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Ping House

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  • Chinese
  • 5315 NW 36th St, Miami Springs FL33166 25.808175 -80.281532
  • (At Palmetto Dr)
  • (305) 871-6144
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Croquetes De Verduras vegetable spring rolls  (2) 3.50
Croquetas China Contains Pork And Shrimp egg rolls  (2) 3.95
Costitas Asades b.b.q. spare ribs  (5) 7.95
Costitas Asadas Sin Hucho boneless b.b.q. spare ribs  (5) 7.95
Fiete De Puerco Asado roast pork   6.95
Mariposas Fritas fried wontons  (12) 3.95
Mariposas Fritas Con Carne fried wontons with meat  (12) 5.25
Mariposas Fritas Con Queso Y Cangrejo crab rangoon  (8) 6.25
Alos De Pollo Frito fried chicken wings  (10) 7.75
Alas De Pollo Fritos De Miel honey chicken wings  (10) 7.75
Pollo Frito fried chicken - leg & thigh   5.75
Camarones Frites fried jumbo shrimp  (6) 6.95
Coctel De Camarones shrimp cocktail  (6) 6.75
Ensalada De Casa house salad   3.50
Papas Fritas french fries   2.95
Platanos Maduros Fritos fried plantains   3.95
Aperitivo Combinacion combination appetizer. egg roll (1), b.b.q. ribo (2), and fried chicken wings (4)   7.50
Aperitivo Especial po po platter. egg rolls (2), b.b.q. spare ribs (2), fried chicken wings (4), roast pork (2), fried jumbo shrimps (2), and fried wontons with meat (2)   10.95


Soups. Sm / Lg.

Sopa De Mariposas wonton soup  2.95 4.75
Sopa De Huevo egg drop soup  2.95 4.75
Sopa De Pollo Y Fideos chicken noodle soup  3.25 4.95
Sopa De Vegetables vegetable soup  3.25 4.95
Sope De Mariposos Huevo mixed wonton/egg drop soup  3.50 5.95
Sopa Especial De Casa ping house special soup. jumbo shrimp, chicken, pork, vegetables, and needles.   6.95

Arroz Frito

Fried Rice. Sm / Lg / Jumbo.

Young Chow Fried Rice jumbo shrimps, roast pork, white-meat chicken, lettuce, green peas, onions and eggs lg 8.50jumbo 17.95
Especial ping house special fried rice 5.25 7.75 16.50
Camarones shrimp fried rice 5.25 7.75 16.50
Carne beef fried rice 5.25 7.75 16.50
Pollo chicken fried rice 5.25 7.50 15.95
Puerco roast pork fried rice 5.25 7.50 15.95
Jamon ham fried rice 5.25 7.50 15.95
Vegetaies vegetable fried rice 5.25 7.50 15.95
Arroz Blanco steam white rice 2.95 3.95 9.95

Chop Suey

Chop Suey. Ingredients Bok Choy, Snow Pea, Mushroom, Celery, Water Chestnut, And Carrot.

Especial special chop suey   9.25
Camarones shrimp chop suey   9.25
Carne beef chop suey   9.25
Pollo chicken chop suey   8.75
Puerco roast pork chop suey   8.75
Vegetaires vegetable chop suey   8.75

Suave Fideos

Soft Noodles. Ingredients: Bok Choy, Snow Pea, Mushroom, Celery, Water Chestnut, Carrot, And Noodle.

Especial special lo mein   9.50
Camarones shrimp lo mein   9.50
Carne beef lo mein   9.50
Pollo chicken pork lo mein   8.75
Puerco roast pork lo mein   8.75
Vegetales vegetable lo mein   8.75
Solo Fideos Con Salsa plain lo mein   6.25

Crujiente De Fideos

Crispy Noodles. Ingredients, Bok, Choy, Straw Mushroom Baby Corn, Broccoli, Snow Pea And Carrot On Top Of A Bed Of Noodles In Chef's Special Sauce.

Especial ping house special with pan fried noodles   11.95
Mariscos seafood combo with pan fried noodles   12.95
Carne beef with pan fried noodles   11.95
Pollo chicken with pan fried noodles   10.95
Puerco pork with pan fried noodles   10.95
Vegetaies vegetables with pan fried noodles   9.95


Egg Foo Young. Ingredients: Egg, Bean Sprout, Onion, And Scallion

Especial special egg foo young   9.50
Camarones shrimp egg foo young   9.50
Pollo chicken egg foo young   8.50
Puerco roast pork egg foo young   8.50
Vegetales vegetable egg foo young   8.50



Puerco Asado Con Vegetales Chinos pork with chinese vegetables   9.50
Puerco Asado Con Brocol pork with broccoli   9.50
Puerco Asado Con Frioltos Chinos pork with bean sprouts   8.75
Puerco Asado De Agrio-Dulce sweet & sour pork   8.75
Puerco De Szechuan * szechuan pork   9.95



Pollo Con Muel Y Ajo honey garlic chicken   9.50
Pollo De Agrio-Dulce sweet & sour chicken   9.50
Pollo Con Vegetales Chines chicken with chinese vegetables   9.50
Pollo Con Brocoli chicken with broccoli   9.50
Pollo Almohaze * curry chicken   9.50
Pollo Con Almendras almond chicken   9.50
Pollo De Anarcardo * cashew nut chicken   10.50
Kung Pao Pollo * kung pao chicken   10.50
Pollo De Szechuan * szechuan chicken   10.50

Carne De Res


Carne Con Pimiento Verche pepper steak   9.95
Carne Con Vegetaies Chines beef with chinese vegetables   9.95
Carne Almohaze * curry beef   9.95
Carne Con Salsa De Ostras beef with oyster sauce   9.95
Carne Con Salsa De Tomato beef with tomato sauce   9.95
Carne Con Frijoltos Chinos beef with bean sprouts   9.95
Carne Con Maiz De Bebe beef with baby corn   9.95
Carne De Szechuan * szechuan beef   10.95
Carne Con Salsa Satay * beef with satay sauce   10.95



Camarones Con Salsa De Langosta shrimp with lobster sauce   10.50
Camarones Con Vegetaies Chinos shrimp with chinese vegetables   10.95
Camarones Con Brocoli * shrimp with broccoli   10.95
Camarones Con Malz De Beoe shrimp with baby corn   10.95
Camaron Almchaze curry shrimp   10.95
Camaron De Criollo shrimp creole   10.95
Camarones Con Tofu shrimp with tofu   10.50

Verduras Sanas

Healthy Vegetables

Szechuan Vegetables *   9.50
Szechuan Vegetables With Tofu *   10.50
Mixed Vegetables with tofu   10.50
Sauteed Deluxe Mixed Vegetables    9.50
Mixed Vegetables * with garlic sauce   9.50

Ping House Specialties

Corona De Tres Estrellas three star crown. jumbo shrimps, roast pork white-meat chicken straw mushroom, snow pea, broccoli, bok choy, baby corn, carrot, and water chestnut in house sauce.   11.50
Peaking Camarones peaking shrimp. lightly battered jumbo shrimp, fried golden brown, in our house garlic sauce, garnished with broccoli   11.95
Plato Especial De Mariscos seafood cantonese. jumbo shrimps, scallops, artificial crab meat, straw mushroom, snow pea, broccoli, bok choy, baby corn, carrot, and water chestnut   12.50
Szechuan Camarones * szechuan shrimp. jumbo shrimp, broccoli, green pepper, red pepper, celery and scallion   11.95
Camarones De Anarcardo * cashew nut shrimp. jumbo shrimp, bok choy, red pepper, straw mushroom, celery, water chestnut and cashew nuts   11.95
Vieiras Con Vegetaies Chinos scallops with chinese vegetables. large scallops, straw mushroom, snow pea, broccoli bok choy, baby corn carrot, and water chestnut   12.50
Szechuan Veras * szechuan scallops. large scallops, broccoli, green pepper, red pepper, celery, and scallion   12.50
Pollo De General Two's * general tsao's chicken. lightly battered white-meat chicken, fried crispy in our spicy garlic sauce, garnished with toroccol   10.95
Pollo The Sesame sesame chicken. lightly battered white meat chicken with our house ginger sauce, sprinkled with sesame seeds, garnished with broccoli   11.50
Singapore Estilo Arroz Taiarin * rice noodle singapore style. shrimp, roast pork, white-meat chicken green pepper, red pepper, scallion, and egg   11.50
Carne De Mongoles mongolian beef. beef, scallion, and carrot in our spicy-tangy sauce.   11.95
El Filete Del Solomilo De Cortador Con Verdures Chinos * cutter sirloin steak with chinese vegetables. sirloin steak straw mushroom, snow pea, broccoli, bok choy, baby corn, carrot, and water chestnut in house sauce.   14.95
Es Fiete Del Silomillo De Nueva York new york cut sirloin steak. grilled sirloin with our own special seasonings and topped with sauteed onions served with salad and french fries  (12oz) 13.95
Ma Po Tofu * minced pork, tofu, red peppers and green in our savory szechuan sauce   10.50

Lunch Special

Each Comes With Pork & Ham Fried Rice And Egg Drop Or Wonton Soup. Served Tuesday-Friday, 11am-3pm. (Except Holidays). No Substitutions. Please Order By Number.

1. Pollo Con Fideos De Szechuan * szechuan chicken lo mein   6.95
2. Chop Suey De Camarones shrimp chop suey   7.50
3. Pollo De Szechuan * szechuan chicken   7.50
4. Venduras Mixto sauteed deluxe mixed vegetables   6.95
5. Also De Follo Frito fried chicken wings  (6) 6.95
6. Pollo Con Brocoli chicken with broccoli   7.50
7. Pollo Con Vegetaies Chinos chicken with chinese vegetables   7.50
8. Chop Suey De Pollo chicken chop suey   6.95
9. Tortilla De Puerco Con Salsa roast pork egg foo young   6.95
10. Costillas Asadas (2) Y Croqueta (1) b.b.q. spare ribs (2) & egg roll (1)   7.50
11. Carne Con Broccoli beef with broccoli   7.50
12. Puerco De Agri-Dulce sweet & sour pork   6.95
13. Pollo Altzohaze * curry chicken   6.95
14. Camarones Con Salsa De Langosta shrimp with lobster sauce   7.50
15. Carne Con Pimierto Verde pepper steak   7.50
16. Carne Con Verduras beef with vegetables   7.95
17. Puerco Con Frijoltos Chinos roast pork with bean sprouts   6.95
18. Carne Con Fideos beef lo mein   7.50
19. Pollo De Gri-Dulce sweet & sour chicken   7.50
20. Carne Con Salsa De Satay * beef with satay sauce   7.50
21. Pollo Con Miel Y Ajo honey garlic chicken   7.50
22. Pollo De Sesame sesame chicken   7.95
23. Pollo De General Tsao's * general tsao's chicken   7.95

Dinner Special

Each Comes With An Egg Roll (Contains Pork & Shrimp), Pork & Ham Fried Rice, And Egg Drop Or Wonton Soup. No Substitutions. Please Order By Number.

A. Tortilla De Puerrco Con Salsa roast pork egg foo young   8.95
B. Chop Suey De Pollo chicken chop suey   8.95
C. Alos De Pollo Frito (4) Y Cortillas Asadas (2) fried chicken wings (4) & b.b.q. spare ribs (2)   9.95
D. Carne Con Pimierto Werde pepper steak   9.95
E. Camarones Con Salsa De Langosta y Coastillas Asadas(2) shrimp w/ lobster sauce & b.b.q. spare ribs   10.95
F. Chop Suey De Especial special chop suey   9.95
G. Carne Con Brocoli beef w/ broccoli   9.95
H. Pollo Con Vegetables Chinos chicken w/ chinese vegetables   9.95
I. Pollo De Miet O Agri-Dulce honey or sweet & sour chicken   9.95
J.Camarones Fritos fried jumbo shrimp  (5) 8.95
K. Puerco De Agri Duice sweet & sour pork   8.95
L. Foleos Especial special lo mein   9.95
M. Pollo Con Brocoli chicken w/ broccoli   9.50
N. Puerco Carne Con Frijoltos Chines pork or beef w/ bean sprouts   8.95
O. Pollo De Szechuan * szechuan chicken   9.95
P. Pollo Frito fried chicken   8.95
Q. Pollo De General Tsao's Sin Croqueta * general tso's chicken (no egg roll)   9.95
R. Pollo De Steamo, Sin Croqueta sesame chicken (no egg roll)   9.95


Soft Drinks    1.50
Iced Tea    1.50
Bottled Juice    2.50
Bottled Water  (0.5 ltr) 1.50 (1 ltr) 2.50
Gatorade    2.00
Arizona Green Tea    2.50
Lipton Green Tea    2.00
2 Liter Of Soda    3.00
Domestic Beer    3.25
Imported Beer    3.50
Glass Of Wine   (6oz) 3.50
* Hot & Spicy-We Can Alter Spice To Your Taste
Ping House
5315 NW 36th St
At Palmetto Dr
(305) 871-6144
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