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  • Asian Fusion
  • 4740 NE 2nd Ave, Miami 33137 25.819092 -80.191859
  • (Btwn NE 48th Ct & NE 46th St)
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  • (305) 704-0730
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Soda     2.00
Bottled Water    Small 330 mL Badoit (Sparkling) 3.00 Small 330 mL Evian (Flat) 3.00 Large 750mL Badoit (Sparkling) 5.00 Large 750mL Evian (Flat) 5.00
Thai Tea     3.00
Bottled Ice Tea     3.50
Bottoled Lemonade     3.50



Ahi Tuna Poke Ahi tuna, macadamia, avocado, scallion and taro chips.    14.00
Sashimi Appetizer 9 pieces of today's catch, assorted.    14.00
Spicy Tuna Tartar Hot sesame oil, Kewpie mayo, scallion, masago and taro chips.    13.00
Crunchy Sushi Crispy rice, spicy tuna and truffle eel sauce.    12.00
Salmon Carpaccio Ginger dressing, Kewpie mayo and scallion.    14.00
Manila Ceviche Whitefish, mango, tomato, red onion, jalapeno, calamansi, coconut milk and taro chips.    14.00



Gyoza Dumpling Pork.    7.00
Gow Choi Gau Dumpling Shrimp and chives.    8.00
Momo Dumpling Curry potatoes.    7.00
Potsticker Chicken.    8.00
Siu Mai Pork and shrimp.    9.00
Vegetable Dumplings     7.00


Grilled Octopus Cilantro glaze and sweet potato mash.    14.00
Calamari Sriracha remoulade.    12.00
Shishito Peppers Bonito flakes and sea salt.    10.00
Pork Bun Steamed buns with marinated chashu pork belly, mayo and lettuce.    10.00
Spring Roll Cabbage, corn and carrot.    9.00
Japanese Eggplant Grilled eggplant and miso glaze.    10.00
Edamame Steamed soy beans with salt.    6.00
Soft Shell Crab Tempura, yuzu tartar and herb salad.    12.00
Bulgogi Buns 36 hour marinated skirt steak, sauteed carrots, onions, bell peppers.    12.00

Salads and Soups

Poke and Avocado Salad Ahi tuna, macadamia, avocado, scallion and sesame dressing.    14.00
Wakame Salad Mixed seaweed, edamame and scallion.    12.00
Tom Yam Soup Shrimp or chicken, mushroom, young coconut and cilantro.    9.00
Laarb Minced beef tenderloin, tomato, cucumber, mint, cilantro, lemongrass and chili-lime.    12.00
House Salad Tomato, red onion, carrot and cucumber.    7.00
Miso Soup Silken tofu, wakame and scallion.    3.00
Shrimp Tempura Salad Spicy mayo, edamame, granny smith apples, yuzu dressing.    12.00



Chicken Ramen Onsen tamago, naruto, menma, chicken and pork broth.    18.00
Jjiampong Spicy seafood. Mussels, calamari, shrimp, beef, cabbage, wheat noodles and spicy Korean broth.    20.00
Char Siu Smothered Chinese BBQ pork and garlic Hong Kong noodles.    19.00
Pad Thai With your choice of protein.   Chicken Breast 17.00 Skirt Steak 18.00 Shrimp 19.00 Bacon and Shrimp 21.00
Shiro Ramen Clear white soy sauce and kombu broth topped with scallions, bamboo shoots, hard-boiled egg, tempura of burdock root, Nori, fish cake and chashu pork belly.    18.00
Beef Pho Rice noodles, 3oz sliced rib eye, rice noodles, Vietnamese broth and Asian herbs.    19.00



Bibimbap Spinach, bean sprout, shiitake, kimchi, onsen tamago and gochujang.    18.00
Crab Fried Rice Lump blue crab, avocado, tomato, scallion and egg.    18.00
Ginger Cod 8 oz. steamed cod, ginger soy broth and Asian vegetables.    24.00
Orange Chicken Crispy chicken breast glazed with sweet-sour-spicy orange sauce.    18.00
Kalbi 72-hour marinated Korean ribs served with lettuce cups and homemade kimchi.    24.00
Green Curry Bell pepper, Thai basil, bamboo shoot and your choice of protein.   Chicken 17.00 Skirt Steak 18.00 Shrimp 20.00 Soft Shell Crab 24.00
Java Steak Skirt steak marinated in kepap and coffee served with buttered curry fried rice, crispy shallots, avocado and tomatoes.    24.00
Honey Salmon Pan Seared with summer fruit gastrique, classic Chinese fried rice on the side.    24.00
Filipino Adobo Chicken Free range 24 hour marinated chicken thigh, adobo sauce.    22.00
Kimchi Salmon Grilled 8oz filet, kimchi broth and sauteed kimchi.    24.00


Jalapeno Hamachi Roll With avocado, roasted tomato, cilantro, red onion and jalapeno.    12.50
Buena Vista Roll Eel, salmon skin, avocado, scallion, cucumber and masago.    11.50
Samurai Roll Hamachi, tuna, scallion, avocado, asparagus and masago.    11.00
Spider Roll Soft shell crab, avocado, cucumber, soy paper and masago.    13.00
Yuba Roll Seared tuna, kanikama, avocado, scallion, soy paper and creamy yuzu dressing.    11.00
Mango Roll Salmon, fresh mango, tempura flakes, cream cheese, avocado and soy paper.    11.00
New York Spicy Tuna Roll Masago, hot sesame oil, scallion, avocado, kewpie mayo and tempura flakes.    10.00
Truffle Steak Tataki Roll Seared tenderloin, enoki, asparagus, scallion and truffle-eel sauce.    12.50
Kani-Su Roll Riceless roll. With kanikama, avocado, masago, nori and cucumber.    10.50
Rainbow Roll California roll topped with sashimi.    11.50
Blue Crab California Roll Blue crab meat, avocado, cucumber and sesame seeds.    14.50
Dreaming Shrimp Roll Tempura shrimp, lettuce and curry kewpie mayo.    11.00
Chipotle Salmon Roll Salmon, cucumber, salmon skin, red onion and sesame seed.    10.50
Dragon Roll Shrimp tempura, cucumber, scallion, spicy kewpie mayo and avocado on top.    11.50
Seared Scallop Roll Asparagus, scallion, tempura flakes and lemon-garlic kewpie with nori outside.    12.50
Bagel Roll Salmon, cream cheese, scallions and sesame.    9.50
Salmon Kani Roll Su, salmon, avocado, masago, nori and cucumber.    12.50
Shokudo Roll Shrimp tempura, Spicy Tuna, avocado, kani, kewpie, truffle eel sauce.    14.00
Citrus Roll Cobia, Crispy onion, Ebi, Yuzu kewpie, tomato-onion-cilantro salad.    12.50

Sushi/ Sashimi A La Carte

formaly "Pieces"

Hamachi 2 pieces.    5.00
Salmon 2 pieces.    5.00
Tuna 2 pieces.    5.00
Cobia 2 pieces.    5.00
Ebi 2 pieces.    5.00
Kanikama 2 pieces.    5.00
Masago 2 pieces.    5.00
Octopus 2 pieces.    6.00
Unagi 2 pieces.    6.00
Ikura 2 pieces.    6.00
Scallop 2 pieces.    6.00
Toro Per 1 Piece.    7.50
Amaebi Per 1 Piece.    7.50


Sashimi Dinner 16 slices of our freshest selection. Japanese rice on the side.    29.00
Moriawase for 1 9 nigiri of Chef's choice and a New York spicy tuna roll.    27.00
Moriawase for 2 18 nigiri of Chef's choice and a New York spicy tuna roll.    46.00
Sushi and Sashimi Combo for 1 Sushi chef's choice combination of sushi, sashimi and maki.    32.00
Sushi and Sashimi Combo for 2 Sushi chef's choice combination of sushi, sashimi and maki.    54.00


Jasmine Rice     1.50
Sushi Rice     2.00
Brown Rice     2.00
Eel Sauce     1.00
Spicy Mayo     1.00
Ponzu Sauce     0.50


Chocolate Cardomom Torte flourless cardomom torte with Vanilla ice cream on the side.    8.00
Banana Turon Spring roll with Jackfruit, cream cheese, chocolate with caramel saice on the side.    8.00
Coconut Carmel Parfait     8.00
Thai Doughnuts Served with sweet cream dipping sauce with peanuts.    8.00


4740 NE 2nd Ave
Btwn NE 48th Ct & NE 46th St
(305) 704-0730
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