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  • Chinese, Dim Sum
  • 3451 NE 1st Ave, Miami FL33137 25.809357 -80.191936
  • (At NE 35th St)
  • (305) 573-8886
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Dim Sum

Chilled Poached Chicken thighs skin on, spring onion, spicy sichuanese sauce   11.00
Omasum Chilled Tripe with raw garlic & sichuan flower pepper oil   10.00
Xinjiang Cumin Lamb Dumpling black vinegar, sichuan pepper sauce   12.00
Fried Chicken & Garlic Dumpling house sweet & sour sauce   12.00
Fried Hong Kong Laughing Bird Shrimp & Kurobuta Pork Wonton house sweet & sour sauce   12.00
Kohlrabi & Oyster Mushroom Dumpling (v). house hoisin   11.00
Seasonal Vegetable & Shrimp Egg Roll pumpkin sweet & sour   6.00
Salted Octopus jalapeno, onion & pepper   11.00
Numbing & Hot Chinese Spare Rib cilantro   12.00
Numbing & Hot Sichuan Honeycomb Tripe with homestead jalapeno   10.00
Szechuan Beef Tendon carmelized soy, burnt chili oil, cilantro   10.00
Chongqing Chicken Wings with explosive chili & spring onion   10.00


Numbing & Hot Peanuts (v). bee heaven farms bee pollen   4.00


Hong Kong Style Wonton Soup char siu pork shrimp wonton, fresh in-house noodle   9.00

Daily Chinese Bread

Pork Char Siu Laobing chinese bing   7.00
Dongbei Lamb Tongue Laobing sichuan chili oil   8.00
Chinese Roti Prata (v). secret spice home-made msg   5.00
Fake Rinds (v).   5.00



Tiger Raw Kale Salad cucumber, borek farms heirloom tomato hot mustard dressing   9.00
Smacked Cucumber smoked garlic, radish, sesame paste and soy   5.00



Ma Po Tofu chili beef, wood ear fungus, numbing spices   14.00
Home Style Bean Curd baby bok choy, appropriate seasonal vegetable   13.00


Our Noodles Are Made Fresh Each Day In-House. Fresh Noodles Are Not Best For Take-Out, Eat Here.

Dandan Mian in-house bucatini noodles, berkshire pork, sesame paste, sichuan pepper, crushed peanuts   12.00
Spice Rubbed Cumin Lamb baby local fennel with house-made wheat flat noodles   16.00
Beef Chow Fun (v). house-made wide wheat noodle, caramelized soy & tokyo scallion   15.00

Rice & Porridge

Yueng Chow Duck Fried Rice (v). duroc bacon, lap cheong sausage, roast duck, egg   16.00
Maine Lobster Tail Fried Rice tokyo scallion & egg   29.00
Sichuan Vegetable Rice (v). local farm veg & egg   15.00
Congee (v). egg yolk & char siu pork, sichuan chili oil & herbs   12.00


The Chairman’s red cooked heritage pork belly, soy caramel, swank farm eggplant   13.00
Wok Garlic Sea Scallop sublicious farms local white oyster mushroom & swank carrot   14.00
Shrimp In Lobster Sauce lap cheong sausage, smoked garlic   17.00
Ginger, Soy & Shaoxing Wine Steamed Snapper braised chinese lettuce with garlic   22.00
Poached Szechuan Corvina silken tofu, bean sprouts, chili broth   21.00
Gong Bao Rabbit (v). roasted fresh chili peanut, jalapeño sichuan pepper   17.00
Three Treasures (v). di san xian swank farms eggplant, peppers and potato   13.00
Peking Shaoyazi Duck hoisin, roti prata & scallions   29.00
Mala Duck duck breast, flower sprouts, wok onion & numbing spices, cilantro   17.00
General Tso’s Florida Gator wok braised bok choy   17.00

From The Farm Veg

Spicy Dry Wok Green Beans (v).   5.00
Baby Bok Choy & Homestead Purple Pok Choi (v). with ginger flavor   5.00
Twice Cooked Kale In Chili Bean Paste (v)   6.00
Hand Torn Napa Cabbage (v). with chinkiang vinegar flavor   5.00
Swank Farms Flower Sprouts In Chili Soy Bean Paste (v).   8.00
Chinese Mustard Green (v). with garlic   6.00
Swank Farms Sichuan Twice Cooked Brussels (v). with duroc bacon   9.00
Swank Farms Eggplant (v). with house oyster sauce   8.00
Spicy Dry Wok Local Corona Farms Moschata Zucchini    8.00
Witt Roads Farm Organic Romanseco Veronica (v). with ginger flavor   8.00

Dim Sum Sunday

11:30am-4pm. Selections May Vary From Time To Time

Har Gow Laughing Bird Shrimp Dumpling    
Kurobuta Pork Sui Mei with fish roe dumpling   
Shrimp & Homestead Cilantro Dumpling    
Steamed Fun Gor peanuts inside   
Shrimp & Chive Dumpling    
Shrimp & Spinach Dumpling    
Tofu & White Oyster Mushroom Dumpling    
Steamed Edamame Dumpling    
Homestead Pork Pan Fried Dumpling    
Xiao Long Bao    
Vegetable Bean Curd Skin    
Char Siu Bao BBQ Pork Bun    
Pan Fried Bao Vegetable Bun    
Pan Fried Char Siu Pork Bun    
Chicken Thigh Sticky Rice Steamed In Lotus Leaf    
Salted Kurobuta Pork peanut, salted egg yolk sticky rice   
Five Spice Sticky Rice    
Steamed Vanilla Custard Bun    
Steamed Red Bean Bao Bun    
Homestead Chicken Feet In Black Bean Sauce    
Kurobuta Spare Ribs In Black Bean Sauce    

3 Course Lunch Special $15

Daily Monday-Friday: 11:30am-4pm. Featuring Organic Local Vegetables & Meat. Sample Menu Below

1st Course

Shrimp & Local Vegetable Egg Roll pumpkin sweet & sour   

2nd Course

Choice Of 1

Poached Sichuan Corvina silken tofu & bean sprouts in sichuan wild flower pepper broth, jasmine rice   
Spice Rubbed Cumin Lamb baby local fennel with house-made wheat flat noodles   

3rd Course

Azucar Ice Cream Scoop & Wife Hales’ Fortune Cookie    


Dim Sum Lunch Set $15

(10pcs) Dim Sum & A Pot Of Blackbrick 7yr Aged Tou Cha Hot Tea.

Har Gow Laughing Bird Shrimp Dumpling    
Chicken Siu Mei Dumpling    
Sea Salt Edamame Dumpling    
Char Siu Pork BBQ Bun    
Vanilla Custard Bun Bao    

Wife Hales’ Desserts

Seasonal Pumpkin Trifle pumpkin cream, rum chantilly, trio of cookie crumbles   4.00
Chocolate Brownie Trifle chocolate pudding, fudge brownie, caramel sauce, toffee, whipped cream   4.00
Bourbon Trifle banana cake, brown sugar cake topping, buffalo trace caramel, 5 spice chantilly   4.00
Ice Cream by azucar with wife hales’ homemade fortune cookie   
Peanut Butter Spicy toasted coconut sriracha   3.00
Abuela Maria guava, cheese and maria crackers   3.00
Almond Cookie chinese almond cookie, toasted almonds   3.00


Basket Of Parker House Rolls char siu pork shoulder & chinese hot mustard   
The General’s Chicken Liver Toast zak the baker jewish rye   
Dim Sum Lobster Dumpling warm ginger fenugreek butter   
Scallion Roti Prata Pancake green garlic fried oyster & radish   
Hot Pocket bacon, egg & cheese stuffed chinese laobing flatbread   
Youtiao French Toast chinese cruller, 5 spice sugar & bourbon maple   
Breakfast Fried Rice wok scrambled eggs, breakfast sausage, country potato, long grain rice   
King Crab Fried Rice wok scrambled eggs, american caviar, long grain rice   
Szechuan Beef Tendon Omelette caramelized soy, burnt chili oil, cilantro   10.00
Chinese Fried Chicken & Fortune Cookie Waffle scallion ginger maple & sausage crumble   
Peking Shaoyazi Duck & Scallion Waffle hoisin, cucumber   
Shrimp & Grits cornmeal congee, mala shrimp, miami smokers bacon bits & poached egg   
Chinese Duck Sausage Gravy biscuits & wok fried sunny side up egg   
Chairman Mao Oxtail wok fried mash potato, fake rinds   
Walnut Shrimp raw kale salad   
Chinese Salt & Pepper Tater Tots jalapeno & scallion   
Chilled Watermelon nasturtium chili oil, mint   

Dim Sum & Blackbrick Tea Set $20

Includes A Pot Of Blackbrick 7 Yr Aged Tou Cha Hot Tea    
Har Gow Laughing Bird Shrimp Dumpling    
Kurobuta Pork Sui Mei with fish roe dumpling   
Seasonal Vegetable & Shrimp Egg Roll, Pumpkin Sweet & Sour    
Char Siu Pork BBQ Bun    
Chicken Thigh Sticky Rice Steamed In Lotus Leaf    
Vanilla Custard Bao Bun    

Wife Hales’ Desserts

Fresh Seasonal Fruit Plate    
Birthday Baobing    
Azucar Birthday Cake Ice Cream, Condensed Milk, Fruity Pebbles Sprinkles    
Strawberry Buckle Cake lemon whipped cream   



Bloody Mary spicy mustard, byejoe liquor & msg rim   
Bellini peach chili syrup, prosecco, fresh peach   
Chinese Holiday apple pie moonshine, agave nectar, cinnamon oil and fresh lime   
Skull Wallpaper cachaca, sapote fruit puree, tabasco and vanilla bean sugar   

Draft Beers

La Rubia -Wynwood Brewing    
Hop Gun    

Ciders Rekorderling

Sweden Sparkling Pear Based Hard Cider    
Wild Berries    

Chinese Tea Service By Jojo Tea

Chueng Feg Jasmine jasmine-scented fujian green & white   
Dragon Well classic long jing green from hangzhou   
Blackbrick Tou Cha 7 year aged   
Blackbrick Tou Cha Rose 7 year aged   
Lapsang Souchong smoked black tea   
1992 20 year aged yunnan pu-erh   

Panther Coffee


Fresh Juice & House Soda

Ginger Soda    
(V). Either Vegan/Vegetarian Or Can Be Made Vegan/Vegetarian.
3451 NE 1st Ave
At NE 35th St
(305) 573-8886
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