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My Market

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    $$$$$18.01 - $25
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    $$$7.01 - $12
    $Less than $7
  • Delis, Sandwiches, Pizza
  • 229 SW 17th St, Fort Lauderdale FL33315 26.100423 -80.1448
  • (Btwn SW 2nd & SW 3rd Ave)
  • (954) 764-5253
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Egg Only Sandwich    2.49
Egg And Cheese Sandwich    2.99
Bacon, Egg And Cheese Sandwich    3.99
Sausage, Egg And Cheese    3.99
Turkey, Egg And Cheese    3.99
Egg Italiano Sandwich egg, fresh mozzarella and proscuitto on a sub roll and grilled with tomatoes upon request.   4.99
Huevos Rancheros Wrap eggs, sausage, and melted cheddar in a wrap topped with market made pico de gallo.   4.99
Mo'Healthy Wrap eggs, spinach, mushroom, onions and feta in a wrap.   3.99
Bagel With Cream Cheese    1.99
Fruit Bowl seasonal selections including cantaloupe, honey dew, grapes, strawberries, pineapple, blueberries and kiwi.   5.50

Market Salads

The Market Spinach Salad bacon, hard-boiled eggs, mushrooms, onions, alfalfa sprouts, croutons, and gorgonzola cheese served over fresh spinach.   7.99
The Market House Salad cheddar cheese, hard-boiled eggs, croutons, crumbled bacon, tomatoes, red onions, green peppers and black olives. served on your choice of lettuce.   
side salad on iceberg lettuce, side salad on romaine lettuce   5.99
entree salad on iceberg lettuce, entree salad on romaine lettuce   7.99
The Market Deli Salad ham, turkey, cheddar cheese, hard-boiled eggs, croutons, crumbled bacon, tomatoes, red onions, green peppers and black olives. served over your choice of lettuce.   9.99
Market Salad Platter served with your choice of egg salad, seafood salad, chicken salad, grape-apple chicken salad or tuna salad. includes tomatoes, red onions, green peppers, black olives and hard boiled eggs over your choice of lettuce.   8.99
The Market Antipasto Salad ham, capicola, genoa salami and feta cheese with tomatoes, red onions, black olives, kalamata olives, green peppers, greek peppers, sweet and hot peppers served over your choice of lettuce.   9.99
The Market Caesar Salad fresh romaine lettuce, fresh grated asiago cheese and "market made" croutons. served with caesar dressing.   
side salad   5.99
side salad with chicken, entree salad   7.99
entree salad with deli sliced chicken breast   9.99
The Market Sunshine Salad mandarin oranges, pine nuts, raisins, gorgonzola cheese and croutons served over fresh baby organic greens.   7.99
The Market Meat Lovers Salad roast beef, crumbled blue cheese, fresh bacon and hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, red onions and market made croutons, served over romaine lettuce. recommended with ranch dressing.   9.99
The Southwestern Salad chicken breast or turkey chili on romaine lettuce with corn chips, market made pico de gallo, olives and cheddar cheese.   9.99
Karen's Salad baby greens, fresh strawberries, sliced almonds, french brie cheese and poppy seeds.   7.99

Hot Subs

Reg / Lg

Chicken Salad Melt   7.99 13.99
Cuban Sandwich   5.49 8.99
Midnight Cuban Sub cuban with egg.   5.99
Meatball Parmesan Sub   5.49 9.49
Tuna Salad Melt   6.99 11.99
Philly Cheese Roast Beef Sub with sauteed mushrooms, onions and pepper.  8.99 14.99
Philly Cheese Chicken Sub with sauteed mushrooms, onions and pepper.  8.99 14.99
Sausage Parmesan Sub with sauteed mushrooms, onions and pepper.  6.99 11.99

Hot Sandwiches

BBQ Pork On A Kaiser    6.99
BBQ Pork On A Kaiser With Coleslaw    7.49
BLT Sandwich served with pickles and coleslaw.   6.99
Grilled Vegetarian Sandwich on whole wheat bread.   5.99
Hot Pastrami And Swiss Sandwich on rye bread.   9.49
Hot Corn Beef And Swiss Sandwich on rye bread.   9.49
Reuben Deluxe Sandwich grilled on rye bread.   9.99

Kaiser Rolls

Bologna And Cheese Kaiser Roll Sandwich    5.49
Chicken Salad And Cheese Kaiser Roll Sandwich    7.49
Egg Salad And Cheese Kaiser Roll Sandwich    4.49
House Ham And Cheese Kaiser Roll Sandwich    5.49
Deluxe Ham And Cheese Kaiser Roll Sandwich    7.49
Roast Beef And Cheese Kaiser Roll Sandwich    8.49
Tuna Salad And Cheese Kaiser Roll Sandwich    7.49
House Turkey And Cheese Kaiser Roll Sandwich    6.49
Market Made Roast Beef And Cheese Kaiser Roll Sandwich    6.49
Turkey And Cheese Kaiser Roll Sandwich    7.49

Local Flavors

Reg / Lg

Al's Pizza Press Sandwich pepperoni, provolone, cheddar, muenster and mozzarella cheeses grilled on the press with our own "tasty red sauce" seasoned with italian herbs and parmesan.  6.99 11.99
La Baja Sandwich cracked peppermill turkey and jalapeno pepper cheese, smothered with russian dressing and pressed hot on the grill.  5.99 9.99
Blazing Buffalo Sandwich buffalo chicken breast served hot with crumbled blue cheese, blue cheese dressing, lettuce and tomato.  7.99 13.99
Big Burp Sandwich ham, roast beef, turkey, genoa salami and your choice of cheese and toppings.  8.99 14.99
Blue Max Sandwich the triple-decker corn beef, pastrami, swiss cheese, tomato, and sauerkraut served hot on rye bread with blue cheese dressing.   11.99
Chicago Reuben Sandwich a reuben deluxe made with pastrami, swiss cheese and sauerkraut served hot on rye bread with thousand island dressing.   9.99
Chicken Breast Special Sandwich chicken breast, baby swiss cheese and bacon served hot on a kaiser roll with lettuce, tomato and mayo.   7.99
Colossal Club Sandwich double-decker turkey, ham and bacon on "killer white bread" with lettuce, tomato and mayo.   10.99
Dynamic Duo Sandwich maple ham, smoked turkey and french brie, served hot on ciabatta bread with sprouts and dijon mustard.  8.99 14.99
Early Bird Sandwich boar's head ham, egg salad and bacon served with sprouts, tomato and mayo.  7.99 13.99
The Everroast Sandwich everroast chicken breast and asiago cheese served hot, topped with romaine lettuce, red onions, roasted red peppers and want mo! sauce.  7.99 13.99
French Quarter Sandwich roast beef, french brie and fresh rosemary served hot on french bread with romaine lettuce, tomato, red onions and "want mo! sauce."  8.99 14.99
Italian Combo Sandwich ham, genoa salami, capicola, and provolone cheese with your choice of toppings on a sub roll.  7.99 13.99
The Mediterranean Sandwich market-made roasted red pepper spread, mayo, spicy capicola, sopressata, roasted beef, jalapeno pepper cheese, hot cherry peppers, red onions, romaine lettuce, tomato and want mo! sauce on french bread.  9.99 15.99
The Monster Sandwich ham, roast beef and turkey with your choice of cheese and toppings on a sub roll.  8.99 14.99
My Market "Burger" hot roast beef and american cheese on a kaiser roll with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, mayo and ketchup.   8.49
Needle's Eye Sandwich hot corned beef and swiss cheese on rye toast with thousand island dressing and coleslaw on top.   9.99
Neilly Sandwich maple turkey, roast beef and swiss cheese served hot on a kaiser roll with lettuce, tomato and thousand island dressing.   7.99
Pee Wee Sandwich maple turkey and american cheese on grilled rye bread with lettuce, tomato, mayo and brown mustard.   7.99
The Portabella Sandwich grilled portabella mushrooms with your choice of cheese, topped with roasted red peppers, fresh basil and want mo! sauce on french bread.  7.99 13.99
Prime Dip Sandwich served hot with grilled onions, provolone cheese, and au jus.  8.99 14.99
Prosciutto Roma Sandwich prosciutto fresh mozzarella cheese, tomato, fresh basil and our want mo! sauce on fresh ciabatta bread.  10.99 16.99
Roast Beef Italiano Sandwich hot roast beef, provolone cheese, sweet peppers, parmesan cheese and italian seasoning on a sub with mayo and horseradish.  8.99 14.99
Roast Beef Special Sandwich roast beef and swiss cheese on rye with thousand island dressing and coleslaw.   9.49
Saxon Press Sandwich peppercorn turkey, swiss cheese, pickles and mayo grilled cuban style.  5.99 9.99
Sicilian Sub Rosa Sandwich layers of prosciutto, mortadella, capicola and provolone cheese, topped with fresh basil, sweet peppers, italian seasonings and our want mo! sauce.  8.99 14.99
Sopressata Panini Sandwich sopressata, prosciutto, fresh mozzarella cheese, romaine lettuce, roasted red peppers, fresh basil, balsamic glaze and olive oil on fresh ciabatta bread.   10.99
The Squeeze Sandwich maple ham, baby swiss cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo served hot on ciabatta bread.  9.99 15.99
Todd's Choice Sandwich tuna and egg salads topped with fresh red onions on rye bread.   6.99
Turkey-A-Go Go Sandwich smoked turkey and provolone cheese with brown mustard, horseradish, lettuce, tomato and roasted sweet peppers.  7.99 13.99
Turkey-Fra-Diavolo Sandwich salsalito turkey, mozzarella cheese, onions, peppers, sauteed mushrooms and marinara sauce, served hot.  8.99 14.99
Virginia Squire Sandwich virginia baked ham, muenster cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo and brown mustard on "killer white bread."   7.99
Wave Sandwich turkey, bacon, swiss cheese, coleslaw and russian dressing on rye bread.   8.99
Wild Bill's Wild Boar Sandwich ham, bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce tomato, mayo and brown mustard served hot on a kaiser roll.   6.99

Deli Subs And Stacked Sandwiches

Reg / Lg

Bologna And Cheese Sandwich   5.99 9.99
Chicken Salad And Cheese Sandwich   7.99 13.99
Deluxe Boiled Ham And Cheese Sandwich   7.99 13.99
Egg Salad And Cheese Sandwich   5.49 8.99
Genoa Salami And Cheese Sandwich   5.99 9.99
Golden Turkey And Cheese Sandwich   7.99 13.99
Ham And Cheese Sandwich   5.99 9.99
Liverwurst And Cheese Sandwich   5.99 9.99
Maple Cured Ham And Cheese Sandwich   7.99 13.99
Maple-Cured Turkey And Cheese Sandwich   7.99 13.99
Mesquite Wood Turkey And Cheese Sandwich   7.99 13.99
Mortadella, Prosciutto And Cheese Sandwich   8.99 14.99
Peppercorn Turkey And Cheese Sandwich   7.99 13.99
Boar's Head Roast Beef And Cheese Sandwich   8.99 14.99
Market Made Roast Beef And Cheese Sandwich   6.99 11.99
Salsalito Turkey And Cheese Sandwich   7.99 13.99
Seafood Salad And Cheese Sandwich   6.99 11.99
Smoked Turkey And Cheese Sandwich   7.99 13.99
Three Cheese Sandwich   6.99 11.99
Tuna Salad And Cheese Sandwich   7.99 13.99
Turkey, Ham And Cheese Sandwich   7.99 13.99
The Vegetarian With Cheese Sandwich   5.99 9.99
Virginia Baked Ham And Cheese Sandwich   7.99 13.99
Chicken Breast And Cheese Sandwich   7.99 13.99

Extras And Soup

Macaroni Salad   lb 3.99
Potato Salad   lb 3.99
Egg Potato Salad   lb 3.99
Coleslaw   lb 3.99
Pico De Gallo    3.99
Side Of Want Mo! Sauce    1.00
Side Of Roasted Red Peppers    1.00
Side Of Sprouts    1.00
Side Of Cucumber    1.00
Side Of Salad Dressing    1.00
Soup Du Jour  sm 3.99lg 5.99
Side Of Bacon  sm 1.50lg 2.00
Side Of Avocado  sm 1.00lg 1.75

Meat By The Pound

Bologna By The Pound    4.39
Chicken Breast By The Pound    7.99
Chicken Salad By The Pound    6.99
Grape Apple Chicken Salad By The Pound    8.99
Egg Chicken Salad By The Pound    5.99
Egg Salad By The Pound    3.99
House Boiled Ham By The Pound    4.99
Ham By The Pound    6.99
Seasoned Pork By The Pound    6.99
Liverwurst By The Pound    4.99
Mortadella By The Pound    5.69
Prosciutto By The Pound    9.49
Roast Beef By The Pound    8.49
House Roast Beef By The Pound    5.99
Seafood Salad By The Pound    7.99
Genoa Salami By The Pound    4.99
Tuna Salad By The Pound    6.99
Turkey By The Pound    7.99

Cheese By The Pound

Asiago By The Pound    7.99
White American Cheese By The Pound    4.99
Brie By The Pound    7.99
Cheddar Cheese By The Pound    6.99
Horseradish Cheddar By The Pound    6.99
Creamy Havarti By The Pound    4.99
Jalapeno Pepper By The Pound    4.99
Swiss Cheese By The Pound    5.49
Baby Swiss By The Pound    6.99
Monterey Jack By The Pound    5.99
Mozzarella By The Pound    5.99
Fresh Mozzarella By The Pound    6.99
Muenster By The Pound    6.49
Provolone By The Pound    5.99
My Market
229 SW 17th St
Btwn SW 2nd & SW 3rd Ave
(954) 764-5253
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