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Moshi Moshi

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  • Japanese, Sushi, Small Plates/Tapas
  • 1448 Washington Ave, Miami Beach FL33139 25.7871577 -80.1318304
  • (Btwn Espanola Way & 15th St)
  • (305) 531-4674
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12pm-4pm. 7 Days A Week. No Substitution


S1. Sashimi Lunch 8 pieces of sashimi   13.95
S2. Chirashi assorted sashimi on the bed of sushi rice   9.75
S3. Unaju bbq eel on the beef of steamed rice   11.50
S4. Roll Combo 4 pieces of spicy tuna roll, california roll, jb roll and crunchy crab roll   10.95
S5. Sushi Lunch 5 pieces of sushi, a choice of california roll or spicy tuna roll   12.50

Bento Box Lunch

Traditional Japanese Lunch Box With Rice, Salad, And Side Of One Choice

B1. Chicken Teriyaki    7.95
B2. Chicken Katsu    7.95
B3. Tori Kara Age    7.95
B4. Pork Katsu    8.50
B5. Beef Teriyaki    8.50
B6. Salmon Teriyaki    8.75
B7. Shrimp Tempura    8.75
B8. Shrimp Katsu    8.75
B9. Vegetable Tempura    7.95
B10. Snapper Katsu    8.75
B11. Fried Oyster    8.75
B12. Shishamo    8.75

Bento Box Lunch - One Side

Traditional Japanese Lunch Box With Rice, Salad, And Side Of One Choice

C1. Fried Shumai    7.95
C2. Steamed Shumai    7.95
C3. Fried Pork Gyoza    7.95
C4. Steamed Pork Gyoza    8.50
C5. Fried Chicken Gyoza    8.50
C6. Steamed Chicken Gyoza    8.75
C7. Fried Spicy Beef Gyoza    8.75
C8. Steamed Spicy Beef Gyoza    8.75
C9. Seaweed Salad    7.95
C10. Kimchee    8.75
C11. Edamame    8.75
C12. Hiyayakko    8.75




Crunchy Krab* Ceviche cucumber, avocado, crunchy, spicy mayo   7.00
Salmon Ceviche red onion, celery, raddish, creamy sesame sauce   7.00
Tuna Ceviche red onion, celery, cilantro, kaiware, mustard soy   7.00
Yellowtail Ceviche red onion, celery, daikon, citrus ginger sauce   8.00
Snapper Ceviche red onion, celery, cilantro, beets, tomato, citrus sauce   7.00
Shrimp Ceviche red onion, celery, tomato, cilantro, mango sauce   7.00
Octopus Ceviche red onion, celery, cilantro, jalapeno, spicy tomato sauce   8.00
Conch Ceviche red onion, cucumber, scallion, sweet miso   7.00
King Crab Tartar avocado, mango, tobiko, kaiware, spring mix   14.00


Edamame young soybean steamed   5.00
Shishito Pepper japanese jalapeno pepper wok sauteed   7.00
Vegetable Tempura vegetables, tempura buttered & deep fried   7.00
Chinese Broccoli chinese broccoli wok sauteed with garlic soy   7.00
Hiyayakka cold tofu with bonito flake, ginger & scallion   5.00
Age Tofu soft tofu, corn starched & deep fried   7.00
Kimchee Tofu cold tofu with house made kimchee on top   7.00
Kimchee nappa cabbage marinated in house made kimchee sauce   5.00
Kimchee Nasu eggplant grilled with mozzarella, tomato, kimchee, basil   7.00
Age Nasu eggplant, cut in cube, corn starched & deep fried   7.00
Nasu Sweet Miso eggplant pan fried with house made sweet miso   7.00
Sauteed Wild Mushroom portabello, shiitake, shimeji, work sauteed   7.00
Hijiki long simmered black seaweed with soy & fish sauce   7.00


Chicken Dumpling japanese pot sticker, chicken, scallions, ginger   6.00
Tori Kara Age japanese style fried chicken with soy flavor   8.00
Chicken Tempura chicken breast, tempura buttered & deep fried   8.00
Steamed Sesame Chicken chicken tender served cold with peanut sauce   8.00


Spicy Beef Dumpling japanese pot sticker, beef, spice, ginger   6.00
Grilled Beef Tongue beef tongue grilled, lightly salted   11.00
Beef Tataki usda choice beef, seared with garlic ponzu sauce   12.00
Burger De Japon ground beef baked with cheese & demi-glace sauce   9.00


Salmon Tiradito 3 color tobiko, scallion, carrots ginger sauce   7.00
Tuna Tiradito asian pear, shiso leaf, sweet & spicy soy   7.00
Yellowtail Tiradito red onion, jalapeno. sesame soy   8.00
White Tuna# Tiradito stomached, scallion, raddish, spicy mayo, sesame ponzu   8.00
Kampachi Tiradito cilantro, garlic yuzu ponzu, truffle oil   10.00
Scallop Tiradito ikura, shiso, spicy cod fish roe sauce   8.00
Surf Clam Tiradito red onion, celery, cilantro & creamy aji amarillo sauce   7.00
Uni Tiradito sea urchin, shiso leaf, cucumber, yuzu & ponzu sauce   11.00


Sashimi Appetizer   (5pcs) 12.00
Tuna Tataki seared tuna with ponzu sauce   10.00
Shumai Dumpling shrimp dumpling, steamed or fried   6.00
Shrimp Tempura tiger shrimp tempura buttered & deep fried   8.00
Lobster Tempura tempura buttered & deep fried, spicy mayo   13.00
Spicy Creamy Shrimp pan sauteed in spicy & creamy sauce   11.00
Sauteed Black Mussels wok sauteed with house made sweet miso   9.00
Geso fresh squid legs, corn starched & deep fried   7.00
Crispy Calamari fresh calamari, pork breaded & deep fried   9.00
Ika Butter fresh squid filet pan sauteed with buttery soy   12.00
Sauteed Squid Legs with garlic leeks, fish sauce   9.00
Shishamo whole smelt fish grilled   7.00
Fried Oyster panko breaded & deep fried   9.00
Soft Shell Crab tempura fried with seaweed powder   11.00
Tako Yaki 6 pieces of ball shaped pancake with octopus, bonito flakes   7.00
Hamachi Kama cheek of fresh yellowtail grilled with ponzu   12.00


Pork Dumpling japanese pot sticker, pork, scallions, ginger   6.00
Sauteed Garlic Leek fresh garlic leeks wok sauteed with pork   10.00
Kimchee Buta pork sauteed with kimchee   9.00
Arabiki Sausage japanese pork sausage grilled to perfection   8.00
Krab* Imitation Crab, White Tuna# Escolar


House Specialty Roll

Moshi Moshi Roll tuna, white tuna#, salmon avocado, masago, tempura flake, spicy mayo, soy sheet   13.00
Salmon Del Pescador Roll grilled salmon, cucumber, ikura and cilantro on top   11.00
Joe Roll salmon, red onion, asparagus, tempura flake, soy sheet   10.00
Garden Shrimp Roll steamed shrimp avocado, cucumber green salad, tomato, jalapeno, mango, masago   11.00
Dragon Roll shrimp tempura, asparagus, scallion, masago, avocado on top   12.00
Volcano Roll crab, avocado, cucumber, baked seafood on top   11.00
Hiro Roll lobster, krab*, cream cheese, spicy mayo, tobiko, deep fried   15.00
Celebration Roll shrimp tempura, eel, avocado, cream cheese, cucumber   15.00
Spicy Lobster Roll deep fried lobster, cucumber, avocado, spicy mayo   15.00
Rock N Roll rock crab, avocado, spicy mayo, tobiko, deep fried   14.00
Crunchy Alaskan Roll snow crab, tempura flake, cucumber, salmon & tobiko on top   12.00
Fried Oyster Roll deep fried oyster, avocado, asparagus, masago, tartar sauce   11.00
Miami B Roll lobster tempura, cucumber, avocado, spicy mix seafood on top   20.00
Maine Lobster Roll lobster tail tempura, cream cheese tempura, cucumber, mango, asparagus, kaiware, red tobiko   24.00
Western Beef Roll grilled steak, red onion, asparagus, mushroom, crunchy cajun potato   12.00
Pollo Salsa Roll grilled chicken, cucumber, custard egg, green leaf, tomato, mango, kaiware, creamy sesame sauce   11.00
Jumbo BBQ Eel Roll crab, avocado, cucumber, masago, cream cheese, tempura flake, jumbo bbq eel on top   16.00
Strawberry Field Roll banana tempura, mango, mint, strawberry on top (sweet flavor)   9.00

Traditional Roll

California Roll krab*, avocado, cucumber   5.00
with snow crab   10.00
eel on top   11.00
masago on top   7.00
Crunchy Crab Roll with tempura flake   6.00
Salmon Roll    6.00
with jalapeno roll   7.00
JB Roll salmon, cream cheese   7.00
JB Tempura Roll salmon, cream cheese, deep fried   10.00
Spicy Salmon Roll with tempura flake   7.00
Tuna Roll    6.00
Spicy Tuna Roll with tempura flake   7.00
Yellowtail Roll    6.00
Spicy Yellowtail Roll with tempura flake   7.00
Yellowtail Scallion Roll    7.00
Yellowtail Jalapeno Roll    7.00
Kaisen Roll tuna, salmon, yellowtail, scallion, spicy sauce   10.00
Salmon Skin Roll with cucumber   6.00
Eel Avocado Roll    8.00
Smoked Salmon Roll    7.00
Vegetable Roll portobello, watercress, asparagus, red onion, carrots, soy paper, carrots dressing   8.00
Shrimp Tempura Roll asparagus, avocado, scallion, masago   10.00
Spider Roll soft shell crab, asparagus, avocado, scallion, masago   11.00
Futomaki krab*, cucumber, kampyo, tomago, asparagus, yomogobo, masago   10.00
Rainbow Roll california with tuna, salmon, yellowtail on top   11.00

Kitchen Entree

Chicken Teriyaki grilled tender breast, broccoli, carrot, rice   18.00
Chicken Katsu panko crusted, lightly fried, crispy cabbage, rice   18.00
Pork Katsu panko crusted, lightly fried, crispy cabbage, rice   20.00
Steak Teriyaki ny cut strip loin with house-made mushroom yakiniku sauce, rice   21.00
Salmon Teriyaki allow extra time, salmon filet with house-made teriyaki sauce, rice   21.00
Shrimp Katsu panko crusted shrimp, deep fried, 6pcs, rice   20.00
Grilled Main Lobster grilled to perfection, herb-seasoned seafood sauce, rice   32.00

Sushi Entree

Sushi Assortment 7 pieces of nigiri and california roll   21.00
Sashimi Assortment 10 pieces of sashimi   23.00
Sushi & Sashimi Assortment 6 pieces of sashimi, 4 piece sof nigiri & california roll   26.00
Sushi 14 pieces of nigiri, california roll, and jb roll  (for 2) 39.00
Sashimi 20 pieces of sashimi  (for 2) 43.00
Sushi & Sashimi 10 pieces of nigiri & sashimi and california & jb roll   48.00

Sushi Ala Carte


Akami tuna   3.00
White Tuna#    3.00


Hamachi yellowtail   4.00
Kampachi amber jack   5.00
Sugi cobia   4.00

White Fish

Red Snapper    3.00


Saba mackerel   3.00
Sawara spanish mackerel   3.00
Kohada gizzard shad   4.00

Eel $4

Unagi eel   
Anago sea eel   


Sake salmon   3.00
Smoked Salmon    4.00


Kanikama krab* stick   2.00
Matsuba Gani snow crab   5.00
Taraba Gani king crab   7.00
Ebi shrimp   3.00
Amaebi sweet shrimp   5.00
Hotate scallop   3.00
Ika squid   3.00
Tako octopus   3.00
Horagai conch   4.00
Hokkigai surf clam   3.00

Caviar, Egg & Others

Masago smelt fish roe   3.00
Tobikko flying fish roe   4.00
Ikura salmon roe   4.00
Uni sea urchin   6.00
Tamago custard egg   2.00


Pasta & Noodle

Japanese Pasta

Kinoko Pasta pan sauteed pasta with wild mushrooms   14.00
Creamy Soy Salmon Pasta with mushrooms and ikura   14.00
Yaki Soba egg noodle, pan sauteed with chicken & mixed vegetables   11.00
Yaki Udon thick flour noodle, pan sauteed with chicken & mixed vegetables   11.00

Noodle Soup

Moshi Moshi Champon egg noodle in hot broth topped by seafood & vegetable   13.00
Soy Ramen egg noodle in hot soy broth with pork   10.00
Miso Ramen egg noodle in hot miso broth with pork   10.00
Pork Ramen egg noodle in hot pork broth with pork   12.00
Kimchee Pork Ramen egg noodle in hot pork broth with pork and kimchee   14.00
Kake Soba buckwheat noodle in hot broth   8.00
Vegetable Soba buckwheat noodle with vegetables in hot broth   10.00
Kake Udon flour noodle in hot broth   8.00
Vegetable Udon flour noodle with vegetables in hot broth   10.00
Tempura Udon kake udon with shrimp tempura   12.00

Cold Noodle

Zaru Soba cold buckwheat noodle with dipping sauce   8.00
Ten Zaru cold buckwheat noodle with shrimp tempura   12.00
Zaru Udon cold flour noodle with dipping sauce   8.00
Ten Zaru Udon cold flour noodle with shrimp tempura   12.00
Salad Ramen egg noodle with sesame tomato dressing   9.00
Salad Soba buckwheat noodle with sesame tomato dressing   9.00
Salad Udon flour noodle with sesame tomato dressing   9.00
Shabu Shabu Ramen egg noodle with cold steamed pork   10.00
Shabu Shabu Soba buckwheat noodle with cold steamed pork   10.00
Shabu Shabu Udon flour noodle with cold steamed pork   10.00


White Rice    2.00
Brown Rice, Sushi Rice    3.00
Japanese Curry Over Rice    12.00
Beef Or Pork Curry Over Rice    15.00
add chicken katsu   3.00
add pork katsu   3.00
add shrimp katsu   3.00
Vegetable Fried Rice    9.00
Chicken Fried Rice    11.00
Beef Fried Rice    12.00
Pork Fried Rice    11.00
Kimchee Fried Rice    11.00
Moshi Moshi Fried Rice    14.00
Shrimp Fried Rice    14.00
Seafood Fried Rice    14.00


Miso    2.00
Salmon Miso    5.00
Chicken Miso    5.00
Mussel Miso    5.00
Kimchee Gyoza with tofu   7.00
Wakame    5.00
Japanese Egg Drop    5.00


Green    5.00
Seaweed    6.00
Calamari    9.00
Grilled Chicken    10.00
Daikon    7.00
with tuna   11.00
with salmon   11.00


Moshi Moshi
1448 Washington Ave
Btwn Espanola Way & 15th St
(305) 531-4674
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