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Saito's Japanese Restaurant

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  • Japanese, Sushi, Thai, Vegetarian
  • 15 N J St, Lake Worth 33460 26.616475 -80.05649
  • (At Lake Ave)
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  • (561) 588-1785
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A1. Spring Roll crispy spring roll stuffed with cabbage, celery, carrots, and clear noodles.    3.95
A2. Satay chicken marinated in coconut sauce then barbequed to perfection. served with peanut sauce and cucumber sauce.    7.95
A3. Fried Wonton stuffed marinated chicken wrap with wonton skin then deep-fried.    3.95
A4. Thai Chicken Wings deep-fried marinated chicken wings. served with sweet chili sauce.    4.95
A5. Mou Sarong ground chicken balls wrapped with egg noodle.    4.95
A6. Kung Pa Hom shrimp and minced chicken wrapped in spring roll skin, then deep fried    7.95
A7. Pra Jan Kra Dat thai chicken quesadilla. ground chicken, carrot onion and green peas in quesadilla skin, then deep-fried.    5.95
A8. Pad Thai thin noodles sauteed with shrimp or chicken, egg, bean sprouts, scallion, and mixed vegetables. sprinkled with ground peanut.    7.95
A9. Curry Puff crispy thai puff stuffed with ground chicken, potato, and onion cooked in yellow curry powder.    4.95
A10. Corn Cake marinated ground chicken with sweet corn and scallions, breaded on kaisu flakes.    4.95
A11. Tofu Tod deep fried tofu served with sweet chili sauce.    4.95


S1. Tom Yum Soup thai traditional soup with thai herbs, lemongrass, lime juice, hot pepper, mushrooms and scallions. your choice of:  
S1. Tom Yum Soup chicken    3.95
S1. Tom Yum Soup shrimp    4.95
S1. Tom Yum Soup squid    4.95
S1. Tom Yum Soup tofu    3.95
S1. Tom Yum Soup seafood    5.95
S2. Tom Kha Kai thai traditional soup with coconut milk, galagal roots, lime juice, mushrooms and scallions. your choice of:  
S2. Tom Kha Kai chicken    4.95
S2. Tom Kha Kai tofu    4.95
S3. Tofu Soup clear soup with tofu, green peas, carrot, baby corn & scallions.    3.95
S4. Wonton Soup clear soup with chicken in wonton, bean sprout, scallion.    3.95
S5. Vegetables Soup mixed vegetables in clear broth soup.    3.95


C1. House Salad fresh garden vegetables served with homemade peanut sauce.    3.50
C2. Dancing Salad marinated with thai herb and spice served with tomatoes, onions, scallions, cucumber and lettuce. your choice of:  
C2. Dancing Salad chicken or beef    7.95
C2. Dancing Salad shrimp    8.95
C2. Dancing Salad squid    8.95
C2. Dancing Salad seafood    8.95
C3. Noodles Salad clear noodles with minced chicken and shrimp seasoned with onions, lime juice and hot pepper, served on abed of lettuce    8.95
C4. Nam Sod spicy ground chicken cooked with with lime juice, ginger and roasted cashew nut.    7.95
C5. Tofu Salad crispy tofu seasoned with chili, lime juice, tomatoes, onions, scallions, cucumber and lettuce.    7.95
C6. Thai Cabbage Salad with your choice of chicken beef, or shrimp marinated with thai herb and spice, served with tomatoes, green bean and cashew nuts.    7.95

House Special

SS1. Duck Basil crispy duck topped with chili sauce and basil leaves.    19.95
SS2. Duck Sweet & Sour crispy duck topped with tomatoes, cucumber, onions, bell peppers, pineapple, and scallions.    19.95
SS3. Duck Curry crispy duck in curry sauce with pineapple, bell peppers, tomatoes and basil leaves.    19.95
SS4. Fish Sweet & Sour deep-fried fillet tilapia in sweet & sour sauce with tomatoes, cucumber, carrot, bell peppers, onions, pineapple and scallions.    16.95
SS5. Fish Chili Sauce deep-fried filled tilapia with chili sauce, served on mixed vegetables.    16.95
SS6. Seafood Curry mixed seafood in curry sauce with bamboo shoot, basil leaves.    19.95
SS7. Fish Curry deep-fried fillet tilapia in curry sauce with bell peppers, bamboo shoot, zucchini and basil leaves.    16.95
SS9. Garlic Jumbo Shrimp jumbo shrimp with garlic and peppers, served with mixed vegetables.    18.95
SS10. Yellow Curry Jumbo Shrimp jumbo shrimp with stir-fried in yellow curry sauce with bell pepper onions, celery, carrot fresh ginger, egg, scallions, and sprinkled with cashew nuts.    18.95
SS11. Volcano Jumbo Shrimp grilled shrimp on a fresh bed of mixed vegetables, served with southern chili sauce.    18.95
SS12. Seafood In The Foil steamed shrimp, krab meat, scallops, mussels and squid on a bed of mixed vegetables, served in a foil wrap.    19.95
SS13. Garlic Seafood stir-fried shrimp, krab meat, mussels, squids, scallops, with garlic and sauce on a bed of mixed vegetables.    19.95
SS14. Jumbo Shrimp Steamed jumbo shrimp steamed with mixed vegetables and oyster sauce in the hot pot.    18.95
SS15. Yellow Curry Soft-Shell Crab crispy fried soft-shelled crab with yellow curry sauce, onions, scallions, red & green bell pepper, celery, carrot, fresh ginger & egg.    18.95
SS16. Soft-Shell Crab With Chili Sauce crispy fried soft-shell crab with chili sauce on a bed of mixed vegetables.    18.95
SS17. Frogs Legs Basil Leaves sauteed crispy fried legs with basil leaves, bell pepper, onion, carrot and thai chili sauce.    16.95
SS18. Crispy Frog Legs marinated frog legs in indigenous sauce, herbs and deep fried.    16.95
SS19. Yellow Curry Lobster lobster with yellow curry sauce, onion, scallions, red & green bell pepper, celery, carrot, fresh ginger & eggs.    19.95
SS20. Chicken With Asparagus stir-fried chicken with asparagus, onions, baby corn, mushrooms, tomatoes, potatoes and carrot.    13.95
SS21. Saito Bangkok Chicken stir-fried chicken with honey sauce on a bed of onions, red & green bell peppers, pineapple, grape and carrot.    13.95
SS22. Het Nam Dang chinese mushrooms, tofu ham, carrot, celery and garlic simmered in a sweet black sauce and served on a bed of lettuce.    14.95
SS23. Pat Prik Tua green beans and tofu ham, simmered lightly and accompanied with red curry paste sauce.    14.95
SS24. Mussels With Basil stir-fried mussels with onions, red & green bell peppers, carrot. mushrooms, and basil leaves.    14.95

Stir-Fried Noodle Thai Style $11.95

N1. Pad Thai rice noodle sauteed with shrimp, chicken, egg, and bean sprouts. sprinkled with ground peanut.  
N2. Pad Siew rice noodles sauteed with broccoli, bean sprouts, and egg, choice's of pork, chicken or beef.  
N3. Spicy Noodles rice noodles sauteed with basil sauce, bell peppers and egg. choice of chicken, pork or beef.  
N4. Pad Woo Sen clear noodles sauteed with mixed vegetable and egg. choice of chicken, beef, pork  
N6. Pad Ra Na rice noodles stir-fried with broccoli, carrot, mushroom in thick clear gravy. choice of chicken, beef, pork.  
N7. Kai Sub Noodle rice noodles stir-fried with ground chicken, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, on a bed of lettuce.  


Choice Of Chicken, Beef, Pork Or Tofu Add $4. For Shrimp.

E1. Cashew Nuts sauteed cashew nuts, bell peppers, celery, mushroom, carrot and scallions.    10.95
E2. Fresh Ginger sauteed fresh ginger, mushrooms, bell peppers and scallions.    10.95
E3. Garlic & Black Pepper sauteed fresh ginger, mushrooms, bell peppers and scallions    10.95
E4. Mixed Vegetables sauteed with celery, broccoli, mushrooms, carrots, snow peas, bell peppers, onions and scallions.    10.95
E5. Basil Sauce sauteed with basil leaves, bell peppers and onions    10.95
E6. Sweet & Sour Sauce sauteed with homemade sweet & sour sauce, tomatoes, cucumber, pineapple and scallops.    10.95
E7. Peanut Sauce sauteed with homemade peanut sauce, served on steamed mixed vegetables.    10.95
E8. Spicy Bamboo Shoots sauteed with bamboo shoots, mushrooms, bell peppers in red chili sauce.    10.95
E9. Red Curry red chili paste with coconut milk, bamboo shoot, bell peppers and basil leaves.    12.95
E10. Green Curry fresh green chili paste with coconut milk, potatoes, bamboo shoot, bell peppers and basil leaves.    12.95
E11. Massaman Curry royal style of curry with coconut milk, potatoes, cashew nuts and bell peppers.    12.95
E12. Panang Curry panang curry with coconut milk, bell peppers and basil leaves.    12.95

Fried Rice

F1. Traditional Fried Rice your choices of chicken, beef or pork with egg, tomatoes, onions, scallions.    8.95
F2. Combination Fried Rice fried rice with chicken, beef, pork egg, and tomatoes, onions, scallions.    9.95
F3. Shrimp Fried Rice fried rice with shrimp, egg tomatoes, onions, scallions.    9.95
F4. Basil Fried Rice your choices of chicken, beef, or pork with egg, bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, carrot, basil leaves.    8.95
F5. Pineapple Fried Rice traditional fried rice with cashew nuts, pineapple and shrimp.    10.95
F6. Tropical Fried Rice fried rice with chicken, egg, grape, pineapple, apple, onions, carrot, tomatoes, raisins, scallions.    10.95

Thai Noodles Soup Bowl

N1. Beef Noodle beef and beef ball in beef broth with bean sprouts, cilantro, scallion.    11.95
N2. Chicken Noodle chicken and chicken ball in clear broth with bean sprouts, cilantro, scallion.    11.95
N3. Seafood Noodle seafood in clear broth with bean sprouts, cilantro, scallion.    13.95


VA8. Veggie Curry With Tofu choice of curry sauce (red, green, massaman or panang) with deep fried or steamed tofu.    12.95
VA9. Mixed Vegetables sauteed mixed vegetables with tofu    10.95
VA10. Veggie Pad Thai rice noodles stir-fried mixed with vegetables and egg sprinkled with ground peanut.    8.95
VA11. Veggie Clear Noodle clear noodle stir-fried with mixed vegetables and egg    10.95
VA12. Veggie Peanut Sauce mixed vegetables sauteed with peanut    10.95
VA13. Tofu With Asparagus stir-fried tofu with asparagus, onions, baby corn, mushrooms, tomatoes and potatoes.    13.95
VA14. Veggie Fried Rice fried rice with mixed vegetables and egg.    8.95


Sashimi Appetizer chef's choice.   (9pcs) 12.95
Sushi Appetizer chef's choice   (5pcs) 8.95
Sunomono conch, octopus and krab.    7.95
Beef Tataki thin slices of rare beef.    8.95
Tuna Tataki thin slices of seared tuna    9.95
Karaage Chicken japanese chicken wings    4.95
Yakitori of chicken and onion skewer.   (2pcs) 6.95
Tempura Shrimp shrimp and vegetables.    8.95
Tempura Chicken chicken and vegetables.    7.95
Soft Shell Crab deep fried    6.95
Gyoza steam of fry, pork dumpling.    5.95
Shumai steam or fry, shrimp dumpling.   (5pcs) 5.95
Agae-Tofu bean curd with special broth.    4.50
Yasai Itame stir-fried or steamed vegetables.    7.95
Calamari Tempura     6.95

Soup & Salad

Miso Soup soybean soup    1.95
Osumashi cleat soup    2.50
Salad house ginger dressing.   lg 8.95 sm 3.50
Seaweed Salad     4.95
White Rice     1.50
Sushi Rice     3.00
Brown Rice     3.00
Sticky Rice     2.00


Hand Rolls

Shrimp     2.25
Tamago     2.25
Oshinko     2.50
Cucumber     2.50
Vegetables     2.50
California     2.95
J.B.     3.50
Tuna     3.50
Salmon     3.50
Salmon Skin     3.50
Salmon Eel     4.50
Hamachi & Scallions     4.50
Squid     3.95
Spicy Tuna     3.95
Spicy Krab     3.95
Flying Fish Eggs     4.50
White Escolar     3.50
Ikura     4.95
Sea Urchin uni  
Spider    (2pcs) 10.95


Entrees Served With Soup & Salad.

Sushi Platter sushi and tuna or salmon roll.   (7pcs) 18.90
Sashimi Platter    (15pcs) 20.90
Sushi Deluxe sushi and california roll i/o with flying fish eggs.   (9pcs) 22.90
Sashimi Deluxe Platter raw fish   (25pcs) 31.90
Sushi & Sashimi Deluxe 9 pieces sushi 12 pieces sashimi, tuna or salmon roll    36.90
Chirashi assorted raw fish over a bowl of sushi rice.    23.90
Unagidon smoked eel over a bowl of sushi rice with seaweed salad and oshinko    18.90
Combination Roll Platter california roll with flying fish eggs, vegetables roll and tuna or salmon roll.    18.90
Futomaki big and giant roll    12.90


Entrees Served With Rice & Salad.

Shrimp Stir Fried with vegetables    16.90
Scallop Stir Fried with vegetables    16.90
Beef Stir Fried with vegetables    15.90
Chicken Stir Fried with vegetables    12.90
Lobster Stir Fried with vegetables    21.90
Pork Stir Fried with vegetables    12.90
Pork Shogayaki stir fy with special ginger sauce.    12.90
Ton Katsu pork loin breaded and fried japanese style.    12.90
Chicken Katsu chicken breaded and fried japanese style,    12.90
Tempura (Deep Fried) with vegetables shrimp    16.90
Chicken     12.90
Vegetables     10.90
Seafood kumbo shrimp, fish krab.    18.90
Combination jumbo shrimp, chicken    18.90
Teriyaki Chicken     12.90
Catch Of The Day     15.90
Fresh Norwegian Salmon     18.90
Combination chicken, lobster    21.90

Love Boat Specials

Served With Soup & Salad

People 10 pieces sushi, 12 pieces sashimi, 2 rolls (chef's choice)   (for two) 52.95
People 15 pieces sushi, 18 pieces sashimi, 3 rolls (chef's choice)   (for three) 72.95


Sushi With Rice. A La Carte By Piece. (No Rice)

Sea Urchin   
Cobia     2.50
Tuna     2.50
Conch     2.50
Octopus     2.50
Wahoo     2.50
Salmon     2.50
Marlin     2.50
Squid     2.50
Baby Octopus     2.50
Flying Fish Eggs     2.50
Sweet Shrimp     2.95
Hamachi Eel     2.95
Smoked Salmon     2.95
White Escolar     2.95
Shrimp     2.10
Krab     2.10
Tamago     2.10

Special Rolls

Roll eel, shrimp tempura, scallions, cucumber, avocado, flying fish eggs, spicy mayo with tuna, tempura flakes and eel sauce on top.    13.95
Palm Beach Roll shrimp and krab with fresh salmon on top.    11.95
Millennium (Y2k) Roll escolar, spicy sauce, scallions, flying fish eggs, asparagus, tuna eel, avocado on top with tempura flakes and eel sauce.    11.95
Sealord Roll spicy conch, i/o tuna on top.    13.95
Saigon Roll shrimp, krab, tuna, eel, and scallion, deep fried in tempura batter.    12.95
San Francisco Roll snacked salmon, eel krab, avocado, i/o with sesame seeds and flying fish eggs.    10.95
Dancing Shrimp Roll tuna avocado, i/o with shrimp and flying fish eggs on top    10.95
Dancing Eel Roll california roll, cream cheese i/o with sesame seeds, eel on top.    11.95
Snow White Roll spicy whitefish, i/o with white escolar, flying fish eggs, eel sauce on top.    11.95
Ninja Roll eel, tamago (sweet egg), salmon skin, scallions, cream cheese, flying fish eggs, cucumber, i/o with avocado on top.    11.95
Double Fantasy Roll tuna, hamachi, and scallion, i/o with flying fish eggs.    10.95
Va Roll shrimp tempura, spicy krab, cucumber, seaweed salad, i/o with sesame seeds.    11.95
JB Deluxe Roll salmon, cream cheese, scallions, carrots deep fried in tempura batter, spicy krab on top    12.95
Sashimi Roll (No Rice) tuna, salmon, krab, whitefish, radish, scallions, wrapped in seaweed, spicy sauce.    12.95
K.C. Roll (No Rice) krab, salmon, scallions, cream cheese, avocado, flying fish eggs, wrapped in thinly sliced cucumber.    11.95
Special Cucumber Roll tuna, salmon krab, whitefish radish, scallions, cream cheese, with ponzu sauce.    10.95

Special Rolls

Special Garlic Whitefish Roll whitefish mixed with garlic sauce and onion on top of california roll.    12.95
Dynamite Roll conch mixed with special sauce on top of california roll.    12.95
Volcano Roll (Cooked) salmon baked over california roll.    11.95
Rock & Roll fried salmon, eel. asparagus, cream cheese i/o with flying fish eggs.    10.95
Lake Worth Roll cooked whitefish, masago, asparagus, crispy outside.    10.95
Birthday Roll shrimp tempura and eel i/o with sesame seeds    10.95
American Roll (Cooked) cream cheese, smoked salmon, krab, then deep fried in tempura batter.    10.95
American Dream Roll (Cooked) tempura shrimp, conch, flying fish eggs, cucumber, mayo, i/o, avocado on top.    12.95
Fuji Mountain Roll (Cooked) eel, cream cheese, asparagus, carrot, i/o with flying fish eggs.    10.95
Tampa Roll fried fish (chef's choice) and special sauce, i/o with sesame seeds.    8.95
Boston Roll (Cooked) krab, lettuce, cucumber, avocado, asparagus, mayo, seaweed outside.    7.95
Maryland Roll (Cooked) tempura fish, eel, flying fish eggs, cream cheese, i/o with sesame seeds,    10.95
Mexican Roll (Cooked) tempura shrimp, cucumber, tomato, flying fish eggs, spicy sauce, i/o with sesame seeds.    9.95
Saigon-Tokyo Roll asparagus, cucumber, avocado. i/o with sesame seeds, hot spicy scallop on top.    12.95
Sapporo Roll tempura shrimp, cucumber, crab, eel, flying fish eggs, spicy mayo, avocado, tempura flakes on top with scallions and eel sauce.    11.95
Spider Roll soft shell crab and cucumber, i/o with sesame seeds.    10.95
Dragon Roll tempura shrimp, eel flying fish eggs, spicy mayo top with avocado and mango eel sauce.    12.95
Dragon Roll need raw fish on top add    6.00

Small Rolls

Cucumber     4.50
Oshinko     4.50
Vegetable i / o with sesame seeds    7.95
Salmon Skin i / o with sesame seeds    6.95
Salmon     6.95
Shrimp     5.95
Shrimp Tempura i / o with sesame seeds    8.95
Smoked Eel i / o with sesame seeds    8.95
J.B cream cheese, salmon, avocado, i / o with sesame seeds    8.95
Spicy Krab i / o with sesame seeds    8.95
Spicy Tuna i / o with sesame seeds    8.95
Hamachi Scallions i / o with sesame seeds    8.95
California seaweed outside    4.95
California i/o with sesame seeds    5.95
California i/o with flying fish eggs.    6.95


Saito's Japanese Restaurant
15 N J St
At Lake Ave
(561) 588-1785
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