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House of Sun

  • $$
  • Chinese
  • 15440 NW 77th Ct, Miami Lakes 33016 25.914002 -80.327251
  • (At Miami Lakes Dr W)
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  • (305) 822-2613
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Spring Egg Roll    ea 1.45
Fried Crab Meat Pastry imitation crab   (8) 6.00
Fried Wontons    (12) 3.50
Roast Pork sliced    7.25
Chinese Sausage    (2) 5.25
Fantail Shrimp    (6) 7.95
Teriyaki Beef    (5) 7.95
Chicken Wings    (10) 7.25
Mandarin Hot Wings*     8.25
Meat Dumplings steamed or pan fried   (6) 6.95
Barbeque Spare Ribs    (6) 7.95
Honey Garlic Ribs     8.25
Honey Garlic Chicken Wings     8.25


With Fried Noodles.

Wonton Soup     3.15  4.50
Egg Drop Soup     2.95  4.25
Wonton And Egg Drop Soup     3.50  5.25
Hot & Sour Soup*     3.75  5.25
Chinese Vegetable Soup     3.75  5.75
House Special Soup     6.75
Chicken Corn Egg Drop Soup     6.75
Chicken Or Roast Pork Noodle Soup     5.60
Special Seafood Soup     8.25

Pu Pu Tray $14.95

For Two. A Delightful Assortment Of Appetizers. For Each Additional Person $7.

Barbeque Spare Ribs   
Spring Egg Rolls   
Fantail Shrimp   
Chicken Wings   
Teriyaki Beef   
Crab Meat Pastry   
Fried Wonton   

A La Carte

All A La Carte Dishes Are Served With Steamed Rice. Add $3.50 To Any A La Carte For A Complete Dinner, With Choice Of Egg Drop Or Wonton Soup; Spring Egg Roll Or Chicken Wings; Roast Pork Fried Rice Or Steamed Rice, And Fortune Cookies.

Fruit Of The Sea     14.75
Shrimp with scallops    14.75
Sa Cha Shrimp*     12.75
Lake Tung Ting Shrimp     12.75
Shrimp In Chili Sauce*     12.75
Imperial Shrimp     12.75
Rainbow Shrimp     12.75
Szechuan Shrimp*     12.75
Kung Pao Shrimp*     12.75
Shrimp with snow peas    12.75
Shrimp with broccoli    12.75
Shrimp with fresh mushrooms    12.75
Shrimp with mixed chinese vegetables    12.75
Shrimp with cashew nuts    12.75
Shrimp with lobster sauce    12.75
Shrimp with black bean sauce    12.75
Shrimp* with curry sauce    12.75
Scallops Cantonese     14.75
Squid In Any Style     12.75

Pork $10.95

Double Cooked Chung King Pork*   
Scallion Pork   
Pork with chef's sauce  
Szechuan Pork*   
Roast Pork with fresh mushrooms  
Roast Pork with chinese vegetables  
Roast Pork with snow peas  
Pork with bean sprouts  
Pork* with spicy garlic sauce  


All Dishes Are Served With Steamed Rice.

Steak Kew     14.75
Pepper Steak     11.50
Sa Cha Beef*     11.50
Szechuan Beef*     11.50
Subgum Beef     11.50
Curry Beef*     11.50
Kong Pao Beef*     11.50
Hunan Beef*     11.50
Mongolian Beef     11.50
Beef with scallops    14.75
Beef with broccoli    11.50
Beef with snow peas    11.50
Beef with string beans    11.50
Beef with fresh mushrooms    11.50
Beef with mixed chinese vegetables    11.50
Beef with black bean sauce    11.50
Beef* with spicy garlic sauce    11.50


Bourbon Chicken     10.95
Almond Chicken     10.95
Moo Goo Gai Pan     10.95
Kong Pao Chicken*     10.95
Szechuan Chicken*     10.95
Sa Cha Chicken*     10.95
Hunan Chicken*     10.95
Chicken* with curry sauce    10.95
Chicken with black bean sauce    10.95
Hawaii Chicken     10.95
Honey Garlic Chicken     10.95
Honey Walnut Chicken     10.95
Cashew Chicken     10.95
Lemon Chicken     10.95
Chicken* with spicy garlic sauce    10.95
Chicken with broccoli    10.95
Chicken with snow peas    10.95
Chicken with fresh mushrooms    10.95
Chow Gai Kew     10.95
Crispy Duck    whole 20.25 half 12.75

Vegetable $9.25

Garden Green   
Sauteed Broccoli   
Bean Curd Mandarin Style   
Broccoli with fresh mushroom in oyster sauce  
Szechuan Vegetable*   

Fried Rice

Pt / Qt / Bucket.

Vegetable     7.75  4.75  16.00
Chicken, Pork Or Ham     16.00  7.75  4.95
Beef     5.25  16.00  7.95
Shrimp     16.00  8.25  5.25
Special     8.25  5.25  16.00
Seafood    qt 10.95
Jumbo Shrimp    qt 10.95
Steamed Rice    pt 2.00 qt 3.50

Chow Mein

Pt / Qt.

Vegetable     8.50  4.95
Chicken Or Pork     4.95  8.75
Beef     5.75  8.95
Shrimp     5.75  9.25
Special     6.25  9.50

Egg Foo Young


Vegetable     8.95
Chicken Or Pork     9.95
Shrimp     10.75
Special     11.25

Lo Mein

Pt / Qt. Soft Noodle.

Plain Lo Mein     4.00  7.50
Vegetable     5.25  8.50
Chicken Or Pork     5.25  8.50
Beef     5.75  8.95
Shrimp     5.75  9.25
Special     5.75  9.50
Seafood    qt 11.95

Chop Suey

Pt / Qt.

Vegetable     8.25  5.25
Chicken Or Pork     8.75  5.25
Beef     9.25  5.75
Shrimp     9.95  5.75
Special     6.25  10.50

Moo Shu

With Four Thin Homemade Pancakes.

Vegetable     11.50
Chicken Or Pork     11.95
Beef     12.95
Shrimp     12.95
Special     13.95
Seafood     14.95

Pan Fried Noodle Or Chow Ho Fun

Flat Rice Noodles.

Vegetable     11.50
Chicken Or Pork     12.25
Beef     12.75
Shrimp     13.95
Special     13.95
Seafood     16.95
Singapore Rice Noodle*     14.25

Sweet & Sour

Chicken     10.95
Pork     10.95
Shrimp     11.25
Combination     11.50

Beverages And Desserts

Coke, Sprite, Diet Coke     1.25
Fresh Daily, Homemade Iced Tea with lime    1.25
Almond Cookie     0.50
Fortune Cookie In Bag Of 12     2.50
Lychee     4.50
Fried Ice Cream     5.95
Fried Banana Or Fried Pineapple     5.95

Chef 's Specialties

Add $3.50 For Complete Dinner With Choice Of Egg Drop Or Wonton Soup, Spring Egg Roll Or Chicken Wings; Roast Pork Fried Rice Or Steamed Rice, And Fortune Cookies. All Dishes Served With Steamed Rice.

Happy Family combination of tender chicken, beef, shrimp, broccoli, and pea pods in special sauce    14.25
Sub Gum Wonton golden fried wonton topped with chicken, beef, shrimp, pork, water chestnuts, and vegetables in special brown sauce    14.25
Seven Stars Around The Moon beef, scallops and various vegetables in brown sauce with large deep fried shrimp around the dish    23.95
Shrimp Versus Beef Hunan Style two dishes in one. sauteed shrimp with hot chili sauce and shredded beef in hot sauce    14.25
Mandarin String Bean with or without shredded pork. string beans and pork stir fried in special sauce    11.25
Eggplant Szechuan Style* with or without shredded pork. eggplant with pork in special szechuan sauce    11.25
Sesame Chicken chunks of tender boneless chicken marinated in special sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds    12.50
Shredded Sesame Chicken     12.95
Orange Chicken*     12.50
Orange Beef*     12.95
General Tso's Chicken* the general's favorite dish. tender chunks of boneless chicken marinated in a special sauce    12.50
Four Treasures* four dishes in one, shrimp, chicken, beef and pork with mixed vegetables sauteed in hot szechuan sauce    14.25
Chicken Pepperda* shredded chicken with green & red pepper and snow peas in spicy sauce    11.25
Empress Chicken* chicken and mixed vegetables in orange flavor spicy sauce    11.25
House Special Ribs chunks of ribs chinese style. tender and crispy    11.50
Sauteed Two Delight shrimp and chicken sauteed with chinese vegetables    11.95
Honey Two Delight breaded shrimp and chicken sauteed in honey garlic sauce and topped with sesame seeds    11.95
House Special Steak boneless prime rib sliced, sauteed with broccoli, bamboo shoots, fresh mushrooms, snow peas, and chinese cabbage in brown sauce    17.95
Honey Walnuts Shrimp a traditional favorite dish, with jumbo shrimp marinated with our special mayonnaise sauce, lightly fried and topped with glazed honey walnuts    13.25
Peking Chicken fried boneless chicken marinated with our special sauce on a bed of mixed chinese vegetables    11.25
Double Happiness* shrimp and chicken and diced vegetables in orange flavor spicy sauce    12.75

Vegetables $6.25

Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables   
Steamed Mixed Vegetables   
Sauteed Broccoli   
Szechuan Mixed Vegetables*   

Pork $6.50

Pork Szechuan*   
Scallion Pork   
Pork with bean sprouts  
Twice Cooked Pork*   
Sweet & Sour Pork   
Pork with chinese vegetables  
Pork* with spicy garlic sauce  

Chicken $6.50

Bourbon Chicken   
Honey Garlic Chicken   
Moo Goo Gai Pan   
Kong Pao Chicken*   
Szechuan Chicken*   
Curry Chicken*   
Chicken with black bean sauce  
Chicken Breast   
Sweet & Sour Chicken   
Chicken with cashew nuts  
Chicken with broccoli  
Lemon Chicken   
Chicken Chow Mein   
Chicken* with spicy garlic sauce  

Beef $6.75

Pepper Steak   
Beef with broccoli  
Beef with fresh mushroom  
Szechuan Beef*   
Beef* in curry sauce  
Mongolian Beef   
Beef* with spicy garlic sauce  
Beef with chinese vegetables  

Seafood $7.50

Fish Filet   
Squid with black bean sauce  
Sweet & Sour Shrimp   
Shrimp with broccoli  
Curry Shrimp*   
Curry Squid*   
Shrimp with lobster sauce  
Shrimp with black bean sauce  
Kong Pao Shrimp*   
Shrimp with chinese vegetables  
Szechuan Shrimp*   

Combination Dinner

Served With Choice Of Egg Drop Or Wonton Soup, Spring Egg Roll; Roast Pork Fried Rice Or Steamed Rice & Fortune Cookies. * Hot And Spicy. We Can Alter The Spice According To Your Taste. No Substitutions Please.

1. Garden Greens     8.95
2. Chicken Or Pork Chow Mein     9.50
3. Chicken Or Pork Lo Mein     9.50
4. Sweet & Sour Chicken Or Pork     9.50
5. Honey Garlic Chicken     9.95
6. Moo Goo Gai Pan     10.50
7. Chicken with fresh broccoli    10.50
8. Chicken with mixed vegetables    10.50
9. Szechuan Chicken Or Pork*     10.50
10. Kong Pao Chicken*     10.50
11. Roast Pork with mixed vegetables    10.50
12. Scallion Pork     10.50
13. Beef with fresh broccoli or mixed chinese vegetables    11.50
14. Szechuan Beef*     11.50
15. Beef In Spicy Garlic Sauce*     11.50
16. Mongolian Beef Or Pepper Steak     11.50
17. Shrimp with lobster sauce    12.25
18. Shrimp with fresh broccoli    12.25
19. Szechuan Shrimp*     12.25
20. Rainbow Shrimp     12.25
21. B.B.Q. Ribs (3), Fantail Shrimp (3), Chicken (2), Crab Meat Pastry (2)     12.25
22. Fish Filet     10.95
23. Bourbon Chicken     9.95


House of Sun
15440 NW 77th Ct
At Miami Lakes Dr W
(305) 822-2613
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