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New Chinatown (CLOSED)

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  • Chinese
  • 5958 S Dixie Hwy, South Miami FL33143 25.702919 -80.290683
  • (Btwn SW 72nd & SW 73rd St)
  • (305) 662-5649
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Spring Rolls (2) vegetable   4.00
chicken, shrimp and vegetables   5.00
Egg Roll (1) shrimp, roast pork, celery and cabbage   2.50
Crab Rangoon (7)    8.50
Fried Wonton (12) served with sweet and sour sauce   4.50
Crispy Chicken Wings (8)    8.00
Honey Garlic Chicken Wings (8)    9.00
Dumplings (5) pork and napa cabbage   
steamed   7.00
pan fried   7.00
Lettuce Wrap With Pine Nuts minced cut snow peas, mushrooms and vegetables wrapped in lettuce with hoisin sauce   
chicken   12.00
shrimp   14.00
Barbecued Spare Ribs    10.00
Roast Pork Tenderloin    8.00
Grilled Spicy Beef Stick    8.50
Grilled Jumbo Shrimp    10.00
Pan Seared Scallops all served with spicy sweet & sour sauce and light soy with ginger garlic sauce   10.00
Fried Calamari Rings    8.00
Crispy Fried Shrimp served with spicy sweet & sour sauce   10.00

Cold Appetizer

Cold Sesame Chicken & Noodle with peanut sauce   10.00


Wonton pork filled wonton served with shredded roast pork, scallions and chicken broth   3.50
Egg Drop    3.50
Hot & Sour chicken, tofu, wood mushrooms, bamboo shoots with pepper and chilli   4.00
Egg Drop & Wonton Mixed    4.00
Chicken Corn Soup (For 2) creamy minced chicken and sweet corn soup   10.00
Tomato Basil Seafood Soup (For 2)    16.00
Chicken Noodle Soup    7.00
Beef Tofu Bok Choy Soup (For 2)    10.00
House Special Wonton mixed fresh chinese vegetables, wonton, chicken, shrimp, pork and chicken broth   10.00


Cooked With Cabbage, Wood Mushrooms And Eggs, Served With 4 Mandarin Pancakes

Vegetables    10.00
Beef    13.00
Shrimp    16.00
Chicken    12.00
Pork    12.00


Sliced Chicken sauteed with mixed vegetables (moo goo gai pan)   14.50
sauteed with portabello, shitake mushrooms, snow peas, light soy brown sauce   17.00
sauteed with spicy hunan wine sauce   17.00
Shredded Chicken sauteed with chinese black bean sauce   14.50
sauteed with yu Hsian spicy garlic sauce   14.50
sauteed with yu Hsian spicy garlic sauce with eggplant   16.00
sauteed with szechuan sauce   14.50
Extravaganza shredded chicken stir - fried with mushrooms, red carrots, onions and snow peas, served with chef's spicy sauce   14.50
Diced Cut Chicken sauteed with cashews   14.50
sauteed with kung po palace with peanuts   14.50
sauteed with spicy wine sauce (ta - chien chicken)   14.50
sauteed with orange sauce   14.50
Crispy Chicken sauteed with fresh pineapple and sweet & sour sauce   13.00
sauteed with lemon sauce   13.00
sauteed with honey garlic sauce small 13.00large 18.00
sauteed with garlic & spicy brown sauce (general cheng's)   14.50
sauteed with peking sauce (sesame chicken)   14.50
sauteed with orange brandy sauce   16.00
Roast Duck (1/2)    17.00
all our chicken entrees are prepared with top quality boneless chicken breast


Sliced Beef (U.S.D.A. Choice Flank Steak) with scallions (mongolian beef)   16.00
with bell peppers & onions (rainbow beef)   16.00
with portabello, shitake mushrooms and snow peas in oyster sauce   17.00
with broccoli, snow peas and button mushrooms   16.00
with hunan style spicy wine sauce   18.00
with orange peel and dry hot chilli peppers (orange beef)   16.00
Shredded Beef with chinese black bean sauce   16.00
with portabello, shitake mushrooms, eggplant, bell peppers, garlic and olive oil   16.00
with szechuan style spicy sauce   16.00
with yu Hsian style spicy sauce   16.00
N.Y. Strip Steak Angus Beef (12 Oz) u.s.d.a. choice angus beef center cut n.y. strip sirloin steak, served with a side order of sauteed fresh vegetables in brown sauce   24.00

Chicken & Shrimp Combination

Harvest Shrimp And Chicken a mixture of shrimp and diced chicken stir - fried with mushrooms, and bell peppers in a peking spicy wine sauce   20.00


Shrimp with lobster sauce   21.00
with cashews   21.00
with shitake & button mushrooms, broccoli & snow peas   21.00
with ginger scallion   21.00
with chinese black bean sauce   21.00
with mushrooms, red carrots, onion, snow peas in chef's spicy sauce (extravaganza)   21.00
in red spicy sauce (szechuan)   21.00
in spicy garlic sauce (yu hsian)   21.00
sauteed with ginger and garlic on a bed of pan seared tofu   21.00
Crispy Shrimp in peking sauce   23.00
in spicy orange brandy (cointreau) sauce   24.00
all our shrimp entrees are served with top quality quiet shrimp


Live Maine Lobster (2 1/2 Lbs) (Hard Shell) cantonese style in white sauce with ground pork   45.00
chinese black bean sauce   45.00
sun - dried chilli pepper and garlic onion   45.00
Live Maine Lobster (2 1/2 lbs) (Hard Shell) ginger and scallion with ground pork   45.00
Red Snapper Whole (2 1/2 Lbs) steamed with light soy and scallion   30.00
pan fried, served with ginger light soy sauce   30.00
Red Snapper Whole (2 1/2 Lbs) - Crispy Fried choice of sweet & sour sauce, mandarin sauce, yu hsian garlic sauce   30.00
Fresh Black Grouper - Grilled With Vegetables choice of black bean sauce, black pepper sauce, yu hsian garlic sauce   21.00
Fresh Black Grouper sauteed with mushrooms and snow peas   21.00
crispy fried with orange brandy (cointreau) sauce   23.00
Scallops (Canadian Premium) hunan style spicy wine sauce   23.00
spicy yu hsian garlic sauce   23.00
Seafood Sizzling Wa Ba a combination of shrimp and scallops with shitake mushrooms and fresh vegetables   24.00
Shrimp & Scallops With Black Pepper Sauce    24.00
Three Treasures lightly fried shrimp, scallops and calamari rings sauteed with sun dried chilli pepper, fresh garlic and chopped onions, garnished with steamed broccoli   25.00

Fried Rice

Fried Rice With Light Soy, Scallions And Onions fresh vegetables   9.00
beef   11.00
beef & pineapple   12.00
pork   9.00
chicken (all white meat)   10.00
shrimp   13.00
special (pork, shrimp & chicken)   11.00
spicy curry chicken and shrimp   13.00
substitute the fried rice with brown rice for only $2 extra


Crispy Pork Tenderloin in peking sauce   16.00
in spicy orange brandy (cointreau) sauce   16.00
in sweet & sour sauce   16.00
Minced Pork spicy with string bean   12.00
Ma Po To Fu (Bean Curd With Ground Pork) one of the chinese famous traditional, bean curd sauteed with fresh scallions   12.00
Shredded Pork pork shredded extravaganza   14.50
yu hsian shredded pork   14.50


Mongolian Lamb wok-seared u.s.d.a. choice lamb sauteed with scallions   18.00
Hunan Lamb wok-seared u.s.d.a. choice lamb sauteed with portabello, shitake mushrooms and beef peppers in spicy hunan wine sauce   19.00


Tofu Can Be Added To Your Entree For $2

Green Vegetables Sauteed With Ginger & Garlic string bean   10.00
baby bok choy   10.00
broccoli & snow peas   10.00
snow pea tip (seasonal)   15.00
chinese broccoli   10.00
Yu Choy    10.00
Portabello, Shitake & Button Mushrooms sauteed with snow peas in light soy sauce   12.00
sauteed with bell pepper & eggplant in garlic and olive oil   13.00
Mixed Fresh Vegetables in light soy sauce (cantonese)   10.00
in spicy sauce (szechuan)   10.00
in spicy sauce (yu hsian)   10.00
Yu Hsian Eggplant eggplant cooked with water chestnuts, bamboo shoots, wood mushrooms and red carrots in a spicy garlic sauce   10.00
Buddha's Delight tofu with cellophane noodles and mixed vegetables in brown sauce   10.00

Chinese Noodles

Lo Mein (Egg Noodles) plain   9.00
vegetable   11.00
chicken   13.00
beef   16.00
special (shrimp, chicken and vegetables)   17.00
shrimp   18.00
Cantonese Style Foon Shee cellophane noodles with vegetables, shrimp and chicken in brown sauce   18.00
Chow Mein Fun (White Vermicelli Noodles) shrimp, chicken & vegetables (hong kong style)   18.00
shrimp, chicken & vegetables with curry (singapore style)   18.00
Panfried Noodles (Double Yellow) chicken   14.00
chicken & shrimp   20.00
beef   17.00
Chow Fun (Fresh Ribbon Noodles) beef   16.00
beef, bell peppers in black bean sauce   16.00
shrimp, scallops & bell pepper in black bean sauce   20.00

Side Orders

Steamed Jasmine Rice  small 2.00large 4.00
Steamed Brown Rice  small 2.00large 4.00
Mandarin Pancake (1)    .40

Lunch Specials

Served From 11:30 A.M. To 3:00 P.M.- Monday Thru Friday Only

S5. House Special Wonton Soup    10.00
Cold B. Cold Chicken Sesame Noddle with peanut sauce   10.00
Wecarry Only Fresh Brewed Premium Tea choice of egg drop or wonton soup dine-in only with vegetable freid rice hot and soup $1 extra cup 2.50pot 5.00
Fresh Rice Ribbon Noodles chow fun choice of chicken, vegetable, beef or shredded pork   10.00
Chow Mein Fun White Vermicelli Noodles shrimp, chicken and vegetable hong kong style   10.00
singapore spicy curry   10.00
Special fish of the day with black bean sauce   11.00
#1. Rainbow Chicken    9.00
#2. Vegetable Or Chicken Lo Mein    8.00
#3. Shredded Chicken Or Beef Szechuan Style * with red carrot and celery and spicy sauce   8.00
#4. Lemon Chicken Fried And Egg Roll (1)    8.00
#5. Portabello Mushroom, Eggplant, Bell Pepper Sauteed With Fresh Garlic And Olive Oil    9.00
#6. Chicken Pork Extravagaza shredded chicken or pork stir-fried with bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, mushrooms, red carrots and snow peas with chef's spicy sauce   8.00
#7. Hunan Chicken * sliced chicken with beel pepper, portabello mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms in human stryle wine sauce   10.00
#8. Cashew Chicken    8.00
#9. Moo Goo Fai Pan sliced white meat chicken with snow peas, broccoli and musrhooms   8.00
#10. Yu Hsian Chicken In Garlic Sauce *    8.00
#11. Yu Hsian Shrimp In Garlic Sauce    10.00
#12. Szechuan Shrimp With Chopped Onion In Red Spicy Sauce    10.00
#13. Fried Honey Garlic Chicken    8.00
#14. Chicken With Black Bean Sauce    8.00
* hot and spicy


All Sodas coffee, iced tea   2.50
All Juices    3.00
Domestic Beer    3.50
Imported Beer    4.00

Coffee & Tea

C1. Espresso    2.50
C2. Cappuccino    3.50
C3. Cafe Latte    3.50
C4. Premium Tea choice of organic green tea, black, oolong or jasmine cup 2.50pot 5.00


Snowball Lychee Fruit (For 2)    5.00
Ice Cream    3.00
Chocolate Treat chocolate and white chocolate ice cream hand dipped in dark chocolate   5.00
Sorbets In Natural Fruit Shell orange or lemon   6.00
mango   6.00
coconut   6.00
pineapple   8.00
Plain Cheesecake    5.00
Chocolate Ecstasy Cake    5.00
minimum or sharing charge $5
New Chinatown
5958 S Dixie Hwy
Btwn SW 72nd & SW 73rd St
(305) 662-5649
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