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La Carreta Restaurant

  • $$$
  • Cuban, Latin American
  • 8650 SW 40th St, Miami 33155 25.732788 -80.334581
  • (At 87th Ave)
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  • (305) 553-8383
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Fried Yuca Sticks Cilantro garlic alioli sauce    5.25
Fried Calamari, Marinara Sauce     7.75
Fried Cheese Sticks Served with marinara sauce    5.25
Jalapenos Stuffed with cream cheese and deep fried. Served with marnara sauce    4.95
Shrimp Ajillo Sauteed with gralic, lemon and wine    7.95
La Carreta Spanish sausage, vroquettes, slices of sweet ham and swiss cheese    7.25
Tamale in Corn Husk Served with slices of sweet ham, roast pork and swiss cheese    7.25
Chicken Salad Croquettes lettuce and tomato    6.75
Tuna Salad hard boiled egg, lettuce and tomato    6.75
3 Ham Croquettes Sweet ham, roast pork and swiss cheese    6.95

Fresh Salads

Mixed Salad     4.50
Lettuce and Tomato     3.75
Chef's Salad     6.95
Avocado Salad in Season     4.50
Caesar Salad     5.50
Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken     7.75
Caesar Salad with Breadded Steak     7.75


Black Bean Soup     3.95
Chicken Noodles Soup     3.95
Galician White Bean Soup     3.95
Plantain Soup     3.95


Potato or Plantains     5.45
Basque Omelette Made with sausage, ham, shrimp and sweet peas. Served with white rice and plantains    8.95
Ham or Cheese     5.95
Combination of Two     6.75
Two Eggs With white rice and platains    3.95


Calle Ocho Special Ham, turkey, cheese, crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato    7.25
Cuban Sandwiches Regular     5.75
Cuban Sandwich Large     6.85
Midnite Sandwich Ham, pork and cheese in a toasted egg bun    5.45
Roast Pork Sandwich Served with plantain chips    5.65
Fish Sandwich Served with lettuce and tomato tartar sauce    6.85
Steak Sandwich Served with plantain chips    6.25
Roast Tukey     5.75
Elena Ruz Sandwich Cream cheese, roast turkey and strawberry mamalade    5.50
Chicken Breast Sandwich Served with plantain chips    6.75
Grilled Cheese     3.45
Tuna Salad Sandwich     3.45
Hamburger     6.25
Hamburger with Cheese     6.65
Cuban Toast     1.20
Croquette Sandwich     5.95


Grilled Palomilla Steak Served with white rice    10.95
Vaca Frita Grilled shredded beef and onions. With moros rice and plantains    9.85
Ropa Vieja Shredded beef in a tomato creole sauce. with white rice and sweet plantains    9.50
Boliche Stuffed with Carrot Eye of round with natural gravy    9.95
Picadillo a La Cubana Ground beef cooked in a brown creole sauce    6.95
Roast Beef Tongue Cooked in a flavorful gravy. Served with moros rice and plaintains    9.15
Oven Roasted Beef Served with mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables    9.75
Breadded Beef Steak Served with sweet plantains and moros rice    9.95
Breadded Beef Steak Milanea Topped with tomato sauce and gratine with two cheese    10.95
Grilled Liver Steak and Onions Served with mashed potatoes and plaintains    7.95
Liver Italian Style Strips sauteed with onions, green peppers and wine    8.95
Braised Lamb Shank Served with white rice and sweet plantains    11.95

Cuban Samplers

The Classic Ground beef, roast pork, sweet plantains, white rice with black beans    12.95
The Criollo Fried pork chunks, shreeded beef in creole sauce, tamale ham, sweet plantains    12.95

Char Broiled Meats

Char Broiled Churrasco Served with moros rice and fried green plantains    14.50
T Bone Steak Served with french fries    13.95
N.Y Sirloin Char broiled and served with yellow rice and plaitains    18.75
Baby Filet Mignon Served with white rice black beans and sweet plantains    19.95


Boneless Roast Pork Served with moros rice plantains or yuca    9.95
Deep Fried Pork Chunks White rice black beans and sweet plantains    8.95
Center Cut Ham Steak     6.85
Grilled Pork Chops Served with moros and sweet plantains    9.50


Fillet of Dolphin Fish Prepared four ways    11.95
garlic Sauce Served with white rice and plantains    13.95
Grilled Filet of Red Snapper Served with white rice and plantains    13.95
Grilled Salmon Filet Topped with lemon butter and served with mashed potatoes and vegetables    12.50
Deep Fried Grouper Cunks Served with yellowrice and sweet    9.95
Breadded Fish Filet Served with yellow rice and plantains    9.25
Fried Grouper Steak Served with yellow rice and plantains    13.95
Whole Deep Fried Snapper Served with yellow rice and plantains    16.95
Shrimp Crole Served with yellow rice and plantains    13.95
Shrimp Ajillo Sauteed in garlic, olive oil, lemon and white wine. Served with white rice and sweet plantains    13.95
Seafood Casserole Sauteed in garlic, olive oil, lemon and white wine. Served with white rice and sweet plantains    17.95
Brolied Lobster tail Served with drawn butter    27.95
Lobster tai Croel Served with white rice and plantains    27.95


Deep Fried Chicken Chunks Served with white rice black beans and sweet plantains    8.50
Chicken Carretero 1/2 boneless chicken with sauteed onions and butter    9.55
mperial Rice Spanish chicken and rice    7.85
Grilled Chicken Breast Served with yellow rice and fresh vegetables    8.95
Breast of Chicken with Garlic Tender strips sauteed in garlic lemon and wine    8.95
Chicken and Yellow Rice 1/4 chicken served with sweet plantains    7.50
Sauteed Chicken Breast Tender strips sauteed with onion and green peppers    8.95
Breadded Chicken Breast Served with yellow rice and french fries    9.75
Chicken Breast Milansene Breadded and topped with tomato sauce and cheese.    9.95
Roasted Chicken 1/2 chicken served with white rice    8.75
Fried Chicken Cuban Style     7.95
1/2 Half Chicken Served with white rice, black beans and sweet plantains    8.75

Chef's Specials

Plantain Pie Served with white rice and black beans    8.25
Snapper in Salsa Verde Cooked in a creamy garlic sauce with shrimp and clam    15.95
Char Grilled Marinated Served with sweet and sour guacamole    10.95

Daily Specials

Lentil Soup Made with ham and spanish sausage    3.95
Meatballs Cuban Style Served with white rice and fried sweet plantains    6.95
Tropical Soup Ajiaco Made with beef, pork with vegetables    4.95
Chicken Fricasa Cooked in a sauce of onions, green peppers and white wine    6.95
Garbanzo Bean Soup     3.95
Corn Meal Soup     6.25
White Bean Soup Made with spaish sausage    3.95
Stuffed Green Peppers Stuffed with seasoned ground beef and pork    6.95
Fresh Fish Soup     3.95
Cod Fish Cooked with onions, green peppers and potatoes    13.95
Green Peas Potage Made with ham and pumpkins    3.95
Oxtail Stew Braised in a red wine sauce and served with white wine rice    13.95
Roasted Lamb eith Rosemary Served with white rice    14.75
Red Bean Potage made with pork, ham and cheese    3.95
Oxtail Stew Braised in a red wine sauce and served with white wine    13.95
Roasted Lamb with Rosemary Served with white rice and sweet plantains    14.75


Chocolate     3.50
Vanilla     3.50
Strawberry     3.50
Mamey     3.50
Papaya or Malted     3.50

Ice Cream

Chocolate     2.75
Vanilla     2.75
Strawberry     2.75
Mamey or Coconut     2.75
Sundaes     3.75
Chocolate or Strawberry     3.75


Crema Caramelted creme bruee on a thin roll    3.45
Cuban Flan     2.95
Cuban Flan with Coconut     3.20
Rice Pudding     2.95
Sweet Curd Pudding     2.95
Key Lime Pie     3.45
Sweet Potato Pudding     2.75
Bread Pudding     3.50
Chocolate cake     3.85
Cake with Three Milks     3.75
Chocolate Mousse Cake     3.65
Our Originals Guava Cheesecake     3.25
Plain Cheesecake     3.65
Strawberry or Chocolate     3.90
Fruit Preserves with Cream Cheese     3.20
Brazo Gitano     3.25
Cheese Cake De Chocolate     3.95
Helados     3.50
Cheesecake Natural     3.75
Tres Lechies     3.65
Cake De Chocolate     3.85
Cheese Cake De Fresa     3.95
Key Lime Pie     3.45
Pundinde Pan     3.50
Cheesecake De Dulce Leche     3.95
Flan Bango     3.25
Cheesecake De Guataba     3.95
Casdos De Guayaba o Coco Con Queso     3.50
Flan Con Coco     3.50

Beverages and Juices

Fresh Squeezed Orange     3.25
Tomato, Pear or Peach Juice     2.35
Iced or Hot Tea     1.50
Sodas Fron the Fountain     1.50
Canned Soft Drinks     1.65
Cold Milk     2.25
Cafe Con Leche     1.95
Decaffeinated Espresso     1.50
Cafe Con Leche     2.35
Iced Espresso     1.25
Hot Chocolate     2.50
Maltas Soda     1.75
Coffee     1.50
Espresso Coffee     1.45
Cortadito     1.65
Cappucino     2.95
Iced Cappucino     2.95
Orange Juice Trophicano     2.95


La Carreta Restaurant
8650 SW 40th St
At 87th Ave
(305) 553-8383
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