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Sushi Simon

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  • Japanese, Sushi
  • 1614 S Federal Hwy, Boynton Beach FL33435 26.5143899 -80.0589051
  • (At E Woolbright Rd)
  • (561) 731-1819
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Miso Soup soybean base with tofu, seaweed, and scallion   4.00
add maine lobster or alaskan king crab   8.00
Field Green Salad with fresh carrots and ginger dressing   5.00
Seaweed Salad fresh green seaweed   5.00
Avocado Salad fresh avocados with special dressing and field greens   9.00
Sunomono Salad * octopus, conch, imitation crab, and shrimp with homemade japanese citrus sauce   12.00
Seared Tuna Salad * sliced seared tuna with fresh field greens   14.00
Spicy Tuna Salad * spicy diced raw tuna with fresh field greens   14.00
Edamame japanese steamed soybean   5.00
Gyoza steamed or deep fried pork and vegetable dumplings  (6 pcs) 6.00
Shrimp Shu Mai steamed japanese shrimp dumpling   6.00
Tempura Shrimp jumbo shrimp with light breading  (5 pcs) 12.00
Spicy Tuna Tartar * chopped raw tuna seasonal hot and spicy   15.00
Tuna Tataki * seared tuna with chef's japanese hot and spicy   15.00
Naruto Maki * raw salmon, imitation crab, cream cheese, scallions, and masago in cucumber wrap served with japanese citrus sauce   13.00
South Beach Scallop * imported scallops from hokkaido (prized treasures) jumbo seared scallops served sashimi style   
Sushi Appetizers * assortment (nigiri style) of the chef's whimsical folly  (6 pcs) 12.00
Sashimi Appetizers * for the purist three of the chef's finest choices of seafood, three slices each   14.00

Sushi Simon Signature Roll

2008 Roll * main lobster, cilantro, with spicy tuna, shrimp, and avocado dancing on top, served with chef's unique sauce   25.00
Main Lobster Volcano imitation crab, avocado, and cucumber i/o with sesame seed served with baked main lobster on top   25.00
North Of The Border * alaskan king crab, avocado, cucumber, cilantro i/o wild salmon dancing on the top with chef's extraordinary sauce   18.00
South Beach Roll * tempura shrimp, scallion, masago, avocado, spicy mayo, with tuna, crispy tempura flakes, and chef's flamboyant sauce on top   18.00
27 / 7 Roll * salmon, imitation crab, cream cheese, avocado, scallion, and fried tempura served with teriyaki sauce, spicy mayo, and sesame seed ion top   15.00
Tokyo Red Light * spicy tuna, scallion, i/o with tuna and tobiko on top   18.00
Ocean Dragon Roll tempura shrimp, asparagus, cream cheese i/o with barbecued ell and avocado on top   18.00
Hawaii Dragon Roll tempura, asparagus, cream cheese, pineapple, papaya i/o with mixed macadamia nuts on top   15.00
Super Crunch Roll * tuna, king crab, cream cheese, avocado, scallions, masago, crispy tempura style served with spicy mayo and eel sauce   18.00
Sexy Tuna Roll * spicy tuna i/o with white fish (escolar), avocado, and masago on top   15.00

House Special Rolls

King Crab California Roll alaskan king crab, cucumber, avocado, i/o sesame seed   12.00
Dancing Eel Roll imitation crab, cucumber, masago, scallions, eel, and avocado on top   12.00
Garden Veggie Roll carrots, avocado, cucumber, japanese kanpyo asparagus i/o sesame seed   18.00
Bahama Roll * spicy conch, scallions i/o sesame seed   12.00
California Roll imitation crab, cucumber, avocado i/o sesame seed   6.00
Little Havana eel, avocado, cream cheese, plantains, and mango i/o shisho   10.00
JB Deluxe * salmon, cream cheese, scallion, i/o sesame seed, and spicy imitation crab on top   10.00
Spicy Tuna Roll * spicy tuna, scallion, i/o sesame seed   9.00
Rainbow Roll * imitation crab, cucumber, cream cheese, masago, i/o salmon, tuna and avocado on top   12.00
Salmon California Roll * salmon, cucumber, avocado, and i/o sesame seed   8.00
Spicy Crab imitation crab, spicy mayo, scallions, and i/o sesame seed   8.00
Tuna California Roll * tuna, cucumber, avocado and i/o sesame seed   8.00
JB Roll * salmon, cream cheese, scallion, and i/o sesame seed   8.00
Crystal Roll * spicy white fish (escolar), scallion and i/o sesame seed   8.00
Ichigo Roll eel, masago, avocado, cream cheese, i/o strawberry, and macadamia nuts on top   12.00
Shrimp Tempura Roll tempura shrimp, cucumber, avocado, asparagus, spicy mayo, and i/o sesame seed   12.00
Spider Roll soft shell crab, avocado, masago, scallion, asparagus, and i/o sesame seed   14.00
Hamachi Jalapeno Roll * imitation crab, cucumber, avocado, tomato, cilantro i/o and hamachi on top, served with jalapeno citrus sauce   15.00
Volcano Roll imitation crab, avocado, cucumber, with baked salmon and white fish on top   14.00
Salmon Skin Roll baked salmon skin, scallion, and i/o sesame beef   7.00
Sexy Salmon Roll * salmon, cream cheese, scallion, i/o thin slices of lemon and salmon dancing on the top   13.00
Foto Maki japanese kanpyo, masago, cucumber, imitation crab, tamago, sesame seed wrapped with nori   12.00

Japanese Traditional Rolls

All Small Rolls 6 Pcs, Seaweed Outside

Avocado Roll    4.00
Salmon Roll *    6.00
Negi Hama Roll *    8.00
Oshinko Roll    5.00
Cucumber Roll    4.00
Tuna Roll *    6.00
Eel And Cucumber Roll    6.00
Japanese Kanpyo Roll    5.00

A La Carte

Sushi 2 Per Order / Sashimi Per Order

Ama Ebi *   7.00 9.00
Blue Fin Tuna *    
Blue Fin Toro *    
Big Eye Tuna *   5.00 7.00
King Crab   6.00 8.00
Masago *   5.00 6.00
Salmon *   5.00 6.00
Shrimp   5.00 6.00
Squid *   5.00 6.00
Uni *   8.00 9.00
Escolar *   5.00 6.00
Tobiko Black *   6.00 7.00
Tobiko Red *   6.00 7.00
Eel   5.00 6.00
Imitation Crab   4.00 5.00
Hamahci *   6.00 7.00
Mackerel *   5.00 6.00
Octopus *   6.00 8.00
Ikura *   5.00 7.00
Spicy Scallops *    
Tamago   4.00 5.00
Wahoo *   6.00 7.00
Wild Salmon   6.00 7.00
Conch *   6.00 7.00
Japanese Kanpachi *    
Japanese Snapper *    
Add Quail Eggs On Top $1 Each

Hand Rolls

California    5.00
Jb *    5.00
Spicy Crab imitation crab   5.00
Salmon Skin    4.00
Eel And Cucumber    5.00
Negi Hama *    6.00
Spicy Tuna *    5.00
Tuna California *    5.00

Combination Dinners

All Dinners Are Served With Miso Soup Or House Salad. All Sushi And Sashimi Are Chef's Choice

Sushi Deluxe * assortment of sushi and spicy tuna roll  (9 pcs) 25.00
Sashimi Deluxe * assortment of sashimi  (18 pcs) 28.00
Hokkaido Boat * chef's finest choices of sushi (6 pcs) and sashimi (9 pcs) tuna california roll   32.00


Ice Cream choices of green tea, red bean, french vanilla or chocolate   5.00
Japanese Mochi Ice Cream    6.00
Banana Tempura with ice cream   8.00
Tempura Cheesecake with ice cream   8.00
Truffle Kahlua Chocolate Cake served with ice cream   8.00

Luncheon Specials

Monday-Friday 11am-2pm (Excludes Holidays) All Lunches Come With Miso Soup And Salad. All Fish Are Chef's Choice, Please No Substitutions.

Sushi teishoku (5 pcs sushi, 4 pcs california roll)   12.00
Sashimi tieshoku (6 pcs sashimi, 4 pcs spicy tuna roll)   12.00
Maki teishoku (4 pcs california roll, spicy tuna roll and 6 pcs salmon roll)   12.00
Tempura teishoku (2 pcs of tempura shrimp, 3 pcs shrimp shu-mai and 3 pcs pork dumpling)   12.00
Iron Chef choice of either: tuna california roll, salmon, california roll, spicy imitation crab roll, veggie roll, jb roll or spicy tuna roll   12.00
Sushi And Sashimi Combo 3 pcs sushi, 6 pcs sashimi and 4 pcs california roll   15.00
* To Customers With Any Allergies: Please Tell Server Prior To Placing Your Order. Parties Of Five Or More Will Have A 20% Gratuity Added To Final Bill. The Consumption Of Raw Food Products Is Not Recommended By The Pda. Pregnant Women Should Avoid Some Seafood.

New Arrivals From Tokyo

Lechee Martini    10.00
Sake Martini    8.00
Japanese Cosmopolitan    10.00

Premium Hot Sake

Hot Sake  sm 5.00lg 8.00


Sapporo Reserve   (16oz) 6.50
Sapporo   (12oz) 5.00
Sapporo Light   (12oz) 5.00
Sapporo Silver   (22oz) 8.00
Kirin Light   (12oz) 5.00
Kirin Lager   (12oz) 5.00
Budweiser   (12oz) 4.00

Soft Drink

Coke    2.00
Diet Coke    2.00
Sprite    2.00
Iced Green Tea    2.50
Hot Green Tea    2.50
Voss From Norway Still Or Sparkling    5.00

Wine By The Glass

Pinot Grigio, Fadiano, Italy stone fruit and apple flavors, subtle hazelnut and crisp soidic finish   10.00
Pinot Grigio, Swanson, Napa ripe peach and pear with layers of honeyed almond   10.00
Sauvignon Blanc, Wollaston, New Zealand citrus blossom interplay with hints of lime, crisp finish   10.00
Riesling, J Lohr, California crisp, fruity and drier   8.00
Chardonnay, Morgan "Metallieo" Monterey apple, pear and peach with mineral notes clean tart finish   10.00
Chardonnay, Bearboat, Russian River apple, lemon zest, ripe pear with hints of oak on the finish   10.00
White Zinfandel, Coastal Vines, Sonoma rich fruit flavors of strawberry and ripe berries, sweet finish   9.00
Pinot Noir, Bearboat, Russian River strawberries and raspberry perfectly balanced   10.00
Merlot, Swanson, Napa stewed strawberries, blackberry, black cherry well rounded and perfectly balanced   10.00
Cabernet Sauvignon, Penfolds "T. Hyland" Australia blackberry, dark cherry, eucalyptus aroma and hints of coffee   9.00
Cabernet Sauvignon, J. Lohr "7 Oaks" Paso Robles cherries and cruuants with bouquet of toasted oak, ceder and cigar box   10.00
Sushi Simon
1614 S Federal Hwy
At E Woolbright Rd
(561) 731-1819
or (561) 374-0998
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