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Sushi Rock Boca Raton

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  • Japanese, Sushi, Thai
  • 174 NW 51st St, Boca Raton FL33431 26.394392 -80.083577
  • (Btwn NW 2nd Ave & N Dixie Hwy)
  • (561) 981-8440
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Japanese Menu

Japanese Lunch Special

Served With Miso Soup Or House Salad

L1. Sushi Mori - California Roll And 6 Pieves Of Sushi    10.00
L2. Hosomaki calfornia roll, tekka roll and kappa   10.00
L3. Sushi, Sashimi And Sunomono    11.00
L4. Sushi, Sashimi And Shrimp Tempura    10.00
L5. Sushi, Sashimi And Chicken Teriyaki    11.00
L6. Sushi, Sashimi And Steak Teriyaki    11.00
L7. Sushi, Sashimi And Pad Thai veggie   11.00
L8. Sushi, Sashimi And Fried Rice veggie   11.00
L9. Sushi, Sashimi And Una Don    13.00
L10. Sushi, Sashimi And Fish Teriyaki    12.00
L11. Steak Teriyaki And Chicken Teriyaki    11.00
L12. Seafood Tempura And Chicken Teroyaki    11.00
L13. California Roll 5 pieces of sushi, 9 pieces of sashimi   16.00
L14. Sashimi Lunch    13.00
Add Cream Cheese To Any Roll $0.50, Roll Made With Brown Rice Add $1 Substitute Extra

Seafood Appetizers

Ebi Katsu crisp jumbo shrimp with plum sauce   6.00
Scallop Katsu crisp jumbo shirmp with plum sauce   6.00
Ika Teriyaki strips of squid with teriyaki sauce   6.00
Scallop Teriyaki scallop with teriyaki sauce   6.00
Ebi Shumai shrimp dumpling   5.00
Dynamite baked fish, crab, masagi & avocado on rice   7.00
Ika Sukata Yaki grilled whole squid with ponzu sauce   7.00
Salmon Shioyaki grilled whole squid with ponzu sauce   7.00
Shrimp Tempura Appetizer shrimp and veggie   7.00
Soft-shell Crab served with ponzu sauce   7.00
Hamachi Kama salted grilled collection yellowtail   9.00
Florida Lobster Dynamite    11.00

Meat Appetizers

Gyoza    5.00
Yaki - Tori grilled chicken, scallions on skewers   5.00
Beef Negimaki grilled beef & scallions roll   7.00
Beef Tataki thin sliced of seared beef, ponza sauce   8.00

Vegetarian Appetizer

Hijiki black seaweed cooked in semi-sweet sauce   3.00
Sweet Potatoes crisp slice served katsa style   3.00
Edamame steamed soy bean with salt   3.00
Harumaki vegetable spring roll   4.00
Age Tofu cubes of tofu in special broth   4.00
Ohitashi cooked spinach served cold in sesame sauce   4.00
Steamed Vegetables vegetables served with a ginger soy dipping sauce   5.00
Yasai Itame sauteed mixed vegetables   5.00
Yasai Tempura vegetable tempura   5.00

Japanese Soups

Miso tofu, seaweed scallions, soybean broth   2.00
Vegetable miso soup and mixed vegetable   3.00
Chicken Soup chicken and mixed veggie miso broth   4.00
Clam Soup clam in miso broth   4.00
Fish Soup fish and mixed veggie miso broth   4.00

Sushi Bar

Sunomono conch, krab, octopus in vinegar sauce   7.00
Molten Rock squid with masago and quail egg   7.00
Narito Maki krab, masago and avocado rolled in paper- thin cucumber with naruto sauce   8.00
Kanisu krab, masago, avocado rolled in paper- thin cucumber and shrimp, krab, on the side with rice vinegar sauce   9.00
Las Olas Maki salmon, krab, cream cheese, and scallions rolled in paper- thin cucumber with ponzu sauce   9.00
Spicy Conch Or Octopus mixed with spicy sauce, sliced cucumber   8.00
Tuna Tataki thin slices of fresh tuna, seared on the outside raw on the inside, with ponzu sauce   9.00
Tiger's Eye baked circles of squid stuffed with salmon and asparagus   9.00
Sashimi Appetizer salmon, tuna, and white fish (substitute extra)   11.00


Shrimp And Vegetables Tempura    9.00
Chicken Tempura And Vegetables Tempura    8.00
Yasi Tempura- Vegetables Tempura    7.00


Chicken Kastu    8.00
Pork Katsu    8.00
Fish Katsu    9.00


Chicken Teriyaki    8.00
Fish Teriyaki    9.00
Steak Teriyaki    10.00
Yakin Iku    9.00


Katsu Don pork katsu onion and egg   9.00
Oyako Don chicken egg and vegetables   9.00
Una Don eel donburi   12.00

Fried Rice

Fried Rice with chicken, pork or beef and vegetables   8.00
with shrimp and vegetables   9.00


Nigiri A La Carte

Avocado, Asparagus, Veggie    1.00
Tamago (Omelette), Kani (Krab Stick), Saba, Shrimp    1.50
Ika (Squid), Salmon, Conch, Hotate (Scallop), Tuna    2.00
Hamachi (Pacific Yellowtail), Tako (Octopus)    3.00
Unagi (Eel), Ikura (Salmon Egg), Masago (Frying Fish Egg)    3.00
Hokkigai (Arctic Surf Clam)    3.00
Toro (Tuna Belly), Ama Ebi (Sweet Shrimp), Alaskan King Crab, Uni (Sea Urchin)    
Add Quail Egg To Any Piece $0.75


Kappa Cucumber Roll    3.00
Tekka Roll tuna and scallions (refular or spicy)   5.00
Unagi Roll eel, cucumber, sesame seeds and special sauce   6.00
Salmon Skin Roll salmon skin, scallions and special sauce   5.00
California Roll crab, avocado, cucumber, sesame seeds and masago   5.00
Veggie Roll mixed fish salad & caribean, conch, scallions & spicy mayo   6.00
Bagel Roll salmon, cream cheese, and scallions   6.00
Bagel Tempura salmon, cream cheese, and scallions and dip fried   8.00
Rolling Stone shrimp, cucumber, lettuce and mayonnaise   6.00
Vegetable Roll assorted vegetable   5.00
Yellow Submarine yellowtail, asparagus, scallions and masago   7.00
Drum Roll conch, spinach, aspargus, scallions, cucumber masago and spicy kimchee sauce   7.00
Dynamite Roll baked seafood in a rich sauce   7.00
South Beach Roll cooked yellow tail snapper, cucumber, masago and spicy mayonnaise   9.00
La Bamba Roll tempura shrimp, lettuce, scallions and spicy mayonnaise   9.00
Madonna Roll eel, asparagus, avocado and masago wrapped in a blonde japanese crepe   10.00
Shirmp Tempura Roll shrimp, tempura, asparagus, avocado scallions and masago   10.00
Spider Roll soft shell crab, asparagus, avocado, scallions and masago   10.00
Crazy Roll eel, salmon skin, asparagus, avocado, scallions and masago   9.00
Rainbow Roll a rainbow of fish on top of a california roll   10.00
Dancing Eel Roll a strip of eel on top of a california roll   11.00
Salmon Crunch Roll cooked salmon, crab, asparagus in a sweet sauce no rice   9.00
Futomaki Roll crab, asparagus, tamago, kampyo, spinach, cucumber masago   10.00
Sushi Rock Roll tuna, salmon, yellowtail, scallions, avocado, asparagus, masago   10.00
Volcano Roll cucumber, cream cheese, and sesame seed topped with baked minced scallop in creamy lava sauce   10.00
Alaskan Roll alaskan "king" crab leg, avocado, cucumber and roe   
Add Cream Cheese To Any Roll $0.50/ Roll Made With Brown Rice Add $1


Served With White Rice And Miso Soup Or House Salad

Usuzukuri razor thin slices of fresh fish served with ponzu sauce   15.00
Sashii Mori an assortment of the day's freshest fish arranged on ice   19.00
Chirashi a detectable array of toppings carefully arranged on a bed of sushi rice   19.00
Tekku Don sushi rice decorated with slices of fresh raw tuna   17.00
Una Don baked fresh water eel on a bed o fsushi rice   17.00

Special Roll From Sushi Rock

Boat House Roll shrimp, crab eel, cream cheese, cucumber and deep fried   12.00
Dragon Roll deep fried shrimp, asparagus, avocado, spicy mayo scalions, masago and sesame top of avoacado   11.00
Red Dragon Roll deep fried shrimp, asparagus, avocado, spicy mayo scallons, masago and sesame seed top ot tuna   14.00
Orange Dragon Roll deep fried shrimp, asparagus, avocado, spicy mayo scallions, masago and sesame seed top of salmon   13.00
Black Dragon Roll deep fried shrimp, asparagus, avocado, spicy mayo scallions, masago and sesame seed top of eel   15.00
Lobster Roll deep fried lobster, avocado, scallions, cucumber, masago, sesame seed, served with volcano lobster   
Birthday Roll eel, shrimp tempura, cream cheese, cucumber, masago, sesame seed   12.00
Beauty And The Beast Roll half tuna and half eel with scallions, avocado, asparagus, masago and mayonnaise   11.00
Tuna Lover Roll tuna, scallions, cucumber, avocado with spicy sauce and top of seared tuna   11.00
Salmon Lover Roll salmon, scallions, cucumber, avocado, with spicy sauce and top of seared salmon   9.00

Sushi Combination

Served With Miso Soup Or House Salad

Hosomaki Combo california roll, bagel roll, tuna roll   14.00
Vegetarian Roll six pieces of vegetable sushi, vegetable roll and veggie temaki   14.00
Lady's Finger one rainbow roll and five pieces of sushi   17.00
Sushi Mori calfornia roll and nine pieces of sushi   18.00

Sushi & Sashimi Combination

Served With Miso Soup Or House Salad

Boat For One california roll, 6 pieces of sushi and 12 sashimi   24.00
Boat For Two california roll, bagel roll, 12 pieces of sushi and 20 sashimi   45.00
Boat For Three california roll, bagel roll, futomaki roll, 18 pieces of sushi and 30 sashimi   65.00
Boat For Four california roll, bagel roll, futomaki roll, tuna roll, 24 pieces of sushi and 36 sashimi   95.00

Dinner Combinations

Served With Miso Soup Or House Salad

D #1 Sushi, Sashimi And Shrimp Tempura    18.00
D#2 Sushi, Sashimi And Chicken Teriyaki    17.00
D #3 Sushi, Sashimi And Steak Teriyaki    19.00
D #4 Sushi, Sashimi And Sunomono    19.00
D #5 Shrimp Tempura And Chicken Teriyaki    17.00
D #6 Shrimp Tempura And Lobster Teriyaki    20.00
D #7 Shrimp Tempura And Steak Teriyaki    19.00
D #8 Steak Teriyaki And Chicken Teriyaki    17.00
D #9 Sushi, Sashimi And Lobster Teriyaki    22.00


Japanese Entrees

Served With White Rice And Miso Soup Or House Salad


Chicken    13.00
Fish "Catch Of The Day" fresh daily with mushrooms, carrots and snow peas   15.00
Shrimp shrimp with mushrooms and carrots and snow peas   15.00
Steak new york strip steak cook to order, with mushrooms and carrots and snow peas   16.00
Fresh Norwegian Salmon fresh norwegian salmon, mushrooms and carrots, snow peas   18.00
Seafood lobster, shrimps and scallops with mixed vegetables   20.00


Delicately Fried In The Lightest Of Batters

Vegetables assorted garden fresh vegetables   16.00
Shrimp giant shrimps and fresh vegetables   15.00
Seafood shrimp, scallops, krab and fish with mixed vegetables   18.00


Food Are Breaded And Fried To Crisp Perfection Served With A Tangy Sauce For Dipping

Chicken    13.00
Shrimp    15.00


Soba buckwheat noodles in simmering broth   7.00
Zaru Soba cold buckwheat noodles with a special dipping sauce   7.00
Tempura Soba soba in hot broth topped with shrimp tempura   10.00
Nabeyaki Udon white wheat noodles in broth topped with shrimp tempura   10.00
Ten - Zaru zaru soba with shrimp and vegetale tempura   11.00


Sauteed Noodles

Sauteed Noodles with vegetables   9.00
with chicken or beef or pork and vegetables   11.00
with shrimp and vegetables   13.00

Fried Rice

Fried Rice with chicken or beef or pork and vegetables   11.00
with shrimp and vegetables   13.00

Special Appetizer From Sushi Rock

Krab Harumaki japanese style spring rolls stuffed krab and cream cheese   5.00
Crispy Salmon deep fried salmon with special sauce   6.00
Crispy Squid deep fried squid, red onion and fresh lemon sauce   7.00
Spicy Tuna Salad served tuna with special sauce, sesame seed, cucumber and seaweed salad   10.00
Sushi Rock Salad served tuna, salmon, white tuna with special sauce, sesame seed, cucumber and seaweed salad   11.00
Yamato Roll tuna, krab, masago, cucumber, seaweed salad no rice   9.00
Lady's Salad cucumber, crab, orange, seaweed salad served with rice vinegar sauce   10.00
Spicy Tuna Wonton chopped tuna mix with spicy sauce ane sesame seed oil scallion and served with fried wonton   10.00


Thai Menu

Thai Lunch Special $9

Homemade, Special Sauce, All Cam Made With Pork Beef Chicken Or Shrimp $1 Extra For Shrimp

Ginger Sauce ginger, bell pepper, pineapple, mushroom and scallions   
Garlic Sauce garlic sauce and mushroom and black pepper   
Cashew Nut Sauce cashew nuts, bell pepper, celery, mushrooms, carrots and water chestnuts   
Spicy Sauce bamboo shoots, mushrooms, bell pepper, basil leaves and chili sauce   
Basil Leaves Sauce sauteed with onion, bell peppers, basil leaves and chili   
Curry Sauce curry sauce with coconut milk, bell pepper, bamboo shoot and basil leaves   
Mix Vegetables sauteed mixed vegetables with brown sauce   
Pad Thai Noodles sauteed rice noodle with egg, scallions, bean sprouts and ground peanut   


Thai Chicken Salad with peanut dressing   6.00
Satay Chicken    7.00
Shrimp In The Blanket shrimp and chicken wrapped   7.00
Crispy Fried Calamari    7.00
Spicy Beef Salad thai spices with grilled beef   8.00
Yum Seafood thai spices with seafood   10.00

Soups $4

King Of The Sea Soup seafood prepared with hot pepper, lemon grass, lime juice, mushroom and scallion   
Tom Yam Goong clear shrimp soup with hot pepper, lemon grass, lime juice, mushroom and scallion   
Tom Kar Gai chicken in coconut milk soup with lemon grass, lime juice, mushroom and scallion   
Rice Noodle Soup rice noodles with shrimp, chicken, bran sprout & scallions   
Wotnon Soup    


Green Salad with ginger or miso dressing   2.00
Thai Salad with peanut dressing   4.00
Seafood Salad with shrimp and krab   7.00
Hiyashi Wakame green seaweed salad   5.00


Sauteed Noodles

Vegetables    7.00
Chicken, Pork Or Beef And Vegetables    8.00
Shrimp And Vegetables    9.00

Thai Dinner Specials

Homemade Special Sauce, All Can Made With Pork Beef, Chicken Or Shrimp ($2 Extra For Shrimp)

Ginger Sauce    12.00
Cashew Sauce    13.00
Sweet & Sour Sauce    13.00
Mixed Vegetables    13.00
Curry Sauce    14.00
Garlic Sauce    12.00
Spicy Sauce    13.00
Basil Sauce    13.00
Pad Thai    13.00
Pa Nang    14.00

Thai Specialties

Garlic Seafood shrimps, lobster tail, sea scallop, mussels and squid with garlic sauce served on a bed of steamed mixed vegetables   20.00
Seafood Curry assorted seafood ball pepper, bamboo, shoots and basil leaves with red curry   20.00
Duck Curry deep fried boneless half duck with curry sauce, pine apple, cashew nuts, sweet peas and basil sauce   18.00
Squid Basil squid with basil leaves bell pepper onions and chili sauce   17.00
Lobster Num Dang lobster tall topped with ground shrimps, sweet peas, pine apple, black mushrooms, baby corn and cashew nuts in our special house sauce   20.00
Volcano Chicken fried chicken breast strips on a bed of mixed vegetables topped with sweet chili sauce   16.00
Seafood Combination steamed assorted seafood with ginger and oyster sauce   20.00
Ginger Duck deep fried boneless half duck with ginger, onions, bell peppers, basil leaves and chili   18.00
Basil Duck deep fried, boneless half duck with onion, bell peppers, basil leaves and chili   18.00
Chill Fish deep fried snapper, topped with garlic and chili sauce   16.00
Garlic Fish deep fried snapper, toppped with garlic sauce   16.00

Side Order

White Rice    1.00
Brown Rice    1.00
Sushi Rice    2.00
Small Fried Rice    4.00


Sushi Rock Boca Raton
174 NW 51st St
Btwn NW 2nd Ave & N Dixie Hwy
(561) 981-8440
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