

French Toast    7.19
with eggs   8.19
with ham or bacon or sausage   8.59
Corn Flakes French Toast    8.19
Egg White French Toast    8.19
Egg Beater French Toast    8.19

Pancakes & Waffles

Served With Maple Syrup And Butter.

Pancakes (3)    5.89
with eggs   7.29
with ham or bacon or sausage   7.79
with frozen yogurt   7.79
Short Stack (2)    5.49
with eggs and choice of 1 meat   9.29
Waffles    6.29
with eggs   7.49
with ham, bacon or sausage   8.49
with whipped cream and strawberries   7.99
with frozen yogurt   7.99

Matzoh Brie

Matzoh Brie    6.99
with onions   7.99
with lox (salty) or nova and onions   10.89
Egg White Or Egg Beater    7.59
Above Served With Apple Sauce Or Sour Cream And Jelly.


No's 4-9 Served With L/T/O And Garni.

1. Butter, Margarine Or Jelly    2.39
2. Cream Cheese plain   3.39
3. Low-Fat Or Non-Fat Cream Cheese    3.39
4. Chive, Cream Cheese App    5.45
5. Vegetable Cream Cheese App    5.45
6. Nova Cream Cheese Spread    6.49
7. Bagel with a schmear   2.79
8. Non Dairy No Fat Kosher Cream Cheese    3.99
9. Nova Or Lox & Cream Cheese to go only   10.99
10. Cheese Bagels choice of: farmer cheese, cheddar, munchee, muenster, american, alpine lace, feta, jarisberg. to go only   6.89

Salad Platters

All Salads Are Served With Choice Of Bagel, Bialy, Bread Or Bagel Chips, Flagle, Onion Board Or Pocket $0.85 Extra.

1. Tossed Garden Salad green pepper, lettuce, tomato and carrots   7.99
2. Greek Salad "Del Prado" lettuce , tomato, onion, carrot, green pepper, feta cheese, anchovy & greek olives   10.99
3. Chef's Salad "Admirals Port" turkey and another meat, swiss and american cheeses, hard boiled egg, lettuce, tomato   12.29
4. Gorgonzola Salad gorgonzola cheese, romaine lettuce, cucumber, tomato and onion tossed with olive oil   10.89
5. Chopped Suey "Landmark" choice of sour cream cottage or farmer's cheese, cucumber, tomato, carrots, green pepper and parsley   10.49
6. "Coronado" Triffecta your choice of any 3 mini scoops of salad atop a tossed salad   13.49
7. Cobb Salad "Hidden Bay" chopped turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, avocado, egg & bleu cheese   12.49
8. Caesar Salad    9.89
with chicken   12.39
9. Tossed Salad "Turnberry" with can of tuna   11.49
with sardines   12.49
with salmon   12.49
10. "Hampton" tossed salad with scoop of tuna   11.59
11. "Porto Vita" tossed salad with grilled chicken breast slices   11.59
12. "Williams Island" tossed salad with a scoop of salmon salad, whitefish or shrimp salad   12.59
13. "Flamenco" tossed salad with scoop of turkey salad   11.59
14. Mystic Pointe tossed salad with scoop of egg salad   10.99
15. Club Salad "The Point" tossed salad with turkey, bacon & egg   11.69
16. Melon Lope 1/2 cantaloupe topped with a scoop of tuna or turkey salad   10.99

Dairy Delights

Home Made Cheese Blintzes (3) served with sour cream or blueberry or apple sauce, regular cheese or sugar free   8.49
Fresh Fruit    9.29
with sour cream   10.69
with 1% cottage cheese   10.69
with frozen yogurt   10.69
Half Cantaloupe with 1% cottage cheese or farmer cheese   7.99
with frozen yogurt   8.29
Diet Baked Apple    4.69
with cottage cheese on a bed of lettuce   6.69
with frozen yogurt   8.29
Potato Pancakes with sour cream or apple sauce   6.99


Noodle Pudding sugar free & regular served with small tossed salad   8.59
Spring Salad Bowl diced cucumbers, tomatoes, radish & scallions with sour cream & cottage cheese   9.89
Frozen Yogurt dish of no fat-low sugar frozen yogurt   3.99

Diet Delights

Burger no bun   9.29
Fresh Baked Turkey    12.29
Grilled Chicken Breast no bun   10.59
Ind. Can Of Tuna    10.29
Ind. Can Of Salmon    10.59
Ind. Can Of Sardines skinless and boneless   10.59
Veggie Burger    8.99
California Health Salad fresh fruit with cottage cheese, jello & grapes   10.99
All Above Served On A Bagel Of Lettuce, With Tomato, Cottage Cheese And Fresh Fruit Salad, Bagel, Bialy Or Bread.

Side Orders

Olives (5)    2.29
Ham Steak    4.50
Bacon (4)    3.25
Sausage (2)    3.25
Tomato (2)    1.35
Home Fries    3.39
French Fries    3.49
Jalapenos    2.79
Sour Cream    3.29
Baked Beans heinz   2.89
Apple Sauce    2.49
Cream Cheese    1.95
Farmer's Cheese    2.99
Cream Cheese Individual    .95
Low-Fat Cream Cheese    1.95
Fat Free Cream Cheese    1.95
Cottage Cheese 1% low fat   3.29
Cole Slaw    2.49
Potato Salad    3.49
Homemade Potato Knish    3.49
Canadian Bacon (2)    3.69
Noodle Pudding    3.69


Coffee    1.79
togo   1.99
Hot Tea    1.89
Fountain Soda refill   1.89
Can Soda    1.99
Snapple    2.25
Dr. Brown    1.99
Water   btl 1.75
Hot Chocolate with whipped cream   2.25
Iced Coffee Or Iced Tea    2.19
Milk  sm 2.19lg 2.79
Chocolate Milk Chug    3.29
Herbal Tea    2.25

Smoked Fish Appetizers

Fish Platter choice of any (2): nova, lox, whitefish, sable or baked salmon, includes 2 bagels  (for 1) 23.99
Nova Or Lox Appetizer    13.29
Sturgeon Appetizer    15.59
Piece Of Whitefish Appetizer    13.29
Assorted Fish Platter choice of (3): includes: nova, lox, whitefish, sable or baked salmon includes 2 bagels  (for 2) 34.95
Herring & Cream Sauce Appetizer    7.89
Piece Of Baked Salmon Appetizer    13.49
Whitefish Chug Appetizer    11.29
Sable Appetizer    14.29
All Above Served With Lettuce, Tomato, Onion And Cream Cheese, 1% Cottage Cheese Or Farmer Cheese, Served With Bagel & Garni.


Spanish Burger Casserole char-broiled burger in casserole covered with melted mozzarella cheese and topped with a special blend of tomato sauce and peppers   9.99
Patti-Melt cheeseburger on grilled rye with lettuce, tomato, french fries & russian dressing   8.95
Big Boy Blue burger on garlic-bread covered with melted mozzarella cheese, french fries, lettuce and tomato   7.99
Mushroom And Mozzarella Burger on french garlic bread, smothered with mushrooms, covered with melted mozzarella cheese, french fries, lettuce and tomato   8.69
Turkey Burger lean and low in cholesterol with lettuce, tomato and french fries or cup of fruit salad   7.99
Veggie Burger healthy choice, seared with lettuce, tomato, cup of fruit salad and cottage cheese   8.99
Chili served in a crock with cheddar cheese, chopped onions, bread and butter   7.19


All Burgers Served With French Fries, Lettuce & Tomato

Cove Burger on garlic bread   7.89
Cove Cheeseburger on garlic bread   8.19
Charburger    7.39
Cheeseburger    8.19
Swiss Burger    8.19
Cheddar Burger    8.19
Bacon Burger    8.39
Bacon Cheeseburger    8.79
Chili Burger    8.39
with cheese   8.79
Pizza Burger    8.19
Chicken Burger    8.39



Frank On Knish    6.69
Frankfurter with french fries   6.39
Twin Frankfurters with ff  (2) 7.99
Chili Dog chili with ff   6.69
with cheese   6.99
Franks (2) And Bean Casserole    8.39
Knockwurst with baked beans or french fries and sauerkraut  (2) 9.39
Chili Dog casserole with melted cheddar cheese, chopped onion and french fries (1) 7.19(2) 9.19

Sliced Steak

Meat Loaf Plate served with gravy, mashed potatoes or french fries and garlic bread   9.25
Parimigiana served with garlic bread spaghetti or french fries   11.25
Chicken Fingers golden fried chicken pieces served with french fries, lettuce, tomato and honey mustard sauce   8.59
Sandwich on garlic bread served with french fries, lettuce and tomato   12.99
Vegetarian Casserole a special blend of sauteed tomatoes, green peppers, onions, melted and covered with mozzarella cheese, bread and butter   9.50
Parmigiana en casserole with garlic bread, spaghetti or french fries   13.99
Chicken Supreme charbroiled chicken breast on garlic bread smothered with mushrooms, onions, covered with melted mozzarella cheese with french fries   9.39
Siciliano on garlic bread smothered with sauteed mushrooms and onions, covered with melted mozzarella cheese with french fries   12.99
Chicken Breast charcoal broiled on garlic bread with lettuce, tomato and french fries   8.39
Chicken Cutlet golden fried chicken breast on garlic bread with french fries, lettuce and tomato   8.39
Chicken Cutlet Parmigiana en casserole served with spaghetti or french fries and garlic bread   10.95

Sweet To Complete

Butter Cookies    
Chocolate Chip Cookies    
Black And White - Mini Muffins regular and sugar free   


Under 12. Not Available For Take-Out

1 + 1 + 1 egg, pancake, bacon   3.89
1 Slice French Toast    3.89
Mini Burger served with french fries   5.19
Jr. Deli Sandwich served with french fries   6.69
Grilled Cheese served with chips   4.79
Chicken Fingers served with french fries   5.69
2 Small Pancakes    4.19
Mini Tuna served with chips   6.19
Kosher Frank served with french fries   5.19
1 Egg Scrambled with potatoes   3.69
Spaghetti with tomato sauce   4.69
Small Fountain Soda Served With Above

Party Catering

Super Special Smoked Fish Party Platter $17.95

Per Person. 10 Person Min. Assorted Smoked Fish Platter Consisting Of Hand Sliced:

Filleted Whitefish    
Sliced Sable    
Baked Salmon variety of cream cheese spreads   
Fresh Baked Bagels Or Bialys    
Salad Platter With Lettuce, Sliced Tomato, Onions, Cucumbers, Radishes, Olives

Deluxe Smoked Fish Platter $21.95

Per Person. 10 Person Min. All Of The Above Plus:

Tray Of Assorted Rugalah    
Fresh Fruit Salad    

Savory Sandwich $11.95

Per Person. 10 Person Min. Party Platter Array Of King-Sized Kosher Meat Sandwiches.

Potato Salad    
Cole Slaw    
Assorted Relish Tray    
Mustard & Russian Dressing    

Crudite Platter $45.95

Serves (10-15 People). Fresh Chopped Vegetables Including:

Cherry Tomatoes & Your Favorite Dressing    

To Carve $35

Kosher Turkey and put back on frame   

Marvelous Meat Party Platter $11.95

Per Person. 10 Person Min. Your Choice Of Our Finest Cuts Of: Kosher Meats: Turkey, Corned Beef, Pastrami, Tongue, Salami, Roast Beef.

Potato Salad    
Cole Salw    
Assorted Relish Tray    
Mustard & Russian Dressing    
Rye Bread, Bagels Or Egg Rolls    

Delectable Salad Party Platter $11.95

Per Person. 10 Person Min. Beautifully Decorated Platter Consisting Of:

Tuna Salad    
Egg Salad    
Whitefish Salad    
Baked Salmon Salad    
Turkey Salad    
Sliced Tomatoes, Onions, Cucumbers, Olives, Radishes, Lettuce

The Cove Cheese Tray $49.95

Serves 10 Or More People. Choice Of Assorted Cheeses.

Swiss Lorraine    
Alpine Lace    

Fresh Fruit Shells $49.95

10-12 People.

Seasonal Extras    

Tray Of Homemade Rugalah

Cakes And Cookie Platter    49.95

Individual Platters $5.95

10 Person Minimum. Of Bagel Or Bialy With Scoop Of Chive Vegetable Of Lox Cream Cheese Spread Garnished.


Bagel Cove
19003 Biscayne Blvd
At NE 191st St
(305) 935-4029
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