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Specialty Burgers

The American Burger 1/2 lb. burger with american cheese topped with a fried egg. 9.00
Volcano Burger ½ lb. burger with swiss cheese topped with our homemade sweet & spicy boom boom sauce 9.00
The Texas Burger ½ lb. burger with american & cheddar cheese dripping with sweet baby ray's bbq sauce then topped off with two beer battered onion rings 9.75
The "Full Pound" Double Stacker two ½ lb. burger patties stacked then topped with boars head bacon & american cheese (two 1/2lb) 13.00
The Mushroom Swiss Burger ½ lb. burger, swiss cheese then topped with grilled mushrooms 9.25
The "Big Cheesy" Bacon Burger ½ lb. burger stacked with two pieces of boar's head bacon then loaded with three cheeses-american, swiss & provolone 9.75
The Ultimate Chili Burger ½ lb. burger with cheddar cheese smothered in our homemade chili then topped off with a scoop of our fresh homemade coleslaw 9.75
The Island Burger ½ lb. burger with swiss cheese topped with a slice of pineapple 9.25
The Bacon Blue-Cheese Sriracha Burger ½ lb. burger with boar's head bacon, swiss cheese & covered in our own sriracha infused blue-cheese 9.75
The Wheeler Burger Wrap ½ lb. burger, lettuce, tomato & onion on any style of our delicious wraps 9.00
Soup & Salads

Chicken Noodle homemade 3.95
New England Clam Chowder 3.95
Cream Of Broccoli 3.95
Lobster Bisque 3.95
Tomato Bisque 3.95
Italian Wedding 3.95
Bowl Of Chili homemade 3.95
Tossed Salad 3.95
Chef Salad 9.75
Tuna Salad Plate starkist all white meat 8.95
Chicken Salad Plate all white meat 8.95
Grilled Chicken Salad Plate (8oz) 9.25
Grilled Dolphin (Cajun) Salad 9.75
Gorgonzola Salad 7.25
Grilled Salmon Salad 10.25
Caesar Salad 6.75
Caesar Salad with grilled chicken (8oz) 9.75
Caesar Salad with buffalo chicken flanks 9.75
Caesar Salad with grilled dolphin (cajun) 9.75
Caesar Salad with fried shrimp 9.75
Caesar Salad with grilled salmon 10.75
Traditional Greek Salad 9.25
Buffalo Style Chicken Wings

Served With Bleu Cheese & Celery. Garlic, Raspberry Grilled Or Specialty Sauces. Mild, Medium, Hot, Extra Hot, BBQ X-Wet $0.50, X-Garlic $0.50, X-Raspberry $0.50, X-Tra Charge For All Flats Or All Drums Sm Order $0.50, Lg Order $1.

Small Order 11.25 10.25
Large Order 14.95 13.95
Bleu Cheese & Celery

Not Included On Orders Of 25 Wings And More. Grilled Wings Are Dropped Fried & Then Flame Grilled. Garlic, Raspberry Grilled Or Specialty Sauces. X-Tra Charge For All Flats Or All Drums 25 Wings $2.

25 Wings 23.95 22.95
35 Wings 28.95 27.50
50 Wings 43.95 42.50
From The Grill

Hamburger (1/2lb) 7.75
Hamburger With Cheese 8.25
Bacon Cheeseburger 8.75
Bacon Bleu Cheeseburger 9.25
Mushroom Swiss Cheeseburger 9.25
Pattymelt 8.25
Nathan's Belly Buster Hot Dog (1/4lb) 5.95
Chili Dog (1/4lb) 6.75
Chili Dog With Cheese 6.95
Turkey Burger 6.25
Veggie Burger 6.25
Grilled Chicken Teriyaki with onions, green peppers & mushrooms over rice 9.75
1/2 Rack Of Ribs cole slaw & french fries 13.95
Wrap It $8.75

Garlic Herb, Spinach, Tomato Basil Or Wheat

Chicken Caesar (8oz)
Grilled Chicken (8oz)
Chicken Salad
Tuna Salad
Hot Veggie
Finger Foods

Fries curly cues 3.95
Fries with cheese 4.50
Fries with cajun 4.50
Fries With Cheese curly cues 4.75
Fries With Cheese steak fries 5.25
Fries With Cajun curly cues 4.25
Fries With Cajun steak fries 4.75
Fries With Cheese & Chili curly cues 6.25
Fries With Cheese & Chili steak fries 6.75
Broccoli Cheese Florets 5.95
Spinach In Artichoke Dip 8.25
Potato Tips with grated parmesan & sour cream 5.95
Mushrooms w/ horseradish sauce 5.95
Beer Battered Onion Rings 5.95
Chicken Flanks w/ bbq sauce 6.95
Buffalo Flanks 7.95
Boom Boom Shrimp 8.95
Fried Pickles 5.95
Mozzarella Sticks w/ spaghetti sauce 5.95
Garlic Bread w/ melted mozzarella 5.25
Garlic Toast 3.25
Stuffed Jalapenos 5.95
Conch Fritters no fries 6.95
Nacho Chips With Salsa 3.75
Nacho Chips With Salsa & Cheese 4.75
Nacho Chips With Cheese, Salsa & Chili 5.75
Cole Slaw (4oz) 1.25 (10oz) 2.50
Side Rice (4oz) 1.25 (10oz) 2.50
Potato Salad (4oz) 1.25 (10oz) 2.50
Linda's Platters

Lettuce tomatoes & rice pilaf 5.75
Lettuce with grilled chicken (8oz) 8.95
Lettuce with grilled dolphin (cajun) 9.50
Lettuce with grilled salmon 10.95
From The Sea

Buffalo Shrimp 8.95
Grilled Salmon Sandwich 10.95
Grilled Dolphin Sandwich cajun 8.75
Fish & Chips 7.95
Shrimp In The Basket 7.95
Fish Fillet Sandwich 7.95
Fried Clams w/tartar sauce 7.95
Crab Cakes 8.95
Homemade Sheperds Pie 8.95
Wings Your Way

Plain no sauce - straight from the fryer
Mild no hot sauce - coated with a margarine sauce
Mild & Medium coated with a margarine/hot sauce blend. "makes you lips tingle"
Medium coated with a margarine/hot sauce leaning toward the hot side. "a real lip smacker"
Medium & Hot same as medium but for those not yet ready for hot
Hot coated mostly with hot sauce. "brings a tear to your eyes"
XX Hot hot sauce only. sinus stimulator
Cajun hot sauce with a secret blend of cajun seasonings
Garlic minced, sweet garlic added to wings after sauce
BBQ coated with open pit barbecue sauce.
Honey honey coated wings
Honey Mustard coated with our delicious honey mustard sauce
Teriyaki coated with teriyaki sauce
Jamaican Jerk coated with jerk sauce
Sweet "N" Tangy "sweet chili"
Raspberry coated with raspberry sauce
General Tso's a sweet and spicy oriental sauce made with soy and molasses
Bourbon Sauce a sweet glaze made with brown sugar and bourbon
Heros $9.95

Philly Cheesesteak
Philly Grilled Chicken & Cheese
French Dip
Italian Special
Meatball Parmesan
Chicken Parmesan
Veggie Hoagie
Cuban Sandwich

Cheese $0.50 Extra, Hoagie Roll $1 Extra. Steak Fries, Sweet Fries, Onion Rings, Side Salad May Be Substituted For $2 Extra

Roast Beef Club boars head 9.95
Roast Beef boars head 8.25
Hot Pastrami 8.25
Corned Beef 8.25
Grilled Reuben 8.25
Monte Cristo grilled 8.25
Grilled Rachel 8.25
Pulled BBQ Pork 8.25
Ham 8.25
Turkey 8.25
Turkey Club 9.95
Turkey Reuben 8.25
Tuna Salad all white meat 7.75
Tuna Melt all white meat 8.75
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich 8.75
Grilled Chicken Breast (8oz) 8.25
Fried Chicken Breast 8.25
Grilled Chicken Club (8oz) 9.95
Chicken Salad all white meat 8.25
Chicken Salad Melt 8.75
Grilled Cheese 5.50
Grilled Cheese & Tomato 6.25
Grilled Cheese & Bacon 7.25
Grilled Cheese with bacon & tomato 7.50
Bacon Lettuce & Tomato 6.50
Gyro 8.25

Small Bleu Cheese (1 Sm Cup) & 5 Celery Sticks 1.50
Medium Bleu Cheese (2 Sm Cups) & 10 Celery Sticks 3.00
Large Bleu Cheese (4 Sm Cups) & 20 Celery Sticks 4.00
X-Bleu Cheese 0.75 (1lg cup) 3.00

New York Cheesecake 3.95
Chocolate Overload Torte 4.95
Peanut Butter Fudge 4.95