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Pizza Time

  • $$$
  • Italian, Pizza
  • 1001 SW 2nd Ave, Boca Raton 33432 26.340149 -80.091988
  • (Btwn SW 11th Pl & Camino Gardens Blvd)
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  • (561) 391-9240
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Garlic Rolls (6)     4.00
Garlic Rolls (12)     6.00
Garlic Bread Served with cheese    6.00
Bruschetta (6)     7.00
Bruschetta (12)     10.00
Fried Mozzarella with Tomato Sauce     11.00
Rice Ball     5.00
Small Fried Calamari     12.00
Large Fried Calamari     18.00
Stuffed Artichoke   
Chicken Wings (6)     10.00
Chicken Wings (10)     13.00
Chicken Wings (20)     26.00
Lobster & Spinach Baked Clams   
Stuffed Mushrooms (6)     14.50


Add chicken to any salad: half breast $4.00, full breast $8.00 Breaded or unbreaded

Garden Salad     10.00
Chef's Salad     12.00
Caesar Salad    Small 8.00 Large 10.00
Antipasto Salad    Small 12.00 Large 15.00
Mozzarella Caprese     15.00


Pasta e Fagioli    Cup 5.50 Bowl 8.00 Quart 17.00


Add chicken to any pasta dinner for $7.00. All pasta dinners include a salad and garlic rolls. Served with a different sauce is $4.00 more bolognese $4.50 garlic & oil $2.50. Linguini, spaghetti, ziti, rigatoni, angel hair. Gluten free add $2.50, whol

Garlic & Oil     14.00
Tomato Sauce     15.00
Marinara     15.00
Bolognese Meat sauce    17.50
Broccoli or Spinach     16.00
Meatballs or Sausage     18.50
Fettuccini Alfredo     16.00
Rigatoni alla Vodka Sauteed shallots, butter, vodka, prosciutto and cream with a touch of marinara sauce    18.00
Rigatoni Carbonara Sauteed onions and bacon in a cream sauce    18.00
Rigatoni al Filetto di Pomodoro Fresh tomatoes, prosciutto, onions and basil    18.00
Broccoli di Rabe     18.00
Linguini alla Puttanesca Fresh tomatoes, black olives, capers, olive oil and basil    18.00
Clam Sauce Red, white or mixed    19.50
Portobello Ravioli alla Vodka     19.00
Gnocchi & Tomato Sauce     16.50
Ravioli & Tomato Sauce     17.50

Baked Pasta

Add chicken to any pasta dinner for $7.00. All pasta dinners include a salad and garlic rolls. Served with a different sauce is $4.00 more bolognese $4.50 garlic & oil $2.50

Manicotti     16.00
Baked Ziti     16.00
Stuffed Shells     16.00
Baked Ravioli     16.00
Lasagna     17.00
Baked Gnocchi     17.00
Baked Ziti Siciliana Served with eggplant    17.00
Eggplant Parmigiana Served with your choice of pasta    18.00
Eggplant Rollatini Eggplant rolled with ricotta cheese and prosciutto ham, topped with tomato sauce and cheese. Served with your choice of pasta    19.00

Hot Subs

Meatball     10.50
Steak     10.50
Sausage     10.50
Steak & Onion     11.00
Sausage & Peppers     11.00
Steak & Mushroom     11.00
Sausage & Egg     11.00
Steak Deluxe     11.50
Peppers & Egg     10.50
Chicken Cutlet     12.00
Ham & Egg     10.50
Veal Cutlet     14.00
Eggplant     10.50

Cold Subs

Include lettuce, tomato, onions, oil, vinegar and your choice of mozzarella or provolone, topped with pizza time's special dressing

Ham & Cheese     10.00
Salami & Cheese     10.00
Cold Italian Combo Salami, ham, capicola & cheese    12.00

Pizza Time Paninis

Served on hot, fresh peasant bread, baked daily

Hot Italian Combo Salami, capicola, ham and provolone topped with lettuce, caprese tomatoes and onion    12.00
Saltimbocca Sliced, imported prosciutto, topped with fresh mozzarella, heated and topped with freshly marinated caprese tomatoes    12.00
Caprese Panini Mozzarella, sliced plum tomatoes, fresh basil leaves, balsamic glaze and a touch of extra virgin olive oil    12.00
Gourmet Veggie Panini Egg battered and fried eggplant, roasted red peppers and fresh mozzarella    12.00
Grilled Chicken & Broccoli Rabe Panini Breaded, grilled chicken topped with sauteed broccoli rabe and auricchio provolone    12.00
Grilled Chicken & Portobello Panini Grilled chicken topped with portobello mushrooms and smoked mozzarella    12.00
Grilled Chicken Caesar Panini Grilled chicken breast topped with lettuce and caesar dressing    12.00
Fried Chicken Cutlet Panini Breaded and deep fried chicken cutlet served with mozzarella, lettuce, caprese tomatoes and onion    12.00
Veal Special Panini Breaded, deep fried veal cutlet topped with a roasted pepper, bread crumb and kalamata olive mix, marinated eggplant and mozzarella    14.00
Pizza Rolls Served with sausage, peppers, onions and mozzarella    14.00


Calzones served with a side of sauce

Small Calzone Regular toppings $1.50 each    13.00
Large Calzone Regular toppings $3.00 each    17.00

Mini Pizzas

Regular Cheese     11.00
Meatball or Eggplant Sicilian     13.50
Parmigiana     17.00
Mashed Potato     17.00
Sausage & Broccoli Rabe     17.00
Chicken Marsala     17.00
Vegetable     17.00
Mexican     17.00
Sliced Tomato, Fresh Basil, BBQ Chicken     17.00
Ricotta & Roasted Garlic     17.00
Chicken & Shiitake     17.00
Real Lobster & Spinach Pizza     20.00


Regular toppings $2.50 half or whole: extra cheese, sausage, bacon, ham, pepperoni, meatball, mushroom, green pepper, onion, black olive, roasted garlic, pepperoncini, pineapple or anchovies. Gourmet toppings half or whole: broccoli, spinach, eggplant or

Cheese    Medium 15.50 Large 17.50 X-Large 19.50 Sicilian 21.00
Meat Lovers Sausage, bacon, meatball, ham and pepperoni   Medium 24.50 Large 26.50 X-Large 28.50 Sicilian 30.00
Veggie Mushroom, green pepper, onion, black olives, spinach and eggplant   Medium 24.50 Large 26.50 X-Large 28.50 Sicilian 30.00
Special Sausage, pepperoni, mushroom, meatball, green pepper, onion and black olives   Medium 24.50 Large 26.50 X-Large 28.50 Sicilian 30.00
White Ricotta and mozzarella, no sauce   Medium 17.50 Large 19.50 X-Large 21.50 Sicilian 23.00
Fresh Tomato Cheese on the bottom, fresh plum tomato sauce, olive oil and fresh basil on top   Medium 17.00 Large 19.00 X-Large 21.00 Sicilian 22.50
Hawaiian Ham and pineapple   Medium 20.50 Large 22.50 X-Large 24.50 Sicilian 24.00
Tropical Ham, pineapple and bacon   Medium 23.00 Large 25.00 X-Large 27.00 Sicilian 26.50
California Ricotta, mozzarella, pineapple, ham and no sauce   Medium 23.00 Large 25.00 X-Large 27.00 Sicilian 26.50
Pizza Caprese Diced, marinated plum tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, basil, and mozzarella on a sicilian crust   Sicilian 19.00
Half Sheet Margherita    Sicilian 23.00
Full Sheet Margherita    Sicilian 46.00

Specialty Pizzas

Sliced Tomato Fresh basil, ricotta and roasted garlic pizza    34.00
Chicken and Shiitake Hollandaise Pizza     34.00
Chicken Marsala Pizza     34.00
Meatball or Eggplant Parmigiana Pizza     34.00
Sausage and Broccoli Rabe Pizza     34.00
Mashed Potato Pizza     34.00
Mexican Pizza     34.00
Barbecued Chicken Pizza Barbecue sauce, bacon, and topped with fried onions    34.00
Gourmet Vegetable Pizza Portobello mushrooms, broccoli, spinach, black olive, onion, roasted peppers, eggplant and tomato    34.00
Real Lobster and Spinach Pizza Served in a lobster bisque sauce    53.00


Side Salad     4.00
Side Caesar     5.50
Side of Meatballs     8.00
Side of Sausage     8.00
Side of Broccoli     8.00
Side of Spinach     8.00
Side of Broccoli Rabe     11.00
Loaf of Bread     3.00
Tomato Sauce Quart     15.00
Meat Sauce Quart     25.00
Pizza Dough     4.00
Small Side of Sauce     2.50
Large Side of Sauce     5.00

kid's Menu

For children under 10

Stuffed Shells (2)     8.00
Manicotti (1)     8.00
Baked Ziti     8.00
Ravioli     8.00
Spaghetti or Ziti     8.00
Chicken Fingers (3)     8.00
Spaghetti with Meatballs     10.50
Spaghetti with Meat Sauce     10.50
Fettuccine Alfredo     10.50


Cannoli     5.50
Zeppolis Per half dozen    4.00
Tiramisu     5.50


Soda Includes 1 refill    2.50
Espresso     3.50
Bottled Water     2.00
Cappuccino     5.00




Add shrimp to any entree for $4.50 each. Served with salad, garlic rolls and your choice of pasta. Pasta served with a different sauce is $4.00 more.bolognese $4.50 garlic & oil $2.50

Parmigiana Breaded cutlet baked with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese   Chicken 19.50 Veal 23.50
Francaise Scaloppine cutlet egg battered and sauteed in white wine, lemon and butter   Chicken 20.00 Veal 24.00
Piccata Scaloppine cutlet sauteed in butter, lemon and white wine with capers   Chicken 20.50 Veal 24.50
Marsala Scaloppine cutlet sauteed with onions, mushrooms, prosciutto and marsala wine   Chicken 20.00 Veal 24.00
Pizzaiola Cutlet sauteed in marinara sauce with fresh basil and spices   Chicken 20.00 Veal 24.00
Sorrentino Scaloppine cutlet covered with slices of eggplant and prosciutto with mozzarella cheese in a light marinara sauce   Chicken 21.50 Veal 25.50
Gamberi Scaloppine cutlet sauteed with artichoke hearts, shrimp, mushrooms and onions in a white wine sauce   Chicken 26.00 Veal 30.50

Dinner Chicken

Add shrimp to any entree for $4.50 each. Served with salad, garlic rolls and your choice of pasta. Pasta served with a different sauce is $4.00 more.bolognese $4.50 garlic & oil $2.50

Cacciatore Chicken cutlet with onions, fresh marinara, mushrooms and spices    20.00
Fiorentino Breaded chicken breast fried with spinach in a lemon and butter sauce, covered with mozzarella cheese    21.00
Scarpariella Boneless chicken breast sauteed with garlic, sliced sausage, roasted peppers, olives and pepperoncini in a lemon and white wine sauce    21.00
Balsamic Breaded chicken breast with shallots, butter and wild mushrooms in a balsamic sauce, topped with mozzarella    22.00
Gorgonzola Scaloppine cutlet with portobello mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes and spinach in a gorgonzola cream sauce    25.00
Rollatini Chicken breast stuffed with prosciutto and mozzarella cheese in a Marsala sauce with onions and mushrooms    26.50

Dinner Pesce or Fish

Add shrimp to any entree for $4.50 each. Served with salad, garlic rolls and your choice of pasta. Pasta served with a different sauce is $4.00 more.bolognese $4.50 garlic & oil $2.50

Calamari Mild, medium or hot    21.00
Clams or Mussels Possillipo     21.00
Zuppa di Pesce     37.00
Shrimp Oreganata Baked with bread crumbs in a lemon, garlic and white wine sauce    23.00
Shrimp Parmigiana Baked with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese    24.00
Shrimp Francaise Dipped in egg batter and sauteed in a white wine, lemon and butter sauce    24.50
Shrimp Scampi     24.00
Shrimp Marinara or Fra Diavolo     24.00
Shrimp Positano Shrimp stuffed with portobello mushrooms, roasted peppers, lobster and spinach in a seafood bisque    29.00
Fresh Catch Served oreganata, francaise, piccata or puttanesca  


Pizza Time
1001 SW 2nd Ave
Btwn SW 11th Pl & Camino Gardens Blvd
(561) 391-9240
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