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Caribbean Grill

  • $$
  • Coffee & Tea, Cuban, Latin American
  • 1332 NW Boca Raton Blvd, Boca Raton 33432 26.362551 -80.090109
  • (At NW 13th St)
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  • (561) 362-0161
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Almuerzo - Lunch

Bistec a La Milanesa breaded beed steak parmigiana. The best of Italy and cuba    12.95
Bistec a La Milanesa without sauce and cheese    11.95
Boliche Asado En Su Jugo eye of round slow roasted in its own juices    9.95
Vaca Frita grilled shredded beef with our mojo onions    9.95
Picadillo a La Cubana sauteed lean ground beef tossed with potatoes, green olives, and fresh tomatoes    8.95
Bistec De Higado a La Plancha grilledcalf's liver served with plenty of onions chef maria's best    7.95
Bistec De Palomilla marinated top sirlion, grilled nad served with " mojo" onions    10.95
Ropa Vieja shredded beef cooked in alight tomato sauce    10.95
Rabo Encendido tender oxtail simmered ina rich sauce    13.95
Carne Con Papas ternder tips of prime beef cooked with potatoes and a heavy sauce    9.50
Cabrito - Chivo young goat cooked up country style    13.95
Camarones Enchillados large fresh shrimps simmered in a rich creole sauce    13.95
Pargo whole snapper, fried and served with plenty of lemon  
Camarones Al Ajillo fresh shrimps sauteed in garlic, olive oil in red or white sauce with white wine    13.95
Cherna Fillet of Grouper Prepared The Caribbean Way, On a Hot Grill with lots of onions, fresh tomato, and cilantro    12.95
Rueda De Serrucho king fish prepared fried or grilled    12.95
Cuban Chicken chicken thing in our homemade "mojo"    9.95
Medio Pollo Grill half a chicken marinated in our hous" mojo" and served with onions    9.95
Bistec De Pollo a La Plancha grilled chicken breast marinated with natural spices, and garnished with onions    10.95
Bistec De Pollo a La Milanesa chicken breast parmigiana    11.95
Bistec De Pollo a La Milanesa without sauce and onions    10.95
Arroz Con Pollo this traditional saffron dish is comprised of shredded chicken, vegetables, and yellow rice    10.50
Masas De Puerco Fritas sauteed loin of pork marinated in "mojo" served with lots of onions    10.95
Lechon Asado traditonal shredded slow roasted pork marinated in fresh oranges and garlic    10.95
Chuletas De Puerco two pan seared pork chops served with our famous "mojo onions"    10.95
Paticas De Cerdo pork knuckles slow cooked with tomato sauce    9.95

Comidas Incluyen Dos De Los Siguientes

A Arroz Blanco , White Rice   
B Arroc Amarillo, Yellow Rice   
C Congris, Black Beans with Rice   
D Endsalads, Tossed Salad   
E Sndalada De Papa, Potato Salad   
F Frijoies Negros, Black Beans   
G Yuca, Cassava   
H Maduros, Fried Plantains   
I Papas Fritas, French Fries   
J Boniato Frito, Sweet Potatoes Fried   
K Tostones, Fried Green Plaintains   
L Colorados, Red Beans   

Chef' Suggestion

Churrasco Con Chimichurri thick beef steak with chimichurri cuban style    14.95
Sancocho De Gallina delicious hen soup    10.95
Ajiaco De Pollo potato soup with chicken    10.95


Cubano cuban    4.95
Hamburger c/ Papas Fritas half pounder with french fries    4.25
Cheeseburger c/ Papas Fritas half pounder with french fries    4.50
Pan c/ Chorizon sausage    4.50
Bistec De Pollo grilled chicken    4.95
Pan c/ Croqueta with Cheese croquette sandwich (3)    3.95
De Queso cheese    3.75
De Boliche pot roast    4.95
Pan c/ Bistec steak sandwich    4.95
Pan c/ Lechon pork sandwich    4.95
Medianoche midnight    4.75
Bistec Empanizado breaded steak    4.75
Bistec Pollo Empanizado breaded chicken    4.95

Alumerzos Lijeros

Sopa Del Dia soup of the day    3.00
Sopa De Frijol Negro black beans soup    3.00
Mondongo C/ Arroz triple soup    6.95
Caldo Gallego gallego white beans soup    3.50
Arroz Blanco, 2 Huevos, Maduros white rice, 2 fried eggs maduros fajol    5.95
Ensalada De Papa potato salad    2.50
Tossed Salad     2.25

Ordenes Aparte

Tostones fried green plaintains    2.50
Papas Fritas french fries    2.25
Boniato Frito fried sweet potatoes    2.25
Maduros fried plaintains    2.25
Congris black beans with rice    2.50
Arroz Blanco white rice    2.00
Arroz Amarillo yellow rice    2.00
Frijol Negros cup of black beans    2.00
Frijol Rojo cup of red beans    2.25
Yuca Frita fried cassava    2.50
Yuca C/ Mojo mojo cassaca    2.25

Postres - desserts

Empanada De Guayaha guava pie    1.00
Tres Leches     2.75
Flan     1.95
Quesocrema , Casco Guayaha     2.25
Coco, Quesocrema coconut, cream cheese    2.25
Mermelada Guayabar, Quesocrema     2.25
Fruta Bomba, Quesocrema papaya chunks, cream cheese    2.25


Soda     1.25
Colombiana     1.25
Ironbeer     1.25
Materva     1.25
Julina     1.25
Matta     1.50
Milk     1.00
Te Caliente, Hot Tea     1.00
Chocolate Caliente, Hot Chocolate     1.25
Iced Tea     1.00
Perrier     1.25
Spring Water     1.00
Limonada     2.25

Batidos - Smoothies $2.75

Frutabomba, Papaya   
Lu Lo   

Cerveza - Beer

Imported     3.25
Domestic     2.95

Vino - Wine

Domestic carafe    18.00
Domestic 1/2 carafe    11.00
Domestic glass    3.25
Imported    bottle 18.00 glass 3.75


1 Carafe     16.00
1/2 Carafe     10.00
Glass     2.95


Caribbean Grill
1332 NW Boca Raton Blvd
At NW 13th St
(561) 362-0161
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