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Sushi Sake

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Gyoza Deep fried or steamed seasoned pork in a thin pastry 6.00
Shrimp Shumai Deep fried or steamed 6.00
Pork Shumai Served deep fried or steamed 6.00
Veggie Spring Roll 5.00
Beef Tataki Lightly seared meat served with ponzu sauce & scallions 13.00
Yukke Raw meat with a touch of kimchee sauce and topped with scallions 9.00
Beef Negimaki Thinly sliced meat rolled with scallions and served with our house teriyaki sauce 13.00
Ebi Ten A combination of shrimp and vegetable tempura 12.00
Fried Soft Shell Krab 11.00
Ika Deep-Fried Squid 8.00
Almond Shrimp 8.00
Dynamite Appetizer A combination of baked seafood on a bed of steamed white rice 12.00
Hibachi Shrimp Appetizer (7 Pieces) 12.00
Shrimp Tempura Appetizer (5 Pieces) 10.00
Appetizers From Sushi Bar

Tuna Tataki Lightly seared tuna tataki served with ponzu sauce, scallions and sesame seeds 13.00
Wahoo Tataki Lightly spiced seared wahoo served with ponzu sauce, scallions and sesame seeds 12.00
Usuzukuri Choice of thinly sliced white fish, tuna or salmon served with our special ponzu sauce 14.00
Sashimi Appetizers (9 Pieces) A selection of fresh tuna, salmon and white fish 14.00
Ceviche Trio A combination of wahoo, tuna, salmon with a citrus touch and sesame seed 14.00
Tuna Tartare Diced tuna and avocado mixed with a special spice sauce and sesame seeds 12.00
Kani Su A thinly sliced cucumber rolled with krabstick, avocado and masago dipped in a rice vinegar sauce 10.00
Spicy Octopus Thinly sliced octopus served with sweet vinegar kimchee sauce 10.00
Bobby Salad A spicy combination of diced tuna & avocado & krab salad with a touch of sesame seeds & masago 14.00
Spicy Conch Thinly sliced conch served with sweet vinegar kimchee sauce and sesame seeds 10.00
Sunomono Krabstick, conch, octopus & shrimp dipped in a rice vinegar 10.00
Sushi Appetizer 5 pieces of sushi, chef's choice 12.00
Hamachi Jalapeno 14.00
Vegetable Appetizers

Cheese Maki Served with deep fried cheddar pastry 4.00
Edamame Served with steamed soybean 5.00
Fresh Sauteed Vegetable 6.00
Steamed Vegetables 6.00
Sweet Potato Tempura 6.00
Vegetables Tempura 6.00
Aged Tofu Deep- fried soybean curd with a special sauce 6.00

Green Salad 4.00
Seaweed Salad 6.00
Krabstick Salad 7.00
Rene's Salad A mix of organic greens, salmon, imitation krab, avocado, sesame seeds with our homemade special sauce 16.00

Miso Soup 3.00
Miso Egg Drop Soup 5.00
Vegetable Soup 4.00
Fish Soup 6.00
Ramen Soup 7.00
Sushi & Sashimi

Eel 3.00
Shrimp 2.50
White Fish 2.00
Wahoo 3.00
Salmon 3.00
Tuna 3.00
Krab 2.00
Sweet Egg 2.00
Yellowtail 4.00
Sashimi Dinner 20 pcs chef's choice 34.00
Salmon Roe 3.00
Octopus 3.00
Snapper 2.00
Sushi Dinner 15 pcs chef's choice 32.00
Temaki & Handrolls

California Eel Roll 7.00
California Handroll 5.00
JB Handroll 5.00
Salmon Skin Handroll 5.00
Spicy Tuna Handroll 6.00
Shrimp Tempura Handroll 7.00
Sushi Sake Rolls

Black Jack Roll A roll served with half tuna and half eel, avocado, asparagus & masago served with eel sauce 11.00
Caliente Roll Fried white fish with spicy mayo, spring mix rolled with seaweed outside 10.00
Spicy Conch Roll Conch, asparagus, cucumber, masago, sesame seeds and topped with our spicy sauce 9.00
UM Roll Salmon, krabstick, cream cheese, avocado , spicy mayo, cucumber and masago 10.00
Kendall Roll una, hamachi, salmon, white fish, krabstick, masago and avocado 13.00
Vegetable Roll Seaweed outside with a fresh selection of carrots, cucumber, asparagus and avocado 6.00
Tuna Roll Seaweed on the outside 7.00
Rene Roll Baked salmon, krabstick, cucumber, avocado, spicy mayo and masago 10.00
Shrimp Tempura Roll Shrimp tempura, krabstick, avocado, spicy mayo, sesame seeds and masago topped with eel sauce 10.00
Tempura Bagel Roll Salmon, cream cheese & scallions roll deep fried served with eel sauce 8.00
Dragon Roll Tempura shrimp, krab meats, asparagus, masago, spicy mayo topped with avocado and eel sauce 11.00
California Roll Krabstick, avocado and sesame seeds 6.00
TNT Roll Eel, krabstick, avocado, cucumber, spicy mayo, eel sauce, cream cheese, masago and sesame seeds 10.00
California Eel Roll Baked eel on top of a california roll with our homemade eel sauce 11.00
Rainbow Roll A combination of tuna, salmon, white fish, avocado and krab on top of a california roll 12.00
JB Roll Salmon, cream cheese and scallions 7.00
Spider Roll Soft shell krab lightly fried with asparagus, avocado, masago and sesame seeds, seaweed on the outside served with eel sauce 11.00
Salmon Skin Roll Fried salmon skin, cucumber and sesame seeds and served with eel sauce 7.00
Avocado Roll Seaweed on the outside 4.00
Spicy Tuna Roll Tuna, cucumber, sesame seed and served with kimchee sauce 7.00
Marlins Roll Seared scallops, asparagus, krab salad, topped with thinly sliced scallops, avocado & tempura crunch served with eel sauce 13.00
Margarett Roll Krabstick, avocado, salmon, tuna, white fish and topped with spicy tuna 13.00
Hollywood Roll A unique roll stuffed with spicy tuna and our special crunch 10.00
Dolphins Roll Fried white fish fillet, cream cheese, avocado and krab salad topped with baked hamachi served with eel sauce & tempura crunch 13.00
Vanessa Roll Shrimp tempura, krab salad, topped with seared tuna spring mixed salad served with chef creation dressing 16.00
Lobster Roll Chef's specialty roll with lobster temp, asparagus, cucumber and avocado topped with our special crunch, tobiko and a touch of spicy mayo & eel sauce 24.00
Calle Ocho Roll Ham croquettes, avocado, asparagus, topped with sweet plantains and potato sticks served with eel 16.00
Tiger Roll Shrimp tempura, krab salad, topped with a layer of spicy tuna and avocado served with eel sauce 16.00
Miami Heat Roll Shrimp tempura, cream cheese, krab salad, topped with baked salmon, spicy mayo & topped with crunch served with eel sauce 13.00
Volcano Roll Krab, avocado, cream cheese, masago and sesame seeds topped with our baked seafood secret, served with eel sauce 13.00
NFL Roll Rolled with eel, krabstick, asparagus, masago, spicy mayo, topped with thinly sliced avocado and a touch of eel sauce 11.00
Dynamite Roll Seaweed outside, raw scallops, masago, avocado, cucumber and spicy mayo 9.00
Eel Roll Eel, cucumber, sesame seeds served with eel sauce 7.00
Rock Star Roll Krab salad roll with cream cheese and avocado topped with thinly sliced salmon 12.00
Krab Salad Roll A creative mix of krab, spicy mayo, avocado and masago 9.00
Yummi Roll Fried white fish, avocado, spicy mayo and cream cheese topped with spicy tuna masago, eel sauce and topped with crunch 13.00
Angel Roll Shrimp tempura, krab salad, masago, cream cheese, topped with avocado, spicy mayo, eel sauce and topped with crunch 13.00
Crunchy Roll Raw tuna, masago and spicy mayo topped with crunch 10.00
Lobster Blast A combination of lobster roll, fried lobster and sauteed lobster with mushrooms, served with eel sauce, spicy mayo, tobiko & tempura crunch 35.00

Sake Noodles Sauteed chicken or meat with vegetables and a special sauce 18.00
Seafood Noodles A combination of shrimp, scallops and squid with vegetables and a special house sauce 25.00
Teriyaki Dinners

Served with steamed white rice

Salmon Teriyaki 18.00
Chicken Teriyaki 13.00
Steak Teriyaki 17.00
Shrimp Teriyaki 19.00
Scallop Teriyaki 19.00
Fish Teriyaki 17.00
Lobster Teriyaki 25.00
Katsu Dinners

Served with steamed white rice

Chicken Katsu 14.00
Fish Katsu 17.00
Shrimp Katsu 17.00
Sushi Sake Party Platters

Platters only include soy sauce, any other sauce is extra cost

Che's Choice Combo Platter Angel roll, hollywood roll, dragon roll, rainbow roll, jb roll & california roll 55.00
Yummy Tempura Platter Almond shrimp, ebi ten, chicken fingers, vegetable harukami, pork harukami, gyoza & shrimp shumai 40.00
Munchies Combo Platter Yummy roll, angel roll, rock star, california eel roll, shrimp tempura roll & crunchy roll 75.00
Sushi Sake Combo Platter 3 tuna nigeri, 3 krabstick nigeri, 3 shrimp nigeri, 3 salmon nigeri, 3 white fish nigeri, angel roll, dragon roll & shrimp tempura roll 75.00
Deluxe Combo Platter 4 krab sashimi, 4 salmon sashimi, 4 tuna sashimi, 4 eel sashimi, 4 spicy octopus, 4 white fish sashimi, 4 shrimp sashimi, 4 salmon nigeri, 4 white fish nigeri & 4 tuna nigeri 95.00
Rich & Famous Platter Lobster roll, angel roll, marlins roll, volcano roll, miami heat roll, margarett roll, yummy roll, rock star roll & dolphins roll 125.00

Broccoli Served with cream cheese, avocado or masago 1.00
Avocado on Top of Roll 2.00
Extra Fish in Roll 3.00
Spicy Mayo Served with asparagus, cucumber, scallions or lettuce 1.00
Rolls without Rice 2.00
Rolls with Brown Rice 1.00
Rolls Inside and Out 1.00
Extra Fish on Top of Roll 4.00
Ginger Dressing 1.00
Duck Sauce 1.00
Shrimp Sauce 1.00
Shumai Sauce 1.00
Ponzu Sauce 1.00
Teriyaki Sauce 1.00
Eel Sauce 1.00
Rene Sauce 1.00
Goyza Sauce
Fried Rice Specials

Chicken Fried Rice 8.00
Vegetable Fried Rice 6.00
Steak Fried Rice 9.00
Shrimp Fried Rice 9.00
Special Fried Rice Served with chicken, steak and shrimp 12.00
Krab Fried Rice 9.00
Pineapple Speical Fried Rice Served on a half pineapple 16.00
Sushi Sake Hibachi Specials

Served with miso soup or green salad, hibachivegetables, steamed white rice or fried rice and shrimp sauce

Hibachi Scallops Tender ocean scallops grilled hibachi style 25.00
Hibachi Calamari Calamari grilled with asparagus and tomato prepared with a lemon butter sauce 19.00
Hibachi Shrimp Grilled succulent shellfish 24.00
Hibachi Steak- Teppanyaki Grilled with fresh sliced mushrooms 23.00
Hibachi Chicken Chicken breast hibachi- grilled with sesame seeds and lemon 19.00
Hibachi Salmon Salmon filet grilled to perfection 23.00
Twin Lobster Tails Two gorgeous cold water lobster tails 38.00
Land and Sea Filet mignon and ocean scallops 34.00
Seafood Combination Cold water tail ocean scallops and shrimp 38.00
Sake Trio Grilled shrimp, calamari and ocean scallops 29.00
Hibachi Tuna Steak Tuna steak seared to perfection served medium rare 28.00
Deluxe Treat Filet mignon and cold water lobster tail 37.00
Children's Menu

Served with steamed white rice

Chicken Teriyaki 9.00
Chicken Fingers 9.00
Steak Teriyaki 10.00
Fish Katsu 10.00

Tempura Ice Cream 6.00
Thai Donuts 5.00
Banana Tempura 5.00
Tempura Cheesecake 6.00
Brownie Tempura Ice Cream 8.00
Ice Cream 4.00