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  • Thai, Japanese, Sushi
  • 14238 SW 8th St, Miami FL33184 25.7608624 -80.425329
  • (Btwn SW 142nd & SW 143rd Ave)
  • (305) 220-7755
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Appetizers (Bar)

Hiyashi Wakame seaweed salad   5.00
Spicy Conch sliced conch, masago, sesame seeds, scallions with spicy sauce on cucumber salad   8.00
Spicy Octopus sliced octopus, masago, sesame seeds with spicy sauce on cucumber salad   8.00
Sunomono sliced conch, octopus, krab, shrimp, sesame seeds and vinegar sauce on cucumber salad   9.00
Tuna Yuke diced tuna, masago, sesame seeds and scallions with spicy sauce   9.00
Kanisu krab, avocado, masago wrapped in thin cucumber, with vinegar sauce and sesame seeds   9.00
Tuna Tataki seared tuna, scallions and sesame seeds with ponzu sauce   12.00
Sushi Sampler chef's choice  (5pcs) 9.00
Sashimi Sampler 9pcs total - 3pcs salmon, 3pcs tuna, 3pcs white fish   13.00
Sunset Roll salmon, avocado and masago wrapped in thin cucumber with ponzu sauce and sesame seeds   11.00
Rising Sun tuna, masago and cream cheese wrapped in thin cucumber with ponzu sauce and sesame seeds   11.00


Edamame steamed soy beans   5.00
Green Salad green lettuce and vegetables with ginger dressing   3.00
Soft Shell Crab fried soft shell crab   10.00
Gyoza deep-fried or steamed pork dumplings   6.00
Shrimp Shumai deep fried or steamed shrimp dumplings   6.00
Miso Soup    3.00
Avocado Salad shrimp, avocado, krab, asparagus, masago, sesame seeds and lettuce   8.00
Tuna Tartar diced tuna, avocado, masago, scallions and sesame seeds with hot sesame oil and vinegar sauce   9.00
Rockin Shrimp battered shrimp tossed in our special honey ginger sauce, served on a bed of lettuce   9.00
Tiger Tear mild, medium or hot. tender slices of beef, onions, scallions, cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes and lime   10.00
Jumping Shrimp mild, medium or hot. shrimp salad, onions, scallions, cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes and lime   10.00

Favorite Rolls

Avocado Roll    5.00
California Roll krab, avocado, cucumber, masago and sesame seeds   5.00
Spicy Krab Roll krab, avocado, masago and tempura flakes with spicy mayo s/o   6.00
Tekka Roll tuna roll s/o   5.00
Salmon Roll salmon s/o   5.00
Kappa Roll cucumber roll   5.00
Hamachi Yellowtail Roll pacific yellowtail s/o   5.00
Unagi Roll eel and cucumber with eel sauce   10.00
Jb Roll salmon and cream cheese s/o   7.00
California Eel Roll california roll and eel on top with eel sauce   11.00
Rainbow Roll california roll, tuna, white fish and salmon with avocado on top   10.00
Crazy Roll grilled salmon skin, bbq eel, asparagus, avocado and masago with eel sauce   12.00
Spider Roll soft shell crab, avocado, asparagus and masago with eel sauce s/o   13.00
Shrimp Tempura Roll shrimp tempura, avocado, asparagus and masago with eel sauce s/o   8.00
Vegetable Roll asparagus, cucumber, kampyo, avocado and carrots   6.00
Salmon Skin Roll grilled salmon skin and cucumber with eel sauce   7.00
Spicy Tuna Roll tuna and cucumber with spicy sauce   8.00
Atlantic Roll salmon tempura, avocado, masago and cream cheese with eel sauce   9.00
Jb Tempura Roll salmon, cream cheese and tempura outside with eel sauce   8.00
Mr. Miyagi Roll krab roll topped with cream cheese and salmon   9.00
Chicken Katsu Roll fried chicken, lettuce, avocado, sesame seeds and spicy mayo   10.00
Savvy Girl Roll tuna, hamachi, krab, salmon, avocado and ponzu sauce (no rice)   12.00


Chicken Katsu breaded and fried chicken   15.00
Fish Katsu breaded and fried fish   16.00
Shrimp Tempura fried shrimp and vegetables   17.00
Steak Teriyaki grilled steak with teriyaki sauce   17.00
Chicken Teriyaki grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce   15.00
Salmon Teriyaki grilled salmon with teriyaki sauce   17.00
Yakiniku sauteed beef, onions, garlic and ginger sauce   16.00
Duck Teriyaki roasted duck with teriyaki sauce   22.00
Sizzling Beef beef marinated with garlic and soy sauce, served on a sizzling plate with steamed vegetables   24.00
Sizzling Pork pork marinated with garlic and soy sauce, served on a sizzling plate with steamed vegetables   23.00

Specialty Rolls

Volcano Shrimp Tempura Roll shrimp tempura roll with baked seafood dynamite on top   14.00
Dancing Shrimp Roll krab, cucumber, avocado, cream cheese, masago with cooked shrimp on top, eel sauce   12.00
Caliente Roll white fish tempura, asparagus, avocado and spicy mayo s/o   8.00
Ninja Roll salmon tempura, krab salad, tempura flakes, spicy mayo, salmon, asparagus, eel sauce   14.00
Joey Roll krab, tuna tataki, avocado, cream cheese and baked seafood on top   15.00
Lobster Roll lobster tempura, asparagus, avocado, lettuce, red tobiko, spicy mayo and eel sauce   24.00
Red Dragon Roll tuna, avocado, asparagus and masago with tuna on top and eel sauce   14.00
French Roll shrimp, krab, avocado, cucumber, cream cheese and masago wrapped in crepe, with eel sauce and spicy mayo   12.00
Dynamite Roll baked seafood, krab and cucumber s/o   8.00
Fox Roll shrimp tempura, krab, avocado, lettuce and masago with eel sauce   10.00
B.B. Roll half tuna, half eel, avocado, asparagus and masago with eel sauce   10.00
Volcano Scallop Roll krab and avocado topped with baked volcano scallops   15.00
Lobster Bomb Roll roll: lobster tail tempura, krab salad, avocado, spicy mayo, red tobiko, lettuce, eel sauce. on the side: sauteed lobster, scallops, sauteed mushrooms   38.00
My Roll salmon, krab, shrimp topped with fried white fish and j's sauce   14.00
Tu Tu Mango Roll mango and tuna on top, soy paper, masago, cream cheese, shrimp tempura, rice, avocado, krab and eel with spicy mayo sauce   19.00
Kimano Roll krab salad, baked salmon, steamed shrimp and eel sauce, topped with baked seafood, entire roll is baked to perfection   16.00
Deep Sea Roll lobster tempura, lettuce, avocado, cooked shrimp and mayo, topped with red tobiko and snow krab salad with eel sauce   26.00
Bonsai Creation Roll bbq eel, shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado, masago and spicy mayo topped with tuna tataki and tempura flakes   16.00
Daiyomako Roll tuna, hamachi, avocado, asparagus, masago s/o   10.00
3 Fish Roll salmon, tuna, white fish, cream cheese s/o   12.00
Dragon Roll shrimp tempura, asparagus and avocado on top with eel sauce   12.00
Crunch Roll krab, shrimp, cream cheese and tempura outside with eel sauce   10.00
Stark Roll shrimp tempura, avocado, asparagus, masago, tuna and salmon on top   12.00
Pj Roll rockin shrimp, cream cheese, avocado, dynamite sauce, sesame seeds and pj sauce   14.00
Boston Roll shrimp, lettuce, avocado, cucumber, mayo s/o   10.00
Salmon Tempura Roll salmon, asparagus, krab, deep fried with eel sauce (no rice)   11.00
Beauty Roll tuna, salmon, white fish, asparagus, krab and masago (no rice) s/o   12.00
Eel Lover Roll eel, cucumber and eel on top with eel sauce   14.00
Paradise Roll white fish, krab, asparagus, tempura outside and ponzu sauce (no rice)   11.00
Tuna Lover Roll spicy tuna, cucumber and tuna on top, spicy kimchee sauce   10.00
Volcano Roll salmon, krab, cream cheese, cooked dynamite on top   10.00
Bonsai Roll white fish tempura, lettuce, avocado and spicy mayo   10.00
Bonsai "G" Roll deep fried salmon, cream cheese, avocado, cucumber, krab, shrimp, masago with eel sauce and spicy mayo s/o   15.00
Fancy Dragon Roll shrimp tempura, cream cheese and avocado inside. topped with krab salad and avocado slices, then finished with tempura flakes and all 3 famous sauces   16.00

Sushi A La Carte

Sushi / Sashimi. Sashimi (2pcs.) Per Order, Add Brown Rice Substitution Is $1 Extra.

Tamago   2.00 4.00
Kani   2.00 4.00
Conch   2.00 4.00
Ebi   2.00 4.00
Snapper   2.00 4.00
Salmon   2.00 4.00
Tuna   2.00 4.00
White Tuna   2.00 4.00
Masago   3.00 6.00
Octopus   3.00 6.00
Unagi   3.00 6.00
Ikura   3.00 6.00
Scallop   3.00 6.00
Hamachi   3.00 6.00

Entree Sushi - Sashimi

Sushi Mori 6pcs. sushi and california roll   15.00
Sushi Deluxe 9pcs. sushi, california roll and tekka roll   21.00
Sashimi Mori 14pcs. assorted fresh fish   21.00
Sashimi Deluxe 18pcs. assorted fresh fish   25.00
Tekka Don bowl of rice, slices of fresh tuna   18.00
Chirashi bowl of rice, slices of fresh assorted fish   18.00
Unagi Don bowl of rice, grilled eel on top with eel sauce   22.00
Salmon Sashimi   (12pcs) 18.00
Tuna Sashimi   (12pcs) 18.00
Hamachi Sashimi   (14pcs) 22.00
Boat 1 7pcs. sushi, 10pcs. sashimi, california roll   38.00
Boat 2 14pcs. sushi, 20pcs. sashimi, california roll, jb roll   65.00
Boat 3 21pcs. sushi, 25pcs. sashimi, california roll, jb roll, spicy tuna roll, kanisu roll   85.00

Tamaki & Hand Rolls

California Hand Roll    4.00
Salmon Skin Hand Roll    4.00
Shrimp Tempura Hand Roll    5.00
JB Hand Roll    4.00
Eel Hand Roll    5.00
Spicy Tuna Hand Roll    4.00

Thai Entrees

Available From Mild To Spicy Upon Customer's Request. All Entrees Listed Below Are Served With Steamed White Or Brown Rice. Chicken $15, Beef $16, Pork $15, Shrimp $18, Soft Shell Crab $24, Seafood $19, Duck $22, Squid $15, Lobster $26, Scallops $19, Fish Fillet $17, Tofu $14.

Sweet & Sour sauteed onions, scallions, bell peppers, tomatoes, cucumber and pineapple   
Mixed Vegetables sauteed vegetables with brown sauce   
Fresh Ginger sauteed fresh ginger, vegetables and brown sauce   
Sweet Basil cooked with fresh basil, vegetables and brown sauce   
Cashew Nut cooked with cashews, vegetables and brown sauce   
Fresh Garlic cooked with special garlic sauce and steamed vegetables   
Chili Paste scallions, bell peppers, onions and chili paste sauce   
Red Curry coconut milk, chili paste, bamboo shoots, peas, carrots and bell peppers   
Panang Curry sweet curry, chili paste, coconut milk, mushrooms and bell peppers   
Massaman Curry avocado, cashew nuts, onions and seasoned curry   
Volcano Sauce steamed vegetables and sweet chili sauce   
Pad Thai rice noodles, eggs, bean sprouts and scallions   
Drunken Noodle rice noodles, basil, bell peppers, peas, carrots and eggs   
Fried Rice Choices: Chicken $10, Vegetables $9, Beef $10, Pork $10, Duck $19, Lobster $26, Shrimp $12, Krab $10, Squid $10, Combination Fried Rice (Chicken, Beef, Pork, Shrimp, Squid, Krab) $14.


Sweet Thai Donuts    5.00
Cheesecake Tempura    7.00
Fried Ice Cream    6.00
Fried Banana with ice cream   7.00
Chocolate Explosion    7.00
Green Tea Or Vanilla Ice Cream    3.00


Ponzu Sauce    1.00
Curry Sauce    5.00
Eel Sauce    1.00
Spicy Mayo    1.00
Teriyaki Sauce    2.00
Ginger Dressing    2.00
Kimchee Sauce    1.00
J Sauce    1.00


Available From Mild To Spicy Upon Customers' Request. Chicken $10, Beef $10, Pork $10, Shrimp $12, Seafood $12, Duck $12, Squid $10, Scallops $12, Fish Fillet $11, Tofu $9, Vegetables $9.

Sauteed Onions scallions, bell peppers, tomatoes, cucumber and pineapple   
Sauteed Vegetables with brown sauce   
Sauteed Fresh Ginger vegetables and brown sauce   
Cooked with fresh basil, vegetables and brown sauce   
with cashews, vegetables and brown sauce   
with special garlic sauce and lettuce   
Scallions bell peppers and chili paste sauce   
Coconut Milk chili paste and vegetables   
Sweet Curry chili paste, coconut milk and vegetables   
Avocado cashew nuts, onions and seasoned curry   
Steamed Vegetables And Sweet Chili Sauce    
Rice Noodles eggs, bean sprouts and scallions   
8pcs. California Roll, 3pcs. Sushi, 6pcs Sashimi    12.00
8pcs. California Roll, 6pcs. Sushi    12.00
8pcs. California Roll, 10pcs. JB Roll, 6pcs. Tuna Roll    12.00
8pcs. California Roll, 3pcs. Sushi, Mixed Sonomono    12.00
8pcs. California Roll, 3pcs. Sushi, Chicken Teriyaki    14.00
8pcs. California Roll, 3pcs. Sushi, Beef Teriyaki    14.00
8pcs. California Roll, 3pcs. Sushi, Shrimp Tempura    14.00
S/O - Seaweed On The Outside. Thoroughly Cooking Foods Of Animal Origin Such As Beef, Eggs, Fish, Lamb, Poultry Or Shellfish Reduces The Risk Of Food Bourne Illness.
14238 SW 8th St
Btwn SW 142nd & SW 143rd Ave
(305) 220-7755
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