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Kevin's Sushi & Thai

  • $$$
  • Japanese, Sushi
  • 706 S Federal Hwy, Deerfield Beach 33441 26.308836 -80.092122
  • (at SE 7th St)
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  • (954) 649-4667
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Classic Sushi Appetizers

Tuna Tataki     9.00
Salmon Tataki     8.00
Hamachi Jalepeno     11.00
Tuna Tar Tar Chop tuna ever cucumber in spicy sauce    9.00
Sashimi Appetizer 7 pcs. chef's choice    9.00
Sushi Appeitzer 6 pcs. chef's choice    10.00
Naruto Maki Salmon, krab, eve code, cream cheese, sausage ripped in cucumber    9.00
Kani-Su Krab, avecode wrapped in cucumber    8.00
Crispy Tuna Seared tuna crunchy style    10.00
Seared Wahoo Served with wasabi yuzu sauce    9.00
Tuna Tower Leyers of spicy tuna and avocado on a bed of rice topped with sausage, scallions tempura fishes     10.00
Stuffed Jalapeno Choice of fish or shrimp deep fried and topped with scallion and sausage    12.00
Big John Sashimi Diced tuna, conch, hamchi mixed with spicy cucumber garlic, scallion, Yugo penned, fish eggs and sprouts    13.00

Classic Kitchen Appetizers

Edamame     4.50
Sey Edamame     5.50
H arvoali     4.00
Shrimp Shumel (5) Shrimp dumplings, sheared or fried    6.00
Age tofu Fried tofu or mushrooms in brown sauce    5.50
Gyero (5) Pork dumplings, sheared or fried    6.00
Soft Shell Crab     8.00
Tiger Tear Spicy marinaded steak with thai herbs, onions, tomatoes, scallion and pad peppers on a beef of lettuce.    11.00
Nam Sod Chicken with ginger, scallions and onions topped with panache    9.00
Chicken Satay (5) Marinaded chicken served with coconut and thai spacial sauces.    9.00
Yasai Itame Strip fried mixed vegetables in brown sauce    6.00

Starters Salad

House Salad     3.50
Seaveed Salad     4.00
Spicy Crab Salad     6.50
Milk's Salad Spicy tuna, slammed salad, spicy crab on top of cucumber, fish eggs     9.00
Rainbow ceviche Mixed fish salad in speacial sauce.    10.00
Sunomono Salad     9.00
Spicy Canch or Octopus Salad     9.00
Krab Avocode Salad     7.00

Starters Soups

Miso Soup     2.00
Vegitables soup     4.00
Chicken Vegetable Noodle soup     5.00
Seasweed Soup     5.00
Tum Yum Goong     6.00
Tum Ka Kai     5.00

Gourmet Rolls

Spicy Gourmet Roll Spicy salmon, eve coda, scallion topped with ham chi, mayo and sprinkled of massage   Full 13.00 Half 9.00
Godzilla Roll Served tuna shrimp tempura cucumber, Acevedo topped with ham chi, tempura flakes eel sauce, scallions, spicy mayo   Full 16.00 Half 10.00
Valerie's Roll Spicy tuna, avocado topped with spicy krab, scallion, tempura fishes   Full 12.00 Half 8.00
Jenny's Roll Seared tuna shrimp tempura, avocado, topped with tuna spicy mayo   Full 16.00 Half 10.00
Alexix's Roll Crab salad sausage, cream cheese, evocado, topped with salmon and eel sauce.   Full 13.00 Half 9.00
Volcano Roll Crab, ave code, massage topped with dynamite salmon    13.00
Spider Roll Soft shell crab, avocado, massage, cucumber inside out with sesame steaks, spicy mayo eel sauce    11.00
Mexican Roll Shrimp tempura, lettuce, avocado, massage inside out sesame and eel sauce    9.00
Arick (Fudali's) Roll Spicy ham chi, avocado, massage, scallion, inside out topped with salmon and real spicy crab mix.   Full 18.00 Half 12.00
Mellissa's Roll Spicy tuna, evocado, topped with salmon, eel, avocado, massage and cel sauce    13.00
Barney Roll Tune, shrimp, Eel and scallion lightly deep fried tempura style topped with eel sauce and spicy mayo    13.00
Crazy Horse Roll Salmon, salmon skin, eel, avocado, scallion, inside out with massage and eel sauce    12.00
Gold Digger Roll Shrimp tempura, spicy krab, cream cheese, cucumber, topped with avocado, eel sauce, massage and scallions.    13.00
Key West Roll Spicy conch, avocado, topped with tuna and jalapenos sprinkled with massage, spicy mayo and scallions    13.00

Sushi or Sashimi Ala Carte

Salmon, Tuna, Eacolar     2.00
Krab Served with massage, tomato, whitefish, shrimp    1.75
Uni Served ihare, toro, sweet shrimp, scallop  
Hamachi Served with eel, surf clam, octopus, conch, squid    2.50

Simple Yummy Rolls

All single rolls made I or O seasme 10 piece out. Massage Pleam add $1.00.

California Roll     4.50
Spicy Tuna Roll     6.50
Spicy Salmon Roll     6.50
Hamachi Roll     7.50
Jb Salmon Roll     6.50
Shrimp Tempura Roll     6.50
Spicy Krab Roll     5.50
Tuna Roll     6.00
Selmon Roll     6.00
Eel Roll     7.50
Avocado Roll     5.00
JB Tuna Roll     6.50
Cucumber Roll     4.00
Vegetable Roll     4.50
Eel Sauce (2oz.)     1.00
Spicy Mayo (2oz.)     1.00
Pednut Dressing (2oz.)     1.00
White Sauce (2oz.)     1.00

More Gourmet Rolls

Rainbow Roll Krab, cream cheese, scallion topped w. salmon and tuna and sprinkle of massage    10.00
Danching EEl Roll Krab, avocado, cucumber topped with eel and eel sauce    12.00
Krab Lovers Roll Krab, cream cheese, avocado topped with dynamite krab and sprinkle of massage.   Full 10.00 Half 7.00
American Dream Roll Shrimp tempura, eel, cream cheese, avocado, topped with massage avocado, eel sauce and sesame seeds.   Full 13.00 Half 9.00
Anjolina Roll Shrimp tempura, tuna tatami, cream cheese, avocado, topped with spicy crab, scallions, Cheekily sauce and massage.   Full 15.00 Half 10.00
Three Buddy's Roll Tuna, salmon, ham chi, avocado, cucumber, sprinkled with fish eggs.   Full 12.00 Half 8.00
Sonia's Roll Salmon, cream cheese, avocado inside out sesame seeds tempura style to a golden crisp topped with spicy mayo    12.00

Sushi or Sashimi Dinners

Served with choice of: House salad or mise soup

Sushi Single 7 pcs. chef's choice and spicy tuna roll    17.00
Sushi Sashimi Deluxe 6 Sushi" or 9 sashimi" or california roll    23.00
Budget Dinner 4 sushi" or 4 Hashim" or spicy krab roll    16.00
Chirashhi 12 pcs chef's choice on a bed of sushi rice    19.00
Roll Lovers Spicy krab or J.B. Salmon or shrimp, tempura    17.00
Seshimi Single 16 pcs chef's chocie    21.00
Boat for-2 10 sushi" or 10 Hashim" or rainbow roll or shrimp tempura roll    48.00
Boat for-3 15 Sushi" or 15 sashini" or rainbow roll shrimp tempura roll or spicy roll tuna    68.00
Boat for-4 20 sushi" or 20" Hashim or rainbow roll or spicy tuna roll or JB salmon roll or shrimp tempura roll    92.00
Rock & Rolls Platter Jb salmon or spicy krab or shrimp tempura or spicy tuna or california    28.00

Kevin's Kitchen

Served with choice of steamed rice

Teriyaki Style with Chicken     13.00
Teriyaki Style with Steak     18.00
Teriyaki Style with Salmon     18.00
Teriyaki Style with Shirmp     15.00
Stirfry Vegetables with Chicken     11.00
Stirfry Vegetables with Steak     13.00
Stirfry Vegetables with Shrimp     13.00
Red Curry, panang curry, basil suace, stringbean chili paste with shrimp or steak     15.00
Red Curry with Chicken     13.00
Red Curry with Shrimp or Steak     15.00
Panang Curry with Chicken     13.00
Panang Curry with Shrmip or Steak     15.00
Basil Sauce with Chicken     13.00
Stringbean Chili with Chicken     13.00
Straingbean Chili with Shrimp or Steak     15.00
Basil Sauce with Shrimp or Steak     15.00

Kevin's Noodles or Fried Rice

Fried Rice with vegetables     9.00
Fried Rice with Chicken     10.00
Fried Rice with Steak     11.00
Fried Rice with Shrimp     12.00
Fried Rice with Kevin's House Special     12.00
Pad Thai with Chicken     12.00
Pad Thai with Shrimp or Steak     14.00
Pad See-Ew with Chicken     12.00
Pad See-Ew with Shrimp or Steak     14.00
Yold Udon with Chicken     12.00
Yaki Udon with Shrimp or Steak     14.00
Pad Kee Mow with Chicken     12.00
Pad Kee Mow with Shrimp or Steak     14.00

Kevin's Soup Kitchen

Kevin's Noodle Soup     11.00
Soy Ramon Soup     9.00
Tempure Sobe Noodle Soup     13.00
Tempure Udon Noodle Soup     13.00


Served with House salad or mixo soup and vegetables and steamed rice

Hibachi Fried Rice     3.50
Chicken     17.00
Steak     19.00
Shrimip     19.00
Salmon     20.00
Tuna     22.00
Chicken & Steak     22.00
Chicken & Shrimp     22.00
Steak & Shrimp     22.00
Steak & Chicken & Shrimp     25.00



Appetizer Specials

Edamame     4.00
Garlic Edamame     5.00
Pork Shumai     5.00
Shrimp Shumai     5.00
Gyoza     5.00
Red Curry, panang curry, basil suace, stringbean chili paste with shrimp or steak     13.00
Spicy Krab Roll Sushi     8.00

Kitchen Speicals

Chicken with your chocice of: Add $2.00 extra for steak orshrimp

Teriyaki     8.00
Pad Thai     8.00
Panang     8.00
Red Curry     8.00

Sushi Specials

California Roll     8.00
JB Salmon Roll & Spicy Tuna Roll     10.00
Salmon Sushi & Jb Salmon Roll     12.00
Tuna Sushi & Spicy Tuna Roll     13.00

Combo Specials

Chicken Teriyaki     11.00
Sushi & Sashiimi & Spicy Tuna Roll     14.00
Chicken pad Thai     11.00
California Roll     11.00
Spicy Krab Roll     11.00


Kevin's Sushi & Thai
706 S Federal Hwy
at SE 7th St
(954) 649-4667
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