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Siam Square

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    $$$$$Greater than $25
    $$$$$18.01 - $25
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  • Thai, Japanese, Sushi
  • 54 NW 167th St, Miami FL33169 25.9277279 -80.201464
  • (Btwn NW 1st & N Miami Ave)
  • (305) 944-9697
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Thai Appetizers

Vegetable Spring Roll fried spring roll with only vegetable inside   4.95
Thai Roll fried roll with chicken inside   5.95
Shrimp Roll fried roll with shrimp, minced chicken inside   7.95
Vietnamese Roll fresh vegetables, thai herbs, crab and rice noodle (streamed)   5.95
Chicken Or Beef Satay grilled marinated meat served with peanut sauce   7.95
Coconut Shrimp battered shrimp with coconut flaked   7.95
Lettuce Wrap sauteed minced chicken, tofu, shitake mushroom and scallion with brown sauce   7.95
Wing App. fried wing (marinated in thai style)   3.50

Japanese Appetizers

Kani Su crab, masago and avocado wrapped with sliced thin cucumber   7.50
Salmon Or Tuna Su salmon or tuna ,masago and avocado wrapped with sliced thin cucumber   8.95
Tuna Tataki slice seared tuna in ponzu sauce   9.95
Sunomono conch, octopus, crab on the cucumber salad with vinegar sauce   6.95
Spicy Conch Or Octopus Salad choice of conch or octopus on top of salad with kimchee sauce   7.95
Dynamite Mussels mussels top with dynamite seafood stuff and bake   8.95
Sashimi Sampler 9 pieces of assorted fish   10.95
Sushi Sampler 5 pieces of assort sushi (sushi is fish on top of rice)   9.95
Edamame steamed soy bean   4.50
Chicken Yakitori    5.95
Shrimp Yakitori    7.95
Grilled Tofu    4.95
Age Tofu fried tofu   4.95
Spinach Shitake sauteed spinach and shitake mushroom in butter   5.95
Ika Shikatayaki grilled whole squid   7.95
Ohitashi steam spinach with special sauce   4.95
Shrimp Tempura Appetizer    7.95
Yasai Tempura Appetizer assorted vegetables   6.50
Soft Shell Crab Tempura    7.50
Shumai steamed shrimp shumai   4.50
Gyosa steamed chicken gyosa   4.50


Tom Yum Chicken    4.50
Tom Yum Shrimp    5.50
Tom Yum Seafood tom yum is lemon grass soup with galanga, lime juice and chilli paste   5.95
Tom Ka Chicken tom ka is tom yum broth but add coconut milk in it   4.50
Pirate Soup combination of seafood, lemongrass, galanga, lime juice and basil leaves   5.95
Wonton Soup chicken wonton in the clear soup   4.50
Hot & Sour Soup tofu, shitake mushroom, bamboo-shoot and egg drop in the thick soup   4.50
Siam Square Soup combination of seafood, lemongrass, galanga, lime juice, sweet chili paste and coconut milk   5.95
Tofu Soup vegetable and tofu in clear soup   4.50
Vegetable Soup vegetable in clear soup   4.50
Vegetable Miso Soup vegetable in miso soup   4.50
Miso Soup tofu, scallion and seaweed in miso broth   2.00


Small Salad    2.50
Large Salad    5.25

Thai Salad

Papaya Salad green papaya, cooked shrimp, roasted peanut, dried chilli with lime juice   7.95
Nam Sod minced pork, fresh ginger, roasted peanut, onion, dried chilli with lime juice   7.95
Yum Woon Sen clear noodle, minced pork, cooked shrimp, fresh pepper, scallion and cilantro with lime juice   7.95
Yum Conch conch, onion, scallion, and celery with lime juice   8.95
Yum Seafood combination seafood, cucumber, tomato, onion, scallion and celery   8.95
Dance With Shrimp cooked shrimp, cashew nut and fresh pepper with lime juice   8.95
Tiger Tear grilled beef, roasted rice powder, onion, scallion and dried pepper with lime juice   7.95

Japanese Salad

Seaweed Salad green seaweed salad   5.95
Seafood Salad shrimp, crab, masago, asparagus on top of lettuce with house special dressing   9.95
Spicy Tuna Salad diced tuna with special sauce on the salad   9.95
Popeye Salad tuna, spinach, cucumber, avocado, and scallion with spicy sauce   10.95

Choose Your Dish

Choice Of Chicken, Beef Or Pork ,Add $3 For Shrimp.

Sweet & Sour    12.95
Basil Sauce    12.95
Shrimp With Asparagus    15.95
Oyster Beef    14.95
Mixed Vegetable    12.95

Curry $12.95

Red Curry    
Green Curry    
Massaman Curry    
Panang Curry    

Sushi Or Sashimi

Sushi Is Fish On Top Of Rice And Sashimi Does Not Have Rice.

Quail Egg, Avocado, Asparagus, Tamago (Sweet Omlette), Inari (Fried Tofu)    1.50
Kani (Crab Stick), Shrimp, White Fish    2.00
Salmon, Octopus, Red Clam, Ika (Squid), Saba (Mackerel, Conch)    2.50
Tuna, Hamachi (Yellow Tail), Ama-Ebi (Sweet Shrimp)    3.25
BBQ Eel, Masago, Scallop, Ikura (Salmon Roe)    3.50
Uni (Sea Urchin), Toro (Belly Of Tuna)    4.25

Hand Roll

Hand Roll Is Like A Cone Shape And Come In One Per Order.

California, JB, Salmon Skin    4.50
BBQ Eel, Spicy Tuna, Boston, Dynamite    4.95
Hamachi    5.50
Shrimp Tempura    5.95


Any Change Will Be Extra Charged.

Caliente Roll deep fried fish, scallion, avocado, asparagus and masago with spicy mayo.   8.95
California Roll crab, avocado, cucumber, masago and sesame seed   5.95
Tuna Or Salmon Cal. Roll tuna or salmon, avocado, cucumber, masago and sesame seed   6.95
Miami Roll crab, cream-cheese, avocado, cucumber, masago and sesame seed.   6.95
California Eel Roll bbq eel on top of california roll   11.95
Rainbow Roll california roll with combination fish on top   9.95
Japanese Bagel Roll salmon, cream-cheese, scallion   5.95
Hot J.B. Roll fried japanese bagel roll   6.95
Kappa Roll cucumber and sesame seed   4.00
Volcano Roll baked seafood on the california roll   12.95
Tekka Roll tuna and scallion   4.95
Hamachi Roll yellowtail and scallion   5.95
Salmon Roll salmon and scallion   4.95
White Tuna Roll white tuna roll   4.95
Veggie Roll cucumber, avocado, spinach, carrot, asparagus   5.95
Spicy Tuna Roll tuna, scallion, cucumber, spicy sauce   5.95
Spider Roll deep fried whole soft shell crab, asparagus, avocado, masago   9.95
Crazy Roll fried salmon skin, eel, asparagus, avocado, scallion and masago   9.95
Salmon Skin Roll fried salmon skin, scallion   5.50
Tanzania Roll yellowtail, asparagus, avocado, scallion and masago   7.95
Boston Roll shrimp, lettuce, avocado, cucumber, japanese mayo.   6.95
Beauty & The Beast roll of half tuna & half eel, scallion, avocado, asparagus, masago   8.95
Futomaki Roll crab, omelette, asparagus, kampyo, spinach, cucumber, masago   9.95
Daimyomaki tuna, hamachi, salmon, scallion, avocado, asparagus, masago   10.95
Shrimp Tempura Roll deep fried shrimp, asparagus, avocado, scallion, masago   9.95
Dragon Roll deep fried shrimp, avocado, scallion, asparagus, masago, with sliced avocado on top   11.95
Dynamite Roll baked mixed seafood   11.95
Salmon Tempura Roll deep fried roll of salmon, crab, asparagus without rice   9.95
Tuna Tempura Roll deep fried roll of white tuna roll, crab, asparagus w/o rice   9.95

Special Roll

"Oh My God" soy bean paper wrapped with 3 smelt eggs, shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, salmon, scallion, spicy mayo.   14.95
Tiger Roll crab, avocado, cucumber, cream cheese with shrimp on top   11.95
Lighting Roll soy bean paper wrapped with white tuna tempura, salmon, yellow tail, avocado, lettuce, masago,spi.mayo.   11.95
Lobster Tempura Roll soy bean paper, lobster tempura, avocado, asparagus, masago   19.95
Lobster Dynamite Roll soy bean paper, beaked lobster with mayo, onion, mushroom, masago   19.95
Crunchy Tuna Roll spicy tuna, avocado, scallion, tempura flake, inside out   10.95
Super Dragon Roll soy bean paper with jumbo shrimp tempura, asparagus, avocado, scallion, masago on topped with sliced avocado   12.95
White Dragon Roll shrimp tempura, avocado, asparagus, masago, sesame seed, white tuna on top   15.95
See Through Roll spicy tuna, tempura flake, avocado, spinach, rice paper wrap, with special sauce   13.95
Spicy Eel Roll soy bean paper, bbq eel, avocado, masago, house spicy mayo   11.95
Spicy Hamachi Roll chopped yellow tail, tempura flake, avocado, scallion, masago, spicy sauce   13.95
Siam Square Roll shrimp, crab, cucumber, lettuce, cream cheese topped with bbq eel   15.95
Norwegian Roll salmon tempura, cream cheese, scallion, lettuce, spicy mayo. topped with fresh salmon   13.95
Four Season Roll soy bean paper, tuna, hamachi, salmon, white tuna, avocado, asparagus, masago, spicy mayo.   15.95

Dinner Combination

Served With Choice Of Miso Soup Or Salad.

A. California Roll And 7pcs. Of Sushi    16.50
B. Miami Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll And 7pcs. Sushi    18.95
C. Shrimp Tempura Roll, 4pcs. Sushi, 9pcs. Sashimi    20.95
D. White Tuna Tempura Roll 4 pcs. sushi, 9 pcs. sashimi   20.95
E. Choice Of California Roll, JB Roll Or Eel Roll 4 pcs. sushi, 9 pcs. sashimi   20.95
F. Hosomaki california roll, jb roll, tuna roll   14.95
G. Vegetable Dinner naruto vegetable, vegetable hand roll, 6 pcs. of veg. sushi   13.95
H. Chirashi assorted fish on top of sushi rice   18.95
I. Boat One 6 pcs. sushi, 12 pcs. sashimi, cal. roll   27.95
J. Boat Two 12 pcs. sushi, 16 pcs. sashimi , jb roll, spicy tuna roll   47.95
K. Boat For Three 18 pcs. sushi, 20 pcs. sashimi, eel roll, jb roll, miami roll   67.95
L. Boat For Four 20 pcs. sushi, 25 pcs. sashimi, cal. roll, jb roll, spicy tuna roll, caliente roll   87.95
M. Sashimi Mori 16 pcs. of assorted fish   18.95
N. Sashimi Deluxe 25 pcs. of assorted fish   27.95


Thai Lunch Special $7.95

Served With Soup Or Salad. Picked Your Food With Choice Of Chicken, Beef, Pork, $2 Will Be Add For Shrimp.

Lemongrass Chicken served with vietnamese roll   
Chicken Peanut battered white chicken and sauteed with peanut sauce   
Curry red, green, panang   
Noodle Soup    

Sauteed Dish $7.95

Cashew Nuts    
Sweet And Sour    
Mixed Vegetable    

Stir-Fried $7.95

Pad Thai    
Pad Kee Mao    
Fried Rice    

Japanese Lunch Combination Box

Serve With Soup Or Salad.

1. 3pcs. Of Sushi, 4pcs. Of California Roll 6pcs. of sashimi and fried rice   11.95
2. 3pcs. Of Sushi, 4pcs. Of California Roll 6pcs. of sashimi and pad Thai   11.95
3. 3pcs. Of Sushi, 4pcs. Of California Roll 6pcs. of sashimi and choice of spicy conch, octopus, tuna or avocado salad.   11.95
4. 3pcs. Of Sushi, 4pcs. Of California Roll 6pcs. of sashimi and 2 shrimp tempura   11.95
5. 3pcs. Of Sushi, 4pcs. Of California Roll 6pcs. of sashimi and chicken teriyaki   11.95
6. 3pcs. Of Sushi, 4pcs. Of California Roll And Kani Su    11.95
7. California Roll, JB Roll, Tuna Roll    11.95
8. 6pcs. Of Sashimi, Triangle Sushi Rice And Choice Of White Tuna Or Salmon Tempura    12.95
9. Vegetable Roll And 6pcs. Of Vegetable Sushi    9.95


Main Course

The Three Musketeers three combination of fine battered of chicken, pork, beef on top of steamed vegetable with house sauce.   13.95
Peanut Chicken sliced white meat chicken with special house peanut sauce.   12.95
Cashew Nut Chicken sauteed chicken with spicy stir sauce and chilli with cashew nuts.   12.95

Noodle And Fried Rice

Pad Thai    11.95
Pad Thai-Low Carb    11.95
Pad Si Ew    12.95
Pad Kee Mao    12.95
Rad Na    12.95
Fried Rice    10.50
Special Fried Rice    12.95
Pineapple Fried Rice    11.95
Prink King Fried Rice    11.95
Basil Fried Rice    11.95
Mixed Vegetable Fried Rice    10.50


Siam Square
54 NW 167th St
Btwn NW 1st & N Miami Ave
(305) 944-9697
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