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Orient Chef

  • $$
  • Chinese, Japanese, Sushi
  • 4653 S University Dr, Davie 33328 26.045426 -80.251755
  • (Btwn Griffin Rd & Southwood Dr)
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  • (954) 885-6609
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A01A. Egg Roll     1.30
A01B. Spring Roll    (2) 2.95 (4) 5.00
A02. Shrimp Roll    (2) 2.95
A03. Chicken Wings    (8) 4.95
A04. Honey Garlic Wings    (8) 5.95
A12. Buffalo Wings *    5.95
A05. Fried Wonton    (12) 3.50
A06. Pan Fried Dumpling    (8) 5.95
A20. French Fries     2.35
A07. B.B.Q Spareribs    (6) 7.50 (10) 11.95
A11. Boneless Ribs    sm 6.95 lg 9.95
A08. Chicken On Skewer    (4) 5.25
A09. Fried Sweet Plantains     3.95
A10. Shrimp Tempura     6.95
A13. Beef On Skewer     5.95
A17. Chicken Nugget     4.95
A14. Fish Katsu With Special Mayo     5.95
A19. Krab Rangoon hand made filled wonton stuffed with chinese spices and cream cheese   (8) 4.50
A15. Fried Crab Claws (8) Or Scallops (12)     3.95
A21. Pu Pu Platter egg rolls(2), barbecued spareribs(2), shrimp(2), chicken wings(4), crab rangoon(4), chicken on skewer(2).    12.50
A22. Fried Donuts     3.25


S01. Egg Drop Soup    qt 2.95 pt 1.65
S02. Wonton Soup    pt 1.95 qt 2.95
S03. Wonton And Egg Drop Mixed    pt 1.95 qt 2.95
S04. Chicken Noodle Soup    pt 2.50 qt 3.95
S05. Chicken Rice Soup    pt 2.50 qt 3.95
S06. Hot & Sour Soup *   pt 2.70 qt 3.95
S07. House Special Soup shrimp, chicken, pork,vegetable, wonton 2    6.50
S08. Tofu Special Soup    lg 3.95 sm 2.45
S09. Miso Soup     1.95

Fried Rice

FR01. Chicken Fried Rice     14.95  7.75  4.25
FR02. Roast Pork Fried Rice     7.75  4.25  14.95
FR03. Ham Fried Rice     14.95  7.75  4.25
FR04. Vegetable Fried Rice     12.45  4.50  6.45
FR05. Plain Fried Rice     12.45  6.45  4.50
FR06. Beef Fried Rice     7.95  5.25  14.95
FR07. Shrimp Fried Rice     14.95  7.95  5.25
FR08. House Special Fried Rice     5.25  14.95  7.95
FR09. Krab Meat & Shrimp     14.95  7.95  4.95

Beef And Pork

B02. Pepper Steak    lg 8.95 sm 6.25
B03. Beef With Mix Vegetable    sm 6.25 lg 8.95
B04. Beef With Broccoli    lg 8.95 sm 6.25
B05. Beef Szechuan Style *    9.25
B06. Beef With Snow Peas & Broccoli     9.25
B09. Pork With Mix Vegetable     8.95
B10. Sweet And Sour Pork     8.95
B14. Beef Teriyaki     9.75
B15. Mongolian Beef *    9.75
B07. Beef With Oyster Sauce     9.75
B13. Beef In Garlic Sauce *    9.75
B01. Beef W/String Bean In Garlic Sauce *    9.75


C01 - Chicken Teriyaki     6.25  8.95
C02 - Chicken With Broccoli     8.95  6.25
C03 - Chicken With String Beans     6.25  8.95
C04 - Moo Goo Gai Pan chicken with mushrooms in a light sauce & mix veg    6.25  8.95
C05 - Chicken In Garlic Sauce *    6.25  8.95
C06 - Curry Chicken *    6.25  8.95
C17 - Chicken With Snow Peas & Broccoli     6.25  8.95
C08 - Szechuan Chicken *    6.25  8.95
C09 - Sweet And Sour Chicken     5.95  8.50
C10 - Kung Po Chicken *    8.95  6.25
C11 - Chicken With Black Bean Sauce *    6.25  8.95
C21 - Thai Red Curry Chicken *    6.25  8.95
C14 - Cashew Chicken     6.25  8.95
C15 - Honey Garlic Chicken lightly battered and glazed in our irresistible sauce    6.25  8.95
C16 - Chicken Chow Mein     6.25  8.95
C18 - Chicken With Chinese Eggplant In Garlic Sauce *    6.25  8.95
C19 - Mongolian Chicken *    6.25  8.95
C20 - Chicken With Mix Vegetables     5.95  8.95
C07 - Bourbon Chicken     6.75  9.25


F01. Shrimp With Broccoli    lg 9.25 sm 6.75
F02. Shrimp With Mix Vegetables    sm 6.75 lg 9.25
F03. Shrimp With Lobster Sauce    sm 6.75 lg 9.25
F04. Shrimp With Cashew Nuts    sm 6.75 lg 9.25
F05. Sweet And Sour Shrimp     9.25
F06. Shrimp Szechuan Style *   lg 9.25 sm 6.75
F07. Shrimp With Snow Peas And Broccoli    sm 6.75 lg 9.25
F08. Shrimp Chow Mein     9.25
F11. Shrimp In Garlic Sauce *   sm 6.75 lg 9.25
F10. Shrimp Teriyaki     9.50
F12. Thai Red Curry Shrimp *   lg 9.25 sm 6.75
F13. Curry Shrimp *   lg 9.25 sm 6.75
F14. Cashew Shrimp     9.50


N01. Vegetable Lo Mein    jumbo 16.95 qt 7.25 pt 4.95
N08. Chicken Lo Mein    pt 5.50 jumbo 17.75 qt 7.75
N02. Pork Lo Mein    jumbo 17.75 qt 7.75 pt 5.50
N03. Beef Lo Mein    qt 8.95 pt 5.75 jumbo 18.95
N04. Shrimp Lo Mein    jumbo 18.95 qt 8.95 pt 5.75
N05. Special Lo Mein    pt 5.95 jumbo 20.95 qt 8.95
N06. Singapore Rice Noodles * curry flavor    8.95
N07. Pad Thai Shrimp     8.95
N09. Pad Thai Chicken     8.95
N10. Udon With Chicken Or Beef     8.95


V01. Deluxe Vegetable     7.50
V02. Golden Tofu With Vegetable     7.95
V03. Eggplant In Garlic Sauce *    7.95
V04. String Bean In Garlic Sauce *    7.95
V05. Sauteed Broccoli In Garlic Sauce *    7.50
V06. Ma Po Tofu *    7.50
V07. Sesame Tofu     7.50
V08. Kung Po Tofu Or Hunan Tofu *    7.50

Egg Foo Young

Y01. Vegetable Foo Young     8.25
Y02B. Chicken Foo Young     8.75
Y02A. Pork Foo Young     8.75
Y03B. Shrimp Foo Young     8.95
Y03A. Beef Foo Young     8.95
Y04. House Special Foo Young     8.95

Chef Specialties

SP01. General Tso Chicken * lightly battered chunks of chicken fried crispy with broccoli in house garlic sauce    9.50
SP02. General Tso's Shrimp * lightly battered jumbo shrimp fried golden brown, crispyin our chef's special sauce garnished with broccoli    10.95
SP03. Orange Chicken * lightly battered chicken, fried crispy in orange flavored tangy sauce garnished with broccoli    10.25
SP04. Happy Family shrimp, beef, chicken & pork sauteed w/baby corn, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, snow peas, broccoli in brown sauce.    10.95
SP06. Seafood Delight lobster meat, jumbo shrimps, sea scallops, imitation crab meatwith mixed vegetables in white sauce.    14.50
SP07. House Special Pan Fried Noodle gourmet flavored shrimp, chicken pork, w/fresh vegetables and pan fried noodles. this is a chinese version!    10.50
SP08. Moo Shu Pork Or Chicken shredded chicken stir fried with mixed veggies enrich w/mandarin plum sauce served w/pancakes(4)    9.50
SP09. Sesame Chicken     9.50
SP15 Szechuan Triple Delight * chicken, pork & shrimp, baby corn, mushrooms and mixed vegetables in szechuan brown sauce.    10.50
SP23. Hunan Beef * tender sliced flack steak sauteed with mixed vegetables in spicy hunan sauce    9.75
SP13. Steamed Salmon steamed fresh salmon (8oz) w/black bean & ginger sauce.    10.95
SP14. Teriyaki Salmon grilled fresh salmon (8oz) with house teriyaki sauce    10.95
SP24. Tung Tin Shrimp     9.75
SP16. Dragon & Phoenix jumbo shrimp & mixed vegetables stir fried in white sauce and general tso's chicken and broccoli    11.95
SP22. Seafood Pan Fried Noodles     12.95

Party Trays

PT10B. Bourbon Chicken    lg 73.00 sm 37.00
PT01. Rolls    (20) 21.00
PT02. Chicken Wings    (40) 22.00
PT03. Fried Rice    lg 39.00 reg 20.00
PT08. General Tso's Chicken    lg 73.00 reg 37.00
PT09. Orange Chicken    reg 37.00 lg 73.00
PT10. Sesame Chicken    lg 73.00 reg 37.00
PT11. Any Other Chicken Dish    lg 61.00 reg 31.00
PT13. Any Oher Beef Dish    lg 67.00 sm 34.00
PT14. Any Other Shrimp Dish    lg 77.00 reg 39.00

Japanese Appetizer

J01. Sunomono sliced cucumber, served with sunomono sauce    5.95
J03. Kani-Su crab., masago & avocado in thin cucumbers    6.95
J04. Tunatataki thinly sliced seared white tuna over sliced cucumber e/ponzu sauce    7.25
J05. Ninja Sashimi seared tuna steak w/sesame seed served over house greens in heavenly dressing    8.95
J16. Sashimi Appetizer chef choice   (9) 9.95
J07. Tempura Shrimp    (6) 6.95
J08. Vegetable Tempura Or Sweet Potato only    5.50
J09. Edamame steamed soy beans    3.50
J02. Spicy Crabmeat Salad *    4.95
J11. Green Salad ginger dressing    1.95
J12. Avocado Salad     5.25
J15. Seaweed Salad     3.95

Sushi & Rolls Combo

J16B. Sushi Combo J15 5pcs tuna roll, 5pcs j.b roll and 10pcs california roll    9.25
J18A. Sushi Combo J16 5pcs california roll, 5pcs shrimp tempura roll, 5pcs eal roll, 5pcs spicy crab roll    9.50
JA. Sushi / Roll Combo J17 2pcs tuna, 2pcs salmon, 5pcs california roll, 5pcs tuna roll    9.25
JD. Sushi / Roll Combo J18 1pc tuna, 1pc salmon, 1pc white fish, 1 pc shrimp, 5pcs california roll, 5pcs j & b roll    9.25
JC. Sushi / Roll Combo J19 3pcs tuna, 3pcs salmon, 10pcs j.b roll    10.95
JB. Sushi / Roll Combo J20 4pcs tuna, 10pcs tuna roll    9.50
J17A. Any 20 Pcs Of Hosomaki J21     9.25
J17B. Sushi / Roll Combo J22 2pcs crab, 2pcs tuna and 10pcs california roll    9.25
J18B. Sushi / Roll Combo J23 4pcs salmon, 10pcs j.b roll    9.50
J16A. Sushi / Roll Combo J24 3pcs sashimi, 3pcs sushi, 10pcs j.b roll    9.95
J103. Sushi / Roll Combo J25 3pcs salmon, 3pcs tuna and 3pcs shrimp    11.95
J104. Sushi / Roll Combo J26 2pcs salmon, 2pcs tuna, 2pcs white meat fish, 10pcs california roll    10.25
J100. Sushi / Combo J27 5pcs sushi and 10pcs rainbow roll    12.95
J101. Sushi / Combo J28 2pcs shrimp, 2crab and 10pcs boston roll    8.95
J102. Sushi / Roll Combo J29 6pcs sashimi, 5pcs sushi, 10 pcs california roll    13.95
J105. Party Platter P1 2pcs tuna, 2pcs salmon, 2pcs white tunam 2pcs white meat fish, 2pcs crab meat, 2pcs masago, 10pcs tuna roll, 10pcs california roll    22.95
J105. Party Platter P2 4pcs salmon, 4pcs tuna, 4pcs white meat fish, 4pcs white tuna, bbq eel. 4pcs shrimp, 10pcs rainbow roll, 10pcs tuna roll    35.95
J106. Party Platter P3 10pcs rainbow roll, 10pcs j.b roll, 10pcs california roll, 10pcs tuna, 10pcs shrimp tempura, 10pcs boston, 10pcs futomaki, 10pcs cucumber, 10pcs dancing eel    46.95

Hosomaki $4.50

J19. Salmon Skin Avocado   
J20. California   
J21A. Tuna   
H14. Salmon   
J22. Eel Cucumber   
J23. Spicy Tuna   
J24. J&B   
J25. Crab Cucumber   
J26. Cucumber     3.50

Favorite Rolls

R01. American Dream Roll tempura shrimp, dynamite, cucumber i/o avocado on the top & eel sauce.    8.95
R04. Crunchy Roll (No Rice) salmon, crab, avocado & scallion rolled in nori, deep fried w/ponzu sauce    7.95
R31. Beauty & Beast spicy tuna, tempura flake, i/o with eel and tuna on top    9.25
R06. Dancing Eel Roll california roll with eel on the top & eel sauce    8.95
R07. Dragon Roll tempura shrimp, cucumber, mayo, masago i/o avocado on the top    8.95
R08. Eel Fashion Roll eel, tempura shrimp, cream cheese, i/o w/avocado on top & eel sauce    8.95
R09. Floribbean Roll tuna, salmon, crab, avocado, cucumber, scallions, i/o with masago    8.95
R10. Futomaki a giant roll w/crab, masago, egg, kampyo, cucumber, seaweed salad, avocado    8.75
R11. Rainbow Roll cream cheese, masago, avocado i/o with rainbow fish on top.    8.75
R12. K.C Roll salmon, crab, avocado, wrapped w/ paper thin cucumber w/ponzu sauce.    8.50
R13. Spanish Roll * tempura, shrimp, masago, cucumber, spicy mayo i/o s.s    8.75
R14. Spider Roll soft shell crab, avocado, cucumber, mayo i/o with masago    9.25
R15. Super Ninja Roll shrimp tempura, eel, cucumber, avocado, masago, w/japanese mayo, seared tuna topped with eel sauce, spicy sauce and tempura flake.    9.75
R16. Coral Reef Roll bbq eel, avocado, cream cheese i/o crunchy fish on top    9.45
R17. Butterfly Roll * deep fried fish, avocado, scallion, cucumber, spicy mayo i/o with masago    8.75
R30. J.B Tempura * deep fried japanese bagel roll with eel sauce    7.95
R20. Volcano Roll choice of dynamite fish, conch or crab meat on top of california roll i/o    8.95
R21. Spicy Crab Roll * crabmeat mixed with masago kimchee sauce scallion i/o sesame seed    6.50
R22. Shrimp Tempura Roll shrimp, cucumber, avocado, mayo, i/o w/sesame seed    7.95
R23. Boston Roll cooked shrimp, crab meat, avocado, cucumber, mayo i/o sesame seed.    6.50
R25. Lobster Roll * half lobster tail, avocado, scallion & spicy mayo i/o w/sesame seed & masago    9.95

Combination Platters

CP01. Chicken Teriyaki   
CP02. General Tso's Chicken *  
CP03. Chicken With String Beans   
CP04. Chicken Chow Mein   
CP05A. Deluxe Vegetables   
CP05B. Vegetables Tofu   
CP06. Shrimp With Lobster Sauce   
CP07. Moo Goo Gail Pao chicken and vegetables  
CP08. Sweet And Sour Chicken   
CP09. Chicken Wings    (6) 5.95 (8) 7.95
CP10. Honey Garlic Chicken   
CP11. Chicken, Beef Or Shrimp Lo Mein   
CP12. Kung Po Chicken *  
CP13. Beef With Broccoli   
CP14. Chicken In Garlic Sauce *  
CP15A. B.B.Q Ribs   
CP15B. Boneless B.B.Q Ribs   
CP16A. Pork Broccoli   
CP16B. Chicken Broccoli   
CP17. Cashew Chicken   
CP18. Beef With Mix Vegetables   
CP19. Shrimp, Beef Or Chicken With Mix Vegs   
CP20A. Pepper Chicken   
CP20B. Pepper Steak   
CP21A. Mongolian Beef *  
CP21B. Mongolian Chicken *  
CP22. Sesame Chicken   
CP23. Vegetable Foo Young     8.25
CP24A. Chicken Foo Young     8.25
CP24B. Pork Foo Young     8.25
CP25A. Shrimp Foo Young     8.95
CP25B. Beef Foo Young     8.95
CP26. House Special Foo Young     8.95
CP27A. Chicken Szechuan Style *  
CP27B. Pork Szechuan Style *  
CP28A. Shrimp Szechuan Style *  
CP28B. Beef Szechuan Style *  
CP29. Shrimp With Broccoli   
CP30. Szechuan Triple Delight *    8.95
CP31. Orange Chicken *  
CP32. Shrimp With Garlic Sauce *  
CP33. Curry Shrimp Or Chicken *  
CP34. Bourbon Chicken   

Family Specials

FSB. Family Special "B" egg roll(3) or shrimp roll(3) + wonton or eggdrop soup(qt) + crab rangoon(8) or chicken wings(8) + pork or chicken fried rice(qt) + choice of 2 items(qt) of: general tso's chicken, honey garlic chicken, chicken or beef w/broccoli, pepper steak, chicken or pork szechuan style.    29.95
FSA. Family Special "A" egg roll (2) or shrimp roll (2) or crab rangoon + wonton soup or egg drop soup (qt) + pork or chicken fried rice (qt) + any one chicken entree (qt) + fortune cookies    17.95


Orient Chef
4653 S University Dr
Btwn Griffin Rd & Southwood Dr
(954) 885-6609
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