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Japan Inn

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  • Japanese, Thai, Sushi
  • 1781 N University Dr, Plantation FL33322 26.1432899 -80.2570574
  • (At W Sunrise Blvd)
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  • (954) 424-8855
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Lunch Roll Special $9.50

Two Rolls & Soup Or Salad.

1. California Roll    
2. California Inside Out with sesame seeds   
3. California Inside Out with fish eggs   
4. Vegetable Roll    
5. Japanch Roll    
6. Eel Roll    
7. Tuna Roll    
8. Salmon Skin Roll    
9. Shrimp Tempura Roll    
10. Mexican Roll    
11. Spicy Tuna Roll    
12. Tuna California Roll    
13. Salmon California Roll    
14. Hot Tuna Crunch Roll    
15. Tempura Japanch Roll    


Petite Lunch choice of one roll (from the lunch roll special menu) with soup & salad   6.95

Gold Finger Combination $8.95

Choice Of 3 Pieces Of Sushi And 1 Roll (From The Lunch Roll Special Menu) With Soup Or Salad.

Imitation Crab    
Egg Omelet    

Lunch Box

All Entrees Served With Soup Or Salad, Edamame, Cucumber Roll, White Rice Or Fried Rice And Fresh Fruits (No Substitutions Please)

1. Chicken chargrilled, stir fried with vegetables, or katsu style   6.95
2. Pork, Fish Or Beef chargrilled, stir fried with vegetables, or katsu style   7.95
3. Tempura Shrimp & Vegetables    7.95
4. Stir Fried Shrimp    7.95
5. Stir Fired Scallops    9.50
6. Sushi & Roll    9.50
7. Sashimi & Roll    9.50

Gourmet Lunch Box $9.50

Includes Tempura Shrimp And Vegetables, California Roll With Sesame Seeds, Soup Or Salad, Edamame And Fresh Fruits (No Substitutions Please). Choice Of One:

1. Chicken    
2. Beef    
3. Pork    
4. Fish    
5. Sushi    
6. Sashimi    
7. Gyoza dumplings   
8. Harumaki egg rolls   

Lunch 3 Combo Thai & Japanese $11.95

Served With Soup Or Salad, Edamame, & Fresh Fruits. Choose One Of Each A. B. And C.

A. Sushi 4pcs Or Sashimi 7pcs Or One Roll from the lunch roll sp menu   
B. From Japanese Grill 1. shrimp tempura & vegetables, 2. gyoza, 3. egg roll (harumaki), 4. choice of pork or beef or fish   
C. From Thai Grill 1. chicken pad thai, 2. chicken drunken noodles, 3. two chicken satay skewers, 4. chicken panang curry   

Thai Lunch

1. Vegetables And Tofu $6.95, 2. Chicken Or Pork $8.95, 3. Shrimp Or Squid Or Beef $9.95, 4. Choice Of Any Two $10.95. Cooked To Your Choice & Served With Rice & Soup Or Salad.

Red Curry * cooked with coconut milk in red curry   
Panang Curry * coconut milk in a sweet panang curry sauce   
Pad Thai (no rice). famous thai dish with rice noodles, eggs, bean sprouts, scallions and ground peanut   
Drunken Noodle rice noodles sauteed with broccoli and bean sprouts   
Basil Leaves & Pepper choice of meat sauteed with peppers, onions, basil leaves, scallions and snow peas   
Tofu With Asian Eggplants sauteed tofu with mushroom, scallions, bell pepper and eggplant   
Ginger Sauce choice of meat sauteed with ginger, onion, mushrooms, pepper and scallions   
Cashew Nut sauteed cashew nuts, carrots, peppers, onions and snow peas   
Volcano * sauteed with homemade chili sauce on top of mixed vegetables   
Mixed Vegetables sauteed mixed vegetables in a tasty brown sauce   

Thai Lunch Special $9.50

Served With Rice And Soup Or Salad.

1. Curry Fish Or Salmon Crispy Fish * topped with red curry   
2. Volcano Fish Crispy Fish * topped with homemade chili sauce   
3. Basil Duck The Best Around. Crispy Duck Glazed with basil and peppers   
4. Curry Duck Crispy Duck * topped with red curry sauce   
5. Volcano Duck Sauteed * with homemade chili sauce atop mixed vegetables   

Lunch 3 Comb Thai & Japanese $11.95

Served With Soup Or Salad, Edamame, & Fresh Fruits.

1. Sushi Appetizer   (5pcs) 9.95
2. Sashimi Appetizer   (9pcs) 9.95
3. Grilled Tuna & Sesame Seeds served atop a bed of fresh salad   9.95
4. Spicy Tuna & Cucumber * served atop a bed of fresh salad   9.95
5. Conch, Octopus & Fish Eggs * mixed with spicy mayo   8.95
6. Tuna Tataki   (9pcs) 9.50
7. Salmon Capriccio hori's style fresh salmon, flying fish eggs, mayo and scallions topped with ginger sauce   8.95
8. Wasabi Ceviche * mixed raw fish, avocado, asparagus, red bell pepper, cucumber, flying fish eggs, wasabi sauce   9.25
9. Sunomono (Cold) choice of conch, octopus, imitation crab, or a mix of all, served cold with cucumber and refreshing   6.50


Appetizers From The Asian Kitchen

1. Avocado Egg Rolls avocado, lettuce and spicy mayo wrapped in wonton skins then deep fried   7.50
2. Satay Skewers chicken, beef, or mix of thai bbq served with peanut sauce and refreshing cucumber salad  (5) 8.95
3. Crispy Wahoo * deep fried wahoo with our own special sauce. it's a chef recommendation!   8.95
4. Crab Angels fried crab wontons make in excellent start to any thai meal   4.95
5. Thai Spring Roll large rolls stuffed with white cabbage, carrot, celery and clear noodles   6.50
6. Shrimp In Blanket golden wrapped shrimp stuffed with imitation crab and minced chicken   8.95
7. Crispy Green Beans Fries snappy green beans are breaded and deep-fried   5.95
8. Chicken In Cool Lettuce Wraps minced chicken, shitake, mushrooms, scallions, water chestnuts with spicy soy sauce   7.95
9. Age Tofu deep-fried bean curd with special broth   4.95
10. Chicken Liver stir-fried with scallions and bean sprouts   5.95
11. Edamame steamed soybeans   4.00
12. Calamari Garlic Yaki stir-fried calamari   6.95
13. Calamari Tempura    6.95
14. Spicy Squid * charcoal grilled squid with spicy sauce atop salad   6.95
15. Soft Shell Crab deep fried with ponzu sauce  (2pcs) 9.95
16. Tempura deep fried shrimp or chicken with vegetables   7.95
17. Coconut Shrimp    7.95
19. Harumaki japanese-style egg rolls   6.50
20. Gyoza Dumpling   (5pcs) 5.95
21. Shumai    4.95
22. Yellowtail Kama Jaw   (2pcs) 10.95
23. Pad Thai rice noodles with eggs, bean sprouts, scallions, and ground peanuts   8.95
24. Drunken Noodles rice noodles sauteed with broccoli and bean sprouts   8.95

Rolls & Hand Rolls

1. California Roll

A. California Roll imitation crab, avocado, cucumber (hand roll) 3.50 roll 4.95
B. California Roll Inside Out with sesame seeds  roll 5.45
C. California Roll Inside Out with fish eggs  roll 5.95
D. Tuna California Roll tuna, avocado, cucumber (hand roll) 4.50 roll 6.50
E. Salmon California Roll salmon avocado, cucumber (hand roll) 4.50 roll 6.50
F. Volcano Roll california roll topped with dynamite  roll 10.50

2. Conch, Cooked Shrimp & Imitation Crab Roll

A. Boston Roll cooked shrimp, lettuce, cucumber, avocado and mayo inside out with sesame seeds (hand roll) 4.50 roll 6.95
B. Miami Hurricane tempura imitation crab, shrimp, lettuce, cucumber, cream cheese, scallions and spicy mayo inside out with sesame seeds  roll 8.95
C. Florida Roll conch and fish eggs mixed with mayo (hand roll) 4.50 roll 7.50

3. Tuna & Spicy Tuna Roll

A. Tuna Roll  (hand roll) 4.95 roll 7.25
B. Spicy Tuna Roll tuna, cucumber, scallions and spicy sauce (hand roll) 4.95 roll 7.25
C. Hot Tuna Crunch Roll tuna, scallions, fish eggs, spicy mayo and tempura flakes  roll 9.95
E. Ichiro 51 spicy tuna inside and tuna on top  roll 10.95

4. Yellow Tail Roll

A. Hamachi Scallion Roll yellow tail and scallions (hand roll) 5.95roll 9.95
B. Mari-Chan Roll yellow tail, asparagus, avocado and scallion inside out with fish eggs  roll 9.95

5. Eel Roll

With Eel Sauce.

A. Eel Roll bbq ell and cucumber (hand roll) 4.50roll 7.50
B. Dancing Eel Roll california roll with bbq eel on top  (hand roll) 9.95
C. Hori's Roll eel, cream cheese, asparagus inside out with sesame seeds  (hand roll) 7.50


A. Vegetable Roll asparagus, cucumber, avocado and japanese squash (hand roll) 3.50roll 4.95

7. Salmon & Salmon Skin Roll

Hand Roll / Roll

A. Japanch Roll salmon, cream cheese, avocado  4.50 7.50
B. Salmon Roll salmon and lettuce  4.50 6.50
C. Salmon Skin Roll salmon skin and cucumber  3.00 4.00

8. Diet Roll

Roll. Without Rice.

A. Cuke Eel Roll eel, imitation crab and avocado rolled in sliced cucumber with rice vinegar sauce   9.95
B. Cuke Salmon Roll salmon, imitation crab, avocado and fish eggs rolled in sliced cucumber with rice vinegar sauce   9.95
C. Summer Roll cooked shrimp, cucumber, carrot, avocado, imitation crab asparagus, and lettuce rolled in rice paper   9.95
D. Kanisu Roll imitation crab, avocado, fish eggs rolled in sliced cucumber   8.95

9. Assorted Fish Roll

A. Rainbow Roll imitation crab and cream cheese inside out topped with tuna, salmon, white fish and avocado  roll 9.95
B. Dream Roll avocado and fish eggs inside out and topped with tuna, salmon and yellow tail  roll 9.95
C. Dynamite Roll fish and eggs mixed with mayo and baked (hand roll) 4.50roll 8.95

10. Tempura Roll

Roll. With Eel Sauce.

A. Shrimp Tempura Roll  (hand roll) 4.50roll 6.95
B. Mexican Roll shrimp tempura, avocado and spicy mayo (hand roll) 4.50roll 8.50
C. Fox Roll shrimp tempura, imitation crab, avocado, mayo, cucumber, lettuce inside out with fish eggs   8.95
D. Dragon Roll shrimp tempura, fish eggs, cucumber and spicy mayo   8.95
E. Green Dragon Roll dragon roll inside out with avocado on top   8.95
F. Red Dragon Roll dragon roll inside out with tuna on top   10.95
G. Orange Dragon Roll dragon roll inside out with salmon on top   9.95
H. Tempura Tokyo Roll eel, cream cheese and avocado   8.95
I. Tempura Japanch Roll salmon, cream cheese and avocado   8.50
J. Spider Roll soft shell crab, imitation crab, avocado, mayo, cucumber, lettuce inside out out with fish eggs   9.95
K. Pink Panther Roll shrimp tempura, ginger, avocado, spicy mayo inside out with sesame seeds (hand roll) 4.95roll 8.95
I. Celebration Roll shrimp tempura, eel, avocado, cream cheese, cucumber, inside out with sesame seeds and tempura flakes   9.95
M. Soft Shell Crab Roll soft shell and cucumber with eel sauce (hand roll) 4.95roll 8.95
N. Crispy Crunch Roll tuna, imitation crab, avocado and cream cheese fried with katsu breadcrumbs   9.95

Dinner Roll Special $13.95

Two Rolls Served With Soup Or Salad.

1. California Roll    
2. California Inside Out with sesame seeds   
3. California Inside Out with fish eggs   
4. Vegetable Roll    
5. Japanch Roll    
6. Eel Roll    
7. Hamachi Scallions Roll    
8. Tuna Roll    
9. Cucumber Roll    
10. Spicy Tuna Roll    
11. Salmon Skin Roll    
12. Salmon Roll    
13. Florida Roll    
14. Dynamite Roll    
15. Shrimp Tempura Roll    
16. Boston Roll    
17. Soft Shell Crab Roll    
18. Mexican Roll    
19. Tuna California Roll    
20. Salmon California Roll    
21. Hot Tuna Crunch Roll    
22. Tempura Japanch Roll    

Dinner 3 Combination $16.75

Served With Soup Or Salad, Edamame, And Fresh Fruits Choice Of One From A And Two From B.

A. Sushi 5p Or Sashimi 9p Or One Roll from the dinner roll sp menu   
B. Tempura gyoza, harumaki, age tofu, ribs, chicken, beef, pork, fish chicken satay chicken panang curry, chicken pad thai, chicken drunken noodles   

Thai & Japanese Dinner Combo

Served With Soup Or Salad, Edamame, And Fresh Fruits. Sushi 5p & Sashimi 9p & Cal Roll / Ss & Choice Of One:

A. Chicken Or Beef Pad Thai    18.95
B. Chicken Or Beef Drunken Noodle    18.95
C. Coconut Shrimp & Vegetables Tempura    18.95
D. Chicken Panang Curry    18.95
E. Shrimp Tempura & Vegetables    18.95
F. Beef, Chicken, Fish Or Pork char grilled or katsu style   18.95
G. Lobster Teriyaki & Vegetables    22.95

Children's Box $9.25

For Children 10 & Under Includes Clear Soup Or Salad, Fried Rice, Edamame, And Ice Cream.

Teriyaki Chicken    
Two Skewers Chicken Satay    



Seasoned Rice Balls Topped With Assorted Filets Of Fresh Fish. Served With Soup Or Salad.

1. Sushi Combo 7 pieces of sushi, tuna california roll /ss, 1 hand roll   16.95
2. Sushi Combo Deluxe 10 pieces of sushi, california roll with fish eggs, 1 hand roll   18.95
3. Chirashi sushi rice in a bowl topped with assorted raw fish   16.95
4. Vegetarian Sushi Platter 5 pieces of sushi and 2 rolls (vega roll, cucumber roll)   12.95
5. Gold Finger Combo choice of one roll from roll special section and 6 pieces of sushi   16.95


Assorted Filets Of Fresh Fish Of The Day Served With Soup Or Salad And Rice.

1. Tuna Tataki 16 pieces of thin slices of tuna with ponzu sauce   17.95
2. Usuzukuri Sashimi 16 pieces of very thin sliced filets of raw white fish, tuna, and salmon   17.95
3. Sashimi Combo a. assorted fresh fish  (16pcs) 18.95
b. tuna only  (16pcs) 19.95
c. salmon only  (16pcs) 19.95
d. hamachi combo (yellow tail)  (16pcs) 22.95
4. Sashimi Combo Deluxe 18 pieces and 2 types of special appetizers   22.95
5. Sushi & Sashimi Combo 7 pieces of sushi, 10 pieces of sashimi, california roll with fish eggs, 1 hand roll   21.95
6. Sushi & Sashimi Deluxe   (for 2) 42.95
7. Special Sashimi Deluxe   (for 2) 42.95
8. Special Sushi Deluxe   (for 2) 42.95

Sushi & Sashimi A-La-Carte

Tofu    2.00
Asparagus    2.00
Alfalfa Sprouts    2.00
Inari bean curd & rice   2.00
Avocado Wahoo    2.00
Cobia    2.00
Conch    2.00
Imitation Crab    2.00
Tomato    2.00
Octopus    2.00
Squid    2.00
Shrimp    2.50
Salmon    2.50
Baby Octopus    2.50
Tuna    2.50
Eel    2.50
Flying Fish Eggs    2.50
Escolar    2.50
Hamachi yellow tail   3.00
Scallop    3.00
Sweet Shrimp    3.00
Surf Clam    3.00
Ikura salmon roe   3.50
Uni sea urchin   3.50

From The Japanese Kitchen

Beef, Chicken, Pork & Seafood

Char Grilled Or Stir Fried With Vegetables Served With Soup Or Salad, And Rice Fried Rice Or Brown Rice.

1. Grilled Chicken    14.95
2. Sirloin Steak   (10oz) 16.50
3. Grilled Garlic Mushroom Sirloin Steak   (10oz) 17.50
4. Salmon Steak    17.50
5. Steak & Chicken Combination    17.50
6. Steak & Shrimp Combination    17.50
7. Steak & Scallops Combination    18.50
8. Steak & Lobster Combination    23.50
9. Chicken & Shrimp Combination    16.95
10. Shrimp & Lobster Combination    23.50
11. Filet Mignon    19.50
12. Filet Mignon & Shrimp Combination    23.50

Tempura & Katsu

Tempura Is Delicately Fried In Light Batter Served With Soup Or Salad, And Rice, Fried Rice Or Brown Rice.

1. Vegetables Tempura    11.95
2. Chicken & Vegetables Tempura    14.95
3. Shrimp Vegetables Tempura    16.95
4. Seafood Tempura Combination shrimp, imitation crab, fish, calamari and vegetables   18.95
5. Shrimp chicken & vegetables tempura combo   16.95
6. Katsu Chicken Or Pork deep fried choice of meat with our special crispy crumbs   14.95
7. Coconut Shrimp & Vegetables Tempura    17.95
8. Twin Lobster Tempura    25.95

Chef's Healthy Recommendations

Bamboo Steamed Dishes. Served With Soup Or Salad, And Rice, Fried Rice Or Brown Rice.

1. Tofu & Vegetables    11.50
2. Salmon & Vegetables    17.50
3. Flounder & Vegetables    16.50
4. Seafood & Vegetables shrimp, scallops and fish   19.50
5. Seabass & Vegetables    19.50
6. Twin Lobster & Vegetables    25.95


From The Thai Kitchen

Beef, Chicken, Pork & Seafood.

Thai Stir Fries

1. Beef, Chicken, Or Pork $14.95, 2. Shrimp, Fish, Or Calamari $14.95, 3. Sea Scallops $16.95. Served With Soup Or Salad And Rice.

A. Ginger Sauce sauteed with ginger, onion, bell pepper, pineapple, scallions, and mushrooms   
B. Wild Basil Sauce sauteed with basil leaves, bell pepper, hot chili, and onions   
C. Volcano with sauteed vegetables and homemade chili sauce   
D. Cashew Nuts sauteed with cashew nuts, bell pepper, celery, mushrooms, carrots, scallions, and water chestnut   
E. Mixed Vegetables sauteed mixed vegetables with brown sauce   
F. Tofu And Asian Eggplant sauteed tofu with mushroom, scallions, bell pepper, and asian eggplant   
G. Black Bean Sauce sauteed with bell peppers, mushrooms, and scallions   

Thai Noodles

Served With Soup Or Salad.

1. Pad Thai thai rice noodles with eggs, bean sprouts, scallions, and ground peanuts   
2. Pad Woon Sen sauteed clear noodles dish with eggs, scallions, and baby corn   
3. Drunken Noodles rice noodles sauteed with broccoli and bean sprouts and mix vegetable   
a. beef, chicken or pork shrimp or squid   13.95
b. choice of two   15.95

Thai Curry

Served With Soup Or Salad & Rice.

1. Red Chicken Curry this is the most popular dish among thai people. tender chicken with mixed vegetables and homemade curry paste. "it's hot, hot, hot"   13.95
2. Shrimp Curry south styles of curry shrimp with thai pineapple and cauliflower. the sweet and sour flavor will stimulate your imagination   13.95
3. Panang Curry beef or chicken cooked with coconut milk in sweet panang curry, basil, red chilies and kaffir lime leaves   14.95
4. Duck Curry tender roasted duck, deboned, then curried with curry tomatoes, bell peppers, and basil   16.50
5. Crispy Fish Curry fillet of fish cooked in red curry with milk, bell peppers, and bamboo shoots   16.50
6. Sea Scallops Curry sea scallops cooked with curry, coconut milk, bell peppers, bamboo shoots and basil leaves   16.95
7. Seafood Curry shrimp, lobster, imitation crab, scallops, and squid cooked with curry, coconut milk, bell peppers, bamboo shoots and basil leaves   19.95
8. Twin Lobster Curry lobster cooked in curry with coconut milk, pineapple, sweet peas and bell peppers   25.95
9. Salmon Panang Curry pan-fried salmon filet in a mild curry sauce with wild basil and red peppers   16.50

Thai Specials

Served With Soup Or Salad And Rice.

1. Volcano Filet Fish * filet of crispy fish topped with our homemade chili sauce   16.95
2. Volcano Seabass * filet of seabass topped with our homemade chili sauce   19.95
3. Volcano Salmon * filet of salmon topped with our homemade chili sauce   16.95
4. Salmon Mango pan-fried salmon and mango come together with a lightly sweet and tender sauce   16.95
5. Seafood Combination shrimp, lobster, imitation crab, scallops, and squid on a bed of mixed vegetables & steamed garlic   20.95
6. Volcano Seafood * shrimp, lobster, scallop, imitation crab, squid, and mixed vegetables topped with homemade chili sauce   20.95
7. Twin Volcano Lobster * a special treat of lobster, with scallions, snow peas, mushrooms and homemade chili sauce   25.95

Duck $16.95

Served With Soup Or Salad And Rice.

1. Wild Basil Duck a real treat. crispy duck glazed with basil and vegetables   
2. Volcano Duck * sauteed with homemade chili sauce on top of mixed vegetables   
3. Duck Curry tender roasted duck   

Vegetarian Dinners $11.95

Served With Soup Or Salad And Rice.

1. Sauteed Tofu And Mixed Vegetables    
2. Tofu And Vegetable Curry tofu, sweet peas, bell pepper, coconut milk, chili pepper and pineapple   
3. Pad Thai With Vegetables (no steamed rice). a famous thai dish. rice noodles sauteed with eggs, bean sprouts, scallions, and ground peanut   
4. Tofu With Ginger sauteed tofu with ginger, bell pepper, pineapple, mushrooms, scallions and onion   
5. Tofu With Cashew Nut sauteed tofu with celery, mushroom, carrots, scallion, bell pepper, water chestnuts and cashews   
6. Tofu With Asian Eggplants sauteed tofu with mushroom, scallion, bell pepper and asian eggplants   


Hibachi Steak & Seafood Lunch

Hibachi Lunch

All Entrees Served With Clear Soup Or Salad With Ginger Dressing, Fried Rice & Hibachi Vegetables. 7 Days Week Until 3pm

1. Vegetarian Delight    9.95
2. Hibachi Chicken    10.95
3. Teriyaki Steak    11.95
4. Hibachi Shrimp    11.95
5. Hibachi Scallops    13.95
6. Chicken & Teriyaki Steak    11.95
7. Chicken & Shrimp    11.95
8. Teriyaki Steak & Shrimp    12.95
9. Chicken & Scallops    13.95
10. Calamari & Shrimp    12.95
11. Steak & Scallops    14.95
12. Shrimp & Scallops    14.95

Lunch Specials

Japanese Sauteed Noodles With Vegetables And A Special Sauce Served With Soup Or Salad & Fried Rice.

1. Chicken Yakisoba    9.95
2. Beef Yakisoba    9.95
3. Shrimp Yakisoba    10.95
4. Choice Of Any 2 shrimp, beef or chicken   13.95


Hibachi Steak & Seafood Dinner

Hibachi Dinners

All Entrees Served With Choice Of 2 Piece Shrimp Appetizer Or Chicken Liver Appetizer, Clear Soup, Salad With Ginger Dressing, Fried Rice, Hibachi Vegetables & Our Secret Recipe Sauce.

1. Vegetarian Delight fresh zucchini, squash, broccoli spears, onions, mushrooms, tofu & bean sprout   15.95
2. Hibachi Chicken tender chicken filets   17.95
3. Hibachi Steak center cut sirloin steak   18.95
4. Hibachi Filet Mignon a tender cut of filet   21.95
5. Hibachi Shrimp for the shrimp lover   18.95
6. Hibachi Scallops large sea scallops   20.95
7. Hibachi Flounder    18.95
8. Hibachi Salmon    19.95
9. Sea Bass Steak tsutsumi yaki, assorted vegetables/seasoning wrapped in paper & cooked on the grill   21.95
10. Flounder Steak tsutsumi yaki, assorted vegetables/seasoning wrapped in paper & cooked on the grill   18.95
11. Salmon Steak tsutsumi yaki, assorted vegetables/seasoning wrapped in paper & cooked on the grill   19.95

Japan Inn Combinations

1. Hibachi Steak & Chicken    20.95
2. Hibachi Shrimp & Chicken    20.95
3. Hibachi Shrimp & Hibachi Steak    20.95
4. Hibachi Chicken & Scallops    20.95
5. Hibachi Shrimp & Calamari Steak    20.95
6. Hibachi Shrimp & Scallops    21.95
7. Hibachi Scallops & Calamari Steak    21.95
8. Hibachi Steak & Lobster    26.95
9. Hibachi Steak & Lobster    26.95
10. Filet Mignon & Chicken    25.95
11. Filet Mignon & Shrimp    25.95
12. Filet Mignon & Lobster    27.95
13. Seafood Combination shrimp, scallops & lobster   29.95

Triple Combination Dinner $29.95

Choice Of Any 3:

Calamari Steak    


Kid's Menu

For Children Under The Age Of 10. All Entrees Served With: Soup Or Salad, Shrimp Appetizer, Vegetable Sauteed, Egg Fried Rice, Spaghetti.

1. Hibachi Chicken Jr.    10.95
2. Hibachi Steak Jr.    11.95
3. Hibachi Shrimp Jr.    11.95
4. Steak & Chicken Combo Jr.    12.95
5. Shrimp & Chicken Combo Jr.    12.95
6. Steak & Shrimp Combo Jr.    12.95


Happy Hour 4:30pm-7:30pm. Cocktails, Appetizer, Sushi ($3 To $6). Have A Wonderful Family Dinner! Always Fresh & Made To Order!

1. Tuna Empire tuna seaweed sesame oil, avocado, and special spicy sauce   9.95
2. Tuna Sashimi Salad    9.95
3. Spicy Tuna Harumaki chopped tuna lettuce rolled with paper   9.95
4. Salmon Guacamole Wrap 5pcs guacamole rolled with salmon spicy mayo, eel sauce  (5pcs) 9.95
5. Chicken Wing (mild or spicy) 8pcs japanese style karaage  (8pcs) 6.95
6. Spicy Yellow Tail jalapeno yuzu sauce  (6pcs) 11.95
7. Lobster Feast combinations of lobster roll & lobster katsu meat (lobster, lettuce, asparagus, avocado, cucumber and spicy mayo i/o ff)   20.95
4. Soups & Noodles a. udon soup   5.95
b. udon soup with shrimp tempura   7.95
c. ramen (japanese yellow noodles & vegetables)   8.95
d. ramen & gyoza (dumplings)   9.95


Your Bartender's Favorite Martini Choices

Sour Apple Martini ketel one citron vodka and dekuyper sour apple   
Green Tea Martini vodka, green tea liqueur and a dash of lemon juice   
Cantaloupe Martini vodka, watermelon liqueur and a splash of orange juice   
Sake Martini a classic japanese mix of sake and your favorite vodka   
Bikini Martini pineapple vodka, malibu rum and a pineapple juice splash   
Electric Blue Martini dekuyper island blue schnapps, absolut vodka and a dash of sour mix   

Our Specialty Cocktails

Tokyo Destroyer a powerful punch - gold rum, captain morgan, 151, amaretto, pineapple and lemon juice with a myer's rum float   
Plumtree Cooler plum wine and peachtree schnapps with splashes of cranberry juice and soda   
Frozen Mudslide vodka, kahlua and baileys irish cream topped with chocolate syrup   
Mai-Tai polynesian classic with rum, triple sec, grenadine, sour mix, orange and pineapple juice with a myer's rum float   
Blue Hawaiian ride the tides with mix of vodka, dekuyper blue curacao, pineapple and lemon juice   
Midori Colada japanese melon liqueurs added to our special colada mix   
Margarita tequila, triple sec and sour mix in a classic salt-rimmed glass   
Malibu Moon Doggie surfer style with malibu coconut rum, pineapple juice and grenadine   
Long Island Iced Tea classic concoction of rum, vodka, gin, tequila, triple sec and coke   
Drunken Monkey it'll drive you bananas - kahlua, malibu coconut rum, bols banana liqueur, myers dark rum and fresh banana   
Strawberry Daiquiri a frozen favorite blend of rum and daiquiri mix   
Pina Colada traditional island blend of rum and coconut   

Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Treats $3

Anime Cocktails

Blue lemon lime sprite with a blueberry syrup splash   
Orange lemon lime sprite with a mango syrup splash   
Strawberry Fruit Smoothie strawberries, orange and pineapple juices, coconut and banana refreshingly blended with ice   
Ramune fun japanese marble soda in lemon-lime or strawberry   


*Spicy. Consumption Of Raw Or Undercooked Beef, Seafood, Or Eggs May Increase Your Risk Of Foodborne Illness, Especially If You Have Certain Medical Conditions.
Japan Inn
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