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La Carreta

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  • Cuban, Latin American
  • 10633 NW 12th St, Miami 33172 25.784067 -80.367432
  • (At 106th Ave)
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  • (305) 463-9778
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Soda     1.95
Water Bottle     1.95
Perrier     2.35
Cafe con Leche    Regular 2.50 Large 2.85
Colada     1.85
Cortadito     1.85
Cortadito Evaporado     2.00
Cafe con Leche Evaporado    Regular 2.95 Large 3.10
Expresso     1.50

Batidos (Shakes)


Chocolate Shake     3.85
Vanilla Shake     3.85
Strawberry Shake     3.85
Mamey Shake     3.85
Papaya Shake     3.85
Leche Malteada     3.85
Wheat Shake Batido de trigo.    3.85

Aperitivos (Appetizers)


Yuquitas Fritas Natural yuca fries served with cilantro aioli sauce.    6.50
Ceviche Tropical Fresh fish cured in lime. Cilantro and jalapenos. Prepared with diced avocado, tomatoes and boniato chips.    7.95
Croquetas de Yuca Yuca croquettes stuffed with ground beef picadillo. Served with cilantro aioli sauce.    6.50
Calamares Fritos Fried squid served with marinara sauce.    7.95
Queso Frito Fried cheese sticks served with marinara sauce.    5.95
Tostones Rellenos Fried green plantains filled with shrimp in a pineapple and cilantro Creole sauce.    7.75
"fufu" con Masitas Mashed plantains with fried pork chunks.    7.50
Gambas al Ajillo Shrimps sauteed with olive oil, garlic, lemon and wine.    8.50
Mariquitas con Mojo Homemade fried plantains with mojo.    3.95
Empanadas Spinach, ham and cheese, ground beef and chicken.    2.25

Sopas (Soups)


Frijoles Negros Sopa Black beans.   Small 3.50 Large 4.50 X-Large 7.50
Sopa de Pollo Chicken soup.   Small 3.50 Large 4.50 X-Large 7.50
Sopa de Platano    Small 3.50 Large 4.50 X-Large 7.50
Caldo Gallego    Small 3.50 Large 4.50 X-Large 7.50

Ensaladas ( Fresh Salads)


Ensalada "La Carreta" La carreta salad: mixed field greens with red onions, mango, pineapple, candied cashews and feta cheese. Tossed in a homemade honey balsamic vinaigrette.    7.95
Ensalada Cesar Caesar salad with our homemade dressing.    5.95
Ensalada Mixta de la Casa Mixed house salad: mixed romaine, iceberg lettuce, tomato, carrots, red onions, cucumbers and black olives.    4.95
Ensalada de Pollo o Atun Chicken or tuna salad. Served with croquettes, hard boiled egg, lettuce and tomato.    7.45
Ensalada de Lechuga y Tomate Lettuce and tomato salad.    4.25
Ensalada Aguacate Relleno Seasonal. Half an avocado stuffed with tuna or chicken salad. It comes drizzled with Thousand Island.    8.95

Pollo (Chicken)


Pollo Carretero a la Plancha Chicken carretero. Grilled boneless 1/2 chicken marinated with Cuban mojo.    12.75
Chicharrones de Pollo Fried chicken chunks. Topped with Cuban mojo and onions. With 2 sides.    9.25
Pollo al BBQ con Guayaba Charbroil guava BBQ chicken. Boneless half chicken glazed with our guava barbecue sauce over open fire.    12.75
Pechuga de Pollo a la Plancha Grilled chicken breast. Served with sauteed onions.    9.95
Pollo Asado En Su Jugo Roasted chicken au jus. 1/2 chicken marinated and slow roasted.    9.95
Arroz Imperial Imperial rice. Rice cooked with saffron and deboned chicken. Served with hard boiled egg, green peas and mayonnaise.    8.95
Filetillo de Pollo Salteado Sauteed chicken breast fillet. Tender strips sauteed with onions, bell peppers, light gravy and wine.    9.50
Filetillo de Pollo "al Ajillo" Chicken breast fillet "al ajillo". Cooked in a creamy garlic sauce. White wine, lemon and parsley.    9.50
Pechuga de Pollo Empanizada Breaded chicken breast.    9.95
Pechuga de Pollo a la Milanesa Breaded chicken breast topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella and Parmesan cheese au gratin.    10.95
Vaca Frita de Pollo Grilled shredded chicken. With onions.    9.95
Arroz con Pollo a la Cubana Chicken and yellow rice.    8.95

Puerco (Pork)


Lechon Asado Roast pork. Marinated with Cuban mojo and slow oven roasted. Served boneless.    10.50
Masas de Puerco Fritas Fried pork chunks.    9.95
Bistec de Lomo Empanizado Breaded pork loin flat steak.    9.95
Chuletas de Puerco a la Plancha Grilled pork chops. Marinated with mojo.    9.95

Surtido Cubano (Cuban Sampler)

Surtido Cubano

El Clasico The classic. Ground beef "picadillo", roast pork, ham croquette, tamale, yuca, white rice, black beans and sweet plantains.    12.95



La Carreta Sandwich Ham, roast pork, Swiss cheese and chorizo on Cuban bread with mustard and pickles.    6.95
Cubano Regular Sandwich Ham, roast pork, Swiss cheese on Cuban bread with mustard and pickles.    6.50
Cubano Especial Sandwich A large version of our famous Cuban.    7.25
Media Noche Sandwich Sweet Cuban roll with ham, roast pork, Swiss cheese, mustard and pickles.    5.95
Pan con Bistec Sandwich Steak sandwich with grilled onions, lettuce, tomato and our special sauce, served with plantain chips. Choice of side: mariquitas or french fries.    7.95
Pan con Lechon Sandwich Roast pork on Cuban bread with onions and mojo, served with plantain chips. Choice of side: mariquitas or french fries.    6.25
Sandwich de Dorado Grilled mahi mahi with lettuce, tomato and tartar sauce on Cuban bread and plantain chips. Choice of side: mariquitas or french fries.    11.95
Sandwich de Pechuga de Pollo Chicken breast with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise on Cuban bread, served with plantain chips. Choice of side: mariquitas or french fries.    7.95
Sandwich de Pavo Asado With lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise. Sliced bread or Cuban bread.    5.75
Croqueta Preparada Sandwich Ham, Swiss cheese and croquettes on Cuban bread.    6.95
Elena Ruz Sandwich Sweet Cuban roll, turkey breast, cream cheese and strawberry marmalade.    6.95
Club Sandwich Ham, turkey, Swiss cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomato. Served with plantain chips. Choice of side: mariquitas or french fries.    7.95
"calle Ocho" Sandwich A club sandwich on Cuban bread. Served with plantain chips. Choice of side: mariquitas or french fries.    7.95
Ensalada de Atun Sandwich Tuna salad sandwich. With lettuce and tomato, sliced bread or Cuban bread.    5.75
Ensalada de Pollo Sandwich Chicken salad sandwich. With lettuce and tomato, sliced bread or Cuban bread.    5.75
Jamon y Queso Sandwich Ham and Swiss cheese. Sliced bread or Cuban bread.    5.75
Sandwich de Queso Derretido Melted American cheese on white bread.    3.95
8 oz. Black Angus Burger Chargrilled with lettuce and tomato. Served with french fries.    7.50

Mariscos (Seafood)


Filete de Dorado "mahi Mahi" Dolphin "mahi mahi" fillet. Your choice: simply grilled, Creole sauce, garlic sauce, salsa verde.    13.75
Salmon a la Plancha Grilled salmon. Topped with lemon butter.    13.75
Filete de Pargo Snapper fillet. Your choice: simply grilled, Creole sauce, garlic sauce and salsa verde.    14.75
Masas de Pescado Rebozado Fred fish chunks. Marinated with garlic and lemon juice. Served with tartar sauce.    10.75
Filete de Pescado Empanizado Breaded fish fillet. Served with tartar sauce.    9.95
Rueda de Corvina Frita Fried corvina steak.    11.50
Pargo Entero Frito Whole crispy fried red snapper.    17.25
Camarones Enchilados Shrimp in Creole sauce. Sauteed shrimp with garlic, onions, bell peppers, wine and tomato sauce.    13.95
Camarones al Ajillo Garlic shrimp "al ajillo". Sauteed shrimp in a creamy garlic sauce. White wine and lemon juice.    13.95
Caserola de Mariscos Enchilados Seafood casserole. Sauteed shrimp, squid, fish, clams, mussels, garlic, onions, bell peppers, wine and tomato sauce.    17.95
Paella Carretera Savory seafood, yellow rice made with shrimps, clams, mussels, squid, chicken and fish.    17.95
Langosta Grille Broiled twin Florida lobster tail. Served with drawn butter.    27.95
Langosta Enchilada Lobster Creole. Florida twin tails sauteed with garlic, onions, bell peppers, wine and tomato sauce.    27.95

Carnes a la Parrilla (Char - Broiled Meats)

Carnes a la Parrilla

14 oz. Bistec T-bone T-bone steak. U. S. D. A choice beef.    15.95
9 oz. Bistec de Rinconada Sirloin steak. U. S. D. A choice beef.    15.95
12 oz. New York Sirloin Steak Sirloin steak. U. S. D. A choice beef.    21.95
10 oz. Churrasco Carretero Skirt steak served with chimichurri sauce. U. S. D. A choice beef.    16.95

Carnes (Meat)


Palomilla a la Plancha The classic Cuban thin flat steak with any 2 sides.    11.75
Vaca Frita Shredded beef grilled with onions and Cuban mojo.    10.75
Ropa Vieja Shredded beef cooked with onions, peppers and tomato sauce.    10.25
Picadillo a la Cubana Ground beef. Cooked with onions, peppers, olives. Raisins and tomato sauce.    8.25
Lengua Asada Roasted beef tongue. Cooked in light espagnole sauce.    9.50
Boliche Cuban style pot roast. Stuffed with chorizo and cooked with onions. Peppers and red wine.    11.95
Empanizado de Res Breaded beef steak.    11.50
Bistec Empanizado a la Milanesa Breaded beef steak milanesa.    12.75
Higado a la Italiana Liver Italian style. Thick strips sauteed with onions, peppers and wine.    9.95

Especiales Diarios (Daily Specials)

Especiales Diarios

Potaje de Lentejas (Monday) Monday special. Lentil soup cooked with ham and Spanish sausage.   Small 3.50 Large 4.50 X-Large 7.50
Albondigas a la Catalana (Monday) Monday special. Meatballs catalonian style.    7.95
Arroz con Puerco (Monday) Monday special. Pork chunks with yellow rice.    7.95
Ajiaco Cubano (Tuesday) Tuesday special. Tropical soup made with vegetables and various kinds of meat.   Small 3.50 Large 4.50 X-Large 7.50
Carne con Papas (Tuesday) Tuesday special. Beef and potato stew.    8.25
Potaje de Garbanzos (Wednesday) Wednesday special. Chickpea stew.   Small 3.50 Large 4.50 X-Large 7.50
Fricase de Pollo (Wednesday) Wednesday special. Quarter chicken and potatoes oven roasted with spices and wine.    7.95
Tamal En Cazuela (Wednesday) Wednesday special. Creamy tamale porridge. Served with maduro.   Small 3.50 Large 4.50 X-Large 7.50
Fabada Asturiana (Thursday) Thursday special. White bean soup asturian style made with ham and blood sausage.   Small 3.50 Large 4.50 X-Large 7.50
Paticas de Puerco a la Andaluza (Thursday) Thursday special. Pigs feet andalusian style.    7.95
Sopa de Pescado Fresco (Friday) Friday special. Fresh fish soup.   Small 3.50 Large 4.50 X-Large 7.50
Bacalao a la Vizcaina (Friday) Friday special. Cod fish basque style.    13.95
Rabo Encendido (Friday) Friday special. Oxtail stew.    15.95
Potaje de Chicharos (Saturday) Saturday special. Split peas soup.   Small 3.50 Large 4.50 X-Large 7.50
Cordero Asado al Romero (Saturday) Saturday special. Roasted lamb with rosemary.    15.25
Rabo Encendido (Saturday) Saturday special. Oxtail stew.    15.95
Frijoles Colorados (Sunday) Sunday special. Red beans soup.   Small 3.50 Large 4.50 X-Large 7.50
Lacon a la Gallega (Sunday) Sunday special. Smoke pork shank.    10.95

Ordenes Individuales(Side Orders)

Ordenes Individuales

Croquetas Ham, chicken or cod.    1.10
Frijoles Negros Cup. Black bean soup.    2.45
Arroz Blanco White rice.    2.25
Arroz Amarillo o Moro Yellow or moro rice.    2.50
Platano Maduro Fried sweet plantains.    2.45
Tostones Fried green plantains.    2.95
Fufu de Platanos Sweet plantain mash.    3.25
Yuca Hervida con Mojo Boiled yuca with mojo.    2.75
Vegetales Mixtos Mixed vegetables. Vegetarian.    3.75
Pure de Papas Mashed potatoes.    3.50
Papas Fritas French fries.    2.50
Tamal En Hoja Tamale.    2.95
Dos Huevos Fritos 2 fried eggs.    3.25
Tostada Cubana Cuban toast.    1.75

Postres (Desserts)


Flan Caramel, coconut or cheese.    3.50
Cheesecake Plain, guava, strawberry, dulce de leche or chocolate.    3.95
Natilla     3.25
Natilla Carretera     3.95
Arroz con Leche Rice pudding.    3.25
Tres Leches 3 milks.    3.95
Dulce de Leche     3.75
Pudin de Pan Bread pudding.    3.50
Key Lime Pie     3.95
Chocolate Cake     3.95
Helados Ice cream. Vanilla, chocolate, mamey and strawberry.    3.50
Tocinillo Double yolk flan.    3.75
Pastelitos Cheese, guava, guava and cheese and meat.    1.25


La Carreta
10633 NW 12th St
At 106th Ave
(305) 463-9778
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