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  • Chinese
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Luncheon Special

Mon-Sat: 11:30am-3pm. Served With Fried Cream Cheese Wonton, Steamed Or Fried Rice And Choice Of The Following

1. Shangri La Beef sliced tender beef marinated with hot sauce   5.95
2. Beef With Vegetables sauteed with snow peas and vegetables   5.95
3. Szechuan Beef * sliced tender beef, celery and chili pepper   5.95
4. Mongolian Beef sauteed sliced tender beef marinated with green onions   6.25
5. Egg Foo Young choice of pork, beef or chicken with our special light sauce   4.95
6. Chicken With Vegetables    5.25
7. Garlic Chicken with water chestnuts, mushrooms, green peppers and onions   5.25
8. Lemon Chicken    5.25
9. Kung Pao Chicken *    5.25
10. Shangri La Chicken * sauteed diced chicken with sweet and hot sauce   5.25
11. Sweet And Sour Chicken    4.95
12. Assorted Vegetables specially for vegetarian or those on the diet   4.50
13. Sweet And Sour Shrimp    5.95
14. Kung Pao Shrimp *    6.25
15. Shrimp And Vegetables sautéed with snow peas and vegetables   6.25
16. Golden Shrimp * shrimp sauteed with vegetables in special hot sauce   6.50
17. Three Ingredients shrimp, scallops and chicken sauteed in rice wine sauce   6.50
18. Happy Family sauteed assorted seafood with meat and vegetables   6.50
19. Lo Mein Or Chow Mein    4.85
choice off pork, chicken, beef, beef extra   1.00
20. Sliced Pork with vegetables   5.25
21. Teriyaki Chicken (2)    4.50
22. Honey Chicken    5.50
23. General Tso’s Chicken    5.85
Pepper Steal    5.95


Pot Stickers chinese fried raviolis the filling is ground chicken and vegetable mixed  (6) 5.65
Phoenix Salad cucumber, chicken, cashews, garlic, onion marinated in a rice wine vinaigrette   5.95
Scallion Pan Cake    3.25
Pu Pu Platter   (for 2) 11.25
Fried Chicken Wings   (6) 3.25
Spring Roll (Egg Roll)   ea 1.55
Shrimp Toast   (4) 3.50
Barbecued Chicken    6.95
Beef Spare Ribs   (4) 5.50
Cold Sesame Noodles    5.75
Teriyaki Chicken   (2) 3.40
Beef Sticks Grilled   (2) 3.40
Fried Wonton   (8) 3.95


Wonton Soup  reg 1.85 lg 3.55
Egg Drop Soup  reg 1.85 lg 3.55
Sizzling Rice Soup chicken broth blended with shrimp, mushrooms, water chestnuts, green peas and golden rice crust reg 1.85 lg 3.55
Hot And Sour Soup * water chestnuts, bean curd, truffle and egg flower in full boiled broth reg 1.95 lg 3.80
Three Ingredients Soup the delicacies shrimp, scallops, and chicken  (for 2) 5.50
Winter Melon Soup diced winter melon with diced chicken, shrimp and water chestnuts  (for 2) 5.50

For The Gourmet Recommendations

From The Creative Cuisine Of Shangri-La

Rack Of Lamb Ala Shangri La truly a masterpiece this tender rack of lamb is first marinated in his special sauce for several hours and then slowly grilled in his own bbq smoker, a true delight for the taste buds served from fresh vegetables reg 11.95lg 19.95

From The Sea

Fresh Whole Atlantic Red Snapper prepared to order your preference, 1. steamed all natural, with black mushrooms and fresh scallions, a very delicate taste. 2. crispy light batter fried served with sweet and sour sauce and sherried vegetables. 3. dry braised served with tangy pureed vegetables sauce as you prefer with or with out ground pork   
wine recommendation: chateau du pape blanc anselme france   
Jumbo Prawns (1/2 Lb)   8.75 17.25
Maine Lobster (1 1/4 Lb) prepared to order your preferences: 1. sauteed with our special shangri-la sauce a tangy taste with a touch of lemon and rice wine. 2. lobster sauce. 3. sauteed with rice wine and fresh vegetables for a very delicate taste   
wine recommendation: verdicchio, opici, italy   
Sha-Cha with shrimp, scallops, and chicken, this trio is sauteed with our special sha cha sauce, bean sprouts, baby corn, and onion served on sizzling platter  7.25 13.25
Szechuan Scallops * dipped in our own batter, lightly fried , then served with our szechuan sauce, water chestnuts and bamboo shoots  7.75 14.25
wine recommendation sauvignon blanc, california   
Orange Roughy prepared to order, your preferences: 1. marinated in our own delightful sauce, grilled to perfection, served with lemon wedge in sizzling platter. 2. braised with fresh ginger and scallion, served on a sizzling platter. 3. for the discerning palate lightly steamed with fresh ginger and white wine   12.25
wine recommendation chateau de vire prosper maufoux france   


Sesame Chicken  reg 5.95 lg 8.95
Honey Chicken a moist tender breast of chicken, sauteed with honey and wine, topped with sparkling of sesame seed reg 5.95 lg 8.95
wine recommendation: pinot grigio, barone fini italy   
General Tso’s Chicken * created 150 years age for general tso’s and handed down through the ages this spicy dish will awaken the taste buds of any gourmet reg 5.95 lg 8.95
wine recommendation: graves, schyler france   


Orange Beef * nugget of tender flank steak, deliciously marinated in chefs peng's own special sauce, then sauteed with orange peel, and chili pepper for that piquant taste reg 6.50lg 12.25
wine recommendation: barolo, villadoris, italy   


Regular / Large. Chefs Pang's Selected Entrees For The Special Diet These Dishes Are Steamed To Perfection In Our Special Stainless Steel, Steamer With Garlic, Green Onions, Wine And Served Our Steam Boats At Your Request, They May Be Order, Without Salt Or Wine

Chicken Breast And Vegetables   5.25 8.95
Shrimp And Vegetables   6.25 11.20
Vegetarian   4.50 6.95



Regular / Large. With White Rice Or Plain Fried Rice

Shangri La Beef sliced tender beef marinated with hot sauce and white wine  6.25 10.25
Mandarin Beef   6.50 10.50
Mongolian Beef sliced tender beef marinated with green onion and rice wine, garnished with fried rice vermicelli  6.25 10.25
Ginger Beef finely sliced ginger, sauteed with fresh green beans  6.25 10.25
Black Mushroom Beef in red burgundy wine and sliced bamboo shoots  6.35 10.50
Green Pepper Beef   6.25 10.25
Kun Pao Beef * sliced tender beef marinated with vegetables in special house sauce and thin pan fried  6.25 10.25
Szechuan Beef * sliced tender beef marinated with vegetables in special house sauce and thin pan fried  6.25 10.25
Beef With Vegetables sauteed with snow peas and chinese vegetables in burgundy sauce  6.25 10.25
Beef With Oyster Sauce sauteed with broccoli, bamboo shoots & oyster sauce  6.25 10.25
Sizzling Beef With Scallops sliced beef, scallops and broccoli in oyster sauce served on sizzling hot platter with burgundy  6.75 12.25
Peking Beef sliced steak, deep fried with orange rind, red chili peppers garlic  6.50 10.45
Chef Steak broiled prime new york strip sauteed with wine and vegetables on a sizzling platter  lg 15.25
Beef with broccoli  6.25 10.25


Regular / Large. With White Rice Or Plain Fried Rice

Ginger Chicken finely sliced ginger sauteed with fresh green beans  5.45 8.95
Shangri La Chicken * sliced tender chicken with mushrooms cooked in special sauce  5.55 8.95
Snow White Chicken sliced chicken breast, chinese peas & special sauce  5.45 8.95
Lemon Chicken * deep fried sliced chicken, breast with special lemon sauce and then pan fried  5.45 8.95
Garlic Chicken sliced tender chicken, sauteed with water chestnuts, mushrooms and green pepper, slight garlic flavor is added  5.45 8.95
Princess Chicken * diced tender chicken with vegetables sauteed in spicy sauce and rice wine  5.45 8.95
Curry Chicken *   5.45 8.95
Cashew Chicken   5.75 8.95
Both Mushroom Chicken black mushrooms and straw mushrooms sauteed with sliced chicken in garlic brown sauce e  5.75 8.95
Hot And Sour Chicken *   5.45 8.95
Hot Braised Chicken * deep fried chicken wings with garlic ginger and green onions  5.45 8.95
Mongolian Chicken   5.45 8.95
Chicken with broccoli  5.45 8.95
with vegetables  5.85 8.95


Smoked Tea Duck  half 12.50whole 25.00
Peking Duck whole duck delicately roasted deboned and sliced served with steamed hot chinese crepe, green onions and our special sauce advance order is required   29.00
Ask For Our Special Peking Duck Served In Three Ways

Fried Rice

Regular / Large.

Shangri La Fried Rice pan fried rice with chicken, shrimp & beef  5.35 7.55
Shrimp Or Beef Fried Rice   4.75 6.45
Chicken Vegetable Fried Rice   4.25 5.75

Lo Mein

Regular / Large. With White Rice Or Plain Fried Rice

Shangri La Lo Mein   5.75 7.95
Shrimp Or Beef Lo Mein   5.55 7.85
Chicken Or Vegetable Lo Mein   4.95 7.25


Regular $4.75 / Large $7.25. With White Rice Or Plain Fried Rice

Su-San Shan mushrooms, water chestnuts and chinese peas or broccoli seasonal availability   
Assorted Vegetables    
Black Mushrooms Bean Curd deep fried bean curd blocks are sauteed   
Hot Braised Bean Curd * bean curd with hot sauce   
Chinese Peas with water chestnuts   
Sauteed Broccoli *    
Dry Braised String Beans *    
Sweet & Sour Eggplant    
Szechuan Eggplant * sauteed in our special spicy sauce   


Regular / Large. With White Rice Or Plain Fried Rice

Happy Family assorted seafood with meat and vegetables  6.50 10.95
Three Ingredients shrimp, scallops and chicken sauteed in rice wine  6.50 10.95
Shrimp with lobster sauce  5.95 10.95
Deep Fried Shrimp   5.65 9.95
Shrimp with chinese vegetables  6.25 10.95
Curry Shrimp *   6.25 10.95
Princess Shrimp shrimp sauteed in rice wine and burgundy with our special hot sauce  6.50 10.95
Shangri La Shrimp * deep fried marinated prawns and thin pan fried with tiny onions in hot  6.25 10.95
Shrimp With Green Onions peeled shrimps are coated & sauteed in exotic flavor  6.50 10.95
Ginger Shrimp finely sliced ginger, sauteed with fresh green beans  6.50 10.95
Shrimp With Walnuts stir fried shrimp combined with delicate taste of crunchy walnuts  6.85 10.95
Shrimp with black bean sauce  6.50 10.95
Cashew Shrimp   6.50 10.95

Sweet & Sour

Regular / Large. With White Rice Or Plain Fried Rice

Sweet And Sour Chicken   5.10 7.95
Sweet & Sour Shrimp   5.55 9.95

Egg Foo Young

Regular / Large. With White Rice Or Plain Fried Rice

Vegetable   4.95 7.50
Chicken   5.25 7.50
Shrimp   5.60 8.65
Beef   5.25 7.50
House   5.75 8.95

Chow Fun Or Chow Mei Fun

Regular / Large.

Vegetable   5.95 8.95
Chicken   5.95 8.95
Beef   5.95 8.95
Shrimp   6.25 8.95
Singapore *   5.95 8.95

Chow Mein

Regular / Large. With White Rice Or Plain Fried Rice

Shangri La shrimp, chicken & stir fried with vegetables & crispy noodle on the side  4.95 7.95
Shrimp Chow Mein   4.95 6.95
Beef Or Chicken   4.50 6.25

Shangri La Dinner

A. For 1 Personal pot stickers, sizzling rice soup, entree either mongolian beef or garlic chicken, steamed or fried rice   11.95
B. For 2 People pot stickers, sizzling rice soup, grilled chicken, mongolian beef, steamed or fried rice   23.60
C. For 3 People pot stickers, sizzling rice soup, shangri la prawns mongolian beef or garlic chicken, steamed or fried rice   35.95
D. For 4 People pot stickers, sizzling rice soup, mu shu chicken mongolian beef assorted vegetables, shangri la prawns, steamed or fried rice   46.50
E. For 5 People pot stickers, sizzling rice soup, mu shu chicken, mongolian beef or garlic chicken, shangri-la prawns, assorted vegetables, steamed or fried rice   56.95
F. For 6 People pot stickers, sizzling rice soup, shangri la prawns assorted vegetables mongolian beef or garlic chicken, steamed or fried rice, smoked tea duck   
G. For 7 People pot stickers, sizzling rice soup, shangri la prawns smoked tea duck, mongolian beef or garlic chicken, steamed or fried rice   
H. For 8 People same as dinner for 7 people addition of sweet & sour chicken   

Exclusive Combinations

Served With House Soup, Egg Roll, Fried Rice And Choice Of The Following

1. Shangri- La Chicken *    7.75
2. Garlic Chicken    7.75
3. Chicken with vegetables   7.75
4. Szechuan Beef *    8.50
5. Mongolian Beef    8.50
6. Beef with vegetables   8.50
7. Sweet & Sour Chicken    7.75
8. Assorted Vegetables    6.95
9. Egg Foo Young    7.75
10. Shrimp & Vegetable    8.50
11. Shrimp with lobster sauce   8.50
12. Cashew Chicken    8.25
13. Sweet & Sour Shrimp    8.55
14. Lemon Chicken    7.75
15. Green Pepper Beef pepper steak   8.50
16. Sesame Chicken    8.25

Side Orders

White Rice Or Plain Fried Rice  reg 1.25 qt 2.25
Fried Noodles    .50
Fortune Cookie   ea .25
Brown Rice  reg 1.55 qt 2.25
* Hot & Spicy

Lunch & Dinner

Monday-Thursday: 11:30am-10pm. Friday & Saturday: 11:30am-10:30pm. Sunday: 12-10pm

Szechuan Eggplant & Green Beans crispy eggplant with fresh green beans sauteed with garlic, green onion, ginger and a touch of lemon. your choice of spicy or not   
with roast pork   10.95
with chicken   10.50
with beef   11.95
with shrimp   12.95
Pad Thai stir-fried noodles with shrimp & chicken, ground roast peanuts one of thailand's best known noodles dish. it is eaten as a light meal at any time of the day or night   11.50
Paradise Chicken our version of teriyaki chicken (all white meat) with steamed fresh veggie on the side   10.50
Four Seasons scallops, chicken, beef, roast pork, broccoli & mixed chinese vegetables   11.95
General Tso Chicken & Honey Chicken our two most popular dishes in one platter   11.95
Above Items Served With Egg Roll, Reg. Fried Or Steamed Rice & Soup Of The Day. Soft Drinks & Bottled Water Available

Healthy Corner

Gourmet Cakes (For All Occasions) chocolate mousse cake  (per slice) 4.25
plain cheesecake  (per slice) 3.25
Shangri-La Salad With Honey Walnuts in house vinaigrette dressing   5.25
Lettuce Wraps quick heat stir-fry minced chicken breast with water chestnut, green peppers and black mushrooms   6.75
Vegetable Dumplings 6 steamed or pan fried. flour mixed with spinach juice to create a unique green dumpling filled with vegetables   5.95
Phoenix Salad poached chicken with cucumber & special roasted cashew nuts in chef peng's garlic, onion, lemon dressing   5.75
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