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Pho Hoa

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    $$$$$Greater than $25
    $$$$$18.01 - $25
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    $$$7.01 - $12
    $Less than $7
  • Vietnamese
  • 5435 N State Road 7, Tamarac FL33319 26.191351 -80.203821
  • (Btwn NW 53rd St & Lakeside Dr)
  • (954) 739-9888
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1. Goi Cuon fresh spring rolls with shrimps, lean pork, mint leaves in rice paper with homemade peanut sauce  (2) 3.45
2. Bi Cuon shredded pork rolls with green lettuce, mint leaves in rice paper with sweet and sour sauce  (2) 3.45
3. Cha Gio crispy fried rolls minced shrimps, pork, onion, carrot, bean thread and tree mushroom. served with sweet & sour sauce  (2) 3.45
4. Nem Nuong grilled pork meat balls  (2) 4.75
5. Chao Tom grilled shrimp paste on sugar can  (2) 6.75
6. Bo Noung grilled beef rolls  (4) 4.95
7. Dau Hu Rang Muoi salted fried tofu with onion and bell pepper   6.95

Pho Hoa

Salad Style.

9. Bo Tai Chanh slice raw beef marinated in lemon sauce, carrot, onion and herbs   10.50
10. Goi Ga chicken salad. shredded cabbage, carrot, onion, herbs tossed with steam and chilled chicken. served with sweet and sour sauce   7.50
11. Goi Tom shrimp salad. shredded cabbage, carrot, onion, herbs tossed with pork and shrimp. served with sweet and sour sauce   8.25

Com Chien

Fried Rice.

14. Com Chien Ga Hoac Tom chicken or shrimp fried rice   8.50
15. Com Chien Duong Chau fried rice with shrimp, chicken, egg, chinese sauces, peas and carrot   9.25
16. Com Chien Thom Dac Biet fried rice with shrimp, chicken, egg, peas, carrot and fresh pineapple   9.25

Com Tam

Rice Plates.

18. Com Bi, Cha, Suon Nuong julienne pork & grilled chop   8.45
19. Com Ga Nuong, Cha Gio grilled chicken and fried roll   8.45
20. Com Thit Nuong, Nem Nuong grilled pork and pork meatballs   8.45
21. Com Suon Nuong Xa grilled lemon grass pork chop   8.45
22. Com Tom Nuong, Bo Nuong grilled shrimp and beef   8.45
23. Com Ga Nuong, Tom Nuong grilled chicken and shrimp   8.45
24. Com Suon Nuong, Nem Nuong grilled pork chop and pork meatballs   8.45
25. Com Bo Nuoung, Cha Gio grilled beef with egg roll   8.45
26. Com Dac Biet combination of grilled pork chop, shrimp, meatballs, egg roll, shredded pork, vietnamese handmade ham and fried egg   14.25



28. Bun Thit Nuong, Cha Gio grilled pork with egg roll   8.45
29. Bun Ga Nuong Cha Gio grilled chicken with egg roll   8.45
30. Bun Nem Nuong grilled pork meatballs   8.45
31. Bun Bi, Cha Gio shredded pork with egg roll   8.45
32. Bun Tom, Thit Nuong grilled shrimp and pork   8.45
33. Bun Tom, Ga Nuong grilled shrimp and chicken   8.45
34. Bun Bo Xao Cu Hanh stir fried beef & onions   9.25
35. Bun Chao Tom grilled shrimp paste on sugar can   9.95
36. Bun Bo Hoac Heo Nuong, Chon Them veggie marinated grilled beef or pork and choice of one item below   
a. grilled jumbo shrimp with crispy egg roll (tom nuong cha gio)   9.95
b. shrimp paste on sugar can with crispy egg roll (chao tom, cha gio)   10.95
c. grilled meat balls with crispy egg roll (nem nuong, cha gio)   9.95
37. Bun Tom, Bo Nuong grilled shrimp and beef   8.45
38. Bun Dac Biet combination of grilled shrimp, meatballs, egg roll, pork, chicken and shredded pork   14.25


Noodle Soup. Large Bowl. Our Specialize Soup And Has Been Famous For Its Tastes.

40. Pho Tai steak pho   7.95
41. Pho Tai Chin Nac steak, brisket pho   7.95
42. Pho Tai, Bo Vien steak, meatballs pho   7.95
43. Pho Do Vien meat ball pho   7.95
44. Pho Chin, Bo Vien brisket, meat balls pho   7.95
45. Pho Chin Nac brisket pho   7.95
46. Pho Tai Nam steak, flank pho   7.95
47. Pho Tai, Gan tendon, steak pho   7.95
48. Pho Tai, Sach steak, tripe pho   7.95
49. Pho Chin, Nam brisket, flank pho   7.95
50. Pho Tai, Nam Gau steak flank & fatty flank pho   7.95
51. Photai Nam, Gan tendon, flank & steak pho   7.95
52. Pho Tai, Nam, Gan, Scahi steak, flank, tendon & tripe pho   7.95
53. Pho Tai, Nam, Gau, Gan, Sach steak, flank, tendon, tripe & fatty flank pho   7.95
54. Pho Chin, Nam, Gau, Gan, Sach brisket, flan, tendon, tripe & fatty flank pho   7.95
55. Pho Chin, Nam, Gau, Gan, V.Don brisket, flank, tendon, fatty & crunchy flank pho   7.95
56. Pho Dac Biet beef combination pho   8.50
57. Pho Tre En (Kid Bowl Pho) brisket, meat balls, pho (no scallion)   6.95
58. Pho Khong Thit pho without meat   6.95
59. Pho Ga steam chicken and mix vegetable over fresh rice noodle pho   8.25
61. Pho Do Bien seafood and vegetables pho   9.25
62. Pho Do Bien Chua Cay hot and sour seafood pho   9.25


Giant Bowl Pho add  xl 1.50
Extra Side Order    3.00
Small Meat Bowl Order    3.50
Add Meat, Rice, Soup, Noodle Etc    1.25
Change Noodle Size add lg .50xlg .75

Rice Or Egg Noodle

63. Mi Tieu Chau shrimp, slice roast pork, chicken, fish balls, blend crab meat and egg noodle   8.75
64. Mi Kho same as #63, but separated broth and special sauce over egg noodle   8.75
65. Hu Tieu Mi shrimp, slice roast pork, chicken, fish balls, blend crab meat, rice & egg noodle   9.25
66. Mi Xa Xiu Hoanh Thanh slice roast pork, wonton and egg noodle   8.75
67. Mi Hai San Dac Biet shrimp, squid, scallop, fish balls, blend crab meat and egg noodle   9.25
68. Hu Tieu Dai Nam Vang shrimp, slice roast pork, chicken, fish balls serve with clear noodle   9.25
69. Hu Tieu Dac Biet shrimp, slice roast pork, chicken, fish ball, crab meat, quail egg with fresh rice noodles   9.25
70. Hu Tieu Tom Cua shrimp and blend crab meat serve with fresh rice noodles   8.75

The Adventure's Choice Soup

71. Banh Canh Tom Thit Glo Heo shrimp, slice roast pork and pork knuckle serve with vn's style fresh big rice noodles   9.25
72. Banh Canh Tom Cua vn's style fresh big steamed rice noodle with shrimp & blend crab meat   8.75
73. Banh Mi Or Pho Bo Kho carrot beef stew served with bread or noodles   8.75
74. Mi Bo Kho same as #73. but egg noodles   8.75
75. Bun Bo Hue hue style noodle soup served with beef, fish balls, pork knuckle & big rice noodle   8.75
76. Hu Tieu Sate beef sate noodle soup   8.75

Chef's Suggestion

78. Mi Xao Thap Cam special stir fried fresh egg noodle with assorted meat, shrimp squid and combination of mix vegetables (choice of crispy or soft)   12.25
79. Hu Heu Xao Thap Cam same #78 with vn's style big fresh rice noodle   12.25
80. Com Tom Rang Chay Mo jumbo shrimp simmered with scallions, ginger and special sauce over steam rice   11.25
81. Com Ga Hoac Bo Xao Xa Ot stir fried chicken or beef with hot pepper, onion, special lemon grass and steam rice   9.75
82. Banh Xao (2) vn style crispy pancake stuffed shrimp, clean pork, bean sprout and onion. served with fresh green lettuce, mints, herbs and chef's sauce   11.95
84. Bo Luc Lac beef filet chunk steak on lettuce & tomato served with fried rice   12.25
85. Bo Don skewered beef strips with grilled, served with rice paper, vermicelli, vegetables and chef's sauce. (create your own rolls)   14.95
86. Com Do Bien Xao Cai Thuong Hai seafood combination with shang hai vegetables serve with white rice   12.75
87. Hu Tieu Ap Chao Thap Cam pan fresh fried rice noodle with assorted meat, shrimp, squid and combination of mix vegetables   12.75
88. Com Ga Hoax Bo Xao Rau Cai stir fried chicken or beef with mix vegetables serve with white rice   9.75
89. Ca Ri Vn - Vietnamese Curry * in coconut cream sauce with potatoes, onions, chili, lemon grass and peanuts serve with w/r choice of one item below:   
a. tom or shrimp   12.75
b. ga or chicken   10.95
c. dau hu or tofu with mix vegetables   9.95

Chef's Vegetarian

90. Bun Dau Hu Xao Chay veggie with tofu marinated in chef's special lemon grass, green leaf lettuce, bean sprout, mints, cucumber and sweet and sour sauce   8.75
91. Mi Xao Chay Dau Hu Bong Cai stir fried egg noodle with tofu and mix vegetables. (choice of crispy or soft noodle)   10.25
92. Hu Tieu X/C, Dau Hu Bong Cai same as #91, but big dry rice noodle   10.25
93. Banh Xeo Chay Vegetarian Yellow Pancake same as #82, but with tofu   10.95
94. Com Chien Thon Chay stir fried tofu, pineapple, onion, egg, broccoli, pea & carrot   9.25
95. Pho Rau Cai Dau Hu tofu and mix vegetables pho   8.25
96. Do Chay Phat Buu Duyen (Budda's Delight) stir fried tofu and mix vegetables over garlic sauce serve with white rice   8.75
97. Com Dau Hu Xao Xa Ot stir fried tofu with hot pepper, onion, special lemon grass and steam rice   8.75
98. Ca Kho To * catfish simmered in clay pot   11.25
99. Canh Chua Ca Or Tom * catfish or shrimp hot and sour soup sm 11.25xlg 14.75
100. Tom Rang Muoi * salted head on shrimp served with white rice   12.75
101. Bun Mam Hai San salted fish style noodle soup served with seafood and big rice noodle   9.25
102. Bun Rieu crabmeat vermicelli noodle soup with tofu, slice pork and tomato.   8.95
103. Tom Xao Xa Ot * stir fried shrimp with hot pepper, onion, lemon grass served with steam rice   12.75


B1. Ca Phe Den Da iced coffee with out milk   2.95
B2. Ca Phe Sua Da iced milk coffee   2.95
B12. Sinh To Mang Cau blended sourson juice   3.25
B13. Sinh To Sau Rieng blended durian juice   3.25
B14. Sinh To Mit blended jack juice   3.25
B15. Sinh To Bo blended avocado juice   3.25
B16. Soda Sua Hot Ga fresh egg & milk soda   3.96

Desserts $2.95

D19. Che Dac Biet supreme combination beans   
D20. Che Dau Do red bean   
D21. Suong Xa Hot Luu jelly pearl   

Pearl Smoothies $3.96

B22. Sinh To Tran Chau Va Chon Lura. Pearl Smoothies And Choices Of One Item Below:

Green Apple    
Green Tea    
Thai Tea    

Beers & Wines

B23. Singha    3.50
B24. Tsing Tao    3.50
B25. Heineken    2.95
B26. Corona    2.95
B27. Budweiser    2.95
W28. Merlot    3.50
W29. Wt. Zinfandel    3.50
W30. Chardonnay    3.50
* Spicy
Pho Hoa
5435 N State Road 7
Btwn NW 53rd St & Lakeside Dr
(954) 739-9888
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