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  • 501 N Olive Ave, West Palm Beach 33401 26.717059 -80.051842
  • (At 4th St)
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  • (561) 257-1392
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Lettuce Wraps     6.00
Pot Stickers Steamed Or Pan Fried chinese fried raviolis the filling is ground meat and vegetables mixed   (6) 5.50
Spring Roll egg roll   ea 1.40
Teriyaki Chicken (2) On Skewers     3.50
Fried Cheese Wonton    (8) 4.50
Krab Rangoon    (8) 4.75
Fried Chicken Wings    (6) 3.95
Spicy Hot Wings (10) Or Honey Garlic Wings (10)     7.95
Beef Sticks Grilled    (2) 3.50
Shrimp Toast    (4) 3.50
Beef Ribs Grilled   
Scallion Pancake     3.95
Phoenix Salad cucumber, chicken breast, cashews & onions marinated in lemon sauce    5.95
Fantail Shrimp    (6) 6.50
Pu Pu Platter spring rolls (2), fried shrimp (2), beef sticks (2), beef ribs (2), krab rangoons (2) & chicken wings (2)    11.25
Cold Sesame Noodles     5.95
Volcano Shrimp Balls*    (6) 6.95
French Fries    sm 1.50 lg 3.00
Spicy Meat Wontons    (8) 4.95


Wonton Soup    lg 3.55 sm 1.85
Egg Drop Soup    lg 3.55 sm 1.85
Hot & Sour Soup*    lg 3.80 sm 1.95
Sizzling Rice Soup    lg 3.55 sm 1.85
Chicken Noodle Or Rice    lg 3.55 sm 1.85
Vegetable Soup (No Meat)    lg 3.55 sm 1.85
Three Ingredient Soup shrimp, scallops & chicken with mixed vegs   lg 6.95
Miso Soup    lg 6.95
Thai Soup*    lg 7.95
Chicken Corn Soup    lg 7.95
Mixed Soup wonton & egg drop   lg 6.95

Fried Rice

Sm / Lg / Jumbo

House Special Fried Rice pan fried rice with beef chicken & shrimp    12.95  5.50  7.95
Shrimp Or Beef Fried Rice     6.95  5.00  12.95
Chicken, Vegetable Or Egg Fried Rice     11.95  4.75  6.50
Lamb Fried Rice    lg 9.95 jumbo 11.95

Lo Mein (Soft Noodles)

Sm / Lg. With White Rice.

House Special Lo Mein soft pan fried noodles with shrimp, beef chicken & vegetable.    8.95  5.90
Shrimp Or Beef Lo Mein     7.95  5.60
Chicken, Vegetable Or Garlic Lo Mein     7.50  5.60

Chow Mein

Sm / Lg. Crispy Noodle On The Side. With White Rice.

House Special Chow Mein shrimp, beef & chicken stir fried with vegetables    8.95  5.90
Shrimp Or Beef Chow Mein     7.95  5.75
Chicken (White Meat) Or Veg Chow Mein     7.50  5.50

Egg Foo Young

Sm / Lg. With White Or Plain Fried Rice.

House Special Egg Foo Young beef, chicken or shrimp    8.95  6.25
Chicken Egg Foo Young     8.65  5.50
Shrimp Or Beef Egg Foo Young     8.65  6.25
Vegetable Egg Foo Young     8.25  5.50

Sweet & Sour

Sm / Lg. With White Or Plain Fried Rice.

Sweet & Sour Chicken     9.25  6.25
Sweet & Sour Shrimp     6.75  11.25


Sm $6.50 / Lg $10.95. With White Or Plain Fried Rice We Use Top Grade Sliced Halal Steak In Our Beef Dishes.

Fresh Mushroom Beef* sliced tender steak meat & fresh mushrooms marinated with special hot sauce.  
Mongolian Beef   
Szechuan Beef Or Chicken*   
Pepper Steak with onions  
Ginger Beef finely sliced ginger sauteed with fresh green beans  
Mandarin Beef Or Chicken   
Beef with vegetables  
Kung Po Beef*   
Black Mushroom Beef bamboo shoots & light oyster sauce  
Beef with broccoli or chicken  
Peking Beef* sliced steak deep fried with garlic, ginger & fine chili peppers with special sauce.    11.25  6.75
Sizzling Beef with scallops    12.50  7.75
Chef's Steak broiled prime new york strip sauteed with vegetables & chinese steak sauce.   lg 15.25


Sm $6.25 / Lg $9.50. With White Or Plain Fried Rice.

Moo Goo Gai Pan   
Ginger Chicken   
Garlic Chicken chicken, water chestnuts, mushrooms, onion & green pepper with a slight garlic flavor.  
Lemon Chicken breaded chicken, deep fried with a special lemon sauce  
Fresh Mushroom Chicken   
Both Mushroom Chicken sliced chicken sauteed with black mushrooms & straw mushrooms in light oyster sauce  
Cashew Chicken     10.95  6.25
Chicken with vegetables  
Curry Chicken*   
Kung Po Chicken* diced tender chicken sauteed with fresh chili paste & chef special sauce.  
Hot Braised Chicken Wings* deep fried chicken wings with ginger vegetables in spicy sauce  


Sm $4.75 / Lg $7.25. With White Or Plain Fried Rice

Assorted Vegetables a variety of fresh chinese vegetables sauteed with mushrooms. baby corn & pea pods in delicate sauce.  
Broccoli with garlic sauce  
Ma Po Tofu* bean curd in spicy sauce  
Bean Curd with black mushrooms  
Szechuan String Beans*   
Szechuan Eggplant*   
Four Seasons mushroom, waterchestnut, chinese peas and broccoli  
Snow Pea Pods   
Steamed Edamame (Steam)    lg 7.95
General Tso's Tofu*    lg 8.95
Sweet & Sour Eggplant    lg 7.25
Vegetable with tofu in garlic sauce   lg 7.25


Sm $6.75 / Lg $11.25. With White Or Plain Fried Rice

Shrimp With Chinese Vegetable large shrimp sauteed with colorful vegetables  
Shrimp With Green Onions lightly coasted, crispy shrimp sauteed in exotic flavor  
Honey Garlic Shrimp breaded large shrimp deep fried then sauteed in honey garlic sauce and topped with sesame seeds.  
Kung Po Shrimp*   
Deep Fried Shrimp   
Curry Shrimp*   
Shrimp With Walnuts stir fried shrimp combined with the delicate taste or crunchy walnuts & snow peas.  
Shrimp With White Sauce   
Ginger Shrimp   
Shrimp With Black Bean Sauce large shrimp, stir fried with vegetable in black bean sauce.  
House Special Shrimp* fried, breaded shrimp with chefs special hot sauce  
Hot Braised Shrimp*   
Happy Family assorted seafood, meat and vegetables    12.50  7.75
Three Ingredients shrimp, scallops & chicken sauteed in clear sauce    12.50  7.75

Side Orders

Soda coke, sprite, diet coke, pepsi, etc    0.98
2 Liter Soda     2.95
White Rice Or Brown Rice Or Plain Fried Rice    sm 1.50 lg 2.25
Fried Noodles     1.00
Fortune Cookies    ea 0.25
Chopsticks     0.25
Bag Ice     1.50
Fresh Brewed Tea sweet or unsweetened  
Lemonade    qt 2.00

Exclusive Combinations

Served With House Soup, Egg Roll And Fried Or Steamed Rice

1. Fresh Mushroom Chicken*     8.50
2. Garlic Chicken     8.50
3. Chicken with vegetables    8.50
4. Assorted Vegetables     8.50
5. Lemon Chicken     8.50
6. Sweet & Sour Chicken     8.50
7. Egg Foo Young beef or chicken    8.50
7. Egg Foo Young shrimp or house special   extra 1.00
8. Honey Garlic Chicken     8.95
9. Cashew Chicken     8.95
10. General Tso's Chicken*     8.95
11. Mongolian Beef     8.95
12. Szechuan Beef Or Chicken*     8.95
13. Beef Or Chicken with broccoli    8.95
14. Beef With Vegetables     8.95
15. Pepper Steak with onions    8.95
16. Rainbow Shrimp     9.50
17. Shrimp with lobster sauce    9.50
18. Sweet & Sour Or Honey Shrimp     9.50
19. (5) Chicken Wings & Shrimp, Beef Or Chicken Fried Rice     8.50
19. (5) Chicken Wings & Shrimp, Beef Or Chicken Fried Rice add house special fried rice   more 1.00

Family Dinner

Served With Pot Stickers, Soup And Steamed Or Fried Rice. We Can Prepare Dinners For As Many People As You Like. Family Dinner Specials For Up To 10 People.

Dinner For 1 choose mongolian beef or garlic chicken    11.95
Dinner For 2 garlic chicken and mongolian beef    23.25
Dinner For 3* mongolian beef garlic chicken, chef's special prawns.    35.00
Dinner For 4* honey garlic chicken, mongolian beef assorted vegetables & chef's special prawns.    46.00

Children's $5.25

Includes French Fries

Panda Chicken Nuggets (6)   
Fried Chicken Wings (3)   
Fantail Shrimp (5)   


* Hot & Spicy. (Can Be Altered To Suit Your Taste.)

Chocolate Cake Or Creamy Cheese Cake    (per slice) 3.00
Fried & Caramelized Banana Or Apple Or Pineapples     5.45
Icy - Lychee     4.25
Orange Mandarin Cake     3.00


Jumbo Prawn    lg 17.25 sm 8.25
Maine Lobster (1/4 Lb) your choice of lobster sauce, or sauteed with mixed vegetables, or sauteed with chef's special lemon flavor sauce.  
Fresh Whole Red Snapper   
Seasonal Fresh Fillet Fish your choice of (steamed) with ginger, black mushrooms and scallions, or lightly batter fried with sweet and sour sauce, or dry braised, served with tangy, spicy pureed vegetables.   lg 12.95
Szechuan Scallops* lightly batter, fried and sauteed in szechuan, sauce, waterchestnut and bamboo shoots.   sm 7.75 lg 14.25
Sha Cha* shrimp, scallops, chicken & vegetables sauteed with sha cha sauce on a sizzling platter   sm 7.25 lg 13.25


Sm / Lg

General Tso's Chicken* chunks of boneless tender chicken marinated in a sweet , spicy sauce    6.50  10.50
Honey Garlic Chicken a moist, tender breast, sauteed with honey & wine, topped with a sprinkling of sesame seed.    6.50  10.50
Sesame Chicken     10.50  6.50
Orange Chicken* crunchy chicken breast sauteed with orange peel & red peppers in a sweet spicy sauce.    6.50  10.50
Mu Shu (beef, chicken, shrimp or vegs) shredded meat sauteed with eggs. vegetables & hoisin sauce & served with (sm) 2 mandarin crepes or (lg) 4 mandarin crepes.    9.25  5.50
Mu Shu (Beef, Chicken, Shrimp Or Vegs) extra crepes   ea 0.50


Peking Duck     32.00
1/2 Roasted Duck     15.95


Sm / Lg

Orange Beef* crunchy steak meat sauteed with orange peel & red peppers in a sweet spicy sauce    12.25  6.95
Chow Fun Noodles pure rice noodles sauteed with vegetables in oyster sauce, choice of beef chicken`    7.50  9.50
Chow Fun Noodles shrimp or house special extra    1.00
Chow Mei Fun rice noodles    6.95  9.50
Chow Mei Fun beef chicken, vegetables or shrimp extra    1.00
Singapore Noodles* angel hair rice noodles. beef, chicken & shrimp sauteed with rice noodles in a light curry sauce    6.95  9.95
Pad Thai stir fried noodles with shrimp, chicken and ground roasted peanuts   lg 9.95
House Special Pan Fried Noodles with vegs   lg 10.95

Lamb $12.95

Mongolian Lamb   
Sliced Lamb Hunan Style*   
Curry Lamb*   


We Carry 100% Whole Grain Brown Rice

Chicken Breast & Vegetables    sm 6.25 lg 9.25
Shrimp & Vegetables    lg 11.25 sm 6.75
Vegetarian    sm 4.75 lg 7.95
Plain Steamed Vegetable Lo Mein peapod, mushroom, onion, bean sprout, celery with soft egg noodles.   lg 7.95
Plain Steamed Vegetable Lo Mein with chicken   lg 8.95
Plain Steamed Vegetable Lo Mein with shrimp   lg 9.95


501 N Olive Ave
At 4th St
(561) 257-1392
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