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Hong Kong Cafe

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  • Chinese
  • 6757 SW 40th St, Miami 33155 25.733495 -80.303905
  • (Btwn SW 67th & SW 68th Ave)
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  • (305) 668-1600
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Lumpia De Veg vegetable spring roll   (2) 2.60
Rollito Chino egg roll   (2) 2.60
Camarones Fritos fantail shrimp   (6) 6.25
Costillas Ahumadas barbecued spareribs   (6) 7.25
Crane De Puerco Ahumada roast pork (boneless rib)    5.95
Alas De Pollo Fritas golden brown chicken wings   (10) 6.25
Spicy Buffalo Chicken Wings*    (10) 7.25
Honey Garlic Chicken Wings    (10) 7.25
Mariposas Fritas fried wonton   (12) 2.50
Krab Rangoon imitation crabmeat, mixed with cream cheese    4.75
Platanos Maduros Fritos fried plantains    2.75
Papa Fritas french fries   lg 3.50 sm 2.25
Empanadas China steamed dumplings   (6) 4.95
Mandarin Pan Fried Dumplings    (6) 5.25
Chorizo Chino chinese sausage   (2) 2.75
Pu Pu Platter bar-b-q spareribs (2), egg roll (2), fantail shrimp (2), chicken wings (4), crab rangoon (2)   (for 2) 9.75


Soups. Pt / Qt. With Crispy Noodle.

Special Wonton Soup shrimp, roast pork, chicken, wonton with mixed veg   qt 5.95
Sopa De Huevo egg drop soup    1.55  2.95
Sopa De Mariposas wonton soup    1.55  2.95
Sopa De Mariposas Y Huevo wonton egg drop mixed    1.95  3.75
Sopa De Agria Con Picante* hot & sour soup    2.65  4.95
Chicken Rice Soup     1.55  2.95
Sopa De Pollo O Puerco Y Fideos pork or chicken noodle soup    1.95  3.75
Sopa De Vegetables Chinos mixed vegetables soup   qt 3.95
Sopa De Mariscos Y Tofu seafood tofu soup   qt 7.95
Sopa De Crema De Maiz chicken corn cream soup   qt 5.25


Lo Mein. Lg. Fideos - Soft Egg Noodles.

Tallarines Con Vegetables vegetable lo mein    8.25
Pollo chicken lo mein    8.25
Puerco Ahumado barbecued roast pork lo mein    8.25
Carne De Res beef lo mein    9.95
Camarones shrimp lo mein    11.95
Cantonese Especial special lo mein    9.95

Poultry - Pollo $8.95

White Meat. Lg

Pollo Con Vegetables Chinos Mixtos moo goo gai pan  
Pollo Con Frijolitos Chinos chicken with bean sprouts  
Pollo Con Broccoli chicken with broccoli  

Puerco $8.95

Pork. Lg.

Roast Pork with mixed vegetables  
Roast Pork with bean sprouts  
Roast Pork with snow peas  
Pork with broccoli-puerco con broccoli  

Carne De Res

Beef. Lg

Carne De Res Con Pimiento Y Cebolla pepper steak    9.25
Carne Con Frijolitos Chinos beef with bean sprouts    9.25
Carne Con Habichuelas Chinos beef with snow peas    9.25
Came Con Salsa De Ostras beef with oyster sauce    9.25
Carne Con Broccoli beef with broccoli    9.25
Carne Con Hongo beef with straw mushrooms    10.95
Carne Con Vegetables beef with stir fried vegetables    10.95

Mariscos $11.95

Seafood. Lg.

Shrimp with mixed chinese vegetable  
Camarones Con Frijolitos Chinos shrimp with bean sprouts  
Camarones Con Salsa Chinos shrimp with black bean sauce  
Camarones En Salsa De Langosta shrimp with lobster sauce  
Camarones Con Broccoli shrimp with broccoli  
Camarones Enchiladas shrimp creole  
Shrimp with snow pea  
Sea Scallop with oyster sauce  

Vegetarian Dishes

Lg. Served With Steamed Rice

Buddha Delight fon sheenoodles, mushrooms woodears & tofu    9.25
Hon Siu Tow Fu fried to a golden brown then simmered slowly in our sauce with scallion    7.25
Hou Chap Sam Koo three kinds of imported mushrooms with our chef's sauce in a bed of cooked fresh vegetables    9.25
Sauteed Bean Sprouts With Snow Peas cooked quickly in the wok with ginger and garlic    7.25
Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables     8.25
Mixed Vegetables Szechuan Style* special diet food. assorted chinese vegetable and bean curd, mushrooms, baby corn, broccoli, pea and bamboo shoots    9.25

Arroz Frito

Fried Rice. Pt / Qt / Jumbo. We Use Big Shrimp For Fried Rice.

Vegetables fresh vegetables fried rice    13.95  6.25  3.95
Jamon ham fried rice    6.25  3.95  13.95
Puerco Ahumado pork fried rice    14.25  6.75  4.25
Pollo white meat chicken fried rice    4.75  15.90  6.95
Camarones large shrimp fried rice    15.90  6.95  4.75
Arroz Frito Especial special fried rice. combination of chicken, roast pork, shrimp and ham    6.95  4.75  15.90
Yeung Chow Fried Rice    qt 7.25
Carne De Res beef fried rice   qt 8.25
Chorizo Chino beef fried rice    6.95

Our Chef's Favorite Sprite Suggestions

Chicken $9.95 / Pork $9.95 / Beef $9.95 / Shrimp $11.95 / Scallop $11.95.

Tofu (Soft Or Crispy) bean curd cooked with ginger, scallions & our chef's special brown sauce  
Mu Shu* with eggs, sauteed with lily flower, woodear & other vegetables. served with thin chinese pan cake  
Black Bean* dressed in our chef's special hot & spicy black bean sauce  
Sesame quickly fried until crispy dressed in our chef's special sauce & top with sesame seed  
Kung Po* with peanuts & dressed in our chef's special hot & spicy sauce  
Cashew* with cashew nut delicately cooked in hoisin sauce  
Black Pepper* with onion & green pepper in brown black pepper sauce  
Mongolian* with leek and scallions on a delicious sauce    11.95  11.95  11.95  11.95  11.95
Szechuan* dressed in our chef special hot, sour & spicy sauce    10.95  10.95  10.95  11.95  11.95
Garlic Sauce* cooked quickly in the wok ginger and garlic  
Curry* cooked with pepper, onions, dressed in our chef's special hot & spicy curry sauce  
Orange* this is a mouth-watering dish, it is a crispy & prepared by our chef's special orange flavor sauce    11.95  11.95  10.95  10.95  10.95
Happy Family fresh shrimps, scallops, beef, chicken, roast pork & selected veg. in special sauce    16.95
General Tso's Chicken (White Meat)* lightly breaded chicken, fried crispy in special spicy sauce    9.95
Lemon Chicken (White Meat) lightly breaded chicken, fried crispy with a delicious lemon sauce    10.95
Seafood Triple Crown (Tres Delicias) straw mushrooms, brown mushrooms, green onion & snow pea pods with squid, jumbo shrimp & scallops in our special sauce    16.95
Chow Mein Fun (Rice Noodles) white rice noodles sauteed with ginger, scallions & bean sprouts. choice chicken or roast or beef    10.95
Dragon And Phoenix jumbo shrimp and chicken cubes, lightly marinated in wine and oyster sauce sauteed with mixed chinese vegetable delicious    14.95
Szechuan Shrimp And Scallops* fresh shrimp, scallops with straw mushrooms, baby corn, broccoli, pea pods, carrot & bamboo shoots in a hot & spicy sauce    14.95
Beef With Scallions* beef and scallions prepared in our chef's hot & spicy sauce    10.95
Mapo Tofu* bean curd, ginger, scallions & garlic in a hot & spicy meat sauce    9.95
Singapore Noodle* rice noodles sauteed with shrimp, roast pork, chicken & spices curry sauce    10.95
Peking Shrimp fresh shrimp in our chef's special delicious peking sauce    11.95

Chow Mein Or Chop Suey

Lg. With White Rice Crispy Noodles

Pollo white meat chicken chop suey    8.95
Puerco Ahumado roast pork chop suey    8.95
Camarones shrimp chop suey    11.95
Carne De Res beef chop suey    10.95
Vegetables Chop Suey vegetables    8.25
Cantonese Especial cantonese special chop suey. (combination of chicken, roast pork, shrimp)    9.95

Egg Foo Young

Chinese Omelette-Tortilla China

Vegetables vegetables egg foo young    7.75
Mushroom Egg Foo Young     7.75
Tortilla China De Cerdo Asado roast pork egg foo young    7.75
Tortilla China De Pollo chicken egg foo young    7.75
Tortilla China De Camarones shrimp egg foo young    8.75
Especial special egg foo young. combination of chicken, roast pork, shrimp    8.75


Sweet And Sour. Lg

Agridulce sweet & sour pork    8.95
Camarones sweet & sour shrimp    11.95
Pollo sweet & sour chicken    8.95
Honey Garlic Chicken    sm 5.75 lg 8.95

Healthy Menu

Lg. Served With Steamed Rice And House Dipping Sauce On The Side. No M.S.G., Salt, Oil, Sugar And Corn Starch.

Steamed Broccoli     6.25
Steamed Mixed Vegetables     8.25
Steamed Chicken with mixed vegetables    8.95
Steamed Roast Pork with mixed vegetables    8.95
Steamed Chicken with broccoli (white meat)    8.95
Steamed Chicken & Shrimp with mixed veg    11.95
Steamed Shrimp with mixed vegetables    11.95
Steamed Seafood with mixed vegetables    16.95
Steamed Scallop, And Shrimp with broccoli    12.95

Side Order, Beer & Dessert

Our Original Recipe Form New York City Rich, Creamy & Light

Soft Drink    (2 lt sodas) 2.45 (12oz can) 1.00
Steamed White Rice    qt 2.75 pt 1.75
Crispy Noodles    bag 0.75
Pineapple Chunks     1.50
Import Beef     2.50
Domestic Beer     1.95
Cheese Cake     2.75

Special Chinese American Dish

Please Order By Number. We Use Big Shrimp For Fried Rice.

A1. Fried Wings (6) plain by itself    3.95
A1. Fried Wings (6) with french fries or sweet plantains    4.95
A1. Fried Wings (6) with pork or ham fried rices    6.25
A1. Fried Wings (6) with shrimp or vege fried rice.    7.55
A2. Spicy Buffalo Chicken Wings (6) plain by itself    5.25
A2. Spicy Buffalo Chicken Wings (6) with french fries or sweet plantains    5.95
A2. Spicy Buffalo Chicken Wings (6) with pork or ham fried rices    7.25
A2. Spicy Buffalo Chicken Wings (6) with shrimp or vege fried rice.    8.55
A3. Honey Garlic Chicken Wings (6) plain by itself    5.25
A3. Honey Garlic Chicken Wings (6) with french fries or sweet plantains    5.95
A3. Honey Garlic Chicken Wings (6) with pork or ham fried rices    7.25
A3. Honey Garlic Chicken Wings (6) with shrimp or vege fried rice.    8.55

Lunch Special

Served Until 3pm. (Except Sunday & Holiday) Please Order By Number. No Substitution Allowed.

1. Chicken With Broccoli pork fried rice    4.95
2. Chicken Lo Mein pork fried rice    4.95
3. Shrimp With Broccoli pork fried rice    5.95
4. Beef With Broccoli pork fried rice    5.95
5. Mixed Veg.S with or shrimp or beef, pork fried rice    5.95
6. Bbq Spare Ribs pork fried rice   (3) 5.95
7. Fantail Shrimp (3), BBQ Spare Ribs (3), Egg Roll, Pork Fried Rice     8.95
8. Pepper Steak pork fried rice    5.95
9. Shrimp With Lobster Sauce pork fried rice    5.95
10. Sweet & Sour Pork Pork Fried Rice     4.95
11. Honey Garlic Chicken (White Meat) pork fried rice    4.95
12. Golden Brown Chicken Wings pork fried rice   (4) 4.95
14. Cashew Chicken* pork fried rice    5.95
15. Kung Po Chicken Or Shrimp* pork fried rice    5.95
16. General Tso's Chicken* pork fried rice    5.95
17. Sesame Chicken pork fried rice    5.95
18. Sweet & Sour Chicken pork fried rice    4.95
19. Curry Chicken Or Beef Or Shrimp pork fried rice    5.95
20. Szechuan Veg.S with chicken or beef or shrimp, pork fried rice    5.95

Combination Platters

All Rice Substitution Will Be Charged Extra. Steamed White Rice Upon Request. Please Order By Number. Egg Roll, Pork Fried Rice * Hot & Spicy (Picante)

1. Chicken With Broccoli     7.95
2. Chicken Lo Mein     7.95
3. Shrimp With Broccoli     8.95
4. Beef With Broccoli     8.95
5. Mixed Veg.S With Chicken Or Shrimp Or Beef     8.95
6. BBQ Spare Ribs    (4) 7.95
7. Fantail Shrimp (3), BBQ Spare Ribs (3)     8.95
8. Pepper Steak     8.95
9. Shrimp With Lobster Sauce     8.95
10. Sweet & Sour Pork     7.95
11. Honey Garlic Chicken (White Meat)     7.95
12. Golden Brown Chicken Wings    (6) 7.95
14. Cashew Chicken*     8.95
15. Kung Po Chicken*     8.95
16. General Tso's Chicken*     8.95
17. Sesame Chicken     8.95
18. Sweet & Sour Chicken     7.95
19. Curry Chicken Or Beef Or Shrimp     8.95
20. Szechuan Veg.S With Chicken Or Beef*     8.95


Hong Kong Cafe
6757 SW 40th St
Btwn SW 67th & SW 68th Ave
(305) 668-1600
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