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Pho Thang

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  • Vietnamese
  • 9539 SW 160th St, Miami 33157 25.619607 -80.346702
  • (Btwn SW 95th & SW 97th Ave)
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  • (786) 293-1118
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A-01. Cha Gio crispy egg rolls. (2) pork rolls lightly fried, served with lettuce, mint, cilantro and special fish sauce    5.50
A-02. Goi Cuon fresh spring rolls. (2) shrimp, pork, lettuce, bean sprouts and vermicelli wrapped in rice pepper, fish sauce    5.50
A-03. Bu Cuon winter rolls. j(2) shredded pork, lettuce, bean sprouts and vermicelli wrapped in rice pepper, fish sauce    5.50
A-04. Goi Cuon Thit Nuong grilled pork rolls. 2 fresh wrapped rolls with grilled pork    5.50
A-05. Goi Cuon Chay tofu rolls. (2) fresh wrapped rolls tofu    4.95
A-06. Hen Xao Xuc Banh Trang baby clams with lemongrass. served with rice cracker    8.95
A-07. Banh Xeo golden pancake. crispy vietnamese crepe with shrimp, bean sprouts and scallions    9.95
A-08. Banh Cuon Cha Lua pork rolling cake. steamed rice crepes filled with minced pork    9.95
A-09. Canh Ga Chicken Nuoc Mam pho thang chicken wings. (8) vietnamese style chicken wings    8.50
A-10. Green Mussels Xao Gung ginger mussels    9.95


Tofu May Be Substituted For Shrimp And Pork In The Lotus And Papaya Salads

S-19. Side Order Salad small salad with lettuce, tomato and cucumber    5.95
S-20. Goi Du Du Tom Thit papaya salad. with shrimp and pork.    8.50
S-21. Goi N Ca Tom fish & shrimp. with onion, tomatoes, cilantro and lime juice    9.95
S-22. Goi Bo Tai Chanh rare beef with lime juice    9.50
S24. Goi Ngo Sen Tom Thi lotus salad. lotus stems with shrimp and pork    8.95

Fried Rice

R-200. Com Chien Tom shrimp    10.50
R-201. Com Chien Bo Hoac Ga chicken or beef    9.50
R-202. Com Chien Chay vegetable    9.50
R-203. Com Chien Doung Chau vietnamese sausage and shrimp    10.95
R-204. Com Chien Hai San seafood    11.95
R-205. Com Chien Cari Hai San seafood curry    11.95

Rice Dishes

Served With White Rice

R-100. Com Ga Nuong grilled chicken    9.95
R-101. Com Suon Nuong grilled pork chops    9.95
R-102. Com Ga Bi Trung grilled chicken, shrimp pork, and fried egg    11.95
R-103. Com Suog Bi Trung grilled pork chop, shredded pork, and fried egg    11.95
R-104. Com Tom Ram Man mekong shrimp and pineapple with special sauce    12.95
R-105. Com Suon Bo Nuong grilled beef short ribs    11.95
R-106. Com Bo Luc Lac shaky beef. garlic stir-fried beef, lettuce, and tomato over rice    12.95
R-108. Com Ga Xao Gung Hoac Xao Xa ginger or lemongrass chicken    11.95
R-109. Com Tom Xao Gung Hoac Xao Xa ginger or lemongrass shrimp    12.95
R-110. Com Ga Xao Gung Hoac Xao Xa ginger lemongrass beef    11.95
R-111. Com Ga Hoac Bo Xao Curry curry chicken or bee    11.95
R-112. Com Tom Xao Curry curry shrimp    12.95
R-113. Com Ga Hoac Bo Xao Cai Lang vietnamese broccoli with chicken or beef    12.95
R-114. Com Tom Xao Cai Lang vietnamese broccoli with shrimp    13.95
R-115. Com Thit Nuong grilled thin pork    9.95
R-116. Com Vit Quay roast duck    11.95


Served With White Rice

F-401. Ca Chien Nuoc Mam Gung whole fried fish with ginger and scallions  
F-402. Ca Chien Xa Xao Ot whole fried fish with lemongrass and scallions  

Rice Vermicelli

Rice Noodles Served With Fresh Lettuce, Cucumbers, Bean Sprouts, Your Choice Of Meat And Topped With Peanuts, Mint And Carrots

V-80. Bun Cha Gio egg rolls    9.95
V-81. Bun Thit Nuong grilled pork    9.95
V-82. Bun Ga Nuong grilled chicken    9.95
V-83. Bun Tom Xao Xa Hoac Gung ginger or lemongrass shrimp    10.95
V-84. Bun Cha Gio Thit Nuong grilled pork and egg roll    10.95
V-85. Bun Bo Xao lemongrass beef    9.95
V-86. Bun Ga Xao lemongrass chicken    9.95
V-87. Bun Tau Hu Xao Xa lemongrass tofu    9.95
V-88. Bun Dac Biet special combo. includes grilled pork, shrimp and egg roll    10.95
V-89. Bun Ca Ri Ga curry chicken    10.95
V-90. Bun Ca Ri Bo curry beef    10.95
V-91. Bun Ca Ri Tom curry shrimp    11.95
V-92. Bun Ca Ri Tau Hu curry tofu    9.95

Fried Or Soft Noodles

S-300. Mi Hai San Hoac Hu Tieu Xao Miem seafood stir fried. egg noodles or clear noodles    14.95
S-301. Mi Xao Gion seafood over crunchy egg noodles    14.95
S-303. Tau Hu Xao Mi Haoc Hu Tieu tofu and vegetables stir fried. egg noodles or clear noodles    12.95
S-304. Ga Hoac Bo Xao Gion chicken or beef over crunchy egg noodles    13.95

Vegetarian Dishes

SPV-01. Tau Hu Xao He Va Gia tofu stir fried. with garlic, chives and bean sprouts    10.95
SPV-02. Tau Hu Xao Xa Hoac Gung tofu stir fried. with lemongrass or ginger    10.95
SPV-03. Mi Hoac Hu Tieu Xao tofu stir fried. with curry. tau hu xao ca ri    10.95
SPV-04. Tau Hu Xao Cai Lang tofu with vietnamese broccoli. tau hu xao cai lang    11.95
SPV-05. Mi Hoac Hu Tisu Xao Rau Cai vegetables stir-fried with egg or clear noodles.    12.95
V-87. Bun Tau Hu Xao Xa lemongrass tofu with rice vermicelli.    9.95
V-92. Bun Ca Ri Tau Hu curry tofu with rice vermicelli.    9.25


Rice Noodle Soups. Beef Broth

N-40. Pho Dac Biet special beef. beef ball, rare beef, beef flank, tripe and tendon    10.95
N-41. Pho Tai Nam Sach rare beef, well done flank, and tripe    9.95
N-42. Pho Tai Nam rare beef with flank    9.95
N-43. Pho Tai Bo Vien rare beef and beef ball    9.95
N-44. Pho Tai Sach rare beef and tripe    9.95
N-45. Pho Tai rare beef. rice noodle soup topped with medium rare beef    9.95
N-46. Pho Bo Vien beef ball. rice noodle soup with beef balls    9.95
N-47. Pho Tom shrimp rice noodle soup with shrimp    10.95
N-48. Boneless Chicken rice noodles soup with white meat chicken    9.95
N-49. Pho Hai San seafood shrimp, scallop, squid, fishballs and quail eggs    10.95
N-50. Pho Gan & Bo Vien beef meatball beef tendon    10.95

Hu Tieu Hoac Mi

Chicken Broth. Your Choice Of Egg Noodle Or Clear Noodle Soups

N-60. Tom Thit shrimp and pork    9.95
N-61. Kha Tom Thit stir fried dry shrimp and pork. served with small side of soup    10.95
N-62. Hai San combo seafood. shrimp, scallop, squid, fishballs and quail eggs    10.95
N-63. Kha Hai San dry combo seafood. stir fried served with small side of soup    11.95
N-64. Mi Vit Quay roast duck    10.95
N-65. Ca Va Vien & Trung Cuc fish and quail egg    9.95
N-66. Ga boneless chicken    9.95
N-67. Bo Vien beef ball    9.95
N-68. Mi Hoac Hu Tieu Tom shrimp    10.95

Vermicelli Soups $10.95

V-70. Bun Rieu shrimp and crab paste tomato soup. include pork sausage and tofu  
V-72. Bun Bo Hue spicy lemongrass beef. includes pig's feet, pork sausage and big noodles  


Pho Thang
9539 SW 160th St
Btwn SW 95th & SW 97th Ave
(786) 293-1118
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