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East Emerald Restaurant (CLOSED)

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  • Chinese, Japanese, Sushi
  • 5301 Sheridan St, Hollywood FL33021 26.032652 -80.1973687
  • (Btwn N 52nd & 56th Ave)
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  • (954) 894-1390
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Bento Box - Lunch Only $9.95

Chef's Choice- Served With 2 Pieces Of Gyoza, 4 Pieces Of California Roll, And Choice Of Soup Or Salad

Sushi Bento 5 pieces of sushi   
Sashimi Bento 6 pieces of sashimi   
Tempura Bento chicken or shrimp & vegetables   
Yakitori Bento chicken or shrimp & scallions on skewer   
Yakiniku Bento sauteed beef & beansprouts   

Cold Japanese Appetizers

House Sunomono Or Kimchee Sauce krab, shrimp, conch, and octopus over sliced cucumber   7.95
Octopus, Krab, Conch Or Shrimp    7.95
Idako cooked and marinated baby octopus   
Kani Su krab, shrimp, avocado, and masago wrapped with cucumber in sunomono sauce   6.95
Tuna Su seared tuna with scallions and miso sauce wrapped with cucumber.   8.95
Beef Tataki seared on the outside, served with ponzu sauce and scallions   8.00
Naruto Vegetable mixed vegetables wrapped with cucumber in miso sauce   4.95
Sashimi (AP) 6 pieces chef's choice   10.95
Sushi (AP) 6 pieces chef's choice   10.95
Tuna Tataki thinly sliced, seared tuna served with ponzu sauce.   8.95
Yukke spicy salad made with tender raw beef and special spices   8.00
Oshitashi cold marinated cooked spinach   4.95
Shrimp Shumai (6) steamed or fried   4.95

Hot Japanese Appetizers

Dynamite Shell baked mixed seafood, mayo and, masago   8.95
Tempura shrimp and vegetables   6.95
Age Tofu deep fried tofu with special sauce   4.95
Haru Maki (2) spring rolls   2.95
Gyoza dumplings   3.95
Calamari Tempura squid tempura   6.95
Edamame steamed soybean   3.95
Soft Shell Crab (AP)    4.95
Sushi Pizza fish dynamite, mozzarella cheese, nori and rice   7.95
Tiger Eye salmon, masago, and asparagus wrapped with squid   7.95

Japanese Soups

Clear Soup  pt 2.00qt 3.75
Miso Soup  pt 2.00qt 3.75
Udon Soup white noodles with fish cake and scallions   6.00

Entrees From Sushi Bar

Served With Soup Or Salad. All Sushi And Sashimi Combos Are Chef's Choice

Hosomaki Combo combination of california roll, bagel roll, tekka roll   13.95
Vegetable Combo for vegetarians, vegetable roll, vegetable hand roll, and 3 pieces of vegetable sushi   11.95
Lady Finger rainbow roll and 4 pieces of sushi   14.95
Sushi Mori 8 pieces of sushi and california roll   14.95
Sushi Sashimi Combo 5 pieces of sushi, 9 pieces of sashimi, and california roll   19.95
Sashimi Mori combination of 12 pieces of sliced raw fish and 1 california roll   19.95
Sashimi Deluxe a combination of sliced raw fish including crab, conch, shrimp, and octopus. 19 pieces   19.95
Chirashi sushi rice and combination of raw fish, vegetable on top   16.95
Unagi Don sushi rice, 6 pieces of eel, sesame with vegetables on top   12.95

Japanese House Original Rolls

Rainbow Roll california roll rainbow of fish on top   9.95
Dancing Eel Roll california roll with eel on top   9.95
Boca Roll cooked salmon, cream cheese, scallions, inside out with masago   8.95
American Dream Roll tempura shrimp, dynamite, cucumber, lettuce, inside out wrapped with soy bean sheets   10.95
Mexican Roll tempura shrimp, asparagus, inside out with masago   8.95
Crunchy Roll salmon, crab, and asparagus, rolled in nori, deep fried with eel sauce   8.95
Banana Roll spicy crab, banana, cucumber, cream cheese, inside out sesame   8.95
Florida Roll crab, avocado, cucumber, scallions, and mayo, inside out with smoked salmon on top   8.95
Beauty And The Beast inside out with tuna, eel on top, inside cream cheese, scallions, cucumber, spinach, avocado, and masago   9.95
Allison Roll spicy tuna, scallions, inside out with shrimp and avocado on top   9.95
Shrimp Tempura Roll shrimp tempura, masago, avocado, scallions, asparagus, and mayo   9.95
Volcano Roll Volcano california roll inside out with shrimp and avocado on top   8.95
add soft shell crab   2.00
Vegetable Roll cucumber, carrots, spinach, kampyo, asparagus, and pickle radish inside out with sesame seeds   6.95
Monster Roll avocado, cucumber, lettuce inside out imitation carb meat w/ spicy mayo on top   7.95
Spider Roll soft shell crab, asparagus, avocado, and masago with eel sauce   9.95
Fox Roll shrimp tempura, eel, masago, scallions wrapped with soy bean sheets with eel sauce   10.95
Popeye Roll spicy tuna, spinach, and scallions inside out with masago   8.95
Daimyo Maki tuna, yellowtail, salmon, asparagus, spinach, scallions, and avocado   10.95
Dragon Roll tempura shrimp, cucumber, and scallions inside out with avocado   8.95
Coral Reef Roll tuna, shrimp, scallions, avocado, and cucumber, inside out with tempura fish, masago   9.95
Boston Roll shrimp, lettuce, avocado, mayo   7.95
Pacific Roll fried hamachi, avocado, asparagus, scallions, inside out with masago   9.00
Crazy Roll salmon skin, eel, asparagus, avocado, and scallions inside out with masago   9.00
T.L. Roll salmon, eel, cream cheese, scallions & rice rolled in nori deep fried, and served with eel sauce   9.00
Futomaki Roll a giant roll with crab, tamago, masago, kampyo, spinach, and cucumber   9.00
Gator Roll tempura whitefish, masago, scallions, mayo, inside out with sesame seeds   8.95
Madonna Roll eel, asparagus, and avocado wrapped in soy bean sheets   9.95
Emerald Dragon Roll tempura shrimp, cream cheese, scallions, inside out, top with 1/2 eel   13.95
Alaskan Roll salmon skin, smoked salmon, ikura, scallions, and cucumber inside out with masago   9.95
California Roll Deluxe fried tempura, avocado, cucumber, imitation crab mixed with mayo on top   9.95
Spicy Crab Roll imitation crab meat, mayo, kimchee sauce, inside out masago topped with tempura flakes   8.95
Chicken Roll chicken tempura, scallions, lettuce, cucumber, mayo, inside out with sesame seeds   7.95
Sheridan Roll soft shell crab, cucumber, spicy mayo, with eel on top   12.95

Sushi Or Sashimi

By The Piece

Ikura    2.95
Unagi    2.25
Hamachi    2.00
Tuna    2.00
Salmon choose: teriyaki or black bean sauce (noodle, chopped onions, bell peppers)   9.95
Octopus    2.50
Squid    2.00
Conch    2.50
Snapper    1.95
Escolar    1.95
Shrimp jumbo shrimp and vegetables jumbo   1.95
Crab    1.95
Masago    1.95
Tamago    1.50
Sushi Rice    2.50

Favorite Rolls

Inside Out With Sesame Seeds Add $0.50, Inside Out With Masago Add $1.

California Roll i/o with sesame seeds   5.00
Yellow Tail & Scallions    5.00
Salmon Roll    5.00
Salmon Skin Roll    5.00
Eel Cucumber Roll    5.95
Spicy Tuna Roll    5.95
Tuna Roll    5.50
J.B. Roll    5.00
Crab Cucumber Roll    5.00
Cucumber Roll    3.95

Hand Rolls

Inside Out With Sesame Seeds Add $0.50. Inside Out With Masago Add $1 Cone Shaped.

California Roll H/R    3.50
Crab Cucumber H/R    3.50
Salmon Skin H/R    3.50
Hamachi & Scallions H/R    4.00
Tuna H/R    4.50
Salmon H/R    4.50
Eel & Cucumber H/R    4.95
Spicy Tuna H/R    4.95
Tuna Salad H/R    4.00


Vegetables    8.95
Shrimp & Vegetables    12.95
Chicken & Vegetables    11.95
Imperial chicken, shrimp, scallops, fish and vegetables   14.95


Chicken white meat chicken and vegetables   11.95
Steak 12 oz. n.y. strip and vegetables   14.95
Fish salmon or sea bass and vegetables   13.95
Shrimp jumbo shrimp and vegetables   13.95
Tuna Steak with vegetables   14.95


Stir-Fried Noodles With Vegetables

Chicken white meat chicken and vegetables   9.95
Beef Or Shrimp Beef    10.95
Vegetables    8.95



Chinese Appetizers

Vegetarian Spring Roll (1)    1.25
Egg Roll (1)    1.25
Cold Noodles    3.95
Beef Sticks (4)    5.95
Fried Chicken Wings (8)    4.25
House Spicy Wings Or Honey Garlic Wings (8)    5.95
Pot Stickers (Steamed Or Pan Fried) (6)    5.95
Fried Jumbo Shrimp (6)    6.95
Barbecue Roast Pork (8)    6.95
Barbecue Spareribs (6)    7.95
Pu Pu Platter (For 2)    9.95
Crab Rangoon (6)    4.95

Chinese Soups

Wonton Soup  pt 2.00 qt 3.95
Egg Drop Soup  pt 2.00 qt 3.95
Mixed Soup  pt 2.00 qt 3.75
Hot & Sour Soup  pt 2.00 qt 3.95
Velvet & Chicken Sorn Soup for two   5.50
Subgum Wonton Soup for two   6.50
Tofu Vegetable Soup for two   5.00
Noodle Soup chicken   5.00


Green Salad Green    2.00
Avocado Salad with imitation crab meat, mayo and masago over greens   6.00
Hagashi Wakame    4.95
Tuna Salad diced fresh tuna, avocado, cucumber with special wasabi, soys, sesame seeds   7.95
Seafood Salad shrimp, imitation crab stick, fresh fish, mayo, masago and scallion   7.00
Crabstick Salad    6.00

Chinese Two Delight Specials

Garlic Shrimp & Chicken with vegetables in garlic sauce   12.95
Shrimp & Chicken W/ Honey Walnut diced vegetables   12.95
Sauteed Shrimp & Chicken with vegetables in brown sauce   12.95
Honey Shrimp & Chicken breaded, fried with honey garlic sauce, topped with sesame seeds   11.95

Chef's Specialties

General Tso's Chicken lightly breaded and fried chicken marinated in sweet, spicy sauce with sugar peas   11.95
Dragon & Phoenix combination of lobster meat & chicken stir-fried w/ classic vegetables   12.95
Orange Or Sesame Beef lightly breaded and fried beef, sauteed with orange peel in a spicy sweet sauce or our chef's special, topped with sesame seeds and sugar peas   12.95
Orange Or Sesame Chicken lightly breaded and fried chicken, sauteed with orange peel in a spicy sweet sauce or our chef's special sauce, topped with sesame seeds and sugar peas   11.95
Emerald Salmon slow fried salmon, chopped onion, and bell peppers in black bean sauce served with soft noodles   11.95
Jade Steak pan fried filet mignon served on top of broccoli and mushrooms in a special sauce   15.95
East-West Shrimp lightly breaded and fried shrimp. east is red sauce with sugar peas and west is dijon sauce with lettuce   13.95
Crispy Shrimp large shrimp lightly breaded and fried, served with a light touch of spicy flavor in special sauce, and sugar peas on the side   12.95
Hunan Triple Crown white meat chicken, jumbo shrimp and beef with chinese vegetables in a black bean sauce   12.95
Emerald Seafood Delight lobster meat, large shrimp and scallops sauteed with vegetables in a spicy garlic sauce   14.95
Kung Pao Seafood seafood, diced vegetables, baby corn, bell peppers and peanuts in a spicy brown sauce   14.95
Happy Family scallops, shrimp, chicken, beef with chinese vegetables in a brown sauce   12.95
Mandarin Sea & Land filet mignon, lobster, scallops w/ chinese vegetables in our chef's special sauce   14.95
Sa-Cha Seafood lobster meat, scallops, large shrimp and select vegetables sauteed in sa-cha sauce   14.95
Emerald Shrimp W/ Walnuts lightly breaded shrimp fried until crispy with spicy dijon sauce topped with walnuts with broccoli on the side   13.95
Scallops & Shrimp large tender shrimp & scallops w/ select vegetables in a light sauce   13.95

Chow Fun

Combo $8.95 / Large $10.95

Chow Fun w/ chicken, beef or pork   
w/ shrimp   
w/ shrimp and chicken   

Chow Mein

Combo / Large

Chicken, Pork, Or Vegetable   6.95 8.50
Shrimp, Beef, Or Special   7.95 8.95

Lo Mein

Combo / Large

Chicken, Pork, Or Vegetable   7.95 8.50
Shrimp, Beef, Or Special   8.50 8.95
Singapore Rice Noodles (Curry Flavor) chicken, shrimp, or pork  lg 11.95
Taiwanese Rice Noodles chicken, shrimp, or pork  lg 11.95

Egg Foo Young


Chicken, Pork, Or Vegetable    7.95
Shrimp, Beef, Or Special    8.95

Fried Rice

Pint / Quart

Chicken, Pork, Or Vegetable   4.50 7.95
Shrimp, Beef, Or Special   5.50 8.95
Young Chow Fried Rice Chow   5.50 7.95


Combo $6.95 / Large $9

Vegetable Deluxe selected vegetables stir-fried in a delicate sauce.   
Szechuan Triple Greens fresh sugar peas sauteed with string beans & broccoli in garlic sauce.   
String Bean Szechuan stir-fried string beans in hot chili sauce.   
Bean Curd Homestyle fried bean curd with black mushrooms & assorted vegetables.   
Szechuan Eggplant eggplant in spicy garlic sauce.   


Combo / Large

Honey Garlic Chicken breaded chicken fried w/ honey garlic sauce and topped w/ sesame seeds  8.50 10.95
Hunan Chicken white meat chicken sauteed with bell peppers and baby corn in hunan sauce  8.50 10.95
Chicken Broccoli white meat chicken sauteed with fresh broccoli  8.50 10.95
Chicken Garlic Sauce white meat chicken with broccoli, water chestnuts, and bamboo shoots in hot garlic sauce  8.50 10.95
Moo Goo Gai Pan white meat chicken sauteed with chinese vegetables  8.50 10.95
Walnut Or Cashew Nuts Chicken white meat chicken sauteed with diced vegetables &walnuts or cashews in brown sauce  8.50 10.95
Sweet & Sour Chicken breaded chicken, fried, then topped w/ sweet & sour sauce  8.50 10.95
Chicken W/ Black Bean Sauce white meat chicken sauteed with bell peppers & onions in black bean sauce  8.50 10.95
Chicken String Beans white meat chicken and fresh string beans in a special sauce  8.50 10.95
Chicken Eggplant white meat chicken w/ baby eggplant in garlic sauce  8.50 10.95
Mushroom Chicken white meat chicken, fresh mushrooms, bell peppers in garlic sauce  8.50 10.95
Chicken Curry carrot and onion  8.50 11.95


Combo $8.95 / Large $12.95

Honey Garlic Shrimp jumbo shrimp breaded and fried then sauteed in honey garlic sauce, topped with sesame seeds   
Sweet & Sour Shrimp jumbo shrimp breaded and fried with sweet & sour sauce   
Shrimp Lobster Sauce jumbo shrimp with light egg sauce   
Cashew Or Walnut Shrimp jumbo shrimp with diced vegetables & cashew nuts or walnuts in brown sauce   
Shrimp W/ Garlic Sauce jumbo shrimp w/ bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, and broccoli in garlic sauce   
Shrimp W/ Vegetables jumbo shrimp w/ classic chinese vegetables   
Shrimp W/ Black Bean Sauce jumbo shrimp sauteed w/ bell peppers and onions in black bean sauce   
Shrimp String Bean Or Zucchini jumbo shrimp w/ fresh string beans or zucchini in white sauce   
Shrimp Eggplant jumbo shrimp with baby eggplant in garlic sauce   
Mushroom Shrimp jumbo shrimp, fresh mushrooms, bell peppers in garlic sauce   
Szechuan Shrimp jumbo shrimp, ginger and onions in a spicy red sauce w/ broccoli on the side   


Combo $8.95 / Large $11.95

Hunan Beef sliced tender beef cooked w/baby corn, bell peppers in a spicy sauce   
Beef Broccoli sliced tender beef with broccoli in brown sauce   
Mongolian Beef sliced tender beef with scallions & onions   
Pepper Steak sliced tender beef sauteed w/ bell peppers & onions   
Beef W/ Vegetables sliced tender beef with chinese vegetables in a brown sauce   
Beef Eggplant sliced tender beef with eggplant in garlic sauce   
Mushroom Beef sliced tender beef, fresh mushrooms, bell peppers in garlic sauce   
New York Steak 12 oz. ny strip steak w/ assorted vegetables  lg 14.95
Steak Kew chunks of beef tenderloin, stir-fried w/ assorted vegetables  lg 13.95


Combo $7.95 / Large $9.95

Pork In Garlic Sauce Pork In shredded pork sauteed with bamboo shoots, water chestnuts and broccoli in garlic sauce   
Twice Cooked Pork fresh pork, cabbage, black mushrooms & bell peppers in a hot spicy sauce   
Moo Shu Pork shredded pork sauteed with cabbage, eggs & mushrooms in hoi-sen sauce, served with 4 mandarin pancakes   
Pork W/ String Beans String shredded pork sauteed w/ string beans in special sauce   


East Emerald Restaurant
5301 Sheridan St
Btwn N 52nd & 56th Ave
(954) 894-1390
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