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Romeu's Cuban Restaurant

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    RatingAvg. Dinner Entrée
    $$$$$Greater than $25
    $$$$$18.01 - $25
    $$$$12.01 - $18
    $$$7.01 - $12
    $Less than $7
  • Cuban, Latin American
  • 6800 Dykes Rd, Southwest Ranches FL33331 26.030983 -80.359854
  • (At Sheridan St)
  • (954) 252-9788
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Tostones Rellenos Con Camarones green plantain stuffed with shrimps   8.95
Tostones Rellenos Con Langosta green plantain stuffed with lobster   10.95
Mariquitas    3.75
Antojitos Romeu romeu's basket   9.95
Chorizo Salteado sauteed sausage   7.95
Tamal En Hoja Preparado tamal in leaf with ham and cheese   6.50
Ceviche Pescado fish ceviche   6.95
Ceviche De Camarones shrimp ceviche   7.95
Yuca Rellena stuffed cassava   3.95
Yuca Frita A Lo Romeu fried cassava romeu style   3.25



Sopa De Pollo chicken soup sm 2.50 lg 3.50
Frijoles Negros black beans sm 2.25 lg 2.95
Frijoles Colorados red beans sm 2.59 lg 4.50
Asopado De Pollo chicken chowder  lg 9.95
Asopado De Mariscos seafood chowder  lg 18.95
Asopado De Camarones shrimp chowder  lg 15.95
Shared Plates $2.95, Substitute For Fried Green Plantains $1



Ensalada De La Casa house salad sm 2.95lg 4.95
Ensalada Caesar caesar salad sm 2.95lg 5.95
Ensalada Caesar De Pollo chicken caesar salad  lg 7.95
Ensalada Caesar De Carne beef caesar salad  lg 7.95
Enslada Caesar De Camaron shrimp caesar salad  lg 8.95


Miami Sub    8.95
Sandwich Cubano cuban sandwich   5.95
Media Noche midnight sandwich   4.95
Pan Con Bistec steak sandwich   5.95
Croquetta Preparada croquette sandwich   5.95
Hamburguesa hamburger with french fries   6.95
Sandwiches De Pollo chicken sandwich   5.95
Club Sandwich    6.95
Ropa Vieja Sandwich shredded beef sandwich   5.95
Choripan sausage sandwich   6.50
Sandwiche De Pavo turkey sandwich   5.95
Pan Con Bistec Empanizado breaded steak sandwich   6.75
Pan Con Bistec Romeu steak sandwich romeu style   6.95
Pan Con Bistec De Pollo Romeu chicken steak sandwich romeu style   6.95
Pan Con Lechon roast pork sandwich   5.95
B.L.T    3.50

Sugerencia De Chef

Chef Suggestions

Bandeja De Milenio millennium tray   32.95
Great Combo Of Beef Skirt And Chicken Steak, Pork Chops, Breaded Shrimp, Sausage, Omelettes, Stuffed Cassava With Moro And Fried Green Plantains

Los Mas Populares

The Most Popular Dishes

Ropa Vieja, Arroz Blanco, Frijoles Negros Y Maduros shredded beef, white rice, black beans and sweet plantains   8.95
Carne De Puerco Asada, Moros Y Maduros roasted pork, moro rice and sweet plantains   7.95
1/2 Pollo A Lo Romeu, Arroz Blanco, Frijoles, Negros Y Maduros 1/2 chicken, partially boneless, marinated romeu style with moro and sweet plantains   10.95
Trochos De Pescaod, Moros Y Maduros chunks of fish, moro rice and plantains   10.95
Rabo En Salsa, Arroz Blanco, Frijoles Negro Y Maduros oxtail in tomato sauce, white rice, black beans and sweet plantains   15.95
Pargo Entrero Frito, Papas Fritas Y Ensalada fried whole snapper, french fries, & salad   17.95
Shared Plates $2.95, Substitute For Fried Green Plantains $1



Plantanos Maduros sweet plantains   6.75
Jamon ham   6.75
Chorizo sausage   7.95
Papas potato   5.95
Tortilla plain omelette   3.50
Vasca shrimp, sausage, ham, potatoes, cheese, onion, peppers and pea   15.95
Additional Ingredients $0.50


Meat. Served With White Rice, Black Beans And Sweet Plantains

Artesano De Res O Pollo breaded beef steak or chicken topped with ham and melted cheese   14.95
Bistec Milanesa De Res O Pollo breaded steak with pepper & onion tomato sauce topped with melted cheese   14.95
Bistec De Higado liver steak   8.95
Rinonada Y Pinochos De Camaron ny steak & shrimp sticks   17.95
Bistec De Churrasco beef skirt steak   16.95
Bistec D Rinonada ny steak  (12oz) 14.95


Seafood. Served With White Rice And Plantains

Langosta Enchilada lobster in creole sauce   
Enchilado De Camarones shrimp in creole sauce   13.95
Camarones Empanizado breaded shrimp   11.95
Camarones Al Ajillo shrimp in garlic sauce   13.95
Filete De Pesado Frito O Al Homo fish filet fried or broiled   13.95
Camarones Al Ajillo shrimp in garlic sauce   13.95
Filete De Pescado Frito O Al Homo fish filet fried or broiled   13.95
Camarones A La Plancha grilled shrimp   13.95
Zarzuela De Mariscos combination of seafood in a creole sauce   
Langosta Grille grilled lobster   
Barco Marinero combaination of grilled seafood in a garlic & butter sauce   
Filete De Tilapia pure de papa y ensalada, fish filet sauteed shrimp, mashed potatoes and salad   14.95


Specialties. Served With White Rice, Black Beans And Sweet Plantains

Bistec De Palomilla palomilla steak   10.95
Picadillo ground beef   6.95
Chilindron De Camero lamb shanks   15.95
Vaca Frita shredded dried beef   13.95
Masa De Puerco pork chunks   9.95
Pollo Rebosado chicken fingers   9.95
1/2 Pollo Asado O Frito 1/2 baked or fried chicken   9.95
Boliche Mechado pot roast   10.95
Chuletas De Puerco pork chops   10.59
Filetillo Salteado pepper steak   8.95
Enchilado De Pollo chicken in creole sauce   8.95
Higado A La Italiana liver italian style   8.95
Bistec De Puerco A La Plancha pork steak   13.95
Bistec De Pollo chicken steak   10.95
chicken steak   10.95
Bistec De Pollo Enpanizado breaded chicken steak   11.95
Bistec De Res Empanizado breaded steak   11.95
Shared Plates $2.95, Substitute For Fried Green Plantains $1

Ordenes Especiales

Special Orders. Per Person

Paella Valenciana    24.00
Arroz A La Marinera seafood rice   25.00
Arroz Con Pollo chicken and yellow rice   7.95
Arroz Con Camarones shrimp rice   13.95
Arroz Con Chorizo sausage rice   13.95
Arroz Con Mariscos Salteado seafood rice sauteed   19.95
Paella A La Romeu paella romeu style   18.00
2 Person Minimum 60 Minutes For Cooking, Beer Is Used In The Preparation Of These Plates

Orden Extras

Side Orders

Papa Fritas french fries   1.95
Croquetas croquette   .90
Tamal    1.95
Yuca Con Mojo cassava   1.95
Pure De Papas mashed potatoes   2.50
Arroz Blanco white rice   2.00
Arroz Amarillo yellow rice   3.25
Tostones green plantains   2.50
Plantanos Maduros sweet plantains   2.00
Arroz Moros moro rice   2.50
Vegetales steamed vegetables   2.95
Extra Cebolla extra onions   1.00
Extra Chimichurri    .50
Extra Mojo    .50

Menu De Ninos

Kid's Menu. Choose From 1 Side: White Rice, Moro Rice, Sweet Plantains Or French Fries

Bistec De Palomilla palomilla steak   4.95
Bistec De Pollo chicken steak   4.95
Pollo Rebosado chicken fingers   4.95
Pollo Empanizado breaded steak   4.95
1/4 Pollo Frito 1/4 fried chicken   4.25



Rum Cake    2.75
Flan custard   2.95
Flan De Queso cheese custard   3.95
Arroz Con Leche rice pudding   2.95
Tres Leches    3.75
Casco De Guayaba Con Queso guava shells with cheese   3.25
Coco Rallado Con Queso coconut flakes and cheese   3.25
Natilla vanilla pudding   2.95
Helados (Chocolate, Vanilla, Fresa) ice cream (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry)   2.50


Cafe Con Leche coffee and milk   1.95
Cafe American O Decai american coffee or decaf   1.50
Te Fri O Caliente iced tea or hot tea   1.50
Chocolate Caliente hot chocolate   2.25
Leche Fria cold milk   1.95
Cafe Cubano cuban coffee   1.50
Cortadito small coffee with milk   1.75
Cappuccino    3.95
Soda    1.50

Batidos $3.50


Fresa strawberry   
Vainilla vanilla   
Trigo wheat   
Leche Malteada malted milk   
Fruta Bomba papaya   



Naranja Natural fresh squeezed orange juice sm 2.25lg 3.50
Limonada lemonade   2.50
Manzana apple   2.25
Mango nectar   1.95

Especialidades Del Dia

Daily Specials



Potaje De Chicharos split pea soup   3.95
Baby Churrasco, Moros Y Maduros baby skirt steak, moros and plantains   9.95



Sopon Marinero combination of seafood in a delicious rice soup   9.95
Tamal En Cazuela Y Maduros corn meal with pork & plantains   6.95
Carne beef stew with rice and plantains   6.95
Baby Churrasco, Moros Y Maduros baby skirt steak, moros and plantains   9.95



Sopa De Platano plantain soup   4.95
Sopa De Platano, Baby Palomilla Y Papas plantain soup, palamilla steak and french fries   8.95
Fricase De Pollo, Arroz Blanco Y Maduros chicken fricassee, white rice and plantains   7.95
Baby Churrasco, Moros Y Maduros baby skirt steak, moros and plantains   9.95



Ajiaco vegetable soup   4.95
Ajiaco, Baby Palomilla, Papas Fritas vegetable soup, palomilla steak and french fries   8.95
Carne Con Papas, Arroz Y Maduros beef stew, white rice and plantains   6.95
Chicharron De Pollo, Moros Y Maduros chicken chunks, moros and plantains   7.95
Baby Churrasco, Moros Y Maduros baby skirt steak, moros and plantains   9.95
Vaca Frita, Moros Y Maduros dried beef, moro rice, and plantains   9.95



Sopa De Platano plantain soup   4.95
Sopa De Pescado fish soup   3.95
Sopa De Pescado, Filete De Pescado Empanizado Y Papas Fritas fish soup, breaded fish filet and french fries   8.95
Pargo Entero Frito, Papas Fritas Y Ensalada whole fried snapper, fries and salad   18.95
Pescado Enchilado, Arroz Y Maduros fish filet in sauce, rice and plantains   9.95
Baby Churrasco, Moros Y Maduros baby skirt steak, moros and plantains   9.95



Potaje De Garbanzos chick peas soup   3.95
Pargo Entero Frito, Papas Fritas Y Ensalada whole fried snapper, fries and salad   17.95
Bistec En Salsa De Champinones, Moros Y Maduros steak in mushroom sauce, moros, and plantains   13.95
Camarones Enchilados, Arroz Y Maduros shrimp in creole sauce, rice and plantains   12.95



Caldo Gallego galician soup   4.95
Rabo Encendido, Arroz Blanco, Frijoles Negros Y Maduros oxtail, white rice, black beans and plantains   14.95
Caldo Gallego, Lacon Con Papas Y Ensalada galician soup, hammock and salad   12.95
Pargo Entero Frito, Papas Fritas Y Ensalada whole fried snapper, fries and salad   17.95
Arroz Con Pollo Y Maduros chicken and yellow rice and plantains   6.95
Enchilado De Pollo Y Camarones Arroz Blanco Y Maduros chicken and shrimp in creole sauce, rice and plantains   12.95


Served From 11am-3pm Monday-Friday

Mini Combo, Taza De Sopa Del Dia Soda O Te Frio 1/2 cuban sandwich, cup of soup, soda or tea   4.95
Babu Bistec De Pollo, Moros Y Maduros baby chicken, moros and plantains   6.95
Baby Palomilla, Moros Y Maduros baby palomilla, moros and plantains   6.95
1/4 Pollo Firto, Moros Y Madruos 1/4 friday chicken, moros and plantains   4.95


Romeu's Cuban Restaurant
6800 Dykes Rd
At Sheridan St
(954) 252-9788
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