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Zapata Mexican Rotisserie

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  • Mexican
  • 830 N Dixie Hwy, Lake Worth 33460 26.625512 -80.057063
  • (At 9th Ave N)
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  • (561) 547-6005
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Breakfast. Available Anytime

Tortilla De Huevo omelettes made of your choice 1 meat and 2 vegetables: onions, tomatoes, jalapeno, green peppers, ham sausage, bacon or cheese    6.95
Huevos Con Nopales     6.45
Huevos A La Mexicana 2 scrambled eggs with onions, tomatoes and jalapenos peppers    6.45
Huevos Rancheros 2 over easy eggs served over a soft tortilla topped with our delicious red or green sauce    6.45
Huevos Divorciados 2 fried eggs served over a soft corn tortilla one has red sauce and the other has green sauce, separated with a well of refried beans, nachos and cheese    6.45
Huevos Con Tocino 2 scrambled eggs with bacon    6.45
Machaca Con Huevo shredded beef blended with eggs, onions, tomatoes, and peppers, plant are served with refried beans, homemade tortillas and guacamole    6.95
Burrito huevos, papas,jamon, chorizo or tocino eggs, ham, sausage or bacon    6.95
Chilaquiles Con Queso fried style tortilla cooked with your choice of red or green sauce with cheese and sliced onions    6.95
Chilaquiles Con Carne beef green or red sauce    7.95
Chilaquiles Con Pollo chicken green or red sauce    7.95
Chilaquiles Con Chorizo mexican sausage. served with refried beans, sour cream and guacamole.    7.95



Stuffed Jalapenos    (4) 5.99 (6) 7.95
Nachos Con Queso melted cheese, beans, sour cream, ground beef guacamole and sliced jalapenos    7.95
Queso Fundido melted cheese with mexican sausage    6.95
Guacamole    sm 3.95 lg 6.25
Tamal     2.25
Empanadas     1.95
Chicken Wings    (6) 4.99 (12) 8.95


Soups. Sm / Lg. Served With Cilantro, Tortillas, Onions And Lemon Slices

Menudo beef tripe soup    5.25  7.50
Caldo De Res, beef soup    4.25  5.95
Caldo De Pollo chicken soup    4.25  5.95
Siete Mares seven seas. octopus, scallops, shrimp, fish, crab, clams and oysters    10.95  7.95
Camarones shrimp    10.50  6.95

Pollo Asado

Roasted Chicken Order Is Served With Rice, Beans, Salad, Tortillas And Jalapenos

Pollo Entero whole chicken    14.95
1/2 Pollo half chicken    8.95
1/4 Pollo quarter chicken    6.95


4 Golden Fried Corn Tortillas Filled With Chicken Or Shredded Beef Topped With Lettuce, Guacamole, Tomatoes, Sour Cream And Your Choice Of Red Or Green Sauce On The Side.

Fish Taco served with pico de gallo and guacamole    2.50
Chicharron fried pork skin cooked with special green sauce    2.00
Alpastor roasted pork seasoned with special sauce    2.00
Carne Asada grilled beef    2.00
Lengua beef tongue    2.00
Chorizo mexican sausage    2.00
Carnitas shredded pork    2.00
Cabeza beef hand steamed    2.00
Barbacoa (BBQ) seasoned steamed beef    2.00
Picadillo ground beef    2.00
Pollo chicken    2.00
Desebrada shredded beef    2.00
Crisp Taco your choice of meat    2.25
Tacos Dorados / Flautas     6.95


Your Choice: Flour Tortilla Or Fried Corn Tortilla Served With Lettuce, Tomatoes, Refried Beans, Guacamole And Sour Cream

Vegetales vegetables    5.45
Queso plain cheese    4.95
Queso Y Pollo     5.95
Queso Y Picadillo cheese and ground beef    5.95
Queso Y Chorizo cheese and mexican sausage    5.95


2 Flat, Fried Corn Tortillas With A Taste Of Refried Beans, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Avocado, Sour Cream And Our Delicious Homemade Sauce On The Side.

Carnitas fried pork    6.45
Pollo chicken    6.45
Desebrada shredded beef    6.45
Jamon sliced ham    6.45
Picadillo ground beef    6.45
Camaron shrimp    7.95

Gorditas $2.95

Round Fried Corn Dough Stuffed With Your Choice Of Meat, Lettuce, Tomato, Cheese And Sauce On The Side

Carne Asada grilled beef  
Chicharron pork skin  
Chorizo mexican sausage  
Carnitas fried pork  
Desebrada shredded beef  
Picadillo ground beef  
Pollo chicken  
Queso Y Frijoles cheese and beans  

Sopes $2.95

Like A Little Pizza Fried Corn Dough Filled With Refried Beans, Your Choice Of Meat, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Sour Cream And Sauce On The Side.

Carne Asada grilled beef  
Chicharron pork skin  
Chorizo mexican sausage  
Carnitas fried pork  
Desebrada shredded beef  
Picadillo ground beef  
Pollo chicken  
Queso Y Frijoles cheese and beans  

Burrito Dinners

Stuffed With Your Choice Of Meat. Served With Rice, Beans, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Guacamole, Sour Cream And Topped With Shredded Cheese.

Fish Burrito     7.45
Picadillo ground beef    6.95
Bistec steak    6.95
Pollo chicken    6.95
Cerdo pork    6.95
Al Pastor gyro style pork    6.95
Desebrada shredded beef    6.95
Picadillo beans and vegetables    6.95
Carne Asada grilled beef    6.95
Chimichanga fried chimichanga    7.95
Wet Burrito add    1.50

Tortas $5.25

Mexican Subs. Tortas Are Filled With Lettuce, Tomatoes, Refried Beans, Mayonnaise, Avocado, Jalapenos And Sour Cream

Carnitas sliced roast beef  
Pollo grilled chicken  
Huevo Con Chorizo mexican sausage and scrambled eggs  
Al Pastor gyro style  
Jamon sliced ham  
Milanesa breaded steak  


Served With Rice, Beans Sour Cream Guacamole And Fresh Home Made Tortillas Sharing Charge $2 Per Person. Parties Of 6 Or More Include 18% Gratuity.

Camaron shrimp   (12) 12.95
Pollo chicken    9.95
Res beef    10.95
Res Y Pollo Mixed beef and chicken mixed    11.95
Combination Pollo, Res Y Camaron combinations chicken beef and shrimp    13.50
Vegetales vegetables. onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, carrots, peppers and broccoli    9.95


(3). Your Choice Of Red Sauce, Green Sauce Or Mole Sprinkled With Cheese And Served With Mexican Rice, Beans, Tossed Salad

Con Queso cheese and chopped onions    7.95
Desebrada shredded beef    8.95
Picadillo ground beef    8.95
Pollo chicken    8.95

Combination Dinners $10.95

Your Choice Of Ground Beef, Shredded Beef, And Chicken. Served With Rice, Beans And Salad And Sour Cream.

Taco, Burrito, Tostada   
Enchilada, Burrito, Tostada   
Taco, Enchilada, Burrito   
Sope, Chile Relleno, Enchilada   

Especialidad Del General Zapata

All Dishes Are Served With Mexican Rice, Refried Beans, Tossed Salad And Handmade Corn Tortillas

1. Bistec Zapata steak with onions, peppers, mushrooms and chipotle chile    11.25
2. Bistec Encebollado steak with sauteed onions    9.95
3. Bistec A La Mexicana mexican style steak cooked with onions, tomatoes, and jalapenos peppers    9.95
4. Bistec Ala Plancha Con steak with tender cactus    9.95
5. Bistec Empanizado breaded steak with ham and cheese    10.95
6. Milanesa O Bistec Empanizado breaded steak    9.95
7. Chiles Rellenos 2 mild chiles stuffed with cheese on ground nut and over a special sauce    9.95
8. Mole Con Pollo     9.95
9. Mole Con Bistec Mole over a beef steak    9.95
10. Higado Encebollado liver steak and sauteed onions    9.95
11. Barbacoa De Res     9.95
12. Alambre     10.25
13. Pechuga De Pollo Alla Plancha     9.95
14. Carne Asada     9.95
15. Carnitas     9.95
16. Churrasco     12.95


Seafood Plate Are Served With Mexican Or White Rice, Refried Beans Tossed Salad And Tortillas

Filete De Pescado Frito fried catfish filet    10.45
Filete De Pescado A La Veracruzana southeast of mexico, fish filet style, cooked with onions tomato sauce and olives    10.95
Mojarra Frita fried red snapper    10.95
Camarones A La Plancha grilled shrimp cooked with onion and peppers   (12) 11.95
Camarones Al Ajillo shrimp cooked with garlic butter and garlic sauce   (12) 11.95
Camarones Empanizados    (9) 11.95
Camarones A La Mexican shrimp cooked with garlic, butter and garlic sauce   (12) 12.50
Camarones Al Chipotle shrimp in chipotle sauce with onions and peppers   (12) 11.95
Coctel De Camaron shrimp cocktail with crackers avocado and lemon   medio 8.25 grande 10.45
Camaron A La Diabla shrimp in hot sauce with peppers and onions    13.95

Orden Extra

Side Orders

Taco Ensalada crispy tortilla, shell bowl with your choice of meat, refried beans, lettuce, tomatoes and sprinkled with cheese    6.95
Tamal     2.25
Platano Maduro fried sweet plantains    2.25
Tostones fried green plantains    2.25
Papas Fritas french fries    2.00
Chiles En Vinagre    (3) 1.50
Arroz rice mexican or white    2.50
Frijoles refried beans, pinto or black    2.50
Ensalada tossed salad of lettuce tomato and avocado    3.95
Nachos with salsa   lg 4.95 sm 2.95


Desserts We Sell Steamed Beef $11.95, And Fried Pork $10.95, By The Pound.

Flan     2.25
Helado     2.25
Pie De Queso new york style cheese cake    3.45
Sopapilla     3.45
Tres Leches     2.95
Apple Pie Slice with ice cream    3.95



Sodas pepsi, coke, mountain dew, sunkist, sprite    1.25
Jarritos mexican style    2.00
Arizona Iced Tea     2.00
Aguas Frescas De Horchata, Jamaica Y Tamarindo rice, jamaica and tamarind beverages   med 2.00 grande 2.65
Non Sweetened Iced Tea one free refill    1.50
Sweet Iced Tea no refill    2.00
Iced Coffee    (16oz) 2.00
Limonada lemonade   (16oz) 2.00
Jugo De Naranja orange juice   (8oz) 1.75 (16oz) 2.00
Jupina     1.25
Materva     1.50
Malta Negra     1.95
Cafe Con Leche coffee and milk    2.00
Cafe Americano coffee    1.60
Chocolate hot chocolate    2.00
Espresso     1.25
Cappuccino     2.45
Te Caliente hot tea    1.60
Vaso De Leche glass of milk   lg 2.00 sm 1.25
Cerveza domestic beer. (bud light, budweiser, miller light)    3.50
Cerveza imported beer    4.00
Vino wine (glass or small bottle) red, pink, white    4.00
Pina Colada non-alcoholic.    3.00
Sangria homemade.   gl 4.00 pitcher 12.95


Milkshakes. 16oz $3 / 29oz $3.95.

Vainilla vanilla  
Fresa strawberry  
Trigo wheat  


Zapata Mexican Rotisserie
830 N Dixie Hwy
At 9th Ave N
(561) 547-6005
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