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Cvi.Che 105

  • $$$
  • Peruvian, South American
  • 105 NE 3rd Ave, Miami 33132 25.775356 -80.188609
  • (Btwn NE 1st & NE 2nd St)
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  • (305) 577-3454
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Papas A La Huancaína huancaína potatoes. a feast for the senses! potatoes covered with andean cream - milk, cheese, peruvian yellow pepper and the secrets of huancayo.    6.95
Papas A La Huancaína * also ask for yuquitas a la huancaína    7.95
Causa Con Relleno De Pollo stuffed potato causa with chicken. yellow potato cake inspired by a land of the incas, with yellow peruvian pepper and magical lemon, stuffed withchicken salad and vegetables, seasoned with a creole touch to steal your heart.    7.95
Causa Montada Con Pulpito Al Olivo stuffed potato causa with octopus and olives. generous portion of causa served with bits of boiled octopus, bathed in a soft cream made of black botija olives from southern peru.    11.95
Causa Maki Al Estilo Nikkei potatoes maki-nikkei style. this potato dish from peru wraps its magic with the best maki style, infused with a rising sun to delight a demanding palate.  
Anticuchos synonymous with the richness of our people, anticuchos are pieces of hearts from cows madly in love, laying in a secret marinade mix from our wise chefs, skewed in wild sugar cane and brought to a smoking fire for personality and harmony.    9.95
Choritos A La Chalaca chalaca style mussels. steamed mussels with a wonderful cutlery salad from callao, with onions, tomatoes, peppers, lemon and juan's special touch.    12.95
Choclito A La Huancaína huancaína peruvian corn. world's best corn and steam cooked andean cheese, served with huancaína sauce.    7.95
Papitas Rellenas De Mi Lima Criolla lima criolla stuffed potatoes. stuffed with traditional peruvian ground meat and black olives.    10.95
Causa De Langostinos Con Palta stuffed potatoes with prawns and avocado. our famous potato dish combining tasty shrimp, peruvian avocado and red peppers.. a unique and magical flavor!    10.95
Causa De Langostinos Con Palta * ask for crabmeat  
Causa De Camote Glaseado Y Camarones Peruanos sweet potato glazed causa with giant shrimp. delicate sweet potato causa flavored with lime juice, orange and honey. accompanied by giant shrimp ceviche.    12.95
Tamales De Pollo Y Cerdo chicken and pork tamales. synonymous with latin culture, mashed corn wrapped in banana leaves, stuffed with olives, nuts and your choice of meat or pork served with criolla salad -onion, pepper and lemon.    7.95
Conchitas A La Parmesana pisco 100 seashells. pisco 100 flambéed seashells covered with our sensational white sauce and parmesan gratinée.    15.95
Entrada Combinada combo appetizer. the perfect trio! world's unique tamal, huancaína potatoes and fresh ceviche for a whole new experience!    19.95

Ceviches Y Tiraditos

Ceviche Pucusana 105 marinated fish in fresh lime juice, mixed with onions,cilantro and a touch of rocoto pepper.    11.95
Ceviche Pucusana 105 * available with yellow pepper sauce or rocoto reduction  
Ceviche Anconero marinated fish in fresh lime juice, mixed with onions, cilantro and sprinkled with aji limo.    13.95
Ceviche Anconero * ask for ceviche anconero mixto    15.95
Ceviche Rojiblanco ceviche red & white. a tribute to my country, culture and flag of my peru. the amazing taste of this work of art of a ceviche makes it a true piece of peru.    13.95
Ceviche Rojiblanco * ask for ceviche rojiblanco mixto    16.95
Ceviche En Crema De Pisco 100 ceviche in cream of pisco 100. delicious ceviche, "drunk" in a light, cream-based, mystic peruvian pisco 100. like silk in your mouth, blending perfectly with the sweet potatoes in honey.    13.95
Ceviche Orgía De Mariscos ceviche seafood orgy. mixed, marinated, raw seafood swimming in tiger milk. plenty of texture and flavor to ensure sensations we should not even tell    14.95
Ceviche Orgía De Mariscos * available with yellow pepper sauce or rocoto reduction  
Ceviche De Pulpo marinated octopus in fresh lime juice, mixed with onions,cilantro and a touch of rocoto pepper.    19.95


Tiradito Tradicional traditional sliced fish tiradito. fresh cut tiradito slices bathed in our lemon juice and aji limo.    11.95
Tiradito A La Crema De Rocoto cream rocoto sliced fish tiradito. our extravagant tiradito is smothered in a delicious rocoto cream to give happiness to the soul and joy to the palate.    11.95
Tiradito Virgen virgin sliced fish tiradito. immaculate tiradito made of virginal corvina. wrapped in holy white vegetable cream, treated in their purest form to capture heaven on your plate and nirvana on your palate.    11.95
Tiradito A La Crema De Maracuyá passion fruit sauce sliced fish tiradito. our famous tiradito wrapped in our passion fruit cream, with chilies and herbs. served with fresh corn.    11.95
Tiradito A La Crema De Aji Amarillo inti raymi sliced fish tiradito. delicate tiradito slices of fresh fish, marinated with lemon and bathed in our peruvian yellow pepper cream will make you feel like a real son of inti.    12.95
Trilogía De Tiraditos trilogy sliced fish tiradito. you might never be able to match our creation. our tiraditos are wrapped in a fresh yellow peruvian pepper sauce, rocoto serrano cream and our secret virgin cream.    19.95
Trilogía De Tiraditos * ask about our trilogy -fish ceviche 24oz tricolor -mixed ceviche 32oz  
Tiradito De Pulpo Al Olivo peruvian botija olive sliced octopus tiradito. shaved tender pieces of baby octopus bathed in a peruvian botija olive sauce.    14.95

Los Más Criollos

Ají De Gallina chicken aji. delicious pieces of shredded chicken breast covered in yellow peruvian pepper cream, milk, piso bread then topped with parmesan cheese. color, texture and flavor in full harmony. these dishes may not be available at all times due to high demand. these dishes may not be available at all times due to high demand.    8.95
Arroz Con Pollo rice with chicken. a peruvian icon - rice with chicken fragrant with touches of fresh coriander, made to be desired by everyone. these dishes may not be available at all times due to high demand.    8.95
Fréjoles Con Seco beef stew with white canary beans. tender pieces of meat slow cooked for hours in a variety of peruvian peppers, onions and secret ingredients, indulging you in a whole new experience. the delicious beans will leave you speechless! these dishes may not be available at all times due to high demand.    12.95
Lomo Salteado sautéed lomo steak. soft pieces of steak, bright tomatoes, yellow peruvian peppers and onions are seasoned with soy sauce and sautéed in a fiery wok with pisco 100 flames and the chef's secrets, then served with crunchy french fries and delicious white rice.    13.95
Lomo Salteado available with chicken, seafood, mixed, veggie. these dishes may not be available at all times due to high demand.  
Tacu Lomo tacu tacu served with pieces of sautéed loin with onions, tomatoes and peruvian spices, then put on the fire with our very peruvian pisco 100 and covered in our oriental sauce.    15.95
Tacu Lomo available with chicken, seafood, mixed, veggie. these dishes may not be available at all times due to high demand.  
Mi Favorito, ¡y Lo Dice Juan! my favorite because juan says so!. linguini with a basil, spinach and fresh peruvian cheese cream sauce, accompanied with a juicy, grilled churrasco steak.    21.95

Del Mar Peruano

Jalea Real royal jalea. crisp pieces of fish and finely selected mixed seafood, with an unmatched taste, accompanied by golden casava, tartar sauce and topped with créole sarza onion, pepper, lemon and tomato    16.95
Jalea Real * golden fish, golden calamari or golden shrimp  
Sopa Parihuela parihuela soup. a restoring and aphrodisiacal soup from the sea that will win you with its addictive flavor and the essence of sturdy crabs and mixed seafood smothered with pisco 100.    16.95
Sudado De Pescado poached fish. succulent fillet of fresh fish cooked slowly in a secret seafood broth with colorful tomatoes and tender onions    13.95
Sudado De Pescado * sudado mixto    15.95
Pescado A Lo Macho the macho fish. golden piece of fish wrapped in a secret seafood creamy sauce that only our chef knows how to prepare.    16.95
Pescado A Lo Macho * ask for pargo entero a lo macho  
Arroz Con Mariscos rice with seafood. selected grains dancing in a hot pan along with fresh fruits of the sea and secret sauce with its peppery aroma, this dish will captivate you.    13.95
Arroz Especial De Mariscos special seafood rice. a unique delight with long rice, select mixed seafood sautéed in a wok that absorbs our secret 105 sauce.    15.95
Arroz Chaufa De Mariscos chaufa style seafood rice. oh, delicious chaufa, please come and help me sooth my desire for wonderful food and dazzle me with your smoky taste, shades of brown and essence from the eastern sea    13.95
Arroz Chaufa De Mariscos * available with chicken, steak, mixed, veggie, hawaiian  
Corvina Sudada Al Estilo Juan imagine our succulent poached fish together with a selection of seafood aphrodisiacs. imagina nuestros suculento sudado, al cual sumamos una selección de afrodisíacos mariscos.    19.95
Corvina Sudada Al Estilo Juan * corvina mixta al estilo juan    22.95
Corvina "Mamá Ele" mama ele corvina fish. pan roasted fresh corvina with crab meat, enveloped in smoky red rocoto and red pepper sauce, accompanied with potato cake au gratin.    20.95
Corvina En Salsa Miraflores corvina miraflores. freshly steamed corvina fish served with fine shrimp, spinach, mushrooms, white creamy peruvian sauce and steamed veggies    20.95
Tacu Tacu En Salsa De Mariscos tacu tacu in seafood sauce. canary bean cake and rice wrought by the hands of our people, bathed in a wonderful creamy seafood sauce in which select seafood celebrate our peruvian culture.    15.95
Tacu Corvina En Salsa Lambayecana tacu corvina in lambayecana sauce. tacu tacu served with golden corvina fish, bathed in a succulent, cilantro-based sauce and pisco 100 with selected shellfish.    20.95
Tacu Salmón En Salsa Huancamar tacu salmon in huancamar sauce. tacu tacu served with fresh grilled salmon, coated with peruvian huancaína sauce and fresh cheese, filled with selected mixed seafood.    21.95
Tacu Salmón En Salsa Huancamar * corvina huancamar  
Tacu Pallares Al Estilo Norteño bean & rice cake, prepared with our house seasoning, topped with a delicious piece of seabass and lobster tail, covering it a gentle reduction of cilantro and chicha de jora, pure northern flavor!.    32.95
Linguini 105 105 linguini. tender pieces of grilled churrasco steak and jumbo shrimp put to the fire with pisco 100 and served over linguini in a traditional huancaína cream sauce.    23.95
Trigoto De Mariscos peruvian wheat, huancaina sauce reduction, white cheese, pisco flambed scallops and jumbo shrimp.    26.95
Trigoto De Mariscos * trigoto mar y tierra    32.95
'Chino Sano' peruvian quinoa, oriental reduction, japanese vegetables, pan seared tuna, glazed orange passion fruit, yellow pepper.    26.95
'Chino Sano' * ask for extra shrimps  


Crème Brûlée De Guanábana soursop crème. the famous crème brûlée now with hints of fresh soursop fruit that sweetens the soul and renews the spirit.    6.95
Crema Volteada De Lúcuma creme of flipped lucuma. the holy lúcuma fruit from peru in a cream pudding. this dessert charms both children and adults.    6.95
Suspiro De Limeña the sigh of a limeña. renowned dessert of peru, beautifully smooth with a cinnamon scent, seductive and leading us to the happiness we deserve.    6.95
Mousse De Lúcuma lucuma mousse. a soft combination of lúcuma and a sprinkling of chocolate.    6.95
Trilogía De Sabores Peruanos A La Cuchara peruvian delight trilogy. suspiro a la limeña, merengado de chirimoya y mousse de lúcuma.    10.95
Arroz Con Leche rice pudding. our rice pudding has the peruvian touch: the rice is boiled with orange rind, cinnamon and clove, with raisins drunk in pisco 100, a touch of port and italian meringue. served warm.    6.95
Cheesecake De Lúcuma lucuma cheesecake. the lúcuma is a typical peruvian fruit which we have used in a classic cheesecake over a base of chocolate cookies and fudge topping.    6.95
Mousse De Maracuyá passion fruit mousse. a creamy and delicious dessert made with pure maracuyá pulp and decorated with grated chocolate.    6.95
Merengado De Chirimoya chirimoya mousse. a soft blend of chirimoya, meringue and a sprinkling of chocolate as topping.    6.95
Souffle De Crema Chantilly Con Fresas three layers of soft cake stuffed with strawberry dulce de leche and chantilly cream with almond topping.    7.95
Ambrosia Tres Capas De Chocolate wet chocolate cake, pisco chocolate truffle and chocolate mousse. biscocho de chocolate bien humedo, trufa de chocolate con pisco y mousse de chocolate.    7.95


Pisco Sour the classic and national drink of peru is made with pisco 100, fresh lime juice, simple syrup, pasteurized egg whites andangostura bitters.    10.00
Cevichini 105 the perfect aperitif! this combination of ginger, cilantro, celery, lime and sugar with pisco 100 is a sure way to stimulate your appetite.    11.00
Maracutini taste the passion! our fruity twist on the pisco sour.    10.00
Piscojito the specialty of the house. mix it up with our refreshing blend of pisco 100, fresh mint leaves, simple syrup, fresh lime juice and soda water.    10.00
Pisco Fuego create a new experience that will have you coming back for more. a mix of sweet and spice like no other. pisco 100 infused jalapeño, triple sec, limes, cilantro, cucumbers and simple syrup.    10.00
Arequipa one of the largest and most beautiful cities in peru inspires this exciting cocktail with pisco 100, amaretto, strawberry purée, simple syrup and fresh lime juice.    10.00
César Vallejo in honor of one of peru's finest poets, we offer you a refreshing cocktail made with pisco 100, st. germain, cucumbers, mint, lime, sugar and club soda.    10.00
Papa Alfonso's Chilcano named after executive chef juan chipoco's grandfather's favorite cocktail. a peruvian classic of pisco 100, ginger ale and lime.    10.00
Orquídea Peruana a beautiful and delicate flower inspired our mixologist to create a unique cocktail with pisco 100, grand marnier, campari, tangerine juice, apple juice, simple syrup and garnished with an orchid on top.    12.00

Imported Beers & Soft Drinks

Inca Kola   
Chicha Morada   
Sierra Mist   
Sunkist Fresh   
Brewed Ice Tea   
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade   
San Pellegrino Sparkling Water   


Cviche 105 sauvignon blanc, curico valley, chile    7.00
Kim Crawford chardonnay, unoaked, new zealand    9.00
Borgo Conventi pinot grigio, collio, friuli, italy    9.00


Cviche 105 merlot by juan chipoco, chile    7.00
Antigal malbec, uno, mendoza, argentina    10.00
Valle Sagrado cabernet sauvignon by juan chipoco, chile    9.00


Graham's porto tawny, 20 year, portugal    10.00
Alvear Pedro Ximenez 1927 spain    12.00
Broadbent Malmsey 10 Yr madeira    12.00
Quinta Dela Rosa Porto Tawny 10 Yr portugal    13.00
Malamado Malbec Port Style argentina    8.00


Cvi.Che 105
105 NE 3rd Ave
Btwn NE 1st & NE 2nd St
(305) 577-3454
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