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Hiro Maru Wan's Sushi House

  • $$
  • Japanese, Sushi
  • 3327 Sheridan St, Hollywood 33021 26.033114 -80.176476
  • (Btwn N 33rd & N 34th Ave)
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  • (954) 987-1388
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Miso     1.75
Clear     1.75
Soba     2.25
Crab & Spinach     2.25
Salmon & Vegetable     3.75
Shrimp Vegetable Udon     9.95
Vegetable Udon     7.95
Chicken Vegetable Udon     8.95


White     1.25
Brown     1.50
Sushi     2.25

Fried Rice

Chicken     8.75
Shrimp     9.75
Salmon     8.75
Crab     8.75
Vegetable     7.95
House Special     10.95


Choices Of: Soba, Udon, Or Pad Thai (Stir Fried)

N1. Vegetable     8.95
N2. Chicken     9.95
N3. Beef     10.95
N4. Shrimp     11.95
N5. Crab     9.95
N6. House Special     12.95


S1. Green Salad mixed salad    1.95
S2. Seafood Salad mixed salad with assorted susbimi    7.95
S3. Hiyashi Wakame green seaweed salad    4.95
S4. Sunomono conch or octopus with vinegar sauce    7.95
S5. Crab Sunomono crab with vinegar sauce    6.75
S6. Mixed Sunomono mixed seafood with vinegar sauce    7.95
S7. Baby Octopus marinated baby octopus    6.95
S8. Spicy Conch Or Octopus mixed with cucumber himeber sauces scallion    7.50
S9. Ika Sensei marinated squid salad with shredded carrots    6.95
S10. Crab Meat Salad crab meat mixed with mayo on top of mixed salad    6.95
S11. Pepper Seared Tuna Salad mixed salad with sliced of pepper seared tuna served with honey balsamic vinaigrette    10.95
S12. Angel Hair Cucumber Salad shredded cucumber & tossed crab meat, mango & lightly mayo    6.75

Appetizers Hot

H1. Edamame steamed soy beans    3.95
H2. Gyoza pork dumpling (6) (steamed or fried)    4.95
H3. Shumai steamed pork or shrimp dumpling (6)    3.95
H4. Harumaki spring roll (pork (3) or veggie (4))    4.50
H5. Yakitori grilled chicken skewer (2)    3.95
H6. Ebi Yakitori grilled shrimp skewer (2)    6.95
H7. Yasai Itami stir fried vegetable or steamed    4.25
H8. Vegetable Tempura vegetable deep-fried on a light butter    6.95
H9. Ebi Or Calamari Tempura shrimp 5pcs & veggie deep-fried in a light butter    7.95
H10. Dynamite mixed white fish, masago, crab, mayonnaise baked in a shell    5.95
H11. Chicken Teriyaki grilled chicken breast with teriyaki sauce    5.95
H12. Age Tofu deep fried tofu with seasoned soy sauce    3.95
H13. Soft Shell Crab deep-fried soft shell crab    6.50
H14. Soft Shell Crab deep-fried soft shell crab    6.50
H15. Salmon Teriyaki grilled 4oz. salmon in teriyaki sauce    6.95
H16. Seabass Misoyaki grilled serrabow    9.50
H17. Chicken Katsy chicken bread with japanese bread crumbs and deep fried    5.95
H18. Kalamari Teriyaki grilled fresh fillet of squid with teriyaki sauce    6.95
H19. Tiger Eye cooked fresh fillet of squid wrapped with salmon & seaweed served with ponza sauce    7.95

Appetizers Cold

C1. Pepper Seared Tuna slice pepper seared tuna with honey balsamic vinaigertte    9.95
C2. Tuna Tataki lightly grilled tuna, tina slice with ponzu sauce    8.95
C3. Beef Tataki rare beef thin slice with ponzu sauce    8.25
C4. Usuzukuri thin slice white fish with ponzu sauce    8.25
C5. Usuzukui Salmon Or Tuna     9.95
C6. Youke spicy raw beef    7.50
C7. Tuna Youke spicy raw tuna    8.50
C8. Spicy Tuna chunk tuna with spicy sauce, scallions and avocado    8.95
C9. Naruto Maki crab, salmon, masago, cream cheese, scallions, and avocado wrapped with cucumber skin in ponzu sauce    8.25
C10. Kanisu crab, avocado, mango, scallions wrapped in cucumber skin with vinegar sauce    7.95
C11. Sushi six pes of assorted sushi (chef choice)    8.95
C12. Tuna Sushi six pcs of tuna sushi    9.95
C13. Salmon Sushi six pcs of salmon sushi    9.25
C14. Escolar Sushi six pcs of herolar sushi    9.25
C15. Sashimi nine pcs of assorted sashimi (chef choice)    10.95
C16. Tuna Salami nine pcs of tuna sashimi    12.95
C17. Salmon Sashimi nine pcs of salmon sashimi    11.95
C18. Escolar Sashimi nine pcs of booster sashimi    11.95

Hiro Maru Lunch

L1. Sushi Box     9.50
L2. Sashimi Box     9.50
L3. Sushi & Sashimi Box     10.95
L4. Ebi Tempura Box     9.95
L5. Chicken Teriyaki Box     9.95
L6. Salmon Teriyaki Box     9.95

Hiro Maru Lunch

Served With Soup Or Salad And Rice

L7. Chicken     8.95
L8. Shrimp    (3) 9.25
L9. Fish     9.25


Served With Soup Or Salad And Rice

L10. Chicken     8.95
L11. Beef     10.95
L12. Salmon     9.50


Served With Soup Or Salad & Rice

L13. Chicken & Vegetable     8.95
L14. Shrimp & Vegetable     9.50
L15. Vegetable     7.95


Served With Soup Or Salad & Rice

L16. Chicken & Veggie     8.95
L17. Beef & Veggie     8.95
L18. Shrimp & Veggie     9.50
L19. Vegetable     7.95

From Sushi Bar

L20. Sushi Mori 5pcs sushi, california i/o ss    9.50
L21. Sashimi Mori 6pcs sashimi, california i/o ss    9.50
L22. Sushi & Sashimi 5 pcs sushi, 6pcs sashimi, california i/o ss    12.95

Lunch Special Plate

Served With Soup Or Salad.

L23. Salmon Plate salmon california i/o ss, 3 pcs salmon sushi, 6pcs salmon sashimi.    13.95
L24. Tuna Plate tuna california i/o ss, 3pcs tuna sushi, 6pcs tuna sashimi    15.95
L25. Rainbow Plate rainbow roll, 4pcs assorted sushi    12.95


All The Rolls With Brown Rice $1 Extra.

R1. Tuna (Only Tuna )    (8pcs) 5.50
R2. Kappa (Only Cucumber)    (8pcs) 3.95
R3. Salmon (Only Salmon)    (8pcs) 5.50
R4. Avocado (Only Avocado)    (8pcs) 4.00
R5. Vegetable avocado, spinach, asparagus, carrot & cucumber    5.25
R6. California I/O Sesame crab, cucumber & avocado    4.95
R7. California I/O Masago     5.50
R8. Eel eel, cucumber & sesame seeds    6.95
R9. Salmon Skin salmon skin, cucumber, sesame seeds & scallions    5.95
R10. Spicy Tuna tuna, scallion, kimchee sauce & sesame seeds    6.95
R11. Spicy Salmon salmon, scallions, kimchee sauce & sesame seeds    6.95
R12. B Roll salmon, scallions, cream cheese    6.95
R13. Tuna California tuna, avocado & cucumber    6.95
R14. Salmon California salmon, avocado & cucumber    6.95
R15. Jb Tempura jb roll tempura with eel sauce    8.25
R16. Negihama japanese yellow tail & scallions    8.25
R17. Boston shrimp, lettuce, spicy mayo, avocado    5.95
R18. Shrimp Tempura tempura shrimp, cucumber, avocado, spicy mayo & ff    8.25
R19. Chicken Katsu fried chicken strip, avocado cucumber    8.75
R20. Spicy Crab I/O crab, spicy sauce, tempura flake, cucumber    7.50
R21. Spider soft shell crab, cucumber, avocado, spicy mayo & ff    9.95
R22. Shrimp Roll only shrimp    5.50
R23. Rainbow salmon, white fish, tuna & avocado on top of california roll    9.95
R24. Dancing Eel bbq eel on top of california roll    9.95
R25. Dynamite baked white fish, crab, mixed with reg mayo ff    7.95
R26. Futornaki giant, roll with spinach, avocado, asparagus, tomago, crabmeat & campio    8.95
R27. Mexican I/O tempura shrimp, tomato avocado, spicy mayo, scallions    8.25
R28. Cook Tuna     6.95
R29. Cook Salmon     6.50
R30. Tempura White Fish     6.50
R31. Hawaiian ham, pineapple, fried rice    6.75

Hand Rolls

HA1. Tuna     3.50
HA2. Salmon     3.50
HA3. White Fish     3.50
HA4. Eel     3.50
HA5. JB     3.50
HA6. Cook Salmon     4.00
HA7. Kapppa     2.25
HA8. Vegetable     3.25
HA9. California     3.25
HA10. Salmon Skin     3.25
HA11. Crazy     3.95
HA12. Shrimp Tempura     3.95
HA13. Spicy Tuna     3.90
HA14. Dynamite     3.70
HA15. Negihama     3.70
HA16. Spicy Escolar     3.90
HA17. Spider For 2     9.00

Sushi & Sashimi (A La Carte)

Per Piece.

White Fish, Ebi, Crab, Ika, Inari, Saba, Tamato     1.70
Tuna, Salmon, Masago, Scallop, Condi     1.90
Hamachi, Eel Surf Clam, White Tuna, Octopus     2.20
Ikura, Amaebi (Sweet Shrimp)     2.20
Quail Egg     0.70

Sushi Bar Combo

Served With Soup Or Salad

SU1. Sushi Light 4 pcs & assorted sushi & tuna roll    11.90
SU2. Sushi Reg 10pcs & assorted sushi & tuna roll    18.90
SU3. Sushi Deluxe 12pcs & assorted sushi & tuna roll i/o ff    21.90
SU4. Sashimi Reg 15pcs assorted sashimi    23.90
SU5. Sashimi Deluxe 18pcs assorted sashimi    25.95

Sushi & Sashimi Boats

All Sushi Bar Combo Chef's Choice

For One 5 sushi / 9 sashimi, california i/o ff    23.95
For Two 12 sushi / 15 sashimi, california i/o ff, rainbow roll    45.95
For Three 15 sushi / 21 sashimi, rainbow roll, tuna roll, jb roll, california i/o ff    65.95
For Four 20 sushi / 27 sashimi, california i/0 ff, rainbow roll, jb roll, spicy tuna roll, california i/o 55    85.95

House Special Rolls

HR1. Lobster Roll tempura lobster, ff, spicy mayo, tempura flake, cucumber & avocado    20.95
HR2. Surf & Turf Roll tempura shrimp, spicy crab, tempura flake, ff, beef, tataki on top    14.95
HR3. Triple Fantasy Roll tuna, salmon, hamachi tempura roll with tempura flake, ff, spicy mayo    10.95
HR4. Gap Roll jb tempura roll top with special crab    10.95
HR5. Stan Roll jb roll top with ff, salmon avocado    9.95
HR6. Dragon Roll 2 pcs shrimp tempura, 1 pc amaebi, asparagus, ff top with avocado (allow 15 minutes)    11.95
HR7. Red Dragon Roll spicy tuna, tempura flake, cucumber, tuna on top    11.95
HR8. Black Dragon Roll tempura shrimp, cucumber, asparagus, spicy crab, eel on top    12.95
HR9. Volcano Roll crab, cream cheese, ff, asparagus, spicy crab, eel on top    12.95
HR10. Bahama Mama Roll spicy conch, octopus, shrimp, tempura flake, spicy mayo, salmon on top    12.95
HR11. Midori Roll tempura shrimp, eel, cucumber, spicy mayo, tempura flakes, avocado on top    12.95
HR12. Beauty And Beast Roll eel, tuna, asparagus, cucumber, scallion    9.95
HR13. Birthday Roll tempura shrimp, eel, avocado, cream cheese    10.50
HR14. Sheridan Roll salmon, tempura flakes, asparagus, i/o masago    7.95
HR15. Julia Roll salmon, crab, scallions, acocado, cream cheese, spicy mayo, i/o    8.95
HR16. Melissa Roll shrimp, asparagus, cucumber, campio i/o sesame seed, topped with avocado and brown rice    8.95
HR17. Father & Son Roll salmon, ikura    8.95
HR18. Florida Bay Roll shrimp, soft shell crab, asparagus, avocado, ff    10.95
HR19. Sashimi Roll salmon, tuna, hamachi, ff, scallion rolled with seaweed (no rice)    8.95
HR20. Rock & Roll Roll tuna, salmon, white fish, avocado cucumber    9.95
HR21. Crunchy Roll crab, salmon, asparagus, scallions, ff, avocado, tempura, fried ( no rice)    8.25
HR22. Pete Roll cooked salmon, crab, cucumber, scallions i/o sesame    8.95
HR23. Dina Roll tuna, shrimp crab, avocado topped with white fish    10.95
HR24. Cory Roll salmon, scallion, cream cheese, topped with tuna & avocado    11.95
HR25. Spicy Rainbow Roll spicy tuna with tuna, salmon, white fish, avocado on top    11.95
HR26. Scallop Dynamite Roll raw scallop, mixed with ff & spicy mayo    9.50
HR27. Helen's Roll california roll, topped with spicy minced tuna    10.95
HR28. Tokyo Roll shrimp katsu, cucumber, lettuce, tempura snapper on top    10.95
HR29. Tiger Roll spicy crab, tempura flakes, cucumber ff, avocado, tiger shrimp on top    9.50
HR30. Kango Tango Roll crab, cream cheese, cucumber, mayo i/0 sesame diced tuna, avocado, mango on top    10.95
HR31. Kamikaze Roll crab, avocado, cucumber, cream cheese i/o sesame, spicy salmon on top    11.95
HR32. Fuji Mountain Roll spicy tuna roll with crab, spicy mayo, ff, tempura flakes on top    11.95
HR33. Master Roll spicy crab, tempura flakes avocado, spicy tuna, tempura flakes on top    11.95
HR34. Snow White Roll snapper hamachi, wahoo, spicy mayo, ff, scallion, escolar on top    14.95
HR35. Grouper Garlic Roll fresh grouper, mixed with garlic sauce baked on top of california roll    9.95
HR36. Samurai Roll seaweed salad, ikasansai, octopus, conch, crab, cucumber i/o ff sesame    10.95

House Special Rolls

Served With Soup Or Salad

SP1. Salmon Plate spicy salmon, app 6 pcs salmon sashimi, 3 pcs salmon sushi, salmon california i/o ss    18.95
SP2. Tuna Plate spicy tuna app 6pcs tuna sashimi, 3 pcs tuna sushi, tuna california i/o ss    19.95
SP3. Escolar Plate spicy escolar app. 6 pcs escolar sashimi, 3 pcs escolar sushi, escolar california i/o ss    18.95
SP4. Lobster Plate lobster salad, tempura lobster, lobster roll    25.95
SP5. Rainbow Plate rainbow roll, 5 pcs assorted sushi    15.95
SP6. Unagi Plate dancing eel roll, 5 pcs eel sushi    16.95


Served With Soup, Salad & Rice

T1. Chicken     12.95
T2. Salmon Or Scallops Or Shrimp     13.95
T3. N.Y. Strip     13.95
T4. Lobster Teriyaki     21.95


Served With Soup, Salad & Rice

TM1. Shrimp & Vegetable     13.95
TM2. Chicken & Vegetable     11.95
TM3. Fish & Vegetable     12.95
TM4. Calamari & Vegetable     12.95
TM5. Vegetable     9.95
TM6. Combination     14.95


Served With Soup, Salad & Rice

K1. Chicken     12.95
K2. Shrimp Or Fish     13.95

Stir Fry

Served With Soup, Salad & Rice

ST1. Chicken & Vegetable     12.95
ST2. Beef & Vegetable     13.95
ST3. Scallop Or Shrimp & Vegetable     13.95
ST4. Vegetable     9.95


Served With Soup & Salad

DON1. Tekka-Don     19.95
DON2. Unagi-Don     16.95
DON3. Chirashi     21.95

Combination Special

Served With Soup Or Salad

CS1. Chicken Teriyaki, Shrimp, Tempura And California Roll I/O     19.95
CS2. Steak Teriyaki, Shrimp Tempura And California Roll I/O     20.95
CS3. Salmon Teriyaki, Shrimp Tempura And California Roll I/O     20.95
CS4. Sushi, Sashimi And Shrimp Tempura     21.95
CS5. Sushi, Sashimi, And Salmon Teriyaki     22.95
CS6. Sushi, Sashimi And Steak Teriyaki     22.95
CS7. Sushi Sashimi And Chicken Teriyaki     21.95

Sunset Dinner

Served Daily From 5pm-7pm. All Sushi Dinner Served With Soup & Salad.

SD1. Shrimp Or Chicken Tempura     9.50
SD2. Chicken Katsu     9.50
SD3. Chicken Or Salmon Teriyaki     9.50
SD4. Shrimp Or Beef Stri Fry with vegetable    9.50
SD5. Chicken Yakisoba Or Udon     8.75
All Of Above Served With Soup Salad & Rice   
SD6. Roll Special california, tuna & kappa roll    11.50
SD7. Sushi Sunset 4 pcs assorted sushi & california roll    11.50
SD8. Sashimi Sunset 10 pcs assorted sashimi    13.75
SD9. Sushi & Sashimi Sunset 3 pcs sushi & 6 pcs sashimi &california roll    14.75


Green Tea Or Red Bean Ice Cream     2.00
Vanilla Ice Cream     1.50
Tempura Ice Cream     3.75
Banana Tempura served with vanilla ice cream    3.95
Cheese Cake Tempura served with vanilla ice cream    4.75
Thai Donut     4.75
Crazy Dessert     7.50

House Wine $3.50

Sutter Hone California

White Zinfandel   
Cabernet Sauvignon   

Imported Japanese Beer

Kirin Lite    (12oz) 3.50
Krin Ichiban Sapporo    (16oz) 4.75

Imported Water & Soda

Perrier     2.00
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite     1.25
Evian (France)     2.00
Ice Tea (Free Refills)     1.50


Hiro Maru Wan's Sushi House
3327 Sheridan St
Btwn N 33rd & N 34th Ave
(954) 987-1388
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