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  • Japanese, Sushi
  • 7100 Fairway Dr #23, Palm Beach Gardens FL33418 26.8369453 -80.1328265
  • (Btwn Avenue of Champions & PGA Blvd)
  • (561) 622-4495
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Yasaiitame stir-fried vegetables   6.50
Yakitori Chicken chicken marinated in teriyaki sauce, skewered & grilled with scallions   6.50
Shumai steamed dumplings filled with shrimp & vegetables   5.00
Gyoza pan-fried dumplings filled with minced meat & vegetables   5.00
Harumaki spring rolls   5.00
Ebi (Shrimp) Tempura shrimp & vegetables wearing special clothes   5.00
Ika Tempura calamari & vegetables wearing special clothes   6.50
Chicken Livers chicken livers sauteed in special sauce   7.50
Tataki delicately sliced & lightly cooked tuna or beef with ponzu dipping sauce   10.00
Kani Age fried soft shell crab with ponzu dipping sauce   9.00
King Crab Sunomono sliced cucumbers in ponzu sauce topped with king crab   13.00
Sunomono sliced cucumbers in ponzu sauce topped with octopus, crab & conch   9.00
Sashimi Appetizer 3 different kinds of fresh fish sashimi style (3 slices of each king of fish)   12.00
King Crab Dynamite king crab, baked mushroom & onion with special creamy sauce   14.00
Edamame boiled japanese green soybeans - fresh, not salty, great with beer!   4.50
Beef Negimaki tiny tournedos of beef rolled with scallions in teriyaki sauces   9.50
Age Tofu fried japanese tofu cakes   5.00
Oshinko Appetizer japanese pickled vegetable with unique flavor   5.00
Kama grilled salmon or yellowtail fish jaw in ponzu sauce - a japenese favorite!   11.00
Calamari Ponzu calamari steak deep-fried and served with slices of fresh garlic & ponzu sauce   8.00
Hijiki cooked black stew   6.50
Spicy Tofu tofu & spinich in a special spicy sauce   9.50
New Style Sashimi choice of tuna or whitefish topped with spinach & garlic, olive oil & wasabi soy sauce   13.00
My Yummy (Miami) Special deep-fried spicy tuna or whitefish with spinach and yumi sauce (very yummy!)   14.00
Tuna Quesadilla fresh tortilla spread with homemade hummus, topped with fresh tuna, slices of tomato, scallions, and tobiko   15.00
Magic Mushroom smashed shrimp with mushroom deep-fried with creamy sauce and tobiko on top   14.00
Cold Stone Sashimi (Usuzukuri) tuna, salmon, and white fish sliced thinly over ice with garlic and ponzu sauce on the side   15.00
Saba Yaki grilled mackerel   10.50
Domino Pizza choice of salmon or white fish with avocado, cream cheese and crab stick, rolled and baked with creamy sauce.   13.00
Grouper Fingers tempura grouper with spinach adn sliced fresh garlic topped with ponzu sauce   13.00
BBQ Ribs 3 pieces of baby-back ribs with homemade bbq sauce   8.50
Spicy Tofu with seafood   17.00
Tako Yaki deep dried octopus ball with creamy sauce   6.00
Soba Salad choice of sashimi, eel, and soft shell crab   15.00
Spicy Tuna Tower spicy tuna, avocado, cucumber and is beaded on sushi rice with honey-lime and eel sauce with tobiko   15.00
Jumping Shrimp six crispy shrimp tossed in creamy sauce over a bed of baby mixed greens   8.50
Scallop Slider tempura scallop with creamy sauce and lettuce covered with hawaiian sweet bread.   12.00
Light My Fire Tower sushi rice on the bottom with edamame mixed in the middle with crunchy and topped with scallions and spicy salmon   16.00
Shitake Noodles sauteed noodles with garlic and shitake mushrooms with creamy sauce   8.00


Shrimp Wonton shrimp dumpling and vegetables in light broth   7.00
Miso made with soybean paste, seaweed & tofu - healthy & delicious   2.00
Ebisu seaweed, undon noodles & scallions   6.00
Gyoza dumplings filled with minced meat & vegetables in light broth   7.00
Suimono clear broth with crab, mushroom & scallion   2.50
Seafood Miso scallop, shrimp, white fish & vegetables   9.50


House Green fresh greens with freshly made house ginger dressing   4.50
Seaweed wakame seaweed with spicy sesame dressing   7.00
Spicy Seafood conch, octopus, and white fish in spicy kimchee sauce   10.00
Soba mixed salad with buckwheat noodle, olive oil, ponzu sauce, fresh garlic and black pepper, sprinkled with fresh scallion   10.00


Steamed White Rice japanese sticky rice   2.00
Steamed Brown Rice japanese style brown rice   2.50
Sushi Rice bowl of sushi rice with vegetables & seaweed salad   4.50

Lunch Specials

Each Lunchbox Is Served With Miso Soup, House Salad, 4 Pieces Of California Roll, And Shumai 3 Pieces

Daily Special Lunchbox    11.50
Ebisu Lunchbox (Sushi)    12.95
Ebisu Lunchbox (Sashimi)    12.95
Ebisu Lunchbox (Shrimp Tempura)    12.95
Ebisu Lunchbox (Chicken)    12.00
Ebisu Lunchbox (Beef)    12.95
Ebisu Lunchbox (Seafood)    12.95
Ebisu Lunchbox (Teriyaki Salmon)    13.50


Ebisu Lunches Are Served With Miso Soup & House Salad

Zara Soba shrimp tempura served with chilled buckwheat noodles   9.50
Yaki Soba vegetables stir-fried with noodles   8.50
Unagi Don barbecued eel served over a mound of rice with special condiments   12.00
Katsu Don japanese style fried chicken served over a mound of rice   12.00
Chirashi Bown Lunch assorted sashimi on top of sushi rice   13.00
Shrimp Tempura Soba shrimp tempura with soba noodles in broth   9.50
Tekka Don tuna served over a mound of sushi rice   13.00
Chicken Fried Rice chicken and vegetables   10.00
Shrimp Tempura Udon shrimp tempura with udon noodles in broth   9.50
Vegetarian Sukiyaki vegetable with clear noodle and tofu   12.00

Nigiri Zushi

Hand Formed Sushi. (Each Pc). Temaki Zushi Hand Rolls Available Temaki Zushi Hand Rolls Are Sushi Cones You Can Eat Just Like Ice Cream Cones! Order Your Favorite Sushi Roll As A Hnd Roll. Just Ask Your Waitress.

Sushi cobia, mackerel, shrimp, crab stick, tamago   2.30
tuna, salmon, flying fish eggs, wahoo, wurf clam, fluke, squid   2.50
salmon roe, barbecue eel, octopus, conch, grouper, snapper, white tuna, wasabi tobiko   2.80
hamachi, japanese scallop, sweet shrimp   4.50
toro, uni (sea urchin) - when available   

Maki Zushi

Seaweed Rolled Sushi. Temaki Zushi Hand Rolls Available Temaki Zushi Hand Rolls Are Sushi Cones You Can Eat Just Like Ice Cream Cones! Order Your Favorite Sushi Roll As A Hnd Roll. Just Ask Your Waitress.

Barbecued Eel Roll unagi with special sauce   6.00
Salmon Skin Roll crunchy salmon skins   6.00
Hamachi & Scallion Roll yellowtail & green onion   8.00
Tuna Roll prime fresh tuna fillet   6.00
JB (Japanese Bagel) Roll salmon, cream cheese & scallion   6.50
Salmon Roll fresh north atlantic salmon   5.50
Cucumber Roll prepared cucumber   3.50
Oshinko Roll japanese pickled vegetable   4.00
Caribbean Roll conch & tobiko with creamy sauce   7.50
Vegetable Roll kampyo, cucumber, carrot & avocado   5.00

Uramaki Zushi

Rice Rolled Sushi. Temaki Zushi Hand Rolls Available Temaki Zushi Hand Rolls Are Sushi Cones You Can Eat Just Like Ice Cream Cones! Order Your Favorite Sushi Roll As A Hnd Roll. Just Ask Your Waitress.

Avocado Roll fresh avocado with sushi rice inside and seaweed outside   5.00
California Roll crab, avocado & cucumber with sesame seeds   6.50
crab, avocado & cucumber, with flying fish eggs (tobiko)   6.50
Fire Roll tuna or white fish with spicy sauce with flying fish eggs (tobiko)   7.50
Chanko Roll whitefish & asparagus, deep fried   9.00
Rainbow Roll crab, cucumber & avocado inside & rainbow tuna, salmon, white fish & avocado on the outside - a special treat   13.00
Double Fantasy Roll hamachi, tuna & scallion with flying fish eggs   8.50
Spicy Tuna Sandwich tuna, flying fish eggs, scallions & ebisu's special spicy sauce, pressed to look like a sandwich   13.50
Lobster Roll lobster, baked mushroom, onion & special creamy sauce with flying fish eggs   16.00
King Crab Dynamite Roll king crab, baked mushroom, onion & special creamy sauce with flying fish eggs   16.00
King Crab Roll king crab, cucumber & avocado with creamy sauce and flying fish eggs   16.00
Birthday Roll shrimp tempura & barbecued eel with flying fish eggs & sesame seeds   8.80
Spider Roll soft shell crab & cucumber with sesame seeds   10.00
Dancing Eel Roll crab, cucumber & avocado inside & barbecued eel on the outside   9.50
PGA Roll pink salmon, ginger & asparagus with nori seaweed flakes   6.50
Shrimp Tempura Roll tempura shrimp with sesame seeds   6.50
Naruto Maki crab, avocado, cream cheese, flying fish eggs, salmon & scallions wrapped in cucmber sliced paper-thin   9.50
Ebisu Roll shrimp tempura, eel, egg, cucumber, avocado, crab & seaweed salad, with sesame seeds & flying fish eggs   15.00

Sushi & Sashimi Dinner

Sushi Oke Deluxe 11 pieces of sushi and a medium roll   27.00
Sushi Oke Regular 9 pieces of sushi and a regular roll   22.00
Sashimi Boat 7 kinds of fresh fish sashimi style (3 slices each, 21 slices!)   28.00
Chirashi Bowl Dinner beautifully decorated with japanese condiments   26.00
Ebisu Special Boat 7 pieces sushi & 3 kinds of fresh fish sashimi style (3 slices each) & 1 regular roll  (for 1) 28.00
9 pieces sushi & 6 kinds of fresh fish sashimi style (3 slices each) & 1 regular roll & birthday roll  (for 2) 56.00
15 pieces sushi & 6 kinds of fresh fish sashimi style (4 slices each) & 1 regular roll, 1 birthday roll, & 1 spicy tuna sandwich  (for 3) 83.00

Dinner Entrees

Sukiyaki beef (thinly cut usda prime rib-eye) or chicken prepared in traditional style with clear noodles & vegetables in broth   22.00
Katsu lightly breaded chicken or pork cutlet with special katsu sauce   18.00
Miso Sea Bass fresh sea bass marinated in miso and baked with brown rice   26.00
Hawaiian Style Ahi Tuna sesame seared ahi tuna with brown rice and vegetables   25.00
Shrimp Taco tempura shrimp, onionsm and red cabbage with homemade parmesan fries   18.00
Salmon & Spinach Soy Vinaigrette grilled salmon with crisp vinaigrette salad with brown rice   25.00
Miso Salmon fresh salmon marinated in miso and baked with brown rice   26.00
Rainbow Chicken sauteed chicken with buckchoy, broccoli, celery, zucchini, and red pepper over a bed of brown rice   18.00
BBQ Ribs baby-back ribs with homemade bbq sauce with a side of brown rie and steamed vegitables   20.00
Teriyaki Mango Stir Fry chicken or pork stir fried with mango and chinese nappa with teriyaki sauce   18.00
Fillet simply salt and pepper or teriyaki style with spinach and soba noodles. choice of white or brown rice  (8oz) 59.00
Teriyaki Chicken chicken breast grilled with house made teriyaki sauce   16.00

Udon & Soba

Traditional Noodle Dishes Made With Your Choice Of Noodle & Served With House Salad. Choice Of Soba (Thin Buckwheat Noodles) Or Udon (Wide Plain Noodles).

Veg-Tem Udon / Veg-Tem Soba vegetable tempura with noodles in broth   13.00
Ebi-Tem Udon / Ebi-Tem Soba shrimp tempura with noodles in broth   13.00
Yaki Udon / Yaki Soba stir-fried vegetables with noodles   16.00
Yaki Udon Deluxe / Yaki Soba Deluxe stir-fried chicken, shrimp, steak, & vegetables with noodles   20.00
Nabeyaki Udon shrimp tempura, egg & crab in a pot   16.00
Garlic Mushroom Udon Or Soba choice of udon or soba covereed with garlic and mushroom sauce   13.00
Ramen Noodles choice of seafood or chicken   14.00


Fresh Foods Specially Marinated & Grilled. Served With Japanese Sticky Rice.

Fillet Mignon teriyaki style or salt and pepper  (8oz) 29.00
Teriyaki Chicken chicken breast grilled with homemade teriyaki sauce. choise of white or brown rice   16.00


Fresh Foods Fried In A Light Batter.

Ebi (Shrimp) Tempura 6 pieces of shrimp and 6 vegetables   20.00
Ika (Calamari) Tempura 6 pieces of calamari and 6 vegtables   20.00
Vegetable Tempura 12 pieces of vegetable   18.00
Chicken Tempura 6 pieces of chicken and 6 vegetables   20.00


Fresh Foods Served On A Bed Of Japanese Sticky Rice

Katsu Don choice of chicken or pork panko deep-fried with rice on the bottom cooked with egg and onions on top   18.00
Tekka Don 5 ounces of tuna over rice   18.00
Unagi Don 5 ounces of barbecued eel over rice   20.00


Tempura Banana    
New York Cheesecake    
Ice Cream    
Tempura Ice Cream    
Tempura Cheesecake    


Soft Drink coffee, iced tea   2.25
Perrier Water    3.50
Smart Water   ltr 4.50
Ramune japanese soda   3.50
Vietnamese Iced Coffee    3.00
Green Tea    3.00


Corona Extra   (12oz) 4.25
St. Pauli non-alcoholic   4.00
Sapporo   (16oz) 6.00
Kirin Ichiban   (12oz) 6.00
Sapporo Premium Light   (12oz) 4.25
Bud Light   (12oz) 3.75
Draft Beer sapporo  (15oz) 5.00

Wine By The Glass $5

Cabernet Sauvignon Or Merlot    
Pinot Grigio    

Daily Specials

Gaga Roll spicy shrimp, cream cheese, mango, avocado, cucumber with red and black tobiko   13.00
Hurricane Roll conch, baked mushroom, onion & creamy sauce with flying fish eggs   14.00
Hulk Roll white tuna, asparagus, avocado & cucumber. inside out with wasabi flavored green tobiko   12.00
Cold Stone Ice Sashimi (Usuzukuri) tuna, salmon, white fish (fish is thinly sliced with fresh garlic & ponzu sauce!!)   16.00
Ultimate Pair (Lunch Only) choose any 2 items from the list: 1. house salad: fresh greens with freshly made ginger dressing. 2. crab salad: cucumber and crabsticks mixed with spicy mayo sauce. 3. seaweed salad: wakame seaweed with spicy sesame dressing. 4. soba salad: mixed greens w/buckwheat noodles, olive oil, soy sauce, and black pepper with scallions. 5. ebisu soup: udon noodles w/seaweed and scallions. 6. suimono soup: clear broth with crab sticks, mushrooms and scallions. 7. gyoza soup: dumplings filled w/minced meat in broth. 8. gyoza: pan-fried dumplings filled w/minced meat. 9. shumai: steamed dumplings filled w/shrimp and vegetables. 10. shrimp tempura appetizer: 2 shrimps and 3 vegetables deep-fried. 11. edamame: boiled japanese soy beans. 12. sushi: 3 pieces of tuna or 3 pieces of salmon 13. shrimp tempura roll: shrimp tempura i/o w/sesame seeds. 14. roll combo: 4 pieces of california rolls and 4 pieces of spicy tuna rolls. 15. vegetable roll: kampyo, cucumber, carrot and avocado.   8.75
Light My Fire Roll spicy salmon, crunchy inside out with tobiko   8.50
Crunchy Roll salmon, cream cheese, and scallions deep-fried   13.00
Salmon Lovers Roll spicy salmon, crabstick, avocado, crunchy with salmon on top   12.00
Paper Moon shrimp tempura with spicy crabstick, mayo, avocado, scallion with crunchy on top   12.00
Challenger Roll shrimp tempura, eel, cream cheese, seaweed salad, inside out with crunchy on top   12.00
American Idol Roll tuna, scallion, cream cheese, asparagis, crabstick, [amlp deep-fried   13.00
Everest Roll tempura gouper, avocado, mayo with coconut flakes on top   12.00
Calle Ocho Roll crabstick, avocado, shrimp tempura, cream cheese, topped with fried sweet plantains   13.00
Ninja Roll shrimp tempura. jalapeno, cream cheese, avocado, with creamy spicy sauce in crispy tempura batter   14.00
Miracle Roll hamachi, tuna, salmon, shrimp tempura, creamy sauce, coconut topped with jalapeno and yuzu sauce   15.00
Harajuku Roll shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, avocado, cream cheese, topped with eel and avocado with eel sauce and wasabi honey   16.00
2 Roll Lunch Special (Lunch Only) pick any of these 2 rolls and your choice of miso soup or house salad 1. salmon skin roll 2. tuna roll 3. j.b roll 4. cucumber roll 5. vegetable roll 6. avocado roll 7. hamachi and scallion roll 8. california roll 9. ebi tempura roll (shrimp) 10. pga roll 11. fire roll (tuna, salmon or white fish) *(spicy) 12. bbq eel roll   10.95
Happy Hour 1 (mon-sat 5:30-7:00) (not available for to-go orders) 1. age tofu 2. edamame 3. gyoza 4. shumai 5. harumaki 6. california roll 7. vegetable roll 8. jb roll   3.50
Happy Hour 2 (mon-sat 5:30-7:00) (not available for to-go orders) 1. tempura appetizer 2. chicken yakitori 3. seaweed salad 4. scallop slider 5. light my fire roll 6. spicy tuna roll 7. tempura roll 8. tako yaki   4.75
Happy Hour 3 (mon-sat 5:30-7:00) (not available for to-go orders) 1. bbq ribs 2. chicken brown rice 3. jumping shrimp 4. spicy calamari 5. shitake noodles 6. calamari ponzu 7. kani age 8. conch fritters 9. a.t.t. salad   5.50
Happy Hour 4 (mon-sat 5:30-7:00) (not available for to-go orders) 1. tuna tataki 2. tuna quesadilla 3. spider roll 4. rainbow roll 5. sashimi sampler 6. 5 star sashimi 7. beef negimaki   7.50
Origami Roll tempura grouper, creamy sauce, avocado and cucumber inside out with red and black tobiko   15.00
Happy Hour sushi! (not available for to-go orders) 1. tuna 2. salmon 3. white tuna (escolar) 4. grouper 5. mackerel 6. tamago 7. surf clam 8. squid 9. ooctopus 10. conch 11. eel 12. shrimp  ea 1.00
Kingston Roll eel, salmon skin, cream cheese, cucumber, avocado & fried sweet plantains on top   14.00
Mybach Roll salmon, white tuna, tuna, cucumber, avocado, asparagus, crabstick, cream cheese inside out salmon, avocado & eel on top   18.00
Sumo Roll shrimp tempura, crabstick, scallions, asparagus, avocado, inside out with cream cheese & seaweed salad on top   16.00
Taiko Roll soft shell crab, avocado, cucumber, asparagus inside out topped with eel.   18.00
7100 Fairway Dr
Btwn Avenue of Champions & PGA Blvd
(561) 622-4495
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