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Burgers & Such

Asian Turkey Burger topped with sesame ginger slaw served with house fries 12.00
American Kobe Burger 1/2 lb with american cheese, lettuce, tomato and house fries 19.00
Inside-Out Juicy Lucy Burger pimento cheese and bacon stuffed angus burger topped with american cheese, lettuce and tomato served with house fries 12.00
The Nancy Pants 5 oz angus burger served with cheese, lettuce, tomato & house fries 8.00
House Burger ½ lb angus burger served with lettuce, tomato & house fries 12.00
Chorizo Patti Sandwich house made chorizo topped with cheese and served w house fries 8.50
Pile On

Molasses Beer BBQ Sauce 0.50
Coleslaw Topping 2.00
Sunnyside Egg 0.75
House Pickled Red Onions 0.50
House Pickled Jalapenos 0.50
Specialty Cheese 1.00
Bacon 1.00
Push Cart Red Onions 0.50
Beer Braised Onions 0.85
Cool Items

Islamorada Yard Bird buttermilk marinated, house spices and served with house fries and cole slaw. only available after 5pm until sold out 11.00
Fried Onion Strings with beer cheese dipping sauce 4.50
Seasonal Tomato Salad local tomatoes cut into wedges, pickled red onions tossed with parmesan cheese and truffle oil 8.00
Truffled Bistro Fries with parmesan and rosemary 7.50
Duck Fat Fried French Fries sea salt 2.50
Pimento Cheese Stuffed Olives 6.00
Coleslaw 3.00
Tapenade And Crackers 3.50
Hummus And Crackers 4.75
Housemade Pork Rinds with lime cilantro aioli 5.00
The Slice sliced iceberg lettuce topped with candied walnuts, bacon and buttermilk blue cheese crumbles dressing 10.00
Wisconsin Beer Cheese Soup topped with bacon 5.00
Tube Steak

The Home Wrecker a footlong, 1/2 pound kobe beef hotdog with house fries 16.00
Sabrett Hotdog with pushcart onions and served with house fries 5.25
Pulled, Ground And Smoked

Country Pulled Pork Sandwich 7 oz of house smoked pork topped with provolone cheese, braised broccoli rabe and banana peppers 10.00
South Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich 5 hour house smoked pork with housemade slaw 8.00
H.S.B.L.T. our own maple-cured, cherry wood smoked bacon with homestead tomato, hellman's real mayo and iceberg lettuce served w house fries 6.00
Italian Sausage 7 oz topped with onions & peppers and served with house fries 8.50
Bratwurst 7oz pork sausage topped with sauerkraut served with house fries 8.50
Lobster Meat

Maine Lobster Roll our special recipe served with house fries 20.00
Lobster Mac-N-Cheese 14.00
Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Add Our Homemade Ice Cream And You've Got A Great Float!

Birch Beer
Cherry Cola
Orange Soda
Diet Cola
Southern-Style Sweet Tea
Unsweetened Tea
Milkshake made with our homemade vanilla bean or nutella shakes.

We Serve Our Drafts In American Or Imperial Pints Only.

Bells Brewery
Brooklyn Brewery
Affligem Blond
Dogfish Head
Corona Light
Coors Light