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Sazon Cuban Cuisine

  • $$$
  • Cuban, Latin American
  • 7305 Collins Ave, Miami Beach 33141 25.858622 -80.12057
  • (At 73rd St)
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  • (786) 204-1472
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Soda     1.95
Te Frio Iced tea.    1.95
Limonada Fresca Fresh lemonade.    3.95
Bottled Water   


Jugo de Naranja Fresco Fresh squeezed orange juice.    5.95
Jugo de Manzana Apple juice.    2.75
Jugo de Pera Pear juice.    2.75
Jugo de Mango Mango juice.    2.75
Jugo de Melocoton Peach juice.    2.75
Jugo de Frutas Frescas Fresh squeezed fruit juice.    5.95



Cafe Cubano Cuban coffee.    1.85
Cortadito Expresso with milk.    1.95
Colada Cuban coffee.    2.25
Cafe con Leche Cuban coffee with milk (latte).    2.45
Cafe Americano American coffee.    1.95
Te Caliente Hot tea.    1.95
Chocolate Caliente Hot chocolate.    1.95


Chocolate Shake     4.25
Fresa Shake Strawberry.    4.25
Vainilla Shake Vanilla.    4.25
Mamey Shake     4.25
Fruta Bomba Shake Papaya.    4.25
Trigo Shake Puffed wheat.    4.25
Mango Shake     4.25

Breakfast Beverages

Breakfast Beverages

Cafe con Leche Breakfast Coffee with milk (latte).    2.45
Cortadito Breakfast Espresso with milk.    1.95
Cafe Breakfast Cuban coffee.    1.85


Dos Huevos Fritos ? Revueltos Tostada Cubana Breakfast Two eggs fried or scrambled with Cuban toast and coffee with milk and hash browns.    6.95
Dos Huevos Fritos Breakfast Two eggs fried or scrambled with ham, bacon or sausage, hash browns or fries, Cuban toast and coffee with milk.    8.95
Sazon Arroz con Huevos Fritos Breakfast Sazon white rice with fried eggs, sweet plantains, cuban toast and coffee with milk.    9.95
Huevos Revueltos Perico con Jamon Breakfast Perico scrambled eggs with ham, onions, tomatoes, green peppers, cuban toast and coffee with milk.    8.95
Bistec a Caballo and Papas Ralladas Breakfast Small palomilla steak with two fried eggs, hash browns or fries, Cuban toast, coffee with milk.    13.95
Clara de Huevo con Pavo, Tomate and Pan Cubano Breakfast Egg whites with turkey, tomato, whole wheat toasted Cuban bread and coffee with skim milk.    9.95
Tortilla de Jamon ? Platano and Tostadas Cubanas con Sazon Papas Fritas Breakfast Ham and sweet plantain omelet.    9.95
Tortilla de Queso Suizo ? Papas and Tostadas Cubanas con Sazon Papas Fritas Breakfast Swiss cheese and potatoes omelet, Cuban toast and coffee with milk.    9.95
Tostadas Francesa con Cafe con Leche Breakfast French toast.    7.95
3 Pieces Panqueques con Cafe con Leche Breakfast Three pancakes.    7.95

Breakfast Omelettes

Tortilla Vasca con Sazon Papas Fritas Breakfast Spanish omelet with ham, shrimp and Spanish sausage.    13.95
Tortilla de Jamon ? Queso con Sazon Papas Fritas Breakfast Ham and cheese omelet.    13.95
Tortilla de Papas Breakfast Potato or sweet plantain or onion omelet.    13.95

Breakfast Sides

Tostada Cubana Breakfast Cuban toast.    1.95
Mini Tostadas Integral Breakfast Two mini whole wheat bread toast.    1.95
Dos Huevos Revueltos Breakfast Two eggs fried or scrambled.    6.95
3 Pieces Salchicha Breakfast Sausage.    1.95
2 Pieces Jamon Breakfast Ham.    1.95
Papas Ralladas Breakfast Hash browns.    1.95
3 Pieces Tocino Breakfast Bacon.    2.50
C??? de Frutas Frescas Breakfast Fresh fruit cup.    6.95


Tamal Tayuyo Polenta corn meal filled with sliced tomatoes, onions, garlic, peppers and parsley. Served with lettuce and tomatoes.    6.95
Tres Croquetas Surtidas Three croquettes. Chicken, ham or cheese served with lettuce, tomatoes and cuban crackers.    5.95
Masitas de Puerco Fritas con Majo y Cebollas Fried pork chunks with garlic marinade and onions.    7.95
Ceviche de Pescado Fish ceviche.    11.95
6 Pieces Coctel de Camarones Shrimp coctail.    10.95
Carbanzo Frito con Chorizo y Jamon Fried chick peas with sausage and ham.    7.95
6 Pieces Boniato Frito Fried cuban sweet potato.    6.95
2 Pieces Fritas Sliders Mini seasoned burger platties.    6.95
Mariquitas de Platano con Mojo y Pure de Frijoles Negros Fried green plantain or malanga chips with garlic marinade and black bean puree.    5.95
6 Pieces Yuca Frita con Salsa de Cilantro Fried cassava with cilantro sauce.    5.95
Empanadas de Carne Beef or chicken turnovers.  
Papas Rellenas Stuffed potato balls.  
Sazon Combo Empanadas de pollo, croquetas de jamon, yuca frita, mariquitas, boniato frito, papas rellenas and aceitunas y pepinillos.  
Tostones Rellenos con Ropa Vieja, Vaca Frita de Pollo Stuffed green plaintain cup with seasoned shredded beef or ground beef.  
Tostones Rellenos con Camarones Stuffed green plaintain cup with creole shrimp.  


Frijoles Negros Soup Black bean soup.  
Sopa de Pollo Chicken soup.  


Ensalada Caesar Romaine lettuce tossed with Caesar dressing, croutons and Parmesan cheese with your choice of deliciously seasoned grilled chicken, salmon or shrimp.    9.95
Ensalada de Tuna Tuna salad, chicken salad or egg salad.    8.95
Ensalada de Tomate y Cebolla Lettuce, tomato and onion salad.  
Ensalada Del Chef Chef salad with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and ham, cheese and turkey strips.    15.95
Ensalada de Lechuga, Tomate ? Cebolla con Aguacate Avocado, lettuce, tomato and onion salad.  
Ensalada Verde Green salad with watercress, cucumbers, scallions and avocado with herb dressing.    10.95
Ensalada Verde con Tiras de Pollo Green salad with chicken or steak strips.    15.95
Ensalada Verde con Salmon Green salad with salmon.    17.95
Sazon Salad Hearts of romaine, garlic roasted red potatoes, avocado with grilled chicken or churrasco strips in a chimichurri salsa.    17.95
Sazon Ensalada Tropical Tropical salad with romaine lettuce, grape tomatoes, cucumber, red onions, unsalted mixed nuts, pineapple chunks, feta cheese, grated parmesan cheese, served on a pineapple shell.    15.95


Pan con Bistec Sandwich Cuban bread, palomilla steak, cooked onions and tomatoes with sazon fries.    9.95
Sandwich de Bistec de Pollo Cuban bread, grilled chicken breast, cooked onions, mayonnaise, tomatoes and sazon fries.    8.95
Sazon Sandwich Cuban bread, shredded beef and sazon fries.    8.95
Sandwich de Ensalada de Pollo Whole wheat bread, chicken or tuna, lettuce, tomatoes and sazon fries.    7.95
Sandwich Cubano Cuban bread, ham, pork, pickles, Swiss cheese, mustard and sazon fries.  
Miami Sandwich Cuban bread, turkey, ham, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, mayonnaise and Swiss cheese with sazon fries.    10.95
Sandwich Espanol Cuban bread, ham, pork, spanish sausage, serrano ham, olive oil and manchego cheese and sazon fries.    11.95
Mini Sandwiches de Pavo Two mini turkey sandwiches: whole wheat bread, turkey, lettuce, tomatoes and malanga chips.    8.95
Medianoche Sandwich Midnight bread, ham, pork, pickles, Swiss cheese and mustard with sazon fries.    8.95
Sandwich Croqueta Preparada Cuban bread, 2 ham croquetes, pork, ham, pickles and Swiss cheese with sazon fries.    9.95
Club Sandwich Cuban bread, ham, turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, Swiss cheese and sazon fries.    10.95
Pan con Lechon Desmenuzado Sandwich Cuban break, pork, cooked onions, garlic marinade and sazon fries.    9.95
Sazon Cuban Frita Sandwich Cuban bun, seasoned burger patty raw onions and sazon fries.    8.95
Sazon Sandwich de Vaca Frita de Pollo Cuban bread, shredded flank steak or breast of chicken seasoned with garlic, onions and sazon fries.    9.95


Pechuga de Pollo a La Plancha Grilled chicken breast marinated in garlic and lemon topped with grilled onions.    14.95
Sazon Bistec de Pollo Rebozado Breaded chicken breast with grilled onions.    16.95
Vaca Frita de Pollo Grilled shredded breast of chicken.    14.95
Bistec de Pollo Milanesa Empanizado Breaded chicken breast topped with a fresh tomato sauce and melted Swiss cheese.    16.95
Chicharrones de Pollo Lightly floured chicken chunks deep fried and marinated in olive oil and mojo sauce.    13.95
Fajitas de Pollo Salteadas Sauteed chicken fajitas with green peppers and onions.    14.95
Medio Pollo Asado Grilled half chicken.    13.95
Churrasco de Pollo Grilled marinated chicken steak.    14.95
Sazon Pollo Enrollado Relleno Chicken rolled and stuffed with mashed sweet plantains with chimichurri sauce.    18.95
Arroz con Pollo Desmenuzado For 1 Chicken with yellow rice.    13.95
Arroz con Pollo Desmenuzado For 2 Chicken with yellow rice.    24.95


Pargo Frito Entero Whole fried red snapper.    22.95
Filete de pargo a la Plancha Grilled filet of snapper.    18.95
Filete de Pargo Almendrina Grilled filet of snapper topped with toasted almonds and served in a white wine sauce.    19.95
Sazon Ruedas de Serrucho Fried or grilled filet of kingfish with citrus red onions.    17.95
Filete de Pescado a La Plancha Grilled filet of fish.    15.95
Filete de Pescado con Camarones en Salsa de Vino Blanco Filet of fish with shrimp in a white wine sauce.    21.95
Dorado a La Parrilla Grilled mahi mahi.    17.95
Dorado a La Plancha con Salsa de Mango Grilled mahi mahi with mango sauce.    17.95
Filete de Salmon a la Parrilla Grilled filet of salmon.    17.95
Sazon Filete de Salmon a La Parilla con Salsa de Guayaba Grilled salmon with guave sauce.    17.95
Camarones a La Plancha Grilled shrimp.    17.95
Camarones Enchilados Shrimp in creole style sauce.    17.95
Camarones al Ajillo Shrimp in garlic sauce.    17.95
Chicharrones de Pescado Empanizados Breaded fish chunks.    14.95
Filete de Pescado Rebozado Filet of fish thinly battered.    16.95
Sazon Pez Espada Grilled swordfish line caught, center cut served with mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables.    19.95
Sazon Cola de Langosta Broiled lobster tail sauteed with butter and garlic served with mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables.    19.95
Sazon Cola de Langosta con Camarones al Ajillo Broiled lobster tail with shrimp in garlic sauce on a bed of yellow rice.    26.95


Bistec de Palomilla Palomilla steak with raw onions.    14.95
Sazon Bistec Empanizado Breaded palomilla steak.    16.95
Bistec a La Milanese Breaded steak topped with ham and melted cheese.    17.95
Sazon Palomilla Rellena de Yuca ? Chicharrones Palomilla steak stuffed with cassava and pork rinds.    17.95
Fajitas de Carne Sauteed steak fajitas with green peppers and onions.    15.95
Vaca Frita Shredded flank steak seasoned with garlic and onions.    14.95
Ropa Vieja Shredded beef in fresh tomato sauce.    14.95
Picadillo Seasoned ground beef.    10.95
Masas de Puerco Fritas Fried pork chunks.    15.95
Lechon Asado Roast pork.    14.95
Chuletas de Puerco Pork chops.    15.95
Churrasco Grilled skirt steak marinated.    19.95
Sazon Churrasco con Camarones Marinated grilled skirt steak with shrimp.    26.95
Sazon Tierra ? Mar Marinated grill skirt steak with a lobster tail.    29.95
Filet Mignon Center cut certified angus beef 8 oz. served with mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables.    24.95
Filet Mignon con Camarones Center cut certified angus beef 8 oz. and with shrimps in a garlic sauce.    29.95
Filet Mignon con Cola de Langosta Center cut certified angus beef 8 oz. and with a broiled lobster tail.    34.95
New York Strip Center cut certified angus beef 12 oz. served with mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables.    23.95

Monday Specials

Small Caldo Gallego Spanish bean soup.    4.95
Large Caldo Gallego Spanish bean soup.    8.95
Small Ajiaco Soup Stew with tasajo dried beef, cassava, potatoes, Cuban sweet potato, pumpkin and yautia.    4.95
Large Ajiaco Soup Stew with tasajo dried beef, cassava, potatoes, Cuban sweet potato, pumpkin and yautia.    8.95
Pollo al Ajillo Spanish chicken in garlic sauce.    12.95

Tuesday Specials

Small Crema de Malanga Creme of yautia soup.    4.95
Large Crema de Malanga Creme of yautia soup.    6.95
Small Potage de Lentejas Lentil pottage.    4.95
Large Potage de Lentejas Lentil pottage.    6.95
Rabo Estofado Braised ox tail.    14.95
Fricase de Pollo Chicken fricassee.    12.95

Wednesday Specials

Small Guiso de Maiz Corn stew.    4.95
Large Guiso de Maiz Corn stew.    6.95
Cordero al Vino Lamb shank in wine sauce.    14.95
Sarzuela de Mariscos Spanish seafood stew in a creole sauce.    19.95
Sazon Arroz Frito Cuban fried rice with pork, shrimp, onions and ham or chicken and vegetables.    15.95

Thursday Specials

Small Fabada Asturiana Navy bean pottage.    4.95
Large Fabada Asturiana Navy bean pottage.    8.95
Tamal en Cazuela Com casserole.    8.95
Enchilado de Camarones con Fufu de Platano Shrimp creole with plantain mash.    17.95
Medio Pollo Asado a La Brasa Sin huesos. Boneless grilled chicken half.    13.95
Came Asada a La Cubana Beef roast cuban style in a beef sauce.    14.95

Friday Specials

Small Sopa de Pescado Fish soup.    4.95
Large Sopa de Pescado Fish soup.    6.95
Small Potage de Garbanzos Chickpea pottage.    4.95
Large Potage de Garbanzos Chickpea pottage.    7.95
Bacalao a La Vizcalna Cod fish spanish style.    13.95
Higado a La Italiana Italian style liver.    12.95

Saturday Specials

Small Potage de Chicharos Split pea pottage.    4.95
Large Potage de Chicharos Split pea pottage.    6.95
Carne con Papas Beef stew.    11.95
Filete de Pescado en Salsa Verde Filet of fish in parsley white wine sauce.    15.95
Arroz con Pollo Chicken with yellow rice.    13.95
Paella de Pescado ? Vegetales Fish and vegetables in yellow rice.  

Sunday Specials

Small Sopa de Platano Plantain soup.    4.95
Large Sopa de Platano Plantain soup.    6.95
Boliche Asado Pot roast.    14.95
Paella Valenclana Seafood and chicken in yellow rice.  


Arroz Blanco Steamed white rice.    3.75
Moros Mixed rice and black beans.    3.95
Congri Mixed rice and red beans.    3.95
Arroz Amarillo Yellow rice.    3.75
6 Pieces Tostones con Mojo Fried green plantains with garlic marinade.    5.95
6 Pieces Platanos Maduros Naturales Fried sweet plantains.    3.95
Papas Fritas French fries.    3.75
Yuca Hervida con Mojo de Cebolla ? Ajo Boiled cassava with onions and garlic marinade.    4.95
Frijoles Negros Black beans.    3.95
Pure de Papas Natural Fresh mashed potatoes.    4.95
Vegetales Salteados Frescos Fresh sauteed vegetables.    5.95
Ensalada Pequena Small house salad.    3.95

Kids (12 Years and Under)

2 Pieces Kids Mini Hamburguesa con Queso Cheeseburger served with French fries.    5.95
Kids Baby Bistec de Palomilla Small palomilla steak served with French fries.    8.95
Kids Pedacitos de Pollo Empanizados Breaded chicken fingers served with French fries.    6.95
Kids Baby Bistec de Pollo con Papas Fritas Grilled chicken breast served with French fries.    8.95
Kids Sandwich de Queso Derretido con Papas Fritas Grilled cheese sandwich with French fries.    5.95
Kids Sazon Perro Caliente Kosher hot dog with French fries on a cuban bun.    5.95


Pudin Diplomatico Bread pudding.    3.95
Cascos de Guayaba con Queso Crema Guava shells with cream cheese.    4.95
Flan Custard.    3.95
Flan de Queso Cheese custard.    3.95
Flan de Coco Coconut custard.    3.95
Sazon Bunuelo con Almibar ? Cascos de Papaya Doughnut fritters with syrup and papaya peels.    5.95
Arroz con Leche Rice pudding.    3.95
Tres Leches Sponge cake with three milks.    5.95
Natilla con Caramelo Quemado Creme ?rulee.    4.95
Cheesecake de Guayaba Guava cheesecake.    5.95
C??? de Frutas Frescas Fresh fruit cup.    6.95

Lunch Chicken

Lunch Chicken

Pechuga de Pollo a La Plancha Lunch 6 oz. Grilled chicken breast marinated in garlic and lemon topped with grilled onions.    8.95
Fajitas de Pollo Salteadas Lunch Chicken fajitas.    7.95

Lunch Seafood

Lunch Seafood

Filete de Pescado a La Plancha Lunch Grilled filet of fish 6 oz.    8.95
Camarones Enchilados Lunch Shrimp in creole style sauce.    11.95
Chicharrones de Pescado Empanizados Lunch Breaded fish chunks.    8.95

Lunch Meats

Lunch Meats

Bistec de Palomilla Lunch Palomilla steak 6 oz.    8.95
Picadillo Lunch Seasoned ground beef.    7.95
Lechon Asado Lunch Roast pork.    8.95
Albondigas Criollas Lunch Meatballs in creole sauce.    7.95


Sazon Cuban Cuisine
7305 Collins Ave
At 73rd St
(786) 204-1472
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